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  1. On 3/22/2019 at 10:47 PM, Audrey81 said:

    Hmmm wetting. It's not something I've really tried on purpose although I am open to it! Maybe I should do a video wetting my panties after a long hold 😉 

    I have wee'd my knickers plenty of times by accident, especially after I've had too many drinks. One memory that comes to mind is being in a bar and being really desperate for a wee, but the line for the ladies is always so long. I felt a trickle of wee come out into my panties and by the time I got into a stall, I completely flooded my knickers and the floor and all I could manage in the toilet was a little trickle 😞 I ended up throwing my knickers away and tried to mop up as much as I could!

    Another memory was when I was just a little girl and I was sitting on a bus with my best friend at the time and we were going to a swimming lesson. I had my one piece suit on and I was dying for a wee. After a while,  a stream just shot out in a little arc from from my crotch and my friend's eyes went wide. I still remember her saying 'are you doing a wee?' Now that I look back, it's a wonder no one else saw!

    Do love a peeing panties story x

  2. On 10/16/2022 at 11:19 AM, goldenprincess333 said:

    indoors for sure!

    i live in an apartment with a loft upstairs it had really high ceilings with a windy staircase. 

    the other day when I really had to go I spread my legs over the edge of the staircase fully. I let go the most relieving gush of piss that spattered all over the hardwood floor , soaking it all over with my warm piss. the puddle kept growing bigger underneath me and the piss spatter was getting all over the floor. with the high ceilings the sound was incredible. i kept pissing and pissing, I had so much inside of me so I started to aim down my stairs and see how far I could get my stream to go. the stream led a trail from below all across the living room floor to the stairs I was on. while I was done I went downstairs on the floor and got on my hands and knees. fully naked I soaked up the piss! I'd love to share stories like this! 

    Can we share stories please xx


  3. On 7/29/2022 at 5:54 AM, goldenprincess333 said:

    hey everyone! so this might sound a little weird but for my birthday, as someone with a watersports fetish, I wanted to allow myself to urinate somewhere really really special. i really want to know your recommendations! i am aiming for something public, and I am thinking about possibly renting out a hotel and marking it, or maybe I should just have fun at home? but the problem is already have so much fun at home. just last week, i rushed home from work and was purposefully holding for over 3 hours. i had planned an idea for home. i ended up sitting on my kitchen table, letting go a huge gush of yellow piss all over the countertops and floor. after about thirty seconds of flooding I aimed to cover more of the countertops, and cupped handfuls of piss and dropped it over my body, rubbing it into my tits. after that I pissed down my stairs, which were very high up the sounds were absolutely beautiful. and on Monday I went outside and because I live in such a secluded area I spread my legs and pissed completely naked with my legs closed, feeling it gush over my body. 

    I've pretty much pissed everywhere I possibly could and I'm desperate for any ideas. please help! and if anyone wants to message me and discuss more I'm super, super free tonight 

    This just wow wish you could let go around me  xx

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