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The Old Time Traveler

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Warning: This vignette contains much distorted elements of a boyhood memory. Minors are involved in some of the action although they do not participate in anything blatantly sexual.

Mods, please take this down if it seems to violate the "no minors" rules.


The boys urinating on each other were surprised when there appeared an old man, on his knees, watching them. As far as they knew he had snuck into the stinking school bathroom while they were having their piss fight.

In reality he had been transported back in time. He was a much older version of the other boy, who observing the two urinating and calling out "Gross" had rapidly walked out of the toilet.

The old man, dressed only in an old black t-shirt with the belly cut away revealing his large and protruding abdomen, masturbated furiously. He held in his other hand an unidentifiable dark brown rag of some sort. He would occasionally raise this to his face and sniff and cough. His excitement soon became obvious and he ejaculated onto the dirty floor of the boys room. His image, like a hologram (unheard of in that year), soon faded and winked out.

The two boys, astounded by this display, stood with their cocks in their hands, still weakly pissing out onto the floor. The P.E. teacher then barged in, as he had originally, and grabbed each of them by the arm and hauled them off for discipline.


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It is peculiar

really weird

almost scary

I found it fascinating

An advice: re-write it with people barely legal

believe me, sometimes their characterial features is the same of teenager, without despoiling the atmosphere

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