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desperation has no limits

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Sally was in it deep, her world was about to collapse around her, and, at the moment she could see no way out of the situation. It had all started a couple of months ago, she'd lost her job, and as is typical, when one thing goes wrong it is usually followed by several more things, in Sally's case it seemed that if it could go wrong then it had. Not only had she lost her job, but her car had packed up, so she was limited to finding work locally, and on top of all that, her landlord was pressuring her for the rent,in fact yesterday he'd given her an ultimatum, if she hadn't got the cash by weekend, then it was move out or pay in kind, and she didn't fancy what his 'in kind' would entail, however, there was a distinct possibility that she'd soon regret not at least asking what he meant by 'payment in kind'

She'd been looking at the situations vacant ads all week, there was nothing, then finally last night she'd seen one that might help, 'need money fast, not bothered how you earn it, then call now'. She quickly dialled the number and a man answered, yes they had several vacancies, yes, if she really was interested, and provided she met certain criteria, then he was certain she could start work tomorrow. He asked her several questions, age, height, weight, relationship status, hair colour, then finally, what she was prepared to do to earn a living, without thinking Sally blurted out, "oh anything really, I don't mind, I just need to pay the rent". The man said that she could start tomorrow, but not to have anything to eat from now 'till morning as they would have to do some tests, before she started the job, she agreed and hung up.

The following day she arrived at the address, a small warehouse, and was led inside, there were a couple of other young women besides her, obviously other contenders, she thought to herself. the women were told to go into a set of cubicles, undress, and put their clothes into the box on the table, inside the other box they'd find the clothes they must wear while taking the test, after changing they were to return and await further instructions.

She undressed, packed her clothes in the box, then opened the other box, to her amazement all it contained was a pair of long white rubber boots and a very tight spandex catsuit, which when she finally got it on, left very little to the imagination, fortunately when she went back outside the others were dressed in identical outfits. the man returned, eyed them all over gave an approving nod and began to explain the tests, they were designed he said, not only to test the limits of their physical endurance, but also their personal limits, they were free to drop out at any time, but if they did, that was the end of the interview, and, the offer of a job.

The first part involved the three women entering a small room and running on a treadmill, after a while it seemed to get hotter, and when 20 minutes later the test stopped they were all sweating and very thirsty, time for part 2. each applicant was given a large container of water and told they must drink it all, after that they were allowed to rest for 10 minutes. One girl asked to use the toilet, "there isn't one, you'll have to hold it", the man told her, 10 minutes later and the women were partway through the next task, jogging on the spot, once again the woman asked to use the toilet, and once again was told to hold it, 5 minutes later she was really desperate, "I really need to wee" she pleaded, the man shook his head, "sorry, the only toilet is outside the building, therefore you have 3 choices, 1, go outside, meaning end of interview, 2 hold it until later, 3 piss yourself". The young woman shook her head," but  I can't hold it" she whimpered, "in that case, you only have 2 choices, piss yourself, or leave". The young woman made a rush for the door, 1 down 2 to go.

" Now for the next part" said the man, "follow me" the final 2 girls were taken into another room, this had a rather strange floor covering, little silver stripes ran all across the room, "moisture sensitive floor" he announced before either of them could ask what it was, "any moisture sets off an alarm", the two women nodded."here drink this" he added, handing the two women another bottle of water each. They drank it and it was ice cold, the effect on their bladders was almost instant, both women began to do a pee dance, and try to think of some way to ease the pressure without setting off the alarm.

Suddenly a loud siren went off, Sally jumped in shock and immediately leaked into her suit creating a visible wet patch, fortunately that was as far as it went, the reason for the siren was soon obvious, the other contender had lost it, pee streamed from the crotch of her suit and pooled on the floor, two down, now only Sally was left, but now the pressure was on, not only to complete the tests, but also to piss.The other girl was led away, leaving Sally alone in the room, the man returned and handed her more water to drink, moments later four more men entered the room and stood watching her, by now she was on the verge of pissing herself. one man reached into his pocket and pulled out a roll of money, "there's a grand there, all you have to do is piss yourself and it's yours" he told her, Sally thought for a moment,it would pay her rent, and leave her a little left over, she shook her head, "no, I'm fine" she lied, hoping she sounded convincing.

Another man stepped forward, looked at the bulge in her bladder, and felt the wet patch on her crotch, "save your money, she can't hold it much longer" he said, laughing, the others nodded in agreement. A few more minutes went by, Sally began to feel she was losing it, she crossed her legsand did the pee dance, the men laughed, "nearly there, not long now" said one, as another spurt went into the thin white suit." two grand to piss yourself" called out the man with the money", Sally shook her head, "face it love, you're going to lose, why not take the money now" again she shook her head, she was so desperate, but also very determined, however, when she felt the next spurt come out she knew her time was nearly up. she quickly tore off one of the rubber boots, yanked the suit up tight between her legs and rammed the soft rubber boot hard into her crotch, she let out a sigh of relief as the contents of her overstretched bladder poured into it, not a drop landed on the floor, when she'd finished she slid her foot back into the boot, the warm piss swirling around her ankle.

very resourceful" commented one of the men, "follow me", she was led out along a corridor and into another room, this one contained a large wooden frame, and she found herself being tied to it, her arms by her sides, and her feet spread apart, a nozzle was inserted into her mouth and water began to flow slowly in, she kept swallowing and in no time at all her bladder was full once more, the nozzle was removed and the man grinned at her, "no closing your legs this time, I fear" he said with a smile, one of the men walked over and began to fondle her pert tits thriugh the thin material, her nipples stood to attention, this was both turning her on, and increasing her need to urinate, "remember, piss on the floor, and it's all over" he told her. He ran his hand between her legs, then somehow tilted the frame over so she was now on her back, he unzipped his trousers and pointed his erect cock at her mouth, "lets see how good you suck" he told her, she opened her mouth and began to give him a blow job, it didn't take long before he shot his load into her mouth, she coughed and swallowed, finally to her shock, he pulled out and pissed all over her tits, making the top of the suit completely transparent.

Another one stepped forward and he too pushed his cock into her mouth, the first man by now had moved lower down and was using a large vibrator on her lower regions, he seemed determined to make her piss herself, when the second had shot his load, he didn't pull out, he began to piss into her mouth, some went down her throat and a lot spilled down her face, he pulled out and finished off over her face and hair, she was soaked, the man carried on with the vibrator, but still she refused to piss, as he continued, the second man began to roughly fondle her tits through the thin, wet material. Finally the third man appeared, he just stood and wanked himself of, shot his lad in her hair, then washed it out with his piss, then the frame was stood upright again, one of the men pressed hard on her stomach, a small spurt came out, but somehow she managed to hold on, Finally, she felt a sharp sting across her backside, she was being whipped with a riding crop, she squirmed and yelped, but it continued, finally she became aware of another sensation, along with the pain she could feel a warm wetness, she looked down and realised that she was pissing herself! The whipping stopped and the men stood watching as she completely emptied her bladder, it formed a large pool at her feet, and she was totally soaked. Finally the men released her, one handed her an envelope, she opened it and to her amazement found it contained £10,000 pounds, "what's this for? "she asked, "wages for a job well done" replied the man, then he pointed to the ceiling, "she that, it's a camera" he added, pointing to a small round ball attached to the ceiling, " we make fetish films, that was the job, by the time this goes out we're going to make many thousands off it, you'll be famous" he told her, adding, "though I'm not sure your parents would approve".

Sally stared at him in horror, as the full realisation hit her, not only had she degraded herself, but she'd allowed herself to be used by this group of men for a mere 10K , what if her family found out, what if her friends found out, worse still what if a prospective employer saw it? Suddenly she wished she'd accepted the landlords offer to allow her to pay him 'in kind', it surely couldn't have been any worse, or could it!



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