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Two Old Stories

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Hi everyone!  I stumbled across this old story again, which I remember from long ago and and I wanted to repost them here, both so I could find them again and everyone else could enjoy them. So....enjoy!

"Ooo, I Gotta Pee"

"Ooo, I gotta pee," I said, squirming.  I was sitting in the
front seat of Steve's Oldsmobile between Steve and his friend
Grant.  They were giving me a ride back to my car after a night of
bar hopping and partying.  I was drunk, and I'd just guzzled
another beer hanging around while the band at the bar we'd been at
loaded out.  I knew a couple of the band guys, and they'd given us
some more beers while we lingered with them after closing.   I'd
been busy talking to folks and hadn't realized until I heard the
final slam of the back door of the bar that I really wanted to
visit the little girl's room just one more time.

Now I sat jiggling, legs crossed tightly as we rode across town.
My breasts jiggled slightly too, and I suddenly felt Grant's
eyes on me, on my bouncing breasts in particular.  I was wearing
short jean shorts and a little semi-tight T shirt, comfortable
clothes on a warm summer night.  My boyfriend was out of town
traveling on business and wasn't due back until the next day, so
I'd met up with Steve from work, and Grant who I'd never run into
before, and gone out for a night of fun and drinking.

I was also very horny.  When my boyfriend is out of town, we have
an agreement about masturbating.  Anything less than a four day
trip, and we will abstain.  I was on day three, and I'd been
conscious all evening of pleasant little tingly feelings.  And
the drinking had only made things worse.

But now, noticing the effect my fidgety behavior was having, I
bounced up and down a little more exaggeratedly and observed the
desired results out of the corner of my eye-- Grant was staring at
my tits and not being too discrete about it either.  "Better not be
too obvious," I thought and concentrated on settling down a bit.

When we finally arrived at the parking lot of the bar where I'd
left my car, the place was definitely deserted.  There would be no
running in there.  Once stopped, I felt a little better and,
noticing my horniness again, decided I wanted to flirt a bit with
these guys before hopping in my own car and heading home.  So I
yawned and proclaimed how tired I was-- not too much of a yawn, but
enough to poke my breasts out a bit more.

I'd averted my head enough that both guys felt free to stare.  I
felt an sudden surge of increased libido, this simple little
ploy having worked so nicely.  And I felt that streak of "bad girl"
rising up in me, the dark unpredictable side of my personality that
occasionally takes control.  I was feeling exhibitionistic.  I
wanted these guys to see my breasts.  I wanted to give them a real
good tease before going home to my lonely bed.  I figured I'd just
be all the more charged up for my boyfriend's return the next day.

"You guys, you shouldn't look at a girl like that when she yawns," I
said letting on that they were busted.

"You shouldn't yawn like that," was Steve's reply.

"I'm sorry, I yawn when I'm tired," I said, and then subconsciously
responding to the pressure in my bladder, I squirmed a bit more.

"You probably shouldn't do that either," suggested Grant.

"Aw you guys... behave!" I said.

"Do you even have a bra on?" asked Grant now, emboldened by alcohol.

"Of course I do," I replied, feigning shock.

"But I can see your nips through your shirt," he said.  "You
couldn't possibly be wearing a bra."

"I've got on a very cute little bra with little pink and green
flowers," I said, tossing my hair flirtatiously.

"Let us see it, just a quick look and we'll believe you," said Steve
joining in the flirting.

My tee shirt barely came down to my waist, so I coyly lifted it up
a bit, and real quick gave 'em a glimpse of my thin cotton  bra.  I
felt another burst of horniness.  Unfortunately it quickly gave way
to that feeling of needing to pee real bad.  But I was enjoying
myself flirting and wasn't ready to stop yet.  I didn't want to
leave just cuz I had to go.

I looked wistfully around the parking lot hoping there would be
some dark enough area that I could go take care of things.  I don't
usually go outside, but in extreme circumstances you do what you
gotta do.

No place revealed itself.  "Oh god you guys, I gotta go so bad," I
said, yielding to another fit of squirming and bouncing up and down.
They were pretty unsympathetic to say the least, and were both more
intent on grabbing playfully at my shirt and getting another
glimpse of the brassiere.  I feistally fought off their attempts
with the universal elbow block maneuver, but finally gave in a bit
and let 'em have another peek.  They started to edge my top up a 
little farther.  I was suddenly powerless to stop them.  I wanted
them to have a good look at me and go home feeling as horny as I
was now feeling.

"Does that turn you on," I said, surprised by the suddenly husky
sound to my voice.  They didn't answer except for some mumbled
assents.  We all seemed to suddenly be having trouble talking.

Grant reached out now to touch to tip of my right breast. I brushed
his hand away but without my conviction, and he immediately reached
for me again.  A little more flirtatious scuffling ensued, and
before I knew it, I had my right tit out being sucked on by Grant,
while Steve, a little shyly was stroking my left one.  I'd
forgotten about my bursting bladder and gave in to some groping and
kissing with these two guys.  I now wanted Steve to be as out of
control as Grant and I were becoming, and I said "Well Grant's had
a turn, you might as well," and offered my left breast to him.

Ah, heaven, to be really horny and have two strange guys at your
breasts.  My pelvis was now grinding as I became more consumed.  I
twisted back and forth, alternately kissing one and then the
other.  I fought off hands that tried to squeeze my thighs, but not
too quickly.  I was staring hungrily at the bulges in their jeans.

But then through the intense horniness the agonizing pee feeling
broke through again, this time white hot and extremely urgent.  I
was in trouble.  I'd known this feeling a time or two before.
Sometimes if I have to go really really bad, I'll even start to
leak a little bit.  I didn't want that to happen, of all times not

"Oh god, just a minute," I said, "you gotta let me out.  I'm about
to burst.  I've absolutely  gotta go," I said.  They probably
thought I was going to leave them, to drive home, but that was out
of the question at this point.  I was going to have to find a
corner of the parking lot or something, and quick!

They of course didn't want to risk me leaving at this particular
moment, and neither of them would open their door.  My thighs were
clenched as tight as a vise, and I was still grinding my pelvis,
now for a different reason.  "C'mon let me out," I said trying to
climb over Grant.  The struggling only made things worse.  I sat
still again, and tried to regain control.  My breathing was shallow.
It was too late.  The pee was squeezing out even through my tightly
clenched little pussy muscles.  I felt a few warm drops in the
crotch of my shorts.

"Let me out, right now," I said, my tone of voice changing.  They
could tell I was suddenly dead serious, that I wasn't playing any
more.  Grant grudgingly opened his door and stepped out.

I jumped out of the car and looked frantically around, legs
squeezed together, bending forward slightly.  The pressure
was excruciating now that I was standing.  My bladder felt like
a rock, the pee screaming to get out.  And with the street lights,
there was no place that looked dark enough.  

I started to dart for the back wall of the bar taking short baby
steps, but stopped short when another little squirt of pee escaped
my pussy lips.  I felt a couple drops run down my thigh.  I started
skittering again, but I was loosing it.  Another step, another few
drops.  Panicking now, I wrestled with the button of my jean shorts
and tugged at my zipper as another little trickle squeezed
excruciatingly past my clenched muscles.  I tugged the shorts down
and started pissing uncontrollably even before I could get into a full

When you've got to go really really bad, it seems like the first
few moments of peeing don't even help.  But then finally you start
to felt the pressure ease up.  "Oh sweet relief," I moaned to
myself as my bladder drained on the concrete of the parking lot.  I
probably peed hard for a solid minute at least.  A wave of release
swept over me as the last drops trickled from my pussy.  But then I
returned to reality.

I looked back over to the two guys I'd been so recently being all
sexy with.  They were standing outside the car with unconcealed
interest staring at my predicament.  I felt instantly mortified.
My shorts were soaked.  Reluctantly I pulled the wet shorts up my
damp thighs, but I didn't zip them or button them.  I walked slowly
back over to the car.

"God, I'm so embarrassed," I said, "and wet."  I giggled weakly,
trying to see some humor in the situation that I wasn't really
feeling.  "Do you have any napkins or anything?" I asked.

Steve got in the car and came out clutching a handful of Subway
napkins and started to hand them to me.  Grant intervened, taking
the napkins himself.  He brusquely grabbed my arm twisting me so I
was facing the car and he said "Pull down your shorts and we'll get
you dried off."  His tone was so forceful, for some reason I complied.
I let my wet shorts slip down my legs to the ground.   He began
wiping my inner thighs with the napkins while Steve watched wordlessly
in amazement.  I was part way bent over leaning against the car.

Then he reached up and roughly wiped my pussy several times.  Like a
bolt of lightning, I felt my knees go weak and an incredible surge of
horniness swept over me.  He paused, and then dabbed at my pussy a few
more times.

"There, that should about do it" he said.  I made a nearly
inaudible low sound as this little bit of teasing attention
stopped.  My pussy wanted more.  It wanted lots more.  I willed
myself to stand up, but instead my butt twitched a little from side
to side.  My pussy had a mind of its own.  "Are you sure I'm dry
enough?" I said, again the huskiness in my voice.

"Oh, I see.  You look like you need some other relief now, huh?"
Grant observed.  The slight undulation of my behind answered his
question.  I felt one of his hands on my hip and heard the sound of
a zipper coming down and a belt being unfastened.

"Grant, you can't do that.  She's got a boyfriend," Steve protested.  "We
better go.  Someone will see us."

Coming back to my senses at the mention of my boyfriend, I started to
twist around.  But Grant grabbed me with both hands, holding me where I
was, and in the process his hard on slapped me on the buttocks.

"A girl who acts as slutty as you do should be a big enough girl to
hold her pee," he said in a low, hoarse voice.

He started forcefully to try to shove his dick in me, and I again
tried to twist away, at least part of me did.  But I felt his dick
graze my pussy.  I wiggled again, but each time his dick brushed up
against me, all my nerve endings exploded, and my resolve faded
even more.  He got his dick about and inch into me, and it was
exquisite heaven.  But I managed to twist away one more time.  He
was now a man possessed, and the next moment his dick found me and
he shoved roughly all the way in.  I gasped.

He fucked me as I bent over the car out in the middle of this
parking lot.  I stepped free of my sopping shorts so I could spread
my legs farther.  Then someone was taking my left hand, and I felt
a second hard dick placed in its grasp.  Steve had decided he
wasn't such a goody two shoes after all.

I stood there and let one strange guy fuck me, and gave another a hand
job for several minutes.  But I can't come when I'm being taken from
behind.  My little clitty just aches up front for some more direct
contact.  I was becoming desperate for something that would get me to

"Let's get in the car," I said.  "I want to fuck both you guys in the
car."  Grant pulled out of me, moaning with the effort of stopping

Steve got that back seat cleaned out in record time.  I got in and lay
back for whoever wanted me next.  Grant made it clear he was going to
finish with me.  He got in the back seat, and tugging his pants down
further, mounted me.  It only took a couple more minutes.  I climaxed
with excruciating intensity, and he exploded shortly thereafter.
For the second time that night, an enormous relief flowed over me.
We lay there panting, sweaty, and utterly drained and satisfied for
several minutes.

Grant finally pulled out, and started pulling up his pants.  "Well,
you better give Steve here his turn," he said commandingly.  Steve,
who had been watching the whole show dick in hand, hopped out and
jumped in the back seat as Grant got out.

It took me a few minutes to get back into the mood as Steve started
screwing me, I had been so completely satiated.  But eventually, I
began to get very hot again.  But just as I was getting near a second
teeth-gritting climax, Steve came.  I was left hanging, my poor pussy
tingling expectantly.

Maybe we could have stayed and screwed a few more times, but in
spite of my tingliness, some part of my common sense kicked back
in.  I indicated that it was definitely time for our little party
to break up.  I got out and picked up my now clammy cold damp
shorts, and with some effort wiggled into them.  Steve and Grant
both stood on either side at the end of the car and finally
relieved themselves, each of them standing and peeing for what
seemed like forever.  I watched incredulously as the two dicks that
had just fucked me unloaded endless amounts, splattering the
ground noisily.

Finally we said goodbye.  I drove home, my pussy still tingling
from the last screw with Steve.  I reflected on my embarrassment,
but also on the out of control fun that resulted from it.  In some
ways it was exciting to have had them see me wet myself, I couldn't
begin to understand why.  And I kept thinking, it's definitely
true-- guys sure can hold it longer than girls can.



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On 6/24/2018 at 10:36 AM, spywareonya said:


Where/when is this from?

I honestly don't know, I stumbled across it probably ten years ago and then stumbled across it again recently. 

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10 hours ago, thisisme1221 said:

I honestly don't know, I stumbled across it probably ten years ago and then stumbled across it again recently. 

I should have asked you directly, but from the way you engendered the thread, I supposed you indeed did not remember, and I didn't want to be silly nor bother you, so I notified my friend owlman who had been around and very active in the past, maybe he could help...

anyway, thanks for the clarification!!


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