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Save The Store And Keep Your Jobs

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It's never a good sign when you arrive for work and find your boss is there before you, it's even worse when your boss normally only shows up at Christmas, and that was what had happened today. The shop was a sporting goods store, it had been opened about two years earlier, by a wealthy local man in a bid to create work for some of the young locals, to save them having to leave the area. It wasn't a large town, indeed it had a population of less than ten thousand, and was in a semi rural location.

It sold a range of stuff, all related to activities that could be done in the local area, horse riding in the local lanes, water activities on the large lake, and one or two other activities, however trade had been slow for quite a while and unless they could find a way to boost sales, then sadly, the owner announced, he'd have to close the store.

The three young ladies, were horrified, as was the store manager, they all got on well together, and had been there since the store opened, in fact the young ladies had never worked anywhere else. After a few minutes silence, one of the girls had an idea, "what about if we dress according to the section we work on" she asked, "that way when we pop down the road for lunch, it may get us noticed and attract more business"

"well it may work" replied one of the other girls, "I don't mind wearing a tennis outfit, the short skirt would certainly attract attention, and you never know" she giggled, "a flash of white panties may get some of the blokes in, there's some right randy sods round here", There was a chorus of laughter from the others, "well, I don't mind wearing riding gear" one of the others chipped in, "in fact, I find the tight jodhpurs and long boots rather arousing" she chuckled, "it's all right for you lot" one of the others said, " I work on the watersports section it's going to look really odd walking round wearing a wetsuit", "or really kinky" replied the girl from the equestrian section, "there's a lot of blokes find rubber rather a turn on".

The manager nodded, "well, anything's worth a try, don't you think?". The owner nodded, "whatever you want, at the rate things are going we won't be here in six months", he said goodbye and left the small store.

The three girls looked at each other, "well, lets get ready then" said one, the others nodded and they headed off to their own sections of the store. Debbie, wandered around her section looking at the racks of jodhpurs, which colour should she wear, she'd seen a lot of riders wearing the beige, and they did look good, but for some reason, she felt drawn towards the white ones, she picked up a pair in size 12, her regular size, then replaced them on the rack and took a pair in size 10, that ought to get her noticed!, she picked a tight white polo shirt to go with them, then finally, a pair of long black shiny boots, she went into the changing room to put them on, it was while getting changed that she noticed something, she was wearing black undies, she toyed with the idea of removing her panties, but thought better of it, going commando under the tight white jodhpurs may just reveal a little too much. She emerged from the changing room, and looked at her reflection in the long mirror, she was very pleased with the look, yes she'd certainly get noticed, especially from the rear, the black panties were blatantly obvious.

Meanwhile, over on the other sections, the other two girls were also getting changed, Tina into a set of tennis whites, with an extremely short skirt, and a pair of sparkling white panties and white polo shirt, and finally Sue, who over on the watersports side, was struggling to get into a very tight black rubber wetsuit, she'd removed her underwear and had decided to wear a small bikini instead, it was rather thin and her nipples stood out under the tight black rubber..

During the morning several customers came in, most of them commented on the new outfits, one middle aged bloke even said he'd have come in more often if he'd have known how the girls were dressed, his daughter had a couple of horses at home and spent a lot of money at a larger store in one of the bigger towns, in future, he told Debbie, he'd be coming here for the stuff, especially if she was going to keep wearing her tight jodhpurs!, She blushed and smiled, "well, that's one new customer" she thought, watching him leave the store with over a hundred pounds worth of horse related products. At lunchtime they attracted quite a few admiring looks from various men as they wandered down the road to get their lunches.

They had gone to the local pub for lunch, it was a warm day and they'd sat outside while they ate their lunch, as it was warm, each girl had also got a pint of cold lager. Having eaten, they finished their drinks and made their way back to the store, it was unusually busy that afternoon, plenty of male customers, some who bought big items costing plenty of money, some only spending about a tenner. It was around this time that Sue realised she had a serious problem, the pint she'd drank earlier had made it's way through her system and now wanted out, there was however a couple of problems, one the suit was incredibly tight, it had taken a good 5 minutes to get into it, and two, she was in the middle of dealing with a customer.

Normally, customers were not a problem, but this one was different, he was, he said, new to the area and having seen the large lake, decided to get into wind surfing, so he'd need everything, it would mean spending a good deal of money, and he wanted to make sure he got the right equipment.Having selected a board and sail, he was now looking at wetsuits, he'd been looking at them for a good ten minutes and the pressure on her bladder was becoming unbearable, as he turned to examine yet another suit, she squirmed slightly, and hoped she could hold on! "he asked her several questions about how the suits were made, how best to care for them, and which was the best value for money, finally he asked, "and you're sure they are waterproof, I don't want one that's going to leak", Sue felt her bladder twinge and squirmed slightly, "we're going to find out shortly" she mumbled under her breath, hoping he didn't hear her, unfortunately he did. "what do you mean ,we'll find out shortly" he asked, Sue blushed, "well, it took me ages to get into this suit, and it's going to take ages to get out of it, and I really need a wee" she said, clamping her thighs to prevent herself leaking. The man gave a slight smile, "oh, I hadn't thought of that, oh dear, what do you do if you're wearing one on the lake and need to go, I can imagine it would be quite an effort, to come in and get all the gear off" he said, Once again she blushed, "well, according to what I've been told, most people just let it out in the suit" she replied, "then give it a rinse in the shower later", she shuddered visibly as a small spurt escaped into the suit, the man paused as if thinking, " hmm, I'm not convinced, it could be rather embarrassing" he replied, then added, "tell you what give me a demonstration, if I'm happy I'll buy it all", she looked at the pile of equipment, there was over a thousand pounds worth of stuff, it was a massive sale, in fact it was the biggest since she'd worked there.

"well, what do you think, are you going to prove it doesn't leak" he asked, "after all I seem to remember you said you needed to go, so it shouldn't be too difficult". Sue parted her feet slightly and relaxed, there was a slight hissing noise as her already overstretched bladder emptied itself inside the tight rubber, it pooled around her crotch, then began to make it's way down her thighs, before collecting in the fitted rubber boots. the man smiled, "ok, I'll take it, you've convinced me" he said with a smile, she totaled up the goods on the till, and he handed her his credit card, £1250, a good sale indeed.

Meanwhile over on the tennis section, Tina had also made a good number of sales, again mostly to middle aged men, most of whom seemed to have difficulty keeping hold of stuff, she'd lost count of the number of times she'd had to bend over to pick stuff up after a customer had dropped something, each time the short skirt rode up to reveal the tight white panties beneath.Debbie too had been busy, judging by the amount of men coming in to buy stuff for their wives and daughters, there was going to be a lot of happy women that night, although she was amazed at the number of men who wanted to touch her tight jodhpurs, to 'see how they felt', one bloke had spent a good two minutes caressing her pert bottom, she could have swore she could see a bulge in his jeans afterwards, but what the hell, when he left, his wallet was £200 lighter.

Later that afternoon the three girls were discussing how busy it had been, and how the blokes had seemed to enjoy looking, and in some cases touching the girls, Tina confessed that to convince one customer that the sports panties would indeed fit his wife snugly, that she'd actually lifted her skirt so he could get a proper view, still it had the desired effect, not only had he bought half a dozen pairs of the panties, but also several skirts, and even a new tennis racket. Sue began to tell them about the guy who'd bought all the surfing gear, when she came to the part about her having a wee in the suit, she suddenly paused, "oh, damn, I forgot" she exclaimed, "forgot what?" asked Debbie, " I forgot to go to the loo, I've spent all afternoon with wee inside the suit"she giggled.

The next few days were also busy, in fact by the end of the week, they'd made more sales in a week than in the previous three months, it was just before closing and the store was empty, when a man walked in, he wandered around the store, before finally going over to speak to Sue, "are you the young lady who demonstrated that the wetsuits don't leak ?" he asked, adding "a mate of mine said he'd bought a load of gear here the other day", Sue nodded, "yes, that was me", the man smiled, "good, I need a new suit, my old one is getting past it's best and I think it's time to replace it". It didn't take long for him to select the one he wanted, she picked it up and began to walk towards the check out, "hold on, what about the demo?" he asked, Sue stopped in her tracks, " but if you've had one before, you'll know they don't leak" she replied, "ah, but I want to be sure, it's an expensive item" the man said with a grin, Sue sighed and relaxed, and for the second time that week, pissed into the tight rubber suit, when she'd finished the man smiled and handed her his credit card, "excellent, I'll take it" he said. She wrapped the wetsuit and handed it to him along with his card, he thanked her and was just heading towards the door when Debbie appeared, he stopped dead in his tracks, " Ahh, I've just remembered, it's my daughters birthday soon, maybe I should get her some stuff while I'm here, she's horse mad,  I sometimes think she lives in her jodhpurs, mind you, her boots aren't as nice".

Debbie led him to the equestrian section and began to show him what they sold, he picked a pair of the long boots she was wearing, numerous tops, and a pair of jodhpurs in every colour they had in stock, a very substantial purchase indeed, they headed towards the checkout and after she'd put the items through the till, she told him the cost was £320, he was about to hand over his credit card, when he stopped, "it's a shame really, I quite enjoyed your colleague proving the suit was waterproof, It's a pity we couldn't somehow test those boots won't leak, she's always complaining about her feet getting wet". Debbie, took the hint, parted her legs slightly and began to piss into the tight jodhpurs, it ran slowly down her thighs and into the long boots, not a drop spilled onto the floor, finally she walked up and down in front of him, you could hear the piss sloshing about inside the boots but not a drop leaked out, satisfied he handed over his card and paid the bill. "are there any other attractive young ladies working here?" he asked, Debbie said there was only Tina on the tennis section that he hadn't met,he asked her to call her over. Tina duly appeared and the mans' eyes lit up when he saw her in the short tennis skirt, "nice, very nice" he exclaimed, Tina did a little twirl causing the skirt to flick up revealing her tight white panties, a bulge began to appear in the mans jeans, "oh, yes, now I really like those" he added, smiling at Tina, "I think my wife would look really good in those, I'll take five skirts, and oh, let me see a dozen pairs of those panties, I think" Tina asked the size and went off to get them , she returned to the checkout and placed the items on the desk, "of course, I shall expect the same demonstration as I got off your colleague" he said with a wry smile, Tina, looked at him, "what did she do? " she asked, "simple, she wet herself, to prove the boots don't leak" he grinned, she looked at him in surprise, "but the skirts and panties aren't waterproof" she exclaimed, "surely you don't want me to wet them, what would it prove?" she asked, " absolutely nothing" he replied, holding out his credit card, "I just really fancy seeing you piss those pretty white panties, now I think it would be a good idea if you raised your skirt, we don't want it getting wet do we?". Tina slowly raised her skirt and relaxed, and a few minutes later was clocking up another sale on his credit card. As he left the store the man turned and smiled, " I have a great many friends, I think I'll have to tell them all about the wonderful service you offer, especially how willing you young ladies are to demonstrate the equipment"


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That was great.  Loved every bit of it.

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1 hour ago, Alfresco said:

That was great.  Loved every bit of it.

Owlman is producing tons of great stories...

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