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The Horserider

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The horserider (fiction)

Emma led her horse out of the stable and mounted up,she'd decided to spend the day riding around the fields and lanes in the area she'd just moved to. It was summer and she wore her white blouse,beige jodhpurs and long black leather boots,the leather ones were very expensive but she thought they were worth it. She'd been riding the lanes for about an hour when she saw a path leading towards a small wood and she headed towards it. She rode slowly through the shady trees and eventually came to a clearing with a small lake,she dismounted and let the horse drink from the cool clear water.

As she stood there she realised that she hadn't pee'd since early morning and the sound of the horse splashing the water made her need to go,she looked around and could see no one,so she lowered her jodhpurs and white panties and squatted down to relieve her bladder. The first spurt had just hit the ground and she heard a noise,looking round she saw a man approaching and hurriedly pulled up her panties and jodhpurs,the man approached her and he didn't look very happy."trespasser" he yelled as he came face to face with her,Emma tried to speak but he cut her off "this is private land,my land,track,wood,lake,mine nobody else's mine do you hear?" Emma nodded and stood motionless,the man looked her up and down and spoke again."what were you doing as I arrived?" Emma blushed "nothing,just having a rest" "LIAR" spat the man "you were up to something"

Emma could feel her cheeks start to redden again "ok,to be honest I needed a wee" she said quietly "but you came before I could do it" "more like before you could finish from what I can see"said the man staring hard at her crotch,Emma looked down and to her dismay saw a small wet spot about the size of a 50p on the front of her beige jodhpurs. The man glared at her and then spoke again,quieter this time but there was still an aggressiveness in his tone "best you finish it then missy" she looked at him in amazement,he actually wanted her to pee in front of him,a complete stranger "well get on with it" Emma sighed then realising there was no point arguing she slowly unfastened her jodhpurs and lowered them to her knees,the man leered at her,she fumbled as she tried to lower her white panties."no leave them on" said the man she squatted down and closed her eyes,she could feel him staring at her as she released a small amount of warm liquid into her panties,she stood up and pulled up her jodhpurs,her wet panties clinging to her shapely rear,the man smiled."nice try now finish it" she looked at him "you still need to piss,I can tell now do it properly"

Emma went to unfasten her jodhpurs again, "no leave them,just do it" She looked at him again,her cheeks reddened and her bottom lip quivered "please" she whimpered "DO IT!" he snarled,she parted her feet slightly and relaxed and suddenly she could feel the warm wetness as her pee ran down her thighs and splattered onto her expensive leather boots. the man smiled as she stood there,her wet jodhpurs clinging to her thighs and a muddy puddle beneath her booted feet."perhaps that will help you remember to respect private property in future" he said "people cause all kinds of damage on my land and it all costs money you know" she nodded,keeping her eyes fixed on the muddy puddle at her feet,"now go and don't come back"

she walked to the horse and was just swinging her leg over the saddle when he spoke again. "on second thoughts come back here" he said grabbing the reins,Emma looked at him from her position in the saddle and realised that with him holding the reins she was going nowhere."off" he said,she slid off the horse and stood beside it. he looked at her and spoke again "do you come from that big stables just outside the village? " she nodded "well make sure you tell your friends to keep off my land you hear" she nodded "it must be expensive keeping a horse,and the gear to go with it won't be cheap I'll bet" again she nodded "take those fancy boots,they're not cheap are they?" Emma nodded again "you can get cheap ones in rubber or synthetic but these are real leather,over a hundred pounds a pair" she replied "well there you go and how would you feel if someone just came along and damaged them?" he asked begining to get angry again,she wondered if he'd ever calm down and let her go,she hadn't damaged anything yet he was acting as if she'd destroyed something precious.


His voice interrupted her thoughts "I think you need to know how it feels to have someone damage something of yours,yes that will teach you" she sighed and wondered what was coming next "take your boots off" she looked at him puzzled "now, hurry up" she bent down and pulled off her expensive leather boots "now lets get down to business,take those pants off too" Realising it was pointless arguing she once again unfastened her jodhpurs and slipped them off,he took them from her and threw them on the ground. He picked up one of her boots and handed it to her with a smile,she was just about to put it back on her foot when he stopped her "no not yet,we've not finished" she stood looking at him,holding the boot in front of her to try and shield her damp panties from his glare."piss into it" she placed the boot on the ground and squatted over it,without removing her panties,there was a hiss as a small amount of urine sprayed through her panties and into the boot "is that it? " he growled,she nodded "yes sorry" she said standing up "pick it up and bring it here" as she bent to pick up her boot she could see a small puddle inside it,still she'd tip it out and they'd dry so hopefully no harm done,

zzzzip she heard the noise and turned to face the man,he'd undone his jeans and was holding his semi hard cock in his hand,she began to panic inside,suddenly aware that only her thin silk panties stood between her damp pussy and what he had in his hand,seeing the look on her face he laughed "no you're ok missy,but your boots well that's a different matter,bring it here" she walked up to him and he pulled it away from her so it stuck out in front of her,then to her horror he began to piss into her boot,he seemed to go on for ever and whisps of steam began to curl from the insides of the boot. Finally he finished and she saw that the boot was almost half full,he zipped his self up and then taking the boot from her began to empty it into her other boot,when he'd finished he took both boots and dropped them in the lake."best get your boots miss,the water might damage them" he laughed,

Emma waded into the water,it was deeper than she expected and soon her white silk panties had become transparent as the water covered them,she bent down and fished out her boots,emptying the water out of them and headed for the bank. As she emerged from the water,she felt cold and had a sudden urge to have a wee,she parted her legs and was just about to let go when the man stopped her "oh no you don't get dressed" he handed her her jodhpurs and she hurriedly pulled them on before stepping into her wet leather riding boots, "go" said the man and with a sigh of relief she went to mount her horse, "one final thing before you do" he said Emma nodded and after parting her legs,took a long hot piss into her jodhpurs,it ran down her legs and for the second time that day spattered over her boots,when she'd finished she turned and mounted her horse,the saddle pushed her wet pants against her body,and piss streaks were clearly visible down her thighs as she turned to ride away the man called out "remember private property don't come back" don't worry,she thought I won't.


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Can't help finding it quite summer-like unwithstand some harsher passages

wonderful story

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