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The greatest sacrifice

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20 minutes ago, owlman76 said:

It had been a perfect evening ,the drinks had flowed and the music had played well into the early hours of that chilly December morning.It was around 2am and a fleet of luxury limousines was parked outside the exclusive London club,one by one a group of well heeled people emerged and climbed into the waiting cars.
Most of the women wore expensive designer dresses,Versachi seemed to be popular that year,there were shouts of "goodnight,see you tomorrow" as the people left the club,most were quite drunk after downing expensive cocktails and large amounts of the best champagne.Then finally a slim brown haired girl emerged from the club,she looked out of place among the "beautiful people",clearly she wasn't one of Londons social elite.Dressed modestly in a white blouse and black skirt that stopped just above the knee and a pair of black boots,knee high with a 2" heel.you'd have to pay particular attention to notice the red soles on the boots.
She paused outside the club for a moment as if unsure what to do next,the drivers door opened on the last limousine and a chauffeur stepped out,walked around to the passenger side and opened the rear door, "in here miss" he called out to the girl in the black boots.Amy,that was her name,headed towards the limo nervously "in you get miss,everyone gets taken home after the Christmas outing,sit back and relax I have your address" said the chauffeur.Amy stepped into the car and looked in amazement at it's plush interior,black leather seats and a deep white carpet,and most impressive of all was a drinks cabinet filled with chilled wine and champagne. The door closed and she sat back,sinking deep into the plush leather seat,She heard a beeping noise and looking around noticed a telephone set into the partition that separated the passenger compartment from the driver,nervously she picked it up "hello Amy speaking" she said instinctively,a mans voice spoke on the other end "this is Steve your driver,please help yourself to drinks from the minibar,we'll be at your home in about 45 minutes" then the line went dead,she replaced the phone and sat back in her seat as the car moved off.
Amy considered herself very lucky to be working as a temp for the exclusive London advertising agency,very lucky indeed considering her background.She was born in a small town just outside Manchester,the daughter of an ordinary working class couple and had been educated in the local comprehensive school.Things hadn't been easy for the family,her father had lost his job in the recession and due to his age and failing health had been unable to find another,they'd struggled to make ends meet on the meagre wages her mother had earned from a series of part time jobs,they had however instilled in Amy the importance of getting an education and hopefully doing better in life than they had.As a teenager she'd watched all her friends being bought expensive clothes by their parents while she'd had very little,it didn't bother her really,she was a clever girl and new how hard it had been for her parents to provide what they did,she wasn't bothered about expensive clothes,except for one little secret desire.
One day one of her friends had invited her home for tea and her mother and father were quite well off,well as well off as anyone could be in the small town she called home,they both worked in management in one of the new IT companies that had recently moved into the area,replacing the old factories and warehoues.As they sat chatting after tea Amy couldn't help but notice the boots her friends mother was wearing,shiny black with a small spiked heel and the leather looked so soft and supple as it moulded itself to her leg,but most suprising of all was the sole of the boot,it was red and stood out against the black,she'd never seen such boots and vowed to herself that one day she'd own a pair just like them,it was several months before she discovered to her amazement that they were Louboutin's and cost several hundred pounds!
Fast forward a few years and things had improved slightly at home,her father had managed to find a job and things at home were slightly more comfortable,she'd left school with decent grades and her parents had encouraged her to attend the local college where she'd studied secretarial skills,and now just a few weeks before her 18th birthday had passed all her exams.She wasn't expecting anything for her birthday although most of her friends had had parties she knew her parents simply couldn't afford it.She awoke on the morning of her birthday,showered,dressed and headed downstairs,her parents smiled as she entered the small living room and her father handed her an envelope,she opened it and it contained a birthday card,she read it before placing it on the fireplace,she'd just sat down when her mother handed her a box wrapped in wrapping paper "happy birthday love,we hope you like it" she said smiling.Amy unwrapped the box and opened it,inside was a pair of black boots,knee length with a small heel,and to her amazement they had red soles,she let out a small squeal "oh mum,dad they're Louboutins,they must have cost a fortune" her dad smiled "unfortunately they're secondhand,we knew how much you wanted a pair and we found these on an auction website" he replied "dad they're wonderful" she said as she slid her feet into the boots "and they fit perfectly".
Amy was very proud of the boots and only wore them for special occasions,and after each outing she'd spend ages cleaning and polishing them,And when one of her friends parents had lined an interview up for her as a temp with the ad agency she'd worn them to the interview,to her suprise she'd got the job and was convinced it was down to her "lucky" boots!
The limo drove down the dual carriageway at a fair speed it was quite a way to Amy's flat on the outskirts of London,she couldn't afford the high rents of the inner city,Suddenly the car stopped,looking out of the tinted window she could see a large queue of traffic,surely it shouldn't be this busy at this time of the morning? Several minutes later she saw a policeman approching the car,he spoke to the driver then headed off back down the road,moments later the phone rang again "hi Amy here" she answered "sorry miss,there's been an accident the roads closed and we're going to be here for a while" said the voice on the other end "oh ok" said Amy,she hung up and settled back in her seat.
They'd been stationary for about 15 minutes when Amy began to get an uncomfortable feeling,no matter how she sat she just couldn't settle,after a night of partying she now needed the toilet,she'd gone before she left and by rights she should have been home by now.She began to squirm and fidget and another 10 minutes had gone by when it happened,she felt a sudden warm squirt escape into her white panties,not a lot but enough to make her panic,she knew she couldn't hold on much longer,and began to panic.Here she was in an expensive car,owned by her boss,stuck on a busy road with no chance of finding a toilet,the only thing that was certain was that at sometime very soon she was going to wet herself in the back of the car! Another warm spurt shot into her panties,and she looked around desperately for a solution to her problem,Sadly she knew there wasn't one,she stared down at the leather seat and the plush white carpet and a tear fell on her cheek,she knew what was about to happen and that by tomorrow morning she'd be out of a job.
Suddenly Amy had an idea,maybe just maybe it would work,ok it would mean the end of her most prized possession but if it worked at least she'd keep her job,she eased her foot out of one of her boots and nervously squatted over it on the plush white carpet,there was a loud hissing noise as the contents of her bursting bladder sprayed through her white panties and into the boot,when she'd finished she put the boot back on, the warm wetness of the leather made the boot shaft gently grip her leg hopefully no one would ever know what she'd done.
The following morning she woke early,showered and dressed,her beautiful boots lay on the floor in the lounge and she noticed that the lining of the wet one had started to curl,they were ruined.Looking out of the window she realised that it was raining heavily,in her shoes her feet would be soaked before she'd reached the railway station,with a sigh she realised she'd have to wear the boots,as she slipped them on the lining felt cold and damp,a distinctly unpleasant feeling totally unlike the way they'd felt the night before.
Arriving at work she was immediately summoned to the top floor,she'd never been there before,it was the domain of the MD hardly anyone went up there,as she emerged from the lift she could feel herself shake inside.
"Amy,come in please" said the MD with a smile as he met her outside the lift,she followed him nervously into the large oak panelled office,on one wall was a large plasma tv."please sit down" he said,pointing to a black leather couch,she sat and he sat beside her. " now,I believe you attended our christmas party last night?" Amy nodded,dreading where this was heading "you were taken home in one of my cars,correct?" again she nodded, "well I'd like you to look at something then answer me a couple of questions" and with that he turned on the tv. The screen flickered to life and Amy looked in horror as the picture revealed the back of a limousine,then relief as she realised it wasn't her,the girl in the picture was wearing an expensive designer dress and suddenly without warning she threw up all over the leather interior,cue another shot and this time a man and woman were having sex in the back of the limo,her high heels tore into the roof lining leaving 2 long rips,there were other scenes including one with the back of the car littered with empty wine bottles and a pool of vomit on the carpet,the cars were badly damaged,Amy looked on in horror."now for the best bit" said the boss "I've deliberately saved this 'till last" and to her horror Amy saw herself on the screen,she watched in silence as the picture showed her remove her boot and squat over it on the floor.
"Correct me if I'm wrong Amy,but from here it looks as though you were using your boot as a toilet?" said the MD,Amy blushed,"yes I needed a wee desperately"," and again correct me if I,m wrong but aren't they Louboutin boots?", "yes" Amy nodded, "so you can afford to ruin an expensive pair of boots just because you needed the toilet? " he asked. Amy began to explain but he stopped her "I know all about the delay young lady,but that still doesn't explain why you decided to ruin a pair of very expensive boots!" Amy thought "well I needed a wee and there was nowhere to go,so it was that or wet the carpet" she replied."But it wasn't your fault you were stuck in a jam" he replied "no and it wasn't your fault I needed the loo" said Amy "it wasn't right to damage something that wasn't mine just because I needed a wee"."true,very true" he replied nodding "but your parents saved hard to get those boots and now they're only fit for the bin" Amy stared at him in amazement,how did he know about her family? He gave her a rather stern look "I want you to answer the next questions truthfully do you understand?" Amy nodded, "no matter how difficult you find the question I expect you to answer it! She nodded again, "good,now I see you're wearing louboutins again today,are they the same ones?" Amy nodded "Yes sir they are" he looked at her as he spoke again "most people find being in here makes them nervous,do you?" she nodded again unsure where this was leading, " now being nervous makes most people need the toilet wouldn't you agree?" Amy blushed slightly "yes sir it does" he nodded "and you do you need the toilet?" she nodded again " well you'd better go then hadn't you" she turned and headed for the door, "where are you going?" he asked,Amy stopped dead in her tracks "the toilet sir" she replied suddenly realising that she really did need to go. "oh no,you must go in here young lady" she looked around expecting to see a door behind which there would be a toilet,but there was no door except the one she'd entered by and for the second time in 24 hours she felt a warm spurt soak the crotch of her panties.
Amy felt her cheeks redden slightly,she knew what he was saying,and more importantly what he was expecting her to do.She tried to hitch up her skirt but it was too tight,so she unfastened it and let it fall to the floor,stepping out of it she picked it up and placed it on the desk.She could feel him watching her as she slowly removed one of her boots,not wanting to put on a show she stood up and pressed the soft leather against the front of her damp white panties,nothing happened for a second or two then slowly her bladder relaxed and began to empty,a trickle at first then a torrent accompanied by a loud hissing sound,when she'd done she put the boot back on her foot,there was a squelching noise as the wet leather gripped her leg,she picked her skirt off the desk and put it back on,the MD looked at her as she stood in front of his desk.
"the cleanup bill for the cars last night runs into a few thousand" he said "now were you drunk last night? "she shook her head "not really,just a bit merry" she answered "and you say you used your boot as a toilet because otherwise you'd have wet my car? " she nodded again "and what about now why did you do it again,do you enjoy pissing into expensive boots? " she shook her head "no but I didn't have a choice,I had my coffee on the train then normally I use the loo as soon as I get here but this morning I was told to come straight up here" tears began to trickle down her cheeks "I needed a wee and you could see I'd already wet my panties,I wasn't going to wee on your carpet" she sobbed slightly "it's ok if you'll excuse me I'll go clear out my desk and be on my way as soon as possible" he shook his head "sit down young lady" he said patting the couch beside him,Amy walked over,her boot squelching and sat down beside him."Now young lady I'm sorry to put you through what has just happened but" he paused for a moment "now perhaps you are wondering how come you got the temps job here,and more importantly how come I know so much about you?" she sniffled "yes sir I did wonder about that" "well" he began " I grew up not far from where your family live and like your family mine struggled to give me a decent start in life,I built all this up by my own hand and like to treat everyone fairly,yet every year at the christmas party my well heeled and well educated staff get drunk and behave like idiots,then I end up paying for it" he paused again "well I knew all about your difficult past and how like me you'd struggled to better yourself,so when the chance arose I decided to give you a try,not so much a case of you finding the job as the job finding you" she nodded "Oh I see" He smiled at her "so knowing how much those boots meant to you I was suprised to see how you were prepared to ruin them rather than damage my car,but just to be sure I engineered this mornings little incident". She nodded again "so I keep my job? " she asked him nervously "I'm afraid not" he replied "you see it wouldn't be right to employ someone who is prepared to do what you did" Amy interrupted him "oh I see" she said looking rather sad "if you'll let me finish please" he said "now as I was saying it wouldn't be right to employ someone like that,at least not on a temporary basis" she looked at him unsure what he meant "now if you'd please empty your boot into the waste bin I have a call to make" she pulled of her boot and tipped it into the bin,she was amazed at just how full it was,meanwhile the MD spoke to someone on the telephone,she was just putting her boot back on as he hung up the phone, "feel better?" he asked she nodded "good,now I'm afraid we can't do anything about those wet panties at the moment can we" she shook her head "no but I'll be ok I guess" she answered "Good,now do you remember Steve your driver from last night? "Amy nodded "yes I think so", "good, well he's waiting in the basement garage to take you home," she nodded again "ok thank you", "after you've cleaned out your desk report to the garage and then he'll give you a ride home,and on the way he's been instructed to stop by the west end and make sure you replace those boots young lady". Amy stared at him "but I can't afford new ones" she began to sob again, "oh yes you can and while you're at it get him to help you pick out some nice clothes you're going to need them" she looked at him quizzically through her tears "after all my PA needs to look smart doesn't she" Amy smiled slightly unsure what he was saying . "Anyone who is prepared to respect my property even if it means ruining their most prized possesion deserves a chance in my book.Now I'll see you back here at 9am Monday morning,goodbye" and with that he ushered her out of the office,looks like those louboutins really were lucky Amy thought as she smiled and headed for the lift


complicated and touching


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There were actually several more parts to that story, but most people agreed part 1 was the best, if you solve that puzzle you can judge for yourself. lol

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8 minutes ago, owlman76 said:

if you solve that puzzle you can judge for yourself.

IT'S UP to you do decide if you wanna post the Others too

I'll read them for sure

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I believe the answer to the puzzle is that they have already been published and the other parts are there for the reading - I certainly remember reading this before.....  It is available with follow up parts on a site about shoes and published in 2015......    I'll leave you to do some more detective work.  I believe it was also on another Pee Site.

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6 hours ago, Alfresco said:

I believe the answer to the puzzle is that they have already been published and the other parts are there for the reading - I certainly remember reading this before.....  It is available with follow up parts on a site about shoes and published in 2015......    I'll leave you to do some more detective work.  I believe it was also on another Pee Site.

yes yes it's like that

but he is now re-sharing them here because Peefans RULES!!!!!

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