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This is the latest in a series of fictional adult stories that I  have written, I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. please feel free to comment.



I had always been known for ending up with a collection of strange things, usually, things that people no longer wanted, but couldn't get rid of, however, the phone call that I got that day was to take it to a whole new level.

The day began like any other when I got out of bed that morning there was nothing to suggest that anything strange was about to happen. I showered, made breakfast and was reading the daily paper when my phone rang, I answered it and it was a guy I knew from down the pub, Mike.

He said he had a favour to ask and could I meet him in the pub at lunchtime, as it was a warm day I happily agreed, my workload wasn't too busy that week, and it would be good to relax, so at 12 o'clock I was sat in the beer garden of my local with a cool pint in one hand and a cigarette in the other, thinking how good it was to not be stuck inside on such a lovely day.

Mike arrived about 10 minutes later, we sat and chatted for a while, then he suggested we have lunch and went to order a couple of steaks, at this point alarm bells, began to ring in my head, usually it was hard enough to get Mike to buy you a pint, and here he was buying me a steak dinner, in the long run, I could see this getting expensive, I knew from bitter experience that there was no such thing as a free lunch!


Lunch over and I decided it was time to push Mike, he still hadn't given any hint as to what this favour was, and I didn't want him having a chance to ply me with drinks, in order to get me to agree. “ah yes”, he replied when I asked him about the favour, “I was just about to come to that”, I nodded, “go on then, give me a clue”, he thought for a moment, “well, remember a few years ago when you took in that dog, the one nobody wanted?”. I did indeed remember it, “yes, but that was then, I'm out quite a lot these days, I really couldn't have another dog, it wouldn't be fair, on either of us” I replied, wondering exactly where this was going. He closed his eyes for a second, as though searching for the right words, “look, I really think that you should consider this, it's an opportunity too good to miss, you'll regret it, and anyway this isn't a dog, it's something a little bit bigger, mind you, handled properly it would be a handy thing to have, I'd keep it myself, but I think the wife would object”


I sat there and felt a slight pang of concern, what the hell was he trying to palm me off with, bigger than a dog, but could be handy if handled correctly, knowing him it was probably a gorilla, or a bloody alligator, nothing would surprise me! “look, don't make up your mind just yet, at least have a look at it, then decide, you may feel differently when you see it” he said, trying to sound encouraging.

Now the first thing I didn't like was the way he kept calling it “it”, what was “it”, if it was a dog, why not call it a dog, no this had to be something difficult to handle, and probably either extremely unpleasant or possibly even dangerous!


look, it's in the car right now, let me go and get it, you take a look, if you don't fancy it then fine, I'll get rid of it somewhere else, I just thought I'd give you first refusal”, one thing about Mike, he was certainly persistent, before I had time to say anything he was up and headed for the door, “won't be a minute, don't go anywhere” and with that he was gone.

I sat there for about 5 minutes, sipping my drink and wondering what the hell he was going to walk in with, I was sat looking at my phone, when I heard his voice, “here it is, what do you think?” I looked up to see him stood there with a young lady, about 20 years old, I glanced around, no I couldn't see anything odd, no crocodiles, no gorilla's, not even a large dog, what was he talking about?!

He sat down and the young woman remained standing, “well, how about it, do you want it, you can take it now, put it in the car and off you go”. I glanced around again, still, nothing furry or scaly sprang into view, “Mike, what the hell have you been smoking?, I can't see anything, what and where is it?” He reached out and gently pushed the woman towards me, “here, this is it”. I looked at the young woman, she stood there, eyes looking at the floor, standing not moving like she was waiting to be told what to do! “Mike, this is a person, you can't go around giving people away” I replied, somewhat startled, “anyway, you haven't even introduced us, what's her name?”, the young woman remained motionless, eyes rooted to the floor, and silent, very silent, Mike spoke again, “well what would you like it to be, Debbie, Jane, Amanda, or what about something more, stylish like Sky or Sierra, she'll answer to whatever you call her”

By now I was getting seriously annoyed, if this was his idea of a joke it was wearing thin, if it wasn't it was worrying! I looked at her standing there, patiently, expectantly, like she was waiting for something, she was quite pretty in a strange sort of way, but the baggy top and worn jeans did nothing for her.” please, have a seat” I said to her, she moved slightly, then finally spoke, “where would you like me to sit?” she asked in a quiet, nervous voice, I pointed to the chair nearest to me, “here would be fine” I said, and she sat slowly down her eyes still looking at the floor. “would you like a drink?” I asked her, “if you don't mind” she answered, “no trouble, what would you like?” I asked, “whatever you want me to drink” she replied, softly”anything will do”.

I got up and walked to the bar and ordered 3 more beers, I returned to the table and placed one in front of each of us, Mike took a long gulp of his, I took a mouthful of mine, the other remained untouched, “sorry, don't you like beer?” I asked, “oh yes, but you didn't say I could drink it”she replied without looking up, “well go ahead then” I said, “drink up, it's ok”, she lifted the glass to her lips and quickly downed the drink, she must have been thirsty I thought, and went to the bar to get her another, I placed it in front of her”there you go, enjoy it” I said smiling, still she didn't look up or try to make eye content.

I turned my attention back to mike, as once more she gulped down the cold beer, “what's going on here Mike, who is she, and why is she here?” I asked, “I'm trying to find a good home for her” he replied, “she belonged to a bloke I know, he got her at 16 and she's 21 soon, but he's well, he got into something he shouldn't and he's going to be away for the next 30 years, so he asked me to find her a good home, she's pretty well trained, and hardly ever makes a mess in the house”

I was horrified, here we were sat in a pub, with a young woman, and he was talking about her not only as though she wasn't there, but also like she was some kind of pet, to be honest, I half expected him to throw a ball and shout “fetch”! He got up and went to get more drinks, and this time he bought one for her too, he placed it in front of her, “here for you” he said, and once again she began to drink. “Mike, what the hell is going on here, I don't even know her name, and how do we know she even wants to live with me, assuming I even wanted her to” I asked, for a split second I thought I saw her looking at me, and as I turned towards her she quickly looked back at the floor, Mike sighed, “look, she'll go where she's sent, and do whatever she's told to, and as for a name does it matter?” he said sounding a little exasperated, then, “are you enjoying your beer Ann?”. “oh yes, thank you” she replied softly, “right, so we're getting somewhere now, her name's Ann, well why didn't you use it instead of calling her “it” all the time? “ I snapped, Mike looked at me and looked at 'Ann', “Debbie, would you like to stay with my friend? “ he asked, “If that is what you want, and if he wants me” she replied, still staring at the floor, “good that's settled then” replied Mike.


hold on a minute,” I said, raising my voice slightly, “what the hell's going on, is her name Ann, or Debbie? “ I asked, “I told you, she'll answer to whatever you call her” replied Mike, “anyway, try her for a couple of days, I'll ring you at the end of the week, if it's not working out, then I'll get rid of her for you” and with that he was gone, leaving me and whatever her name was sitting at the table!

I stood up and she flinched as I did so, “stay there I'll get us another drink, same again?” I asked, “if you like” she replied, glancing up at me for a second. I went to the bar once more, this time I got a couple of bags of crisps as well, she looked as though she could do with something to eat.

I returned to the table, put the drinks down and the crisps, then took a cigarette from my pack and lit it, I thought I saw a quick glance towards me as I took a long drag on the cigarette, “want one” I asked, holding the pack towards her, “if you're sure” she replied, reaching out nervously and taking one from the pack, I lit it for her and she sat silently smoking it, she never touched the beer or the crisps.

Don't forget your drink, oh and there's some crisps there too, in case your hungry” I said as I sat watching her nervously smoking, “oh, thank you, it's very good of you to buy me these things, I'm afraid I don't have any money, I wasn't allowed any, in fact I wasn't allowed much”she said, then suddenly went quiet and looked down once more, and for the first time I noticed the small bag at her feet. She saw me looking at it, and picked it up,”I suppose that's some of your stuff is it?” I asked, she handed it to me, “it belongs to you now” she replied, rather sadly, I opened the small holdall and looked inside, I couldn't believe what I saw, there was a length of chain, a couple of padlocks, a small whip and what from experience I knew to be a heavy leather dog collar, of the type used for large dogs, apart from this the bag was empty!

I closed it and dropped it back on the floor, she squirmed slightly in her seat as she finished her beer, we sat in silence, her trying not to look at me, and me wondering what the hell I had gotten myself into, she began to eat the crisps,squirming more and more with each mouthful, “don't you like them, you don't have to eat them if you don't want” I told her, “no they're lovely, I haven't had crisps in ages” she replied softly, “it's so good of you to buy me a treat”.

We continued to sit there, her squirming occasionally as she ate every tiny crumb, I opened the other bag, “here, have those too”, she glanced across, being careful not to make eye contact, “thank you” she replied, she was partway through the second bag, when she squirmed in her seat and went rigid for a moment, then she let out a sudden gasp, I heard a hissing noise and then a noise that sounded like running water,glancing down I saw liquid running through the slats in her chair, after a couple of minutes it stopped, she saw me looking at her and cowered slightly, almost shrinking back into the chair, “I'm so sorry, I couldn't hold it any longer, I did try, honestly, please don't be angry with me” I looked at her and could see the tears welling up in her eyes, and for the first time I noticed something else, although she had quite pretty eyes, I could see not only fear but also great sadness and for the first time that day I felt a deep sadness too. I sat for a moment, then suddenly it dawned on me, this poor girl was sat in a public place, she'd just wet herself, and was now sat with a large puddle beneath her chair, she must have been embarrassed enough with just me there, how would she feel if anyone else came in?

I stood up and put my cigs back into my pocket, she didn't move, “come on then, I think it's time we left, don't you?” she got up slowly and picked up the bag, before following me along the street, fortunately I only lived a few hundred yards from the pub, so if we were lucky we wouldn't bump into anyone, which was the last thing I wanted considering her jeans were soaking.

I glanced around, she was walking behind me, keeping several paces back, I stopped and so did she, she wouldn't come too close, I held out my hand, “come on, don't be nervous” I said, she approached slowly, timidly, then hesitantly took my hand. We soon arrived at my front door, I opened it and stepped inside, she, however, remained stood on the doorstep, “come in, don't stand there, and close the door”, she quickly entered and gently shut the door behind her, I entered the lounge, once again she stood waiting in the hall, “oh do come in” I called out, once again she came slowly nervously into the room.

I stood for a minute or two, trying to take stock of the situation, I appeared to have somehow become the “owner” of a young woman, how the hell did I get myself into this situation, and how was I going to deal with it? I became aware of her stood there, looking nervously around the room almost as though looking for something, that she seemed unable to find, this seemed to unsettle her, however before I could say anything, she seemed to have found the answer to her unspoken question, and opened her holdall, she took out the small whip and handed it to me in silence, then before I could speak, she bent herself over the arm of the chair making sure here bottom was held quite high, “do you want me to remove my jeans, or will you beat me over them, master,?”

I stood there, looking at the whip in my hand and her bent over the arm of my chair, what the hell was going on, why should I want to beat her, and why was she asking if I wanted her jeans on or off, and above all what was all this 'master' business? I dropped the whip on the carpet and took a step forward, she cringed and let out a small whimper! I opened the drinks cabinet and took out two glasses, poured a couple of bourbons and sat down, “well, I think to be honest, if you don't mind, I'd like you to remove the jeans, I don't think it's good to be sat in them after your little accident do you?” She stood up and began to unfasten them, “no master, and I'm so very sorry, I'll try not to let it happen again”. She slipped off her shoes, and with no hesitation removed the soaking wet jeans, leaving her wearing only the top and a pair of white panties, plain ordinary ones, not in the least bit flattering, but nothing about this poor creature was in any way flattering. “ shall I take these off too?” she asked, hooking her thumbs into the waistband of her panties,”erm no, I think it's best to keep them on, at least for now” I replied, “and please sit down”, she came over and sat on the floor by my feet, “don't you want to sit here” I asked, patting the sofa beside me, “oh may I , that's very kind of you” she said brightening up slightly She sat down beside me and I handed her the glass of bourbon,” do you like bourbon?” I asked, “I'll drink whatever you tell me to master” she replied. “no hold on a minute, you drink what you like, not what someone tells you to” I told her, she took a sip of the drink, “it's rather sharp, but I'll drink it” she answered, “no, wait a minute, if you don't like it don't drink it, there's a drinks cabinet over there, go and get yourself a drink of something you do like”, she stared at me for a second, then hurriedly looked away, “if you insist master, I don't want to be difficult”. She got up and walked nervously to the cabinet, opened it and stood looking at the bottles, finally she picked up a bottle of Bacardi, “would you mind if I had one of these, with a little lemonade, they used to let me have some on special occasions, and today is well sort of special” I nodded and she poured herself a small glass of drink and sat back on the sofa.

We sat in silence for several minutes, I could see her making furtive glances around her, “when is master going to show me around, where I can and cannot go, and where would you like me to sleep” she eventually asked, I drained my glass and went to get up, she was up before I knew it, “please master, let me get you another, I'm sorry I didn't have one waiting for you” she grabbed the glass and moved swiftly to the cabinet, poured a large glass, and hurried back to me with it.” there you go master, I'll try and do better next time”.

I took a mouthful of the drink then got slowly up, “follow me” I headed into the kitchen and showed her where everything was kept, then upstairs, I pointed out my bedroom, and the toilet, and the bathroom, the box room and finally the guest bedroom, like mine it had an ensuite shower and toilet, her eyes lit up when she saw it, “you mean this is my room master,all for me, and I'm allowed to use the shower too!”,she almost squealed, “yes it's your room, you'll find the remote for the TV in the bedside drawer, and anything else you want, well just ask” I replied, turning for the stairs, she followed me back down and I sat back on the sofa, she remained standing, “sit down” I said, I need to think about what I am going to do about your clothes for a start, “oh yes, sorry master” she replied, hurriedly taking off her baggy black top, “sorry I didn't think”. She stood up in front of me, a plain white bra and the damp panties was all she was wearing, she turned around slowly allowing me to get a good look at her body, when she'd done a complete 360, she removed her bra, and finally her panties, she turned and bent over, parting her legs, giving me a good view of her shaven pussy, she straightened up again and turned to face me, she lifted her small breasts and allowed them to fall back down, “I'm sorry they're not very big, but they are quite firm, and are you happy with what's down below, I only shaved yesterday, I can go and do it again if you wish” I nodded my head, yes I'm fine, and no you don't need to shave, unless you want to” I added, she almost smiled at this point.

I picked up her panties of the floor, “they are clean master, well apart from the stains from wetting them, honest” she reached forward and gently took them from me, she turned them inside out and inspected the gusset, “see, no brown marks, I always make sure they're clean I wash them every night, do you want me to do something in them, my previous master used to have me do it once a week” she replied.

do what once a week?” I asked,she blushed slightly, “ you know, go to the toilet in them , if I'd been good he'd let me do it at home, if not he'd take me for a walk and I had to do it while we were out, if he said I'd been really bad” she paused for a moment, “go on” I said, that same sad look that I'd seen in the beginning came back to her eye's. “well if I'd been really bad he used to make me wait for a couple of days, then he'd make me drink this liquid and take me out somewhere busy, after about half an hour I couldn't hold it in, I used to try really I did, but it would all come pouring out into my panties, everybody would stare and then he'd take me home and beat me, then he'd make me stand in the yard without my clothes and he'd clean me up with a hosepipe”

My god, what had she been through, I got up, I needed the bathroom myself now, all that beer wanted out. I told her to sit and relax, I was going to use the loo and we'd talk again in a few minutes, she suddenly dropped to her knees in front of me, and began to pull at my zip, before I knew what was happening she had pulled my cock from my trousers, “please don't I'm here I can do it for you” she whimpered, “honest, I'm good at it, I quite enjoy it actually”, she took my cock and aimed it towards her mouth, “do you want to do it all in me, or do you want to do it over me?” she asked. I stood there, and she began to plead, “please master, piss on me or in me I don't care which” I lost control and began to piss, she closed her mouth around my cock and swallowed every drop, “thank you master” she said when I had finished. I looked at her stood there naked and handed her her panties, “put these back on “ I said, she looked a little puzzled but did as she was told, “and the bra” I continued, she sat alongside me in her underwear and we spent the next half hour chatting, apparently she'd left home at 16 and hadn't been able to get a proper job, she'd got behind with the rent on her bedsit and had been doing 'favours' for the landlord in order to keep a roof over her head, eventually he'd tired of her and passed her on to a mate of he's. This second bloke had been something of a sadist and enjoyed beating her, he'd used a variety of things on her depending on how bad he thought her behaviour had been, she hadn't slept in a proper bed for a number of years, except when he wanted her to perform some sexual act on her,and even then it was usually something brutal, she wasn't used to being cuddled, or given something without having to earn it, and as far as she could remember her name was Laura!

Suddenly she squirmed in her seat, I glanced over and saw a small damp patch on the crotch of her panties, “something the matter Laura?” I asked, she shook her head, “it's ok master, I can hold it” she squirmed again and glanced down at her crotch, “oh I hope I can” she whimpered. I got up and took hold of her hand, “come with me” I said, trying to sound soothing, her eyes widened with fear and there was panic in her voice, “no please it's ok I'll hold it honest” another spurt dampened her panties and she let out a small sob, “I'm so sorry, I'll try and do better honest I'll really try” I led her upstairs into her new bedroom and into the ensuite, “now why don't you relax, do what you need to do” I said in my softest voice, “you know you want to, it's ok, go ahead” she sat on the toilet without removing her panties, and slowly let loose, she parted her legs, giving me a good view as her pent up urine poured through the thin material making them transparent, eventually she stopped peeing, and stood up, “did that please you master, I want to please you” she said softly. I knelt down in front of her and slowly pulled down her wet panties, took a quick look at the label in the back and dropped them in the sink, “Laura, Laura, what am I going to do with you? “ I said softly, better get yourself cleaned up, I'll get you a towel” I added, gently guiding her into the shower.

I left her alone for five minutes while I went to collect some towels from the linen cupboard, I also grabbed one of the soft white fluffy dressing gowns I was so fond of. When I returned to her room she was stood naked and wet in front of the sink, frantically scrubbing at her worn white panties, I reached out and took them from her and threw them into the bin, “I don't think you'll be needing them any more, well not while you're here anyway” I told her handing her one of the soft white towels, “here dry yourself with this” she stood in front of me and started to rub her hair before working her way slowly down her body, she seemed to enjoy the feeling of the soft towel against her skin, and the fact that she was totally unphased by being totally naked in front of me, a comparative stranger, spoke volumes about her previous life. When she had finished she began to fold up the towel,” no, throw it in here” I said pointing to the laundry basket, “I'll show you where to find more later on, and if you look in that drawer over there, you'll find a hairdryer”, I said for the first time that day I saw her smile, and smiling suited her, she headed off to the drawer and took out the hairdryer, “there's a stool underneath for you to sit on, and there are some other bits and pieces in the small drawer on the other side” I said softly, “help yourself”, there wasn't much in the drawer, just some deodorants, toothbrushes and other bits that I kept for the occasional house guest.” she opened the drawer and smiled, “oh thank you”she said, I handed her the soft fluffy dressing gown, “you can wear this for now” I said, “unless you prefer to walk around naked” she took it from me and once again smiled, “thank you master, that's very kind of you”, “no problem at all, now I have to go out for a while, only an hour, when your done feel free to have a look around the house, watch tv, or help yourself to some food, there's plenty in the cupboards or the freezer”.

I headed downstairs, out of the front door and into town, I was a man on a mission! I headed into the large superstore, they sold everything, food, clothes, toiletries, alcohol, it really was a one-stop shop. I grabbed a trolley and headed to the clothing section, suddenly I was nervous, this was something I hadn't done before and I had misgivings about a man wandering around the women's section!

I stopped by the underwear section and hesitated, a young store assistant appeared, “may I help you, sir,?” she asked, suddenly right in front of me was the answer to my problems, “yes, if you wouldn't mind, I have a young lady come to stay and all her luggage was lost on the flight over” I lied, trying to sound convincing,”the only thing is, I said I'd pick up a few bits and pieces while she had a lie down, but I don't really know what to get her” I continued, “not a problem sir, do you know her size?” she went on, and how old is she? “ I paused for a second,”yes I know her sizes, and she's almost 21, my niece actually” I said offering an excuse as to why I a man in my late 30's would have such a young lady staying with me. “fine, she's lucky to have you, what size bra does she take?” she went on, “oh, er 36B “ I replied, and she's a size 10, the assistant picked out a couple of nice bra's one black, one white, “these should do” she said, adding”you don't need many, panties, however, are a different matter” she picked up a pair of silky white bikini style, full fitting but quite stylish “how about these, not too plain, not too fussy?” she asked, I nodded, and she picked out several pairs, black, white, red, blue, and a dark green pair and placed them in the trolley before heading to the tops, she picked out several reasonably priced blouses, half a dozen T-shirts and a couple of jumpers, a pair of pale blue jeans and a couple of pairs of leggings, “what about shoes?” she asked, “I'm not sure of her size” I answered, then looking at the young lady's feet added, “probably about the same as you” she smiled, “that'll be a 5 then, you can always bring them back if they don't fit”. I chose a pair of black shoes with a small heel, a pair of slippers, and a pair of black knee-high boots with a 3-inch heel, finally we selected a nice coat with a fur collar.

I went to the checkout and paid for the goods, it was a shade over £150 pounds, a good bit dearer than keeping a dog, I thought to myself as I inserted my card into the machine.

I arrived home to find Laura sat in one of the chairs in the lounge, quietly watching tv, she had a glass of bacardi in front of her, and jumped up as I entered the room, “sorry master, I was just watching tv, I haven't seen it in ages, I had some bread and butter, oh, and I helped myself to another bacardi, I know I shouldn't but I did, it won't happen again, promise”, and once again the sad look returned to her eyes.

I'd like you to come with me please Laura, to your bedroom if you don't mind” she shot off the chair and was headed towards the stairs at top speed, “yes master, right away” I picked up the bags and climbed the stairs, when I arrived at her door it was closed, I knocked then after a few moments entered, she was stood at the end of the bed, totally naked, the dressing gown she'd been wearing lay folded neatly on the chair. “I know, I abused your good nature, I shouldn't have touched your drink, I deserve this” she whimpered, bending over the chair, I noticed the contents of the bag from earlier had been laid out on the dresser, like some medieval torture implements! I snatched up the whip and brought it down hard on the edge of the dresser, it made a horrible noise and she gasped, then sighed as she realised it hadn't made contact with her bottom, I looked down and saw a small damp patch on the carpet between her legs, she was so frightened she'd wet herself! I snatched all the things up and hurled them all into the bin, we wouldn't be using them, ever!

I took hold of her hand and pulled her to a standing position, “Laura, you've wet yourself, and you've only just had a shower” I said trying not to sound angry, “I know I couldn't help it, it's just that my previous master used to say I hadn't been beaten properly if I didn't wet and well I didn't know how hard you were going to beat me, you haven't done it yet, I will feel better when I get used to a beating from you”.


I couldn't believe it, the only thing she understood was beatings and abuse, I sat down and looked at her, “now listen, if this is going to work out between us, you have to realise that I'm not like anyone you're used too ok”, she nodded, “good, now I'm going to go back downstairs and have a drink, I want you to clean yourself up and get dressed, then I think we'll go out for dinner”, and with that I left the room and headed back to the lounge. About 10 minutes later she entered the room. “do I look ok master?” she asked nervously, I glanced up at her, a nice T-shirt, black leggings and the boots, she looked stunning, I'd never have thought earlier that she could look so good, and she still wasn't wearing any make-up. She stood in front of me and lifted her top, then after making sure I got a good look at her bra, she pulled her leggings down to her boot tops, then after standing there for a few seconds, she turned around and bent over, the black panties stretched taught against her pert bottom, again after a few seconds, she stood up and replaced her leggings, “does my master like what he see's?” she asked nervously, I nodded my head, “oh very much” I replied, and with that she smiled, “maybe I can please you later in some way” she answered.

We returned to the pub where we had first met that morning, found a table and after getting a drink, we sat down and studied the menu, she asked me to order for her so I chose a couple of steaks with all the trimmings, we sat and chatted, or at least I did, while we ate our food, then later when it was time for another drink, I handed her a ten pound note, and sent her to the bar, she seemed stunned that I would trust her with my money.

We'd had a great night, by closing time we'd both had several drinks and headed home, this time she walked alongside me, holding my hand, we'd just reached the end of my street when suddenly she stopped, “oh no, no, no, it's coming, I'm so sorry” she wept, “I tried really I did”. I looked down and there it was again, the familiar puddle, she'd wet herself. Again!

Laura, why did you do that?” I asked, “because I couldn't hold it” she sobbed, “I tried, I guess I shouldn't have had that last drink” I took her hand and we continued home, once in the lounge I looked at her, she was soaked, without saying a word she removed her boots, the were soaked, as were her leggings which she took off next, finally the T-shirt, once again she was stood there in just her underwear, she looked quite sexy, even with her wet panties, I began to feel a familiar twitch in my groin and before long I was struggling to hide my erection.


Laura, had spotted it and instantly bent over the arm of the chair, “I'm so sorry, I wet my new clothes, and caused you to get aroused” she said quietly, “please, you need to punish me” I stood up, “ok if you insist” I replied, “get ready, her pert bottom quivered a little, but this time she didn't wet herself! I gave her 6 playful slaps across the rear of her wet black panties and told her to sit down, she seemed amazed I hadn't beaten her with the whip. She knelt down in front of me, and opened my trousers, she took my erection in her mouth and began to suck it, within a few moments I could feel I was about to come, she swallowed it all and smiled, “do you feel better now master?” I certainly did.

I explained to her that I didn't want to humiliate her and that she didn't have to wait to be told to use the toilet, or even ask, if she needed to go, she should just go, also she didn't need to perform sex acts on me to please me, if she wanted to do something then fine, but she didn't have to. I suggested we go to bed and start again tomorrow, she asked once again if I was sure she was to sleep in the bed, I said she was, she thanked me and headed off up the stairs.

It took several weeks to break the habit of her having to be told everything, like what to eat, and when or when she could or couldn't use the bathroom, and there were a few incidents when I'd come home later than intended and found she'd wet herself, simply because she'd been unable to ask me for permission to use the bathroom. One day I arrived home to find her washing clothes in the sink, she'd forgotten that she didn't need permission to urinate and as a result had soaked a pair of new jeans, and felt embarrassed about me finding out.

It has taken a good while to break her habits, but we persevered and to be honest she turned out to be a domestic goddess, she was very good at cooking and cleaning, and I began to enjoy coming home after a hard days work to a tidy home and a cooked meal.

One night after coming home to an excellent meal, and some drinks, I decided to take things further, and asked if she'd like to share my bed that night, to be honest for quite a while I had started to develop feelings for her. She said she would and we had a wonderful night, I eventually fell asleep and when I awoke she was still cuddling me.

I went off to work that day and did some serious thinking, I would keep her, but only as an equal partner, she would have her own money and be free to come and go as she wished, she could even get a job if she wanted, although, with the amount of money I was earning I hoped she wouldn't feel the need to do this, I really enjoyed coming home to a hot meal and a pretty face.

We sat and discussed it and she said she was more than happy to stay, but she didn't want to go back to having her own room, which was fine by me, she still had the odd accidental wetting, but to be honest I'd always been turned on by it, I sent her out shopping one day and she bought herself some pvc leggings, now most of her “accidents” are staged, she smiles and laughs, “I'm afraid I've been a naughty girl again” she giggles, “I think I need a spanking”.

I took yesterday off work and went to the jewellery store, later on we went out for a meal, I was so glad she decided to wear her sexy PVC leggings, because I'm sure she wet herself with shock when she saw the ring I bought her, we're busy organising a wedding and Mike is top of the guest list.

       THE END



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this was a long one, I read it all in a rush because every word compels to read the next one

it was Amazing, and I adore the way you write, is descriptive though never stemming from narration


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That was something completely different @owlman76  It instilled all sorts of emotions and was (as ever) very well written.  An excellent story.

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5 hours ago, Alfresco said:

That was something completely different @owlman76  It instilled all sorts of emotions and was (as ever) very well written.  An excellent story.

FUCK HOW do I agree with you man

Owlman is really giving us a lot of gold

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5 hours ago, Alfresco said:

That was something completely different @owlman76  It instilled all sorts of emotions and was (as ever) very well written.  An excellent story.


Just now, spywareonya said:

a lot of gold

oh shit I didn't meant that hahahahahahahahaha

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