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crime and retribution

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Alison was a pretty 21 years old. 5 feet 8  tall, with long with long slender legs, a figure that always attracted the men, and dark shoulder length hair, she came from a wealthy family and was what is known in certain circles as "privileged", most ordinary people would call her spoilt!

She had never in her whole life known the meaning of the word "no", she'd gone to the best schools and had everything she'd ever wanted when she was about 8 years old, she'd been in the local pony club, she had the best pony, the best equipment, and her personal groom to attend to the animal, not for her the chores of feeding it, or after riding, untacking the animal, brushing it and mucking out, no someone else took care of all the mundane stuff, she had all the fun. When she was17, she'd passed her driving test first time and daddy had presented her with an expensive Porsche sports car, within a couple of weeks it was written off, thrashing a car down a narrow country lane after drinking a bottle of Moet and Chandon champagne is never a good idea, even less when you're in a fast car and have been driving for less than a month. Fortunately, the only casualties were a small wall and the car, and a large donation to the local police charity soon took care of any possible driving charges

Hopping into her new Range Rover Sport Alison headed off down the motorway, it would only take her a couple of hours and she'd be in the quaint little English village for her best friends 21st birthday party. She'd never visited before, but apparently, it had regularly won awards for the cleanest village, the best-kept village, it was steeped in history and was even mentioned in the Domesday book, it was a quintessential piece of olde England. Driving down the narrow country lanes, Alison still hadn't learned her lesson about speeding, more than once she swore under her breath as she had to brake hard to avoid a tractor or oncoming car. She swung the car onto the gravel drive and pressed down hard on the accelerator, the heavy vehicle twitched it's rear end slightly and a flurry of gravel sprayed out from behind it's spinning wheels.

She pulled up outside the impressive hotel, it had once been a stately home and reminded her of her own home, a large 12 bedroom pile, also set in it's own grounds, although this one didn't appear to have as many outbuildings. A man in a smart uniform appeared and opened her car door, she stepped out and directed him to the rear of the car, he opened the boot and removed the very expensive Gucci suitcase and led her into the hotel. She was soon booked in and the same man showed her to her room on the first floor, it was very tastefully decorated, a cream carpet so deep you could lose things in it, expensive curtains lined the windows, and pieces of genuine artwork adorned the walls, and stood against one of these was a huge antique four poster bed that she could tell just by it's style was at least 200 years old, everything was perfect, and no doubt very expensive.

As usual, Alison overdid the drinking at that night's party, typically of her, she always had to be the centre of attention, all eyes were on her, instead of her friend whom the party was for, she'd deliberately wore an expensive and provocative outfit, and flirted outrageously with every man in the place, even to the horror of many, her best friends father! However she had no intention of letting any of them come back to her room, oh no, she just enjoyed watching the men as they tried their best to be the lucky one, little did they know that nobody was going to take her to bed that night, or any night, at least not until, she decided, as usual, everything had to be done her way.

There was a loud clunk, followed by a squeak of dry hinges as the heavy door of the police cell swung open, Alison opened her eyes and shook her head, her body felt stiff, and it was cold, not what she'd expected to feel like after a night in a luxury hotel, she focused her eyes on the white ceiling, the grey walls,and the brown tiles on the floor, this wasn't her hotel room, "where the hell am I " she wondered, her thoughts were interrupted by a harsh male voice, "right you, grab that case and follow me". 

She picked up her case and followed the man along the narrow corridor, the heels of her Louboutin boots made a clipping sound on the hard stone floor, they headed up a small flight of steps and into a room with oak paneling on the walls, a courtroom, what the hell was going on? She was ushered up a few more steps and into a metal cage, the dock, the whole court was made up of men, the youngest was probably about forty, and they all looked quite stern, sat on a large chair beneath a framed portrait of the Queen was a very stern looking man who looked about seventy, the judge, they were all dressed rather sombrely and she glanced down at herself, suddenly she felt very conscious of her very short Prada minidress, and her  crotch high Louboutin boots with the four inch spiked heel, she felt even more concerned when she realised that the man sat below her in the well of the court, would probably, should he decide to look up, get a perfect view of her expensive black silk panties.

The judge banged his gavel and the court came to order, the men stared even harder at Alison as she stood in the dock. "members of the jury, as you will all be aware, there was a party last night at the hotel for the daughter of one of our most respected local families, and unfortunately, as some of you will also know, one guest, didn't behave in a respectable and decent manner as befits a village as historic as ours" said the elderly judge, there were mutterings and shaking of heads from the jury, obviously they knew something Alison didn't.

One of the large pictures on the wall slid to one side, revealing a large flat screen tv, "gentlemen, as for proof of this behaviour, I should very much appreciate it if you would watch the short film I intend to show you today, I think you will, after watching it, agree that the defendants behaviour, fell well short of what we have come to expect in our village", continued the judge, glaring hard at Alison as he spoke.

The screen flickered to life and the film showed the inside of the hotel that Alison had been at the day before, and to her horror it appeared to be mostly about her, for the first time in her short life, she wished she wasn't the centre of attention! All the other young ladies at the party were wearing nice long evening dresses, and sensible shoes, and there in the middle of them all was Alison, she certainly stood out in her Prada minidress and Louboutin boots, the hem of the dress barely came to her mid-thigh, and the boot tops disappeared under it, quite often as she danced, a sudden movement caused it to rise, revealing her expensive black silk panties, For the first time in her life, Alison could feel her cheeks redden with embarrassment! Worse however was to follow, the film continued, showing her downing glass after glass of champagne, then a clip of her dancing, it was a slow dance and as she danced with her arms around the neck of a slightly taller older man, she noticed to her horror, that his hands were on her bottom, not on the bottom of the short black dress, but under it, she could clearly see his hands cupping the cheeks of her shapely rear through the black silk panties, "oh my god" she thought, "how drunk was I, how embarrasing", there were grumbles of disapproval from the jury as they watched her dancing with the man, doing nothing to remove his hands from her panties, but worse was to come, much much worse!

The screen went blank for a few seconds, then, another image appeared, it was a long corridor, and walking along it was Alison, she appeared to be having some difficulty walking, maybe it was the tall heels, or maybe it was something else. seconds later as the jury, and Alison watched the screen, their curiosity turned to outrage, and hers to embarrassment as, after standing motionless for a few moments, she appeared to raise the front of her dress, and to her horror, a jet of urine sprayed from her panties, and landed on the expensive carpet, worse, however, was to follow as she gyrated her hips, causing it to spray both upwards and sideways, covering a large area. She could be seen laughing to herself as she allowed her dress to fall back down, and had noticeably less difficulty as she trotted off along the corridor, there were murmurs of "disgusting" and "dirty slut" from the all-male jury!

The picture slid back as the screen disappeared behind it, and the judge spoke once more, "and that gentlemen is the case for the prosecution, there is clearly no defence, and therefore I shall not bother wasting either mine or your time, this, "lady", if you can call her that, is clearly guilty, not only of low moral behaviour, by dressing the way she did,and allowing that man, who was a stranger to her to place his hands where he did, but also of criminal damage to a very expensive carpet, and I'm sure you'll agree,a most severe punishment is the only suitable sentence in this case"



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Alison stood in the dock for a moment and trembled slightly, this wasn't right, she'd had no defence, no chance to make a phone call to her father, whom she was sure would be able to straighten this out with a wave of his chequebook, what was going on, they couldn't do this, could they?"young lady, although from waht we have seen of your behaviour, whether you are  actually a lady, is somewhat questionable, this is a respectable village, and we place a high value not only on law and order, but also on the punishment, or perhaps I should more correctly say retribution meted out against those who appear to have no respect for it, and yours is one of the worst cases we've seen in many a long year, therefore we have to ensure that your punishment truly fits your crime" Alison said nothing, she simply bowed her head and nodded. The judge spoke once more, " Clerk of the court, kindly bring the prisoners property and place it on the table please". The man picked up her case and carried it into the well of the court and placed it on the table in front of the jury.

"Looks like an expensive case to me" said the judge, please open it and describe the contents if you would" he continued, looking once again at  the clerk of the court, the man nodded and began to pull back the zip, " your Honour, I have before me a Gucci case valued at about £200," as he opened it and began to remove the contents and pile them on the table. "one pair of Armani jeans, approximate value, £150, one  Versace dress, about £1500, one Prada silk blouse, £300, one Gucci handbag, £500, one pair Louboutin shoes, black, size 4, £400, " and then to Alisons horror, he began to describe her more intimate garments, and to hold them up for the all to see, "one designer bra, white, size 36B silk, Around £50, one pair matching white silk panties, size 10 £30, one designer black thong, £20, one designer, peephole black bra, £40, one pair designer black silk open crotch panties, £30," and on he went, listing her makeup, her perfume, even the small silver vibrator, that she always carried in expensive Armani, shoulder bag, now she felt really embarrassed!

"Members of the jury" continued the judge, earlier we discussed a number of suitable punishments for this young lady, and after some deliberation agreed on the most suitable course of action, after viewing her property, are you still agreed on that?" The jurors nodded in unison, "we are your honour" replied the foreman of the jury, "then let the punishment commence" replied the judge, banging his gavel on the desk." bring the prisoner to the floor", The cage opened and Alison was led down into the well of the court, for a brief moment she mistakenly thought she was going to get away with a hefty fine, she was very very wrong!

The clerk of the court stepped forward and instructed her to remove her boots, she hesitated for a moment, "NOW, DO IT" said the man in a harsh voice, slowly she undid the zip on one of her long black boots, "faster, we havent all day" he snarled, she hurriedly  complied and he took the boots from her, paausing for a moment to fondle the soft black leather, he smiled,"now the dress,off", Alison looked at the court, "but I, I " the man cut her off, "off I said and off I meant, do it!" she slid out of the tiny black dress, and stood facing the group of men, clad only in a black silk bra and tiny black silk panties. The clerk placed her boots on the table, took her dress from her, examined it, and placed it into the suitcase, he stared at her and instinctively Alison went to remove her bra, "no keep you may keep your underwear on, at least for now" he said. Alison breathed a sigh of relief.

He began to place all her property back into her case, not carefully like it had been earlier, just thrown in, one item after another until all that was left on the table was the pair of Louboutin crotch boots, and a cheap plastic carrier bag, which Alison had never seen before, he reached into the bag and pulled out a piece of thin white material which he handed to Alison, "put this on" he ordered. She took it and discovered it was a thin white catsuit, with a zip up the back, she quickly pulled it on, it was very tight and when she'd done the man did up the zip, as she looked down at herself, she could see her black underwear was clearly visible, beneath the thin white material, the judge nodded, "so far so good". Reaching into the bag once more the man produced what looked like a heavy piece of clear plastic, "now this" he said as once again he handed the item to a puzzled-looking Alison, this she discovered was another catsuit, only this time made of a soft, flexible almost rubber-like material, and perfectly transparent. It was also tight, but not like the first one, which had fitted like a second skin, when she'd finished he produced a small bottle from his pocket and dripped the liquid along the zip before fastening it, it ran from her crotch to her kneck, finally he instrcted her to replace her boots, and when she was finished the judge anounced it was time for the second part of the punishment, to Alison's amazement she was led back to the dock, and once more found herself inside the steel cage.

She stood wondering what was about to happen next, when the clerk placed her open suitcase full of her expensive possessions on the floor of the court and looked at the judge, who simply nodded, and added," Members of the jury, let the retribution begin" . Alison watched as the first juror, made his way to the court floor he stood looking into the suitcase, then, to her horror, unzipped his trousers, and began to urinate into her suitcase, one by one the others followed, and did the same, some just let go into the case, others appeared to spray particular items within the case, finally when it was all over the case was zipped shut and stood back on the table, she watched in dismay as urine began to seep out through the zip, "my beautiful possessions, they'll be ruined" she thought to herself.

"Part three, prepare the prisoner", called out the judge, and once again all eyes fell on Alison, the cage door opened and once more she was lead into the well of the court, once more she faced the group of men, this time they seemed very interested in her and she wondered just what "part three" entailed, she wouldn't have to wait long to find out. Several large jugs were placed on the table in front of her, one, she was told, contained, a sparkling wine, two contained a cheap beer, and two contained water, about 8 pints in total, she had to drink these, before she could even think about being released!

She began with the wine, it was quite pleasant and after about 20 minutes she'd managed to empty the jug, and started on one of the jugs that contained the water, she'd drunk about a third of it when she began to get a familiar feeling inside, she needed a wee, "I need to use the bathroom please" she asked the clerk, he just shook his head, "keep drinking" she carried on an by the time the jug was empty she was in quite a bit of discomfort, he pushed another jug toward her, "carry on". She managed to down another couple of glasses, but the pressure in her bladder was becoming unbearable, she was sure she could feel little spurts escaping into her panties, "my god, they'll all see" she thought to herself, instinctively she closed her legs to try and keep it inside, her actions didn't go un-noticed and she suddenly became aware of two men pulling her booted feet apart, a piece of wood was attached to her ankles with two straps, meaning her feet were kept about 18 inches apart! This wasn't going to be easy,and as she was forced to drink more and more liquid, she realised that part three of the punishment was to make her wet herself, she relaxed her bladder and shuddered slightly as a torrent of urine poured out of her bladder, soaking her panties and causing the white catsuit to become transparent, several of the men laughed an made crude comments, but there was nothing she could do.

After what seemed like ages, but was actually only about two hours, she'd drunk all the liquid, and pee'd most of it back out into the suit, by now it had reached her top half and not only were her panties completely visible, but so was her bra, her nipples stuck out like bullets against the wet material, and apart from the odd couple of pints that had leaked into her expensive crotch-high boots most of it was contained within the clear plastic catsuit. They kept her there for a couple more hours, then when it was clear she had completely emptied her bladder, and the suit was full almost to the neck, she was led out of the court, where a long line of men waited, at the end of the line was her Range Rover, the drivers door open, the engine running.

The clerk picked up her suitcase and carried it to the car, drops of urine still dripped out of it, he threw it roughly into the boot and closed the hatch, then Alison was made to walk along the line back to her car, although she didn't know it at the time, every man in the village over the age of forty had been told to be here, she was made to stand in front of the first one as he groped her pert bottom through the wet panties and catsuit, she winced as she felt the cold urine against her skin, "still at least it's my own urine"she thought to her self, as her thoughts momentarily went back to her expensive case, full of her expensive clothes, in her expensive car, soaked with the urine of a group of strangers.

Eventually she reached the end of the line and to her horror saw that the last person in the line was her friends father, he ran his hand up the damp black leather of her boot, then carried on upward, massaged her crotch for a couple of minutes before turning his attention to her buttocks, the final indignity was when he ran his hands up to her pert breasts and began to rub her nipples through the wet material, when she was aroused she had very long nipples and pretty soon they resembled coat pegs as they stuck out through the wet material, even the thin rubber did little to restrain them.

Finally when he'd finished he led her to the car, removed the spreader from her ankles and allowed her to climb into the drivers seat, just when she was begining to think it was all over, he produced a small sharp blade from his pocket and lowered his hand to her crotch, he cut a long slit in the rubber of the suit and it's content began to pour out, soaking first the seat, then finally the plush carpet of her expensive car, "if I were you I'd keep driving until I get home, young lady, and maybe this will teach you to respect other peoples property" he said with a smile as he closed the car door. Alison sat for a second, then slipped the car into drive and planted her boot hard on the accelerator, the car roared off, stones rattling off the underneath, and piss dripping off the seat.



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the first part left me speechless due to arousal


the second part was crazy!!!!!!! 

great job man!!!!

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