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Pissrip has made it impossible to renew premiam they only except cryptocurrency and will not except credit cards is there another website like Pissrip that anyone kno9ws I would really like an answer

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That is weird cause i signed up last september and it let me use my card anoymously.  I don't even know who manages the systems cause someone does it but there doesn't seem to be any support person to connect with?  Let me know what else you fin in the meantime  @peeguy23

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I have been a member for many years and I am verry disappointed This crypto currency I just don't get  I tried all of the ways advertised but was not able to get through I too paid with a credit card but they have stopped that someone needs to start a website offering the same material if anyone knows about one it would really be appriciated

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PissRip is going down in my oppinion. Splitting videos on lot of other not free sites, deleting lots of amateur videos. But I like ability to pay using crypto because my country is cut down from internatioal banking, but you can by crypto. And it had special pay method for my country. And it's normal to have pirate content for some charge  in my country, we have sites with all movies/serials from HBO/Netflix/other western streamservises in one place in high quality on one service for ~10$ in 3 months for family without ads. I know that admin from their second site, that older than other their side sites(desperVids) is from post-soviet slavic community too. Welome to communism with market😄 not behind GreatFirewall😄. It's only my oppinion, I hope it's not breaking sites rules and doesn't offend anyone because I sometimes don't understand politically correct western rules for discussions, messages, opinions😅, but I try to use it. I just tryed to explain how "streamservices" work in post-soviet paradigma, and I 80% confident that we face it on PissRip during it's history, and now it's trying use capitalism but it goes in worst way I think.

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Those are a bunch of scammers. They are running out of fresh income. So they force everyone to pay again. Only two Mercedes in the garage is not enough. Its comming a new model soon so it must be a third one.

Normally they promoted lifetime membership, because so many are only get a short time subscription. This didn't bring more income so they outsorced popular categories and we had to pay again for it. Then they introduced some silly download limit too, which made it unable to download from the archive if you also upto the news. Now they "upgraded" with the same archive and we should pay again ... Get the point?

For me lifetime was over after only 10 month. I was banned for the silly reason doing to many downloads ... even within the limits! Of course they did offer me to pay again. They really think we are all stupid and horny as hell.

Fortunately I didn't subscribe again and never will. It is not worth the money. Like they do right now they will do again as soon they need fresh income!

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Shockingly, the pirated porn website that deals exclusively in cryptocurrencies is not run by the most scrupulous people.

I'll admit to subscribing, but I kept only purchasing six month blocks because I figured the proverbial music was eventually going to stop.

Anyways, fuck them. Maybe all their customers come back because everybody's a porn addict but I hope not.

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