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The Best Thing About My Flatmate

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Posted (edited)

Chapter Two


Of all the things I expected to be doing to take care of somebody, this was not one I had ever considered.  

“Alright, Mads. Let’s get this sorted.”

Maddie was a meticulously tidy person normally - a place for everything and everything in its place sort of girl - but one thing I never got done telling her was leaving towels on the floor. Rather than dry herself in our cramped bathroom, Maddie preferred wrapping herself up in a towel and getting ready in her own room. Often, she left towels on the floor. And thankfully for me, one was lying balled up in the corner, forgotten about since she came home. 

It was still slightly damp and smelled a bit funny, but it was thick and long and I was able to fold it up three or four times to make a large pad.  

“You alright babe?”  

“I’m hanging on,” she said grimly. 

 “Okay. Relief incoming, I promise. Come here.”

I whipped back the covers. Maddie was in another of her favourite pyjama sets - a blue and lilac Little Mermaid set. 

“Can you pivot yourself up at all?” I asked. 

 “Not well,” she admitted, but she gamely tried her best, supporting herself on her elbows to lift her bum up as high as she could.  

I slipped the towel underneath her and spent a few seconds repositioning it. The whole time Maddie squirmed all the more. “Please hurry...” she pleaded, her round eyes watering. 

“I’m doing my best babe. Am I... am I okay to slip these down?” 

“Of course! I don’t wanna wee in my shorts! That’s counterproductive!” 

“Alright smartbum. Hang on.”

I grabbed the waistband of her shorts and pulled, exposing her tiny mound to the air. I had seen it before, so many times, as we had gotten changed together umpteen times and often walked in on each other in shared bathrooms. Hers was tiny and perfect. Scatterings of pubic hair had sprouted and I giggled. “You need a shave!” 

“Don’t I know it! Ahh, can I pee now?” 

 “Hold it just a few seconds longer so I can check the towel is safe,” 

It wasn’t until I pulled her shorts down to her thighs that I noticed some tiny wet marks in the crotch of them. She had been leaking already? I felt my heart swell. Poor girl. She must be desperate.  

“Please...!” She gasped. “I’m gonna wee!”

“Okay okay,” I said, hastily performing the needed adjustments. I hoped she wasn’t holding onto too much as the towel probably couldn’t handle a massive soaking, but if a couple of drops hit the sheet and mattress then we could live with that. “Right, I think you’re safe. You can g-oh?” 

She had started weeing before I even finished my sentence. With a long, guttural moan, wee started flowing from underneath her. I watched in fascination as the towel darkened, the clear liquid streaming out. 

“Don’t look!” She squealed.  

“I’m... I’m just making sure the towel doesn’t overflow!” I said, only half truthfully.

I peered closer. Maddie showed no signs of stopping. The wee was being absorbed, trickling down across the slit of her vagina and pooling underneath her bum. 

“You almost done, babe?” 

“Nearly I think,” 

It was going to be okay. With a final gurgle and trickle, Maddie pushed the last of her wee out and her head collapsed back into the pillow. “That felt so good...!”

“I’ll bet,” I grinned. “Come here, let me see that.” 

“Ewww, you don’t wanna touch my pee!” 

“Someone’s got to,” I fired back. I gently extracted the sopping wet towel, a large, perfectly circular wet patch in the middle of it. “How much were you holding?” I gaped

 “I hadn’t peed all day!” She admitted sheepishly. 

 “You’re a wonder,” I grinned. “Hang on a minute.”

Leaving her still with her bits exposed to the air, I dropped the sodden towel into the washing machine. Just before I went back, I grabbed a roll of toilet paper which I flung at her. “Here,” I giggled as it bounced off her tummy. “Can you wipe yourself?”

“I think so,” 

She cleaned herself off as best she could and together we got her shorts pulled back up. “There. Good as new,” I teased.  

“I’m so sorry,” she said, reaching up to give me a cuddle. “That must have been quite a sight for you,”

 “Mads, there’s like nothing that can shock me,” I giggled. “It’s fine. You’re not able to get to the toilet.” 

“Yeah, but...” Maddie suddenly looked sad. “What am I supposed to do? I’m gonna have to wee and...other things... a lot during the day. I can’t wee into every towel we have—“

“Don’t worry babe. I’ll figure something out,” I said, though I was no closer to an answer than I was flying to the moon. “Listen, how long will it be till you need a wee again?” 

“I think I’ll be alright for a couple of hours or so,” 

“Okay.” That was a manageable timeframe. “Here’s what I’ll do. I’ll go stick a washing on, make sure to wash that towel, then take a trip into town.  See if I can find you one of those bedpan things.” 

“Are you sure? That’s so much trouble...” 

“It’s fine! I needed to go down anyway. Right, you’re sure a couple of hours is okay?”

“Yeah, pretty sure.

 To be on the safe side, I left her propped up under another folded towel. I made her a drink and a snack, turned the tv off and told her to try and get some rest. She looked exhausted and I’m pretty sure she was asleep before I turned the key in the lock. 

 As I stepped outside into the brisk summer air and set off toward town, I took in a deep breath. Towels would work in a pinch, but was I really going to find a long term solution? I had to at least try. For Maddie.

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Posted (edited)

Chapter 3

When I returned home later that day, the house was still and quiet. Maddie was asleep, snoring gently, exactly where I left her. The covers hid her modesty as I had left her with her shorts still around her thighs in case she needed a wee while I was gone and she couldn’t get her shorts down. 
I gingerly lifted the covers to inspect any damage. Towel was dry. Trying not to look so long at her perfect little mound, I covered her back up again. The movement woke her and she stirred. 
“Hello sleepybear,” I grinned, sitting at the edge of the bed. 
“Hey,” she smiles sleepily. “You okay?”
“I’m good. I got you... uh. Something I hope will help,”
I tipped the contents of the heavy bags onto the bed. Big thick packages dropped onto her lap and her eyes widened in shock. “What are those? Nappies?!”
“Incontinence pads, actually,” I said, remembering the name the shop assistant had used. “But yeah, for all extents and purposes... nappies,”
“You have to be joking. I can’t wear these!”
“Mads, we don’t have a choice.” I said wearily. “That place in town doesn’t sell bigger “incontinence equipment”,” I added the air quotes for effect. “We’d need to travel to the next city or order online. And I’ve already checked, would take at least 3-4 days to get here. I’ll order you a bedpan if that’s what you want, but until then, these are the only option.”
“Oh my god...” she moaned. 
“Look, it’ll be alright! They can handle, uh... several... uses,” I said delicately. “So one can last you a good couple of hours at least. So you don’t have to get them changed constantly.”
Although she sighed and huffed and cringed, she was surprisingly accepting of it. Perhaps she was just resigned to her fate, I don’t know, but she came around to the idea far quicker than I expected. “So how long do I have to wear them?”
“Maybe just under a week?” 
“Well okay then,” she pulled one of the padded monstrosities out and wrinkled her nose. “These are huge.”
“They’re meant to hold...what was it?” I peered at the packaging. “3-4 moderate uses. So maybe four wees. Well, maybe two or three if you have big ones like before!”
“Ha ha,” she said dryly. “Well you better help me into it,”
“I will,” I promised. “I just wanna figure out how to work them first...” 
As I grappled with the tags on the nappies, Maddie waited patiently. She put her tv show back on in the background and was quickly absorbed back into it. But just as I snapped open the tags, ready to slide her into a nappy, I saw her thighs twitch together. 
I eyed her suspiciously. “Mads. Do you need a wee?”
“Huh?” She looked up at me, all brown eyes and shy smile. “Uhh.. I dunno. Maybe?”
“Well I’m not putting a nappy on you for you just to wee in it the second it goes on,”
“Isn’t that the point of them?”
“I’d rather you got as much use out of them as possible. They aren’t cheap and I really don’t want to be seen and judged buying so many again,” I was bending the truth here. Money wasn’t an objection, not when it came to Maddie, and self checkout machines were a godsend. Yet the words slipped out of my mouth all the same. “If you need a wee-wee, use the towel,”
“A wee-wee?” She giggled. “You’re so weird. How old are you again?”
“Doesn’t matter,” I said blushing to the tips of my hair. “Just please wee there?”
“Okay okay,” she sighed. “I don’t think I’ve got much though,”
“It’s okay. Just wee out what you can. Lift the covers up, though. I don’t want them to get wet...”
With the covers successfully lifted away, Maddie’s face briefly marred with concentration. Then a slight trickle and hiss as pee slipped from between her lips. It pooled underneath her immediately to be absorbed, lasting only seconds this time. 
“All done, babe?”
“All done,”
I lifted the wet towel from underneath her. The wet spot was no bigger than a handprint size this time but there was still no discernible smell. Now naked from the waist down, I could see a few drops of pee clinging to her. 
“Right, here we go,”
I slid the bottom of the nappy under her, pulled right on the tabs and folded up the front part. As I worked, my fingertips made gentle contact with her delicate lips and she shivered. 
“Sorry babe!” I hissed, mortified. 
“S’Okay,” she murmured. “It’s just cold,” 
I pulled the tabs closed and there she was - protected and covered. “Okay.” I said, satisfied with how the nappy was sitting. “Need anything before I sit down with you? Snack? Phone charger?” I paused. “Juice?”
“I’d love a coke if we have any in,”
“Sorry. Lemonade or nothing,”
“Lemonade is good then,”
I returned to the kitchen, plopping the newer wet towel into the machine. I turned the cycle on, not even paying attention to which setting I picked. I felt hot and flushed inside. My best friend was sitting in the other room, in a nappy, that she was all too prepared to use. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but for some reason I felt excited. 
I couldn’t wait to see her pee again.


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Posted (edited)

Chapter 4

The best thing about my flatmate is that she’s not afraid to be herself. She isn’t one of those girls that chooses salad and water for every meal. She’s a steak and three sides with a dessert for a chaser sort of girl. I only have to look at a piece of cheesecake and I put on half a stone. Maddie could have the whole thing with cream and ice cream and still not gain an ounce. Even now, as worn down and exhausted as she was, she still shovelled down the Indian takeaway (my idea) with admirable gusto. It was like she was a machine - mouthful of food, mouthful of drink, repeat ad Infinitum  she was incredible  

I was trying to keep track of how much she had drunk. We got a 2ltr bottle of cola with the takeaway and I’d refilled her lemonade at least twice in the few hours before the takeaway. She had made no declaration of needing to go, nor had any of her movements betrayed her. 

I wasn’t sure if she even would tell me. It was hardly a thing that you would just announce. “Here pause that while I wee in my nappy”. It wouldn’t happen. So instead I watched her out of the corner of my eye, listened carefully for the noise of trickling liquid. Nothing. 

8pm came. It had been four hours since Maddie had put the nappy on. As I stood up to slot in her favourite DVD - Inside Out - she pushed herself up a little bit.

“It’s strange...” she started. 

“What is babe?”

“Weeing in a nappy,”

“Are you weeing?” The DVD nearly slipped out of my hand. “R-right now?”

“Not quite,” She said, frowning slightly. “I can’t seem to get started. I dunno - it was kinda easy to do it on the towel but I’m really struggling here,”

“Poor Mads,” I soothed, settling back next to her. “Can I help?” I tried to make the noise of running water but all it did was make Maddie groan. “Sorry,” I said sheepishly. “Aw, don’t worry. You’ll get used to it. Promise.”


“How bad is it?”

“I dunno. Like a six. Maybe seven.  I just can’t force it,”

“Don’t force it, Mads. Just relax. It’ll come out,”

“I know but it feels really weird. Like a rock in my tummy...”

“That doesn’t sound good at all,” I murmured sympathetically. My hands found her tiny stomach under the covers. Sure enough, I lingered upon a tiny swelling at the lower end of her belly. With gentle pressure, I pressed my hand into her belly. 

She giggled. “What are you gonna do, tickle it out of me?”

“Maddie you’re like the world’s least ticklish person ever,” I grinned, still applying gentle pressure, back and forth, back and forth. 

“That feels weird. Aaah... ahhh... ooh, no, I’m gonna wee...!”

“That’s the point!” I pressed down a little harder with every movement. 

“Nooo no no no, nooo, I’ll wee everywhere! It hurrrts...”

“Just let a little out, okay?”

“Nuuu, what if it spills out? Or it goes everywhere?”

“You’ve got an industrial strength and size nappy on. You’ll be fine. And even if it did leak, it’s just wee. Your comfort is a little bit more important. Now come on, babes.” I pressed down with all my weight. “Wee for me,”

Maddie let out a strangled gasp and her rigid body suddenly went limp. I watched in fascination as she started giggling. Along with her manic giggles, I could just about hear the steady trickle of liquid seeping into the padding. The sound was incredible. The nappy slowly inflated, I saw the indicator strip at the front slowly turn the palest shade of yellow. She weed for a solid minute (yes I counted), with a dazed dreamy look on her face. 

“Wow,” I said as she pushed out the last drop. “You keep those up we’ll go through a week’s worth in three days!”

“Oh do shut up,” she said in a blissful whisper. “That felt so good,” her hand sought the nappy and she poked it and squeezed it. 

“How does it feel?”

“It feels okay. Feels warm!”

“No, I mean does it feel... full, for lack of a better word?”

“Nah, not at all.”  

“So you’re okay to keep it on?”

“Yeah. May as well get the use of it. It’ll dry a wee bit, won’t it?”

“Should do,”

With that, we went back to watching the film. I found myself hoping it wouldn’t be the only time this situation would present itself.

Little did I know, my wish was about to be granted.

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Thank you so much! A bit stuck on where to go on the next chapter though. Don’t want to do too much too soon 

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18 minutes ago, chubbybirb999 said:

Thank you so much! A bit stuck on where to go on the next chapter though. Don’t want to do too much too soon 

I utterly agree

ps what about a new thread for the next 3-4 chapter? this is starting to be a bit long...

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Posted (edited)

Chapter 5

I watched Maddie like a hawk all evening. Not once more did she say she had to pee all evening. And by the time night and bedtime rolled around, she showed no signs of needing again. 

Midnight came and went and I was getting tired. Maddie was dozing, half in and half out of sleep so I tried to take the opportunity to slip away to my own bed. But her hand closed around my wrist when I moved the covers. 

“Sleep with me...”

“H...huh?” I gasped, thanking god for the dim lights that she wouldn’t see my blush. 

“Stay. Sleep with me. It’ll be like a sleepover. Like when we used to pass out drunk and share a bed,”

“Ohh,” I said, finally understanding. “Well, okay, if that’s what you want. Can I go to the bathroom first?”

“Why bother?” She giggled. “You should try these nappies. They’re great. You wouldn’t have to get up,”

“Look at you. Diapered for a day and already a convert,” I teased. “Nah. They’re yours.” I surprised myself with how secretly open I was to the idea. If nothing else, it was convenient. “But I really should go to the toilet, okay? I won’t be long. I just need to do a wee,”

“Me too,” Maddie said.

“Well you’re all padded. Go for a wee.”

“I already am!” She giggled and lifted the cover to show the diaper slowly inflating and yellowing again. 

I shook my head. “You are such an exhibitionist when you want to be. You needing that changed?”

“I don’t think so,” 

It was hard to listen to her over the noise of her wee pattering against the padded nappy. I waited until she was done and inspected her more thoroughly. “I think you’re okay.  You should be fine through the night. You don’t get up to wee do you? During the night, I mean?”

“Not often, no.” 

“Alright.” A sudden twist in my own bladder made my thighs squeeze together of their own accord. “I really need to go wee, Mads. I’ll be right back.”

“Okay...” she pouted. 

As I disentangled myself from the blankets and padded out the door, my gaze found one of the packs of nappies sat by the doorway. Without thinking, I scooped it up and took it into the bathroom with me. 

As I walked to the bathroom, my anticipating bladder screamed for relief. A bit of wee pushed itself out, dribbling into my underwear but thankfully going no further. Clenching my peehole to keep it in, I wriggled my jeans and pants off, then sat my bum on the cold seat. Immediately a gush of wee poured from me, tinkling loudly into the water waiting below. As my bladder emptied, I let out a satisfied sigh. 

I sat there a bit longer than I needed to, reading the back of the packet of nappies. I figured it was easier to keep the open packets In Maddie’s room. The others could be safely stashed in bathroom cupboards, on the offchance we had visitors. 

It was then I realised something. I’d forgotten to bring pyjamas into the bathroom. Ordinarily I wore underwear to bed or slept (at least partially) nude. Not something I could do while sleeping with Maddie. I doubt she would have minded, but I wasn’t about to subject her to that. 

So there I was. No pyjamas. A pair of underwear damp with pee. It was too cold to go strutting through the house completely starkers. 

The solution presented itself with remarkable ease. 

I am not as skinny as Maddie. I was cursed with wide hips, a pouch of a belly and “generous” thighs. An ex boyfriend once told me I could probably suffocate somebody with my thighs. Please note, “ex” boyfriend. Due to this, the nappy was a lot harder to squeeze on. Forgetting the difficulty with tabs and getting it all to sit right, just getting it to fit around me was hard enough. Eventually, I got it sitting right and vaguely comfortable. 

It felt...weird. Like I was suddenly carrying a load of extra fat around my bum and vagina. The padding was soft, almost like cotton wool, and squished under my fingers. 

Maddie noticed the second I slipped into bed. “Got one of my nappies on, have you?”

“Excuse me, I paid for ‘em. So technically my nappies,”

“Naughty girl.”

“Says you who was enjoying weeing in them!”

“I’m just embracing it!” Her hand found mine in the dark. Every time we moved it was to a cacophony of scrunches and creaks of the nappy fabric. 

“Don’t wee the bed for God’s sake,” 

“I never was a bed wetter...” she was sounding sleepier, her voice trailing away. 

“Sure sure. I believe you.”

“It’s true...” 

“Well listen, if you wake up needing a wee, tell me okay? I’m a bit nervous about that nappy not holding much more.” 

She didn’t hear me. Already asleep. I smiled, squeezed her hand once and shut my eyes. I don’t know if it was Maddie, the nappy caressing my lower body, or some bizarre combination of the two, but I felt comfortable. Peaceful. At ease. As if everything was alright with the world. 


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Don’t you dare stop now! This is so hot! Great descriptive account of how a pair of diapers feel. I luv the feeling of wetting in them. Or at least how I can wet in them and not be noticed.

It’s still not the same pleasure (for-me) as wetting in pants, or tights, panties...where you can feel the wetness everywhere, but it’s still an incredible feeling.

Please continue...

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I will definitely continue! Just searching for a bit of time and inspiration - currently in the middle of a bit of writers block brought on by exam/assignment season! I’ll get there 🙂

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Don't rush on my part. Unlike some things, I can hold out for this. 😀

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5 hours ago, glad1 said:

Don't rush on my part. Unlike some things, I can hold out for this. 😀

ahahha I got it!!!

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6 hours ago, chubbybirb999 said:

I will definitely continue! Just searching for a bit of time and inspiration - currently in the middle of a bit of writers block brought on by exam/assignment season! I’ll get there 🙂

as Glad said, don't rush

these stories are heart touching, they wouldn't be that much if they were mechanically produced in a row!!!

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Posted (edited)

Chapter 6

I woke sometime in the early morning. It was warm, comfortable, my limbs enveloped in soft duvet and the warmth that can only come with sleeping next to someone. 

The next thing I noticed was a definite pressure in my bladder. Then, perhaps more worrying, was the fact I was trapped, hemmed in by Maddie and her legs still in casts. She was sound asleep, mouth slightly agape, hair lying like a mane and snoring softly. She had never looked more beautiful. 

“Babe,” I hissed, trying to prod her awake. “Mads!”

She snored at me - this time loudly, like the snort of a pig - in response.  I groaned, fumbled under my pillow for my phone and glanced at the time. It was barely 4am. Maddie was dead to the world - probably another side effect to the cocktail of drugs she was on - and I didn’t dare climb over her for fear of  hurting her. But what the hell was I gonna do about needing to wee? 

My hand automatically went to my crotch to squeeze it. My hand touched soft crinkly fabric and my heart stopped. Of course! The nappy! I was saved!

Well, assuming I had the guts to pee in it.

It was weirdly hard to get started. For a while, I lay there, willing the pee to come out but nothing happened. Then I resorted to trying to push it out. Still nothing. 

I lay there with the pain of it like a rock in my stomach. Maybe I needed to go back to sleep, I surmised. Yes, that was surely the answer. Going back to sleep for a bit would relax me and while I certainly needed to wee, I wasn’t desperate. Going back to sleep might loosen the bladder a little  

I lay there, still and silent, imagining. I pictured the wee running out between my legs, how it would feel to slowly deplete the pressure and I felt myself relax. Then, suddenly, the image changed. I saw Maddie lying on her back, crystal clear wee arcing out of her, spurting from between her legs and splattering onto the awaiting floor below. A puddle formed, growing, the delicious pattering noise driving me crazy. Then she stopped, the last drops trickling into the bedclothes below her. She sighed, looked up to me with wide eyes and said “that’s better!”

I woke up wet.

At first I wasn’t sure if it was wee or not. I felt sticky and warm and a film of sweat stood out on my forehead. 

I felt the pressure in my bladder only briefly before it gave a sudden, alarming squeeze. Then the dam broke.

The wee surged out of me. With no manners or consideration, it all exploded out at once. I weed - hard - for about thirty seconds, the strong stream bursting into the nappy snugly fit around me. It was warm, so warm, and the moistness  clung to my mound and my gushing vagina.

I didn’t want it to end. But when it did, I slipped a trembling hand into my nappy, found the sweetest spot I could and brought myself to a silent, wonderful orgasm  


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Waiting for another chapter to this incredibly hot story,...

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55 minutes ago, Jimee said:

Waiting for another chapter to this incredibly hot story,...

Birb does in&out, sometimes she stays out for very long periods, I learnt to simply wait, she is really a great and sensitive girl

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Following this, I can’t wait for the next entry. You have me itching with desire. 

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Somehow it feels like Madison is going to get one rubbed out on her.  I wonder just how you are going to approach this action.

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