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Bursting at the festival

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"This was a good idea to come hear" Julie said as she set her empty beer glass down on the table.

"I know" replied Grace, "its always fun here"

The girls were attending a local outdoor music festival. It was a bright day, with most of the town in attendance. With the hot sun beating down on them, the girls had spent most of the day in the shelter of the beer tent, slugging back pints. The tent was right next to the stage, so it provided an ample opportunity to listen to the music while they drank.

Grace set her empty beer glass down,"you know jules, my bladder's getting kind of full over here"

Julie gave her a teasing grin, "what's the matter Grace, can't hold your water!!"

Grace stuck her tongue out, "im smaller, got a smaller bladder"

"True" Julie agreed with a smile, "actually i have to go to"

"common lets go" Grace said standing up, "the lines here are killer"

The girls walked over to near the edge of the festival. Here a bank of Portaloo's had been set up, about 15, as well as a couple "men's room's" with urinals for the guys. As Grace had said the line was long... at least 50 people long. The girls joined the end of the queue.

"hope they move fast" Julie said looking up ahead at the line, " i have to go worse then I thought" 

"Can't hold your water Jules" Grace teased reaching out to poke Julie in the stomach"

"Ahahahahh" Julie gasped "Don't be mean Gracie, I really gotta go" Julie frowned placing her hands on her bladder. 

"Yah me too" Grace said, "but the lines move well, look... we're like a quarter of the way there already"

"maybe i'll just pee on a tree like last time" Julie said with a wink

Grace scoffed, "fat chance all these people around you, you can't do it discretely like a boy"

Julie smiled, " you might be suprised, since our escapades on the road a few weeks ago, I've been practicing"

"really?" Grace said in surprise

"Yah" Julie continued, "I'm really good actually, I can hit the toliet for the other side of the bathroom now... bet I can pee standing better then any guy I know"

Grace crossed her legs, her need increasing, "thats impressive"

Julie continued, "I do it in public, on my nursing shifts at the hospital, I'll pee standing in the staff bathroom, it's so much cleaner. Sometimes on night shifts, i'll sneak into the men's room, and use the urinals, thats really fun"

"I'll admit it, I've been practicing too" Grace said, "in fact I rarely pee sitting any more, my house is like a guys place... the seats always up!!"

Julie laughed, "thats funny, good for you though! Its fun isn't it"

Grace smiled, "so much fun. Sometimes when I close the gym, I'll sneak into the mens room and use the urinals to practice, they're just the right height for me!" she laughed"

"atta girl, don't let those boys have all the fun" Julie said with a laugh... "you know we should stop all this pee talk, I have to go even worse now and we're only half way there" she said, crossing her legs tightly

"Me too" Grace said, placing her hand on her bladder for support, " that beers catching up to me"

Fifteen minutes later and both girls were now having to grab themselves periodically, both with legs crossed. They were now 15 people from the front.

"Still dry Jules" Grace inquired, as she began to jog on the spot.

"barely" Julie said through clentched teeth, now bent over at the waist, clutching her stomach. "God I hope they hurry, I'm about to pop"

"Me too" said Grace, as she looked envously at the men exiting the men's room. "I hate those boy's they don't know how lucky they are! No line, just walk in, whip out their cocks and piss!"

Julies gasped and grabbed her crotch, "don't talk about it Grace, you'll make me lose it. 

5 minutes and the girls were now at the head of the line, and beyond desperate. They were now openly holding themselves and pee-pee dancing, trying desperatly to hold on for a few more minutes.

A portaloo freed up, both girls looked at each other and new neither could wait any longer. They both dashed insided.

Julie pulled up her dress, dropped her panties and sat on the toliet. As she touched down, a thick plast of clear hot piss exploded from her pussy, splashing noisily against the plastic holding tank wall, as Julie moaned in relief... "I almost lost it there, so glad I made it"

Grace meanwhile hitched up her skirt, pulled her panties to the side, and aimed her pussy towards the small plastic urinal. Instantly her stream exploded into the urinal, with so much power that some of it bounced back and landed on the floor. Grace sighed with relief as her stream continued to gush. 

The portaloo was filled with the sounds the two girls peeing, and moans of relief they felt. Grace's stream remained powerful, so powerful, hot flicks of pee bounced of and hit Julie, still sitting and peeing a massive torrent into the toliet.

"Grace your getting me wet" Julie yelled!

"sorry" Replied Grace, "I'll try and slow down, but I can't stop this river until my bladder's empty. 

The girls peed for 5 minutes straight, then cleaned up and exited, yielding the loo to a very desperate looking blonde. 

The next few hours the girls spent drinking and listening to one of their all time favourite bands. Both felt the need for a pee again, but ignored it, not wanting to miss any of their favourite songs. When the band finally finished, the two now desperate girls made their way over to the portaloos, joining the queue once again, but with more urgency. The line was now moving slower, and by the halfway mark, both girls were bent over, and squeezing themselves shut with all their might.

"God Gracie, Jules moaned, "I've never had to pee so bad, I don't know if I can make it!"

"me neither" Grace agreed, " I've got an ocean in my bladder that's going to explode out of me any minute"

Julie shrieked as a stream of pee dampened her hand, "shit Gracie, I'm losing it, what are we going to do"

Grace though for a sec, before spying the quiet Men's room. "follow me "she said as she broke into a bent over hobble towards they're last chance at staying dry.

Peeking inside the girls found the room empty. 6 plastic urinals hung from the walls around the room.

Julie hobbled up to one, lifted her skirt and pulled her panties to the side. A powerful jet of urine shot from her pussy into the urinal, echoing against the plastic. 

Grace meanwhile encountered a problem, "Jule's" she yelled, " they're too high for me, I can't reach!!" She was now bent over with her hands rammed in her crotch, trying to contain herself at the sound of her friend getting the relief she so desperatly needed.

Julie, turned to look at Grace with a smile, "remember how high you got your stream in the woods?" before turning back to focus on her still gushing stream.

Left with no choice, Grace dropped her panties, lifted her skirt, and moved back away. Angling her pussy forward, and pulling upwards on it, she relaxed her muscles. Instantly a clear arch of piss shot out of her, hitting the wall next to the urinal. Grace pinched of, adjusted, and let fly again, this time hitting the urinal dead on. "ahhhhh, I was really scared there for a sec" she said, relief in her voice.

Both girls stood peeing for what seemed like ages. Eventually they're streams began to wann. As Grace's bladder emptied the power behind her arch faded. Unable to stop, she let the last bit of her piss run on the floor. 

"No Paper Gracie" Julie yelled, as she stood with her naked muff still pointed at the urinal.

Grace gave looked at Julie, and smiled, before shaking her body side to side, removing the drops of piss from her pussy lips. Julie followed suit, and turned to look at her friend, standing in a puddle of piss.

"you made a mess Gracie" she teased

"I'm sure I'm not the first person to miss in here" she laughed, adjusting her skirt.

As they exited the bathroom, Julie joked, " now thats what I call manning up", leaving both of them in hysterics
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2 hours ago, Peeguy said:

Left with no choice, Grace dropped her panties, lifted her skirt, and moved back away. Angling her pussy forward, and pulling upwards on it, she relaxed her muscles. Instantly a clear arch of piss shot out of her, hitting the wall next to the urinal.

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh go like that honeys!!!:17_heart_eyes:

PeeGuy I ADORE your stories!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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