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The girls arrive home bursting

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As promised the next installment in my series
Julie and Grace continued on their way home. Stopping at a service station, they filled up on gas, and grabbed a bit to eat. Feeling quite thirsty, they both got extra large sodas, which were gone before they had finished their meals. Refilling their sodas, they headed out to the car to continue their journey. Seeing as neither of them felt the need, and they were less then an hour from home, they neglected to use the restrooms before leaving.

"Quite an interesting journey" Grace chimed up as they pulled back onto the highway. "first that buisness at the rest stop and then our little escapade in the woods back there"

"I'll say" replied Julie, "I feel as if I peed a whole weeks worth in the past 3 hours!!"

Grace simply nodded in agreement, "i've never peed with that much power before, I couldn't believe all that pee was coming from me!!"

Julie laughed, "you can get some impressive height with your stream for such a short girl Gracie"

Grace chuckled, "yah well you've got me beat for range! I can't believe how far you got it!! It was like watching a water cannon!"

Julie laughed again, " Well when a girls gotta go... a girls gotta go! Tell me, how did you enjoy pretending to be a guy?" she asked with a smirk

Grace smiled to herself, " actually it was very enjoyable. Felt almost liberating. I could get used to peeing standing, I might have to try it again in the future"

Julie smiled, "Me too, the very near future"

The girls drove in silence for a while. Neither could ignore the all to familar feeling of their steadly filling bladders..

Julie spoke up first, " how far till your house Gracie"

"About 20 minutes" replied Grace. "why?"

Julie chuckled, "kind of have to pee again, shouldn't have drank all that soda, it went right through me"

Grace smiled, "me too, we're almost home though, another 15 minutes to our exit, and my house is close to it"

The girls reached their exit 15 minute later. Their need had grown expontially in that time. Grace now had her legs pressed firmly together, and her hand pushing in her crotch to keep her recently dried tights dry. She was taking shallow breaths, trying to keep control. Julie meanwhile was now sitting with both hands in her crotch, pinching herself shut. She was almost in tears

"how much further?" Julie whined

"10 minutes" Grace replied

"God i'll never make it" moaned Julie, "Its gonna explode out of me any second"

"I know, me too" Grace admitted,"but we're in a residential area, theres no where to go, we have to wait"

"I can't, its coming!!" Julie screamed, " where's that water bottle"

"Don't you dare" Grace shot back "it'll be torture for me"

"I'm sorry Gracie" Julie said, having found the bottle, " I have too!!"

Julie pulled her panties to the side, placed the bottle against her pussy and instantly let lose a massive torrent of piss, which splashed nosily in the bottle, Agonising Grace,

"Ahhhhgghh" Grace yelled squeezing herself, " Almost there, don't lose it now"

Julie's stream quickly filled the bottle, forcing her to pinch it off. "God, I barely made a dent, I still have an ocean of piss inside me"

The girls reached Grace's house. They jumped out of the car and hobbled towards the driveway. Grace fumbled for her keys, her hand tight to her crotch to keep herself shut, hoping foot to foot. Julie meanwhile had both hands rammed in her crotch, and was openly pee dancing. Finally grace found her key and unlocked the door. 

"Where's the bathroom" Julie begged

"upstairs" Grace groaned.

The girls began the long trek up the stairs, stopping periodically to regain control as pee surged towards their tortured pee holes. Half way up Grace almost lost it. Julie watch from behind as her friends tights dampened, and a stream of pee shot onto the floor.

"Keep going Grace, Almost there!" she encouraged

Grace regained control, and soldiered on. Both girls made it into the bathroom.

"lets share Grace, like we did before!!" Julie said.

Grace pulled down her damp tights, and sat on the toliet. "sorry Jules, but this is payback for torturing me in the car" As soon as her but touched the seat, Grace's stream blasted out of her pussy, splashing noisly into the water. "ahhhhh such a relief"

This was to much for Julie, pee dancing and holding herself. "you bitch!, I oughta pee on your floor" Julie yelled, as a spurt of piss dampened her hand.

Left with no alternative, Julie lifted her skirt, pulled her panties aside and swung towards the small sink on the opposite wall. No sooner had her pussy cleared the rim of the sink, then a thick stream of clear piss shot out, splashing the bowl and gurgling down the drain.

Julie sighed with relief at being able to finally empty out, as she glanced back at Grace, who had her head back and smile on her face, her stream still blasting into the toliet with no sign of stopping soon.

Both girls looked a each other laughed. They continued to pee for another 2 minutes, before their streams waned, and trickled to a stop. 

"where am I supposed to wash my hands" Grace enquired?

"better in the sink then on the floor" Julie shot back

"True" Grace laughed, "I'm sorry I was so mean"

"I'm sorry too" Julie replied, "like I said, desperation brings out the worst in us girls"

Both girls laughed, and hugged, then changed out of their damp clothes.

As Julie headed out the door, bound for her home down the street, Grace called out

"Hey Julie" she said with a smile, "Lets go out drinking together soon"

Julie smiled back, "Real Soon!"
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13 hours ago, Peeguy said:

Left with no alternative, Julie lifted her skirt, pulled her panties aside and swung towards the small sink on the opposite wall. No sooner had her pussy cleared the rim of the sink, then a thick stream of clear piss shot out, splashing the bowl and gurgling down the drain.

That's where my heart stopped beating:17_heart_eyes:

You know, you got the strange capability to make the things you write about becoming a physical sensation. It's something I never experienced before, beside @nopjans and his Piss Empire. I adore how you write PeeGuy, it's like really being there, I Always need to masturbate after reading one of your stories, it's amazing

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