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Reststop desperation

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Some of you may be familiar with my stories from over at peesearch. Ive decided to start sharing them here. This is the first one, written about 5 years ago


Look over there, a rest area!" julie exclaimed!!
"Thank god," replied Grace "30 more seconds and I would have pissed my pants"

The two girls were on their way home after spending the day at a Bridal shower in a large city about 4 hours from where they lived. It had been a fun filled day seeing old friends, having a bit of light hearted dirty fun, and of course enjoying refreshments, which included soft drinks, tea, and of course champhagne. Both girls had been too busy having fun to consider the effects on their bladders during the long ride home.

As they sped home along the highway, it was maybe an hour and half before the two girls were forced to admitt to each other that they were both bursting for a piss. Problem was, they were on a country road... not many rest stops... and the girls didn't want to simply stop on the highway and risk exposing themselves to passers by. By the time they spot the small rest stop 30 minutes later, both were desperate beyond all measure, dancing in their car seats trying to hold it in...

They pulled into the rest stop, not a large one, just a parking lot, some picnic tables and a small brick bathroom building. However to two girls so desperate to piss, it looked like the magical land of OZ.

Both girls jumped out of the car and began to hobble towards the bathroom. Julie couldn't remember a time she had to piss so bad in her life, as she took small baby steps towards the ladies room, her hands pressed to her crotch to keep control. Grace meanwhile was hobbling slightly bent over, her one hand her stomach to give support to her aching bladder. All she could think of was getting to a toliet to unleash the ocean of piss inside her.

The girls reached the ladies room, but to they're horror, were met with a bar and padlock. A large sign read, OUT OF ORDER-SORRY FOR THE INCONVINENCE.

"they'll be inconvinenced when I piss all over that sign" Grace yelled in frustration

"come on, lets try the men's" said Julie, "if its closed too, im going to lose it"

The next ten feet around the corner to the mens room felt like 10 miles to the girls, desperate for relief. Fortunately it was open. The small bathroom contained only a sink, a single urinal and one stall-a big OUT OF ORDER sign on the door.

"F*** sake, aren't there any working toliets!!!" screamed a desperate Grace

Julie meanwhile, didn't hesist. Strolling over to the urinal, she lifted her short jean skirt and pulled her panties to the side. She immediately began to release a massive jet of piss into the urinal, which grew stronger and stronger with each second. The sound echo'd through out the bathroom, as Julie moaned with relief. "God, I thought I might not make it, such a relief!!!"

"Just hurry up and finish" screamed Grace, now in agony at hearing her friend recieve such relief only feet away. She now had her hands rammed into her crotch, pressed against her pee hole to steam the tide till it was her turn. 

Looking around the bathroom, she pondered other solutions to her problem. No garbage can to pee in, and the sink was too high for her to reach. Grace looked back at Julie, who'd been pissing like a fire hose for the past 30 seconds, and show'd no sign of slowing down. As she watched her friend, she felt an area of fabric near her crotch grow wet, as her bladder muscles began to fail her.

"Shit!!!" she yelled, "Julie finish up, you've had plenty of time and I'm starting piss myself" she said frantically. Julie said nothing, only stood with her head back in pure bliss as piss continued to flow out of her and into the urinal.

Knowing she was seconds for pissing herself, grace took drastic action. Pulling down her tights and panties, she ran towards the urinal. "move over!!" she yelled, as she hipchecked julie out of the way, and began to blast the urinal with her own massive torrent of piss.

Julie was taken aback by Grace throwing off her aim. Her stream of piss jeted across the wall, and created a small puddle where her stream came to rest. Turning her stream back towards the urinal, she smiled to herself and said "i guess we can share"

Both girls stood side by side and peed for what seemed like ages as their bladders empty. The addition of Grace's stream was almost to much for the urinal to keep up with, as it began to fill up with clear hot piss. Both girls looked at each other with worried expressions, knowing neither of them could pinch off, and worried they may overflow. Fortunately Julie's stream began to wane after almost 3 minutes, avoiding such a problem.

Grace's stream continued to blast the urinal for another minute, before it to slowed to a trickle and then stopped. Both girls stood next to each for a moment, basking in the relief of empty bladders. Finally they looked at each other, and began to laugh at their perdicament, and the state they found themselves in. 

Wiping and washing both girls left the bathroom, a wet streak across the wall where julie had pissed, and the urinal, still slowly draining away the massive amount of piss they had unleashed.

As they climbed back in the care, Grace chimed up "let be a bit more proactive in planning our pee breaks from now on" to which Julie readily agreed.

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People who know me knows that I piss "like a boss" whenever and wherever I want and I am almost nver caught short by urgency, but this story was fucking hot!!! Your capability to describe the viscerality of these two little sluts gave my fucking tingles down there...

This is a story to finger to...

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