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Finally did a new story...

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So yeah, I did a new story finally... for what it's worth. Not going to bog this down with too much detail, but I was supposed to post this around New Years and then decided it needed a bit more work. Now that we have the holiday with an animal mascot, I'm posting. ^_~ As always, let me know what you think.

Goldenlocks and Pee Bears

Goldenlocks had just finished off the last of her water and headed out into the forest for some fun on her walk. She bounced along skipping down the lane enjoying the weight and pressure from her quickly filling bladder and the puffs of air blowing under her skirt with no under garments. She knew it would not be long before she needed her first release. Veering off the path she started looking earnestly for a good spot, supposing to find a tree stump or hollow log. Ahead in the distance something caught her eye and she scrambled closer to confirm what she saw. Within a few more feet there was no mistake, she stood in front of the entrance to a small dwelling and the door was standing open in a very inviting manner... Peering inside Goldenlocks saw there was no one around and slowly stepped further through the door.
“Who would leave a door open if they are not going to be present?” a very rhetorical question as she glanced back out into the dense forest around her. “I suppose this is very secluded, but I would never do such a thing.” Her call of nature sang out again, remembering what she was doing out, and what she was looking for, both seemed to be answered by where she was now standing. “I had hoped to find a burrow or nest to use, but never did I expect a whole domicile!” Goldenlocks began looking around the rustic interior and wondered who might live there, but cared very little if she ever got an answer.
She entered what appeared to be a sitting room and there were three chairs. The first was too small and all wood, in the middle there was one with plush cushions and wooden arms covered in material as well, and finally a large wicker rocker. Quickly she climbed into the second seat and squatted on the arms facing into the soft upholstery. Goldenlocks was quite ready for release now and began spraying down the back and seat with the force of her golden flow. Realizing she would drench too much if she stayed, she climbs down and walked around the room. Here she located an end table with a nut bowl, standing with her skirt lifted; she released a torrent into the bowl for only a moment. Goldenlocks made her way to the opposite end of the sofa and pompfed her naked butt there. She began again with a long high arc, making sure to shoot the whole length of the seat, and aiming again to hit the table. She soon finished with several hard squirts and decided she was hungry.
Goldenlocks stood and straightened her skirt, making sure to remove all the wrinkles in the pleats. Her nose caught the scent of food and being satisfied with her appearance, followed the aroma to the kitchen. Set out on the table were three bowls of noodles. A slight whiff of the smallest and she knew it was too spicy. Inspecting the middle one there was not enough water to make the noodles soft, carefully she sat the bowl on the floor and moved her dress high enough to step over. If Goldenlocks was correct, then there was just enough of her own water left to top it off. Unfortunately not being able to aim, Goldenlocks had to carefully position herself over the bowl. She could feel the steam tickle her as it rose and used it to get the approximate location. She rained into the bowl and felt it splash lightly on her knee-high stockings, however now that there was enough warm liquid, she had to wait for it to steep again, so she placed the bowl back on the table. Finally she arrived at the biggest bowl, finding it full with real slices of beef and tons of vegetables, she devoured instantly. Now with a full belly, it would not be long before something else was full again too. Goldenlocks knew when she plays with herself that she always got her fuller there faster.
She continued to explore the house with more interest in the décor, but always with an eye for the next place to soak. Going down a hallway she found three rooms, the first had a huge bed but it was very plain and dull colored, the second room had a futon bed that was only on the floor, and the final room contained a bed covered in stuffed animals with bed-knobs on the footboard.  Goldenlocks began to strip off her dress as she entered the room and clambered onto the bed. Her feet recognized that there was a plastic safety cover under the sheets, as she grabbed an animal that looked the softest and cutest for rubbing herself with, she enjoyed that feeling until the fur was matted with her juices; she tossed it to the floor and deftly placed herself above a bed-knob. The girth of knob slowly sliding inside as she sank lower and lower, before pumping and bouncing until her first climax. After another... and another, she slid off, fell face first into all the animals, and was fast asleep.
The bears returned home to find things looking amiss. Mother asked, “Did either of you do this before we left?” Both younger bears shook their heads and answered their mother saying they intentionally waited to go while on their walk. They inspected the wet chair, settee, and overflowing puddle around the nuts on the end table before moving in to the kitchen. As they entered they found one large empty bowl, one clearly with effluence in it, and the last completely untouched.
“Who goes in their food without then consuming it? That is truly a waste I will not tolerate!” The middle bear said as she slurped down the noodles.  Hearing sounds from down the hall they recognized it as a splashing sound and moved quickly to find the source. There was Goldenlocks in the youngest bear's room, her derriere up in a quite undignified matter. Erupting from her exposed muff, shooting well off the end of the bed; Goldenlocks was again relieving herself and submerging the rug in the middle of the room.
Mother bear sighed heavily and left the room. A few minutes later she returned naked with "Papa Bear," her youngest daughter's favorite extra-large strap-on, to find her daughters at the end of the bed licking their lips and decidedly more damp than when she left. Since Goldenlocks had finished by then, Mother jockeyed right over the young girl's tiny pucker, knowing the tight hole was the right hole, she now waited for her daughters.  The two disrobed as well and moved to the side of the bed where Goldenlocks faced and said they were ready. Momma thrust into Goldenlocks rear at full speed, the poor girl awoke with a start and opened her mouth wide to scream with pleasure... however as soon as her eyes and mouth opened,  the daughter bears released both their hot streams into her face. They wasted no time moving around soaking Goldenlocks' whole body as mother bear pounded her soundly. The youngest daughter, drained of her nectar, went to a nearby drawer.  She returned with, "The Prince of The Forest" an equine themed strap-on that her older sister liked to have used on her.  Mother bear lifted Goldenlocks and held her back to her massive fluffy bosom, while the young bear penetrated her now waiting hole. The eldest daughter continued by sucking, nibbling, and pinching the nipples on Goldenlocks' petite breasts.
This continued for several more fun filled hours until the sun set. During that time each enjoyed multiple golden showers, all types of penetration, mouths filled to overflowing and swallowed down, tongues in every hole, and dozens of orgasms. Finally they were exhausted, all four females lay cuddled together with Goldenlocks snuggled in fur covered chests and warm friendship. She thanked the bears and left with cheerful goodbyes, but not before being invited back to pee on anyone or anything in the house and of course... lots more sex.


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Really loved the story. Sometimes it takes a bit for them to get to the point where you are willing to release them to the wild, and that is ok too.

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Yeah, I know... been trying to clean them up and get them posted without errors. I think this is the 1st that has no grammatical issues (???).


I really just need to stop being lazy and start a new plot. Writing was also just "something I did," not a hobby or passion or anything like that... just, "Oh hey, let's write a fetish story because I want to read about this and it doesn't exist." I know other people enjoy them too though. ^_^

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