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The Holiday Pt 7: The Final Day

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The last in this series, though I'd like to visit these characters again at some point. If you want to go from the start, part one is here http://peefans.com/index.php?/topic/8297-the-holiday-pt-1-on-the-beach/


I woke up late on the morning of the last day of our holiday. From the sunlight filtering through the canvas I could tell it was another gorgeous day. I glanced at my phone and saw it was half past ten. Later than I would normally sleep, but we were on holiday after all.

I had a text from Maddie telling me that she and Adam were on their way over. It would take them some time to get here, so there was no rush to get ready. The plan was to have a barbecue to celebrate our last day here. Not that it was the last we would see of them; we would be at university together in a month's time.

I crawled out from my sleeping bag and into the outer tent. Our tent was quite small: we had an inner tent with enough room to sleep two, and a small area between the inner tent and the door that we called the outer tent, which was where we kept our bags. There was no ground sheet in the outer tent, which -- we had realised a few days into the holiday -- made it the perfect peeing spot.

I squatted over the damp grass, concentrating until my pee started to gush. My first pee of the morning is always strong, and in the hot, enclosed air the smell was distinct.

David sat up in bed, yawning. “Morning,” he said. He noticed what I was doing and chuckled.

“Morning,” I said, finishing up. I wiped myself on my hand, and wiped that on my top. I climbed back into bed.

David had stuck one of his hands down inside his sleeping bag, clearly administering to a different first-thing-in-the-morning need. I smiled.

“Do you want a hand?” I asked.

“No, I'm fine,” David said. Then a moment later he shrugged. “In fact, why not. It's hardly the weirdest thing we've done this holiday.”

I reached over, feeling down into his sleeping bag. “You say that like you don't enjoy it.”

As my hand found his cock, he smiled. “I didn't say that at all.”

David's eyes were closed in pleasure, a slight smile playing around his mouth. I started absent-mindedly grinding my crotch against his leg through the sleeping bag as my hand dealt with him.

We must have lost track of time. Before we knew it a car was pulling up outside the tent, and we could hear Maddie's voice outside.

“Come on you two, get up.”

“Ten more minutes,” I said.

Maddie laughed. Adam said, “If you don't get up, I'm going to pee against your tent.”

“If you must, we're not going to stop you,” David said. He leant into me, and I kept playing with his cock.

“Don't say I didn't warn you,” Adam said. There were a few seconds of silence, then suddenly we heard the sound of water pattering on the canvas.

David and I laughed. “I didn't think he was actually going to do it,” said David.

“You should know by now,” I said.

A few minutes later David tensed and came inside his sleeping bag. I was horny, but I decided not to finish myself off quite yet.

I unzipped the tent flap and looked out. Maddie and Adam were busying themselves setting up the barbecue. Maddie was wearing a plaid shirt and red bikini bottoms, while Adam was in swimming shorts and a t-shirt. The campsite was quiet; a lot of people had packed up and left already.

I climbed out of the tent, naked from the waist down. Adam looked up and gave a mock wolf-whistle.

“You're spoiling us with that view, Sarah,” he said.

“Oh, hush. It's nothing you haven't seen before,” I said.

“Nice of you to join us,” Maddie said. “What have you two been doing in there, anyway?”

“None of your business,” I said, smiling.

Adam laughed. “Dirty.”

David joined us outside, fastening his jeans; unlike me, he had decided to get dressed.

“Sorry about peeing on your tent, by the way,” Adam said. “I hope that wasn't a joke too far.”

David shrugged. “No problem. In fact, since we'll have to wash it anyway...”

He turned to face our tent, pulling his own cock out. A few seconds later he was peeing right on the wet patch Adam had left.

“Wow,” said Maddie, “you guys have changed. I like it.”

Before long we had the barbecue lit and the sausages sizzling. While the sausages cooked, we talked about university.

“You'll have to come find us the first day,” Maddie said, who was perched on Adam's lap. “We'll show you all the best places. We've got this house we rent -- but you'll see.”

“It's a great uni,” Adam said. “The girls are hot as hell.”

Maddie gave him a playful punch on the shoulder. “Adam likes to look at the girls, but they don't let him get any closer.”

“Some of them do,” Adam said. “Besides, I have the best-looking girl right here.”

He started to play with the buttons on her shirt, unfastening them one at a time. She didn't complain, and before long the shirt was open, her boobs exposed for the world to see. Adam started to massage them, his fingers playing with each nipple.

“You know, I think these sausages are done,” David said, standing to look at the barbecue. “Do you guys want them now?”

“Sure,” said Maddie, brushing Adam's hands away from her boobs, but not making any effort to cover herself up. I realised I had been absent-mindedly playing with myself, and quickly sat up straight. David picked the sausages off the barbecue and passed plates and buns around to all of us.

As we ate, an elderly couple walked past on their way to the toilet block. The man was staring in disbelief at Maddie's boobs and at my crotch, while the woman was giving us a dirty look. I opened my legs a little wider to give them a better look. Maddie chuckled.

“This food turned out good,” I said.

“Yeah, well done team,” Adam said. “It'll be weird not having you guys around any more.”

“We'll see you in a few weeks,” I said. “And until then I'll think of you every time I pee somewhere unusual.”

“Speaking of which,” said Maddie, “this beer's gone right through me. Don't mind me, everybody.”

There was a hissing sound, barely audible over the wind. A wet patch appeared at the crotch of her bikini bottoms, and then pee was trickling down over Adam's legs. It pooled on the camping chair, drenching Adam's shorts; and then it started to soak through the fabric of the chair. A stream started to fall from underneath the chair, making a pattering noise as it landed in the grass.

“Me too, actually,” I said.

“Don't let us stop you,” Maddie said. “Ah! I'd been needing that for a while.”

I stood up. Peeing in the chair like Maddie was doing looked fun enough, but I had a better idea. I walked over to the barbecue, which was not needed anymore but was still smouldering. On the bricks Maddie and Adam had piled up it was about knee-height -- just perfect. I lifted one leg, pulled my slit up so that the stream would point forwards, and concentrated. At first my stream dribbled down my leg, but after a few seconds it built up some pressure and arced forwards. It hissed as it splashed over the hot coals. Strong-smelling steam drifted off. I pissed for a long time, and by the time I'd finished most of the embers had been extinguished by the blast.

Adam clapped appreciatively. “Nice one.”

I sat back down in my chair, feeling both relieved and pleased. “It was asking to be done,” I said. “Someone had to.”

“Well, I think it must be my turn,” Adam said. “Mind if I stand up, dear?”

Maddie stood to let him out. He pulled down his shorts, wet with Maddie's pee, and kicked them away.

“We seem to keep upping the ante,” he said. “So I suppose I have to outdo Sarah now.”

“Do your best,” I said.

He took a couple of steps towards me. “Stay where you are, Sarah,” he said.

My breath caught in my throat, but I didn't move out of the way. I just said, “Not on my face, please.”

He started to pee. His stream hit my right boob first, dead on the nipple. I couldn't resist a shiver of pleasure. Warm pee quickly soaked the thin fabric of my nightie, running in rivulets down the material and pooling in the chair seat around my butt. I could feel drips running down the inside of my shirt as well, tickling the underside of my tits. A few drops sprayed up to hit me on the chin, so I lifted my head up slightly, keeping my mouth shut. He slowly guided his stream to one side, pointing at my other boob, moving it in small circles around my nipple -- which he could surely see by now through the wet fabric. The warm liquid, the sensation of it hitting me in intimate places, sent tingles of pleasure and anticipation through me.

By the time he had finished the front of my shirt was absolutely drenched and all but completely transparent. I was sitting in a puddle, which was slowly dripping through to the ground beneath. My body was aching for more.

Adam seemed to have enjoyed himself as well. His cock, still at my eye level, was hard already. I reached out for it with one hand, putting my other hand around one of his butt cheeks and guiding him closer. I opened my mouth and put my tongue on the end of his cock.

Beside us, I was vaguely aware of Maddie and David standing up, and heard Maddie say, “We'll give you two some privacy, shall we?” I ignored them.

I explored Adam's cock. I found there were certain spots that got a stronger reaction out of him -- not just the tip, but partway down the sides of the shaft as well. I played with it, experimenting with using my tongue and my lips, sometimes enclosing the whole head and sometimes not. He started to move with me, thrusting with my movements. His hands were on my shoulders and the back of my head, but he was oh so gentle about it. My own hand was down below, massaging my aching clitoris.

It wasn't very many minutes before he pulled sharply away from me. His load spurted onto my already piss-soaked chest. My own climax came just moments later. I moaned softly.

“Wow, Sarah,” said Adam, somewhat breathlessly. “No way that was your first time?”

I shrugged, short of breath myself. “Must be natural talent.”

Both still panting, we looked around. I wasn't sure if any of the other campers had seen us, but if they had, they were keeping their distance. Maddie and David had moved their chairs to the other side of the tent in the spirit of giving us some space, although from where they moved to they could clearly have seen everything if they had wanted.

“Sorry about your shirt,” Adam said.

“Don't worry, I've got others,” I said. I pulled the dirty shirt off and dropped it to the ground. At this stage worrying about modesty seemed silly. I crouched down next to the tent to look through my bag. I found a towel, which I used to towel myself down as much as I could, then dug out a shirt that hadn't been worn too much and pulled it on. I stayed naked from the waist down, as did Adam.

We carried our chairs around to join Maddie and David. David gave me a strange look -- part exasperated, part in awe. Maddie was just smiling.

“You owe me twenty quid, love,” Adam said to Maddie as we sat down with them.

She raised her eyebrows. “Does oral really count?”

“Sure it does. I let you count that bloke you sucked off outside TJ's.”

“Were you gambling on me?” I asked, indignant.

“Nothing personal,” Adam said. “Which of us would screw one of you two first. It's a long-running thing when we meet new people, or on nights out, you know.”

“You'll find out in a few weeks,” said Maddie, “at uni. I assume you will be coming on nights out with us?”

“If they're anything like you say they are, you try to keep me away,” I said.

Before long, it was time for David and I to leave. Maddie and Adam helped us pack away the tent, and then we were hugging our goodbyes.

“Look us up,” Maddie said, “as soon as you move in at uni. We've got so much to show you.”

Then Adam and Maddie were waving to us as we pulled off the campsite, until we rounded the corner and lost sight of them.

“It's been an interesting few days,” David said, winding the windows down a crack so that a breeze blew over us.

“You could say,” I said. With one hand I switched on the radio. With the other, I absent-mindedly started playing with myself. David noticed what I was doing and smiled.

It was certainly a holiday we would remember.

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Great series of stories BeneathMyWillow, enjoyed them. :) May be you'll revisit the characters again when they start university?

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Wouldn't it be crazy if they were introduced to a "pee friendly" bar or something. Like a bar with so few/awful toilets that it just became a norm to pee anywhere.

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On 20/03/2018 at 12:42 PM, whiskey35 said:

Great series of stories BeneathMyWillow, enjoyed them. :) May be you'll revisit the characters again when they start university?

I'd certainly like to at some point, and I have a couple of ideas for that arc, but I'll probably leave them for a month or two; I have a couple other projects I'd like to work on first. 

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