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Wet Auto Shop Visit

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Wet Auto Shop Visit


Okay man, your total comes to two-ninety-three even. I replaced the seals in the camshaft, and did a tune up, you're all set.”

Nate collected his payment from the customer and handed over the keys. Now three years into running his own auto repair shop at the young age of thirty, Nate's One Auto was doing good business, as he had slowly built a reputation for quality work on all makes and models of cars. Soon after the previous customer left, his next on schedule arrived in a black 2017 Audi A6, for an inspection and tire rotation. The customer, Ethan, was one of Nate's earliest, often bringing his old Jeep Cherokee in. The men had become friendly acquaintances, updating each other on their lives whenever Ethan stopped in. After a few minutes of chatting, he took his six-year-old son, Randy from the rear seat and left with a buddy. Nate took his time admiring the beautiful vehicle, enjoying its commanding appearance before pulling it into his shop to begin the inspection.

An hour later, Nate was nearing the completion of his work on the car when his girlfriend Shannon arrived for a visit, as she often did toward the end of his day. Walking in, the twenty-four-year-old, slim-figured brunette had on tiny denim shorts, a white tank top and flip flops, catching Nate's attention as usual. Sipping an iced tea from the local corner store and admiring the car herself, she uttered, “Oooh, damn babe, you look sexy in that, who's is it, anyway?” Nate replied, “You remember Ethan, right? Used to drive the red jeep? I think you saw him in here once or twice. Dude went out and bought this thing.”

"Oh, yeah, yeah, I remember that guy, he was staring at my tits like really hard one time. His girl was mad as shit when she caught him peeking! Like hey, it's not my fault I'm hotter than your fat ass, honey. That's your problem."

Ha, well, can you blame him for takin a peek? They're pretty awesome."

Hmm, yeah I guess you're right, they are pretty fuckin awesome! You almost done? Hurry up."

I'm just checking the tire pressure sensor, it's a little off. Why, what's up?"

Well...it's Friday. It's after four. I've had a long day and...these tight shorts have a way of touching a girl in a certain type of way when there's nothing underneath, know what I mean? I was hoping we could go home and help me get them off and who knows what else."

Ha! Damn, I...babe, I have to finish this right now. Just give me like fifteen minutes to double check everything and type up a service report. He should be here soon to pick it up. Then we can get you taken care of, I promise!"

Rolling her eyes in Irritation at not getting her way as she was used to, Shannon ignored Nate's request and walked over to the car, bending over to show her generous cleavage to him while pretending to just be looking at the car's interior. He smiled, seeing her nipples as they showed through the tank top, unable to resist feeling aroused by her tasteful figure. Taking the last sip of her tea, Shannon puckered her lips around the straw in a sexual tease and sucked deeply, causing the distinct sound of bubbles rushing through it. Nate started to get an erection. He continued smiling and told her, "I know what you're doing, shoving those things in my face." She walked over to the garage door and pushed the button to close it, then placed the "Back in 20'' sign on the front door, and locked it. Nate watched as she made her way back over, opened the door and climbed atop his lap, saying to him, “And you know that I always get what I want." He couldn't resist feeling the curves of her warm body and smooth skin. As they locked lips for a steamy kiss, he took hold of her ample backside, squeezing firmly and enjoying the soft sound of her aroused moans.

Throwing caution to the wind, Nate slid the seat back for more room and unzipped his pants. Enthusiastic as usual, Shannon crawled down to begin pleasuring him orally, nearly causing him to ejaculate at the first lick. Fully into the naughty sexual deed that she led him to, he was taken aback by her sudden pause and asked what was wrong. In a playful voice still, she replied, "I gotta piss." Barely able to put words together amid his arousal, he suggested that she hold it for a few minutes until they were finished. Looking around with a smirk and biting her lip, she leaned toward him and whispered, "Fuck that." After batting her eyes at him, she moved from his lap toward the center console and began unzipping her shorts. Nate sat speechless, and further turned on at the thought of seeing her do what it seemed she was doing. He looked on as Shannon kicked her flip flops off and slid out of her shorts, revealing no underwear and a bare pink pussy, swollen from arousal. She straddled her feet between both front seats, aiming herself directly at the rear seat. In an instant, a laser-focused stream, slightly yellow in color, squirted from her urethra with wicked pressure, striking hard and loud against the leather upholstery of the seat, pooling at he bottom of it. In the isolated, quiet confines of the car, Nate could hear perfectly as the gushing stream hissed while squirting from the tight folds of her feminine anatomy, and could see that some of her pee was also dripping down directly below her ass onto the center console controls. In a sexual sigh of relief, she slowly uttered, "Babe, this feels so gooood!"

Noticing that Ethan's son left his backpack laying in the corner of the seat, Nate saw that it was also being soaked under her torrent. Shannon noticed the look of shock on his face and responded by keeping her body aimed at it longer. The blue fabric of the backpack darkened and flattened under the stream, with foam gathering on the surface. Seeing her display such a degree of depravity made Nate feel hesitant about still being aroused, but his desperate desire was too strong for her questionable morality to matter. His hunger for her was now at a boiling point. She continued peeing, swaying her hips to each side, and covering the entire surface of the seat. Pulling her labia upward, she then sprayed the rear dash and window as the stream reduced to a light trickle before stopping. With her deplorable act finished, Nate turned her around on the passenger seat, pressed her legs open, and buried his mouth in her pee-soaked pussy in one swift, assertive movement. He licked every stray drop from her labia, the inside of her thighs and anus, never having tasted her pee before. Shannon was on the edge of climax in short time, as his eager tongue ravaged her excited clitoris. With both feet locking into a tight curl while resting upon his back, she screamed out in pleasure, and jerked around in the seat from a near-blackout orgasm.

Nate then pulled her up so she could take the cowgirl position. Shannon, still tingling with pleasure, immediately began riding him hard and aggressive, making the cars high-tech suspension add to the motion of their bodies bouncing in the driver seat. Leaning forward for longer thrusts, she enjoyed the feeling of her ass grinding against the steering wheel, arching her back deeper to increase stimulation from it. The smell of piss now saturated the interior of the car, as the windows grew foggy amid the steamy sex. A few minutes later, Nate came inside of Shannon. As usual, she continued riding, enjoying the power of overstimulating him at his most vulnerable moment, speeding up and grinding harder until he finished. After a brief reprieve, he felt shame at allowing such a vile act to take place in the car, despite also feeling that he would like to do it again.

Following the intense, spine-tingling encounter, Nate and Shannon put their clothes back on and quickly wiped the car down with scented wipes to soak up the urine and hide the smell. Just a few minutes later, Ethan returned to pickup his car. Shannon greeted him cheerfully and even asked how he was doing. After a quick chat, he paid and took off. Nate looked at Shannon with a nervous smile. She replied while laughing, "What, you're still worried? Fuck him. Let's go home. I need a shower."




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That was a great story. I hope your gonna make part 2

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Excellent story.  Loved the combination of just peeing where she is in the car and the fact that there was an element of revenge in there.

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17 hours ago, Alfresco said:

Excellent story.  Loved the combination of just peeing where she is in the car and the fact that there was an element of revenge in there.

Thanks and good catch. I was wondering if the secondary purpose of her getting back at Ethan was apparent. Dammit I should've added a line about her enjoying revenge. I still have time to edit as I type this but, I'll leave it as is, most that will read it already have at this point.

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