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Three girls went out for a night on the town. Having been their first time out together the girls were a little shy. They all went to the local community college and studied nursing. They decided to go to the beach and have a bonfire. Each of them brought their own wine, Melissa a leggy red haired goddess of a woman had brought two bottles. Lea brought one of those boxes of wine that reflected her country upbringing. She sported a long brunette pony tail with daisy dukes and a tank top. She had he largest set of breasts amongst the group, easily an E cup. Then there was Gemma who was only about 5ft, no more than 100 pounds with a bottle of wine, and a few wine coolers. Enough for each girl at least. Gemma was short and thin but had on a mini skirt, and just a bikini on. 


Earlier they swam at the beach and when the sun went down they started a fire, Gemma and Lea sat side by side on a log of driftwood and Melissa sat cross legged across from them on the sand. Each of them had a drink in hand. As the night went on they shared stories of interesting things they had learned in class. Melissa mentioned how she never knew so much about female anatomy until she got to school. Stating she never knew that it was totally natural for women to have different vulvas and labias. She said she always felt awkward because the genitals she saw in porn did not reflect hers. She said she had a rather large labia and one of her lips was larger than the other. Lea squirmed a little in her seat and mentioned she was uncomfortable talking about lady parts as she needed to use the restroom. Melissa having a few drinks said to Lea “I mean we all will be around our patients going to the restroom, I’m okay with you going here... besides, I’ve gotta go to.” Lea jokingly said “why so you can see if my parts are normal?”. Gemma sheepishly said “I always thought my lips were large too..., and I need to pee too, but I don’t mind if you look at mine, I’m not shy!”. 

Melissa separated her legs and pulled aside her bikini bottoms to reveal a puffy pink pussy with large meaty lips. She invited the girls to stare and told them it was okay to look. This prompted the other girls to spread their legs, Gemma having on no panties underneath her skirt revealed her even bigger puffier lips which seemed strange for her frame yet suited her well, and then Lea pulled down her shorts and took them all the way off.... she spread her legs the farthest to reveal she had a much smaller set of labia. Gemma spread her lips with her fingers and started urinating off the log onto the sand, Melissa had already begun urinating with her legs spread and her body laid back onto the ground... and Lea let go after the others and soaked the sand beneath her. 

After the girls were finished Melissa spread her lips to showcase her clitoris and told everyone hers seemed small for the size of her lips... everyone laughed and Gemma and Lea said they couldn’t see in the dark... Melissa got up, walked to them, spread her legs apart and spread her lips to show off her tiny clit. Gemma was secretly a lesbian and couldn’t help but reach out in front of her and touch the other girls little button. This caused Melissa to jump just a little causing a small squirt of lasting pee to dribble onto Gemma’s hand. Melissa apologized and said she was just surprised and was sorry for peeing. Gemma continued to rub her little clit and told her she thought it was kind of hot, and asked if she minded the attention. Melissa let out a moan signaling to continue... while Gemma continued playing with her new friends pussy, Lea started chugging more wine and then reached for her own pussy and began rubbing her own clit, and reached over to Gemma and played with her soaking wet pussy!!! 


The girls comtinued playing with each other until one by one they had orgasms, and one by one they let go of their bladders during climax to show trust and appreciation for the female orgasm and pussy. 

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