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Opposite Sex's Rest Rooms

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Using Opposite sex restrooms any stories stories on this ? I would like to hear about it tell me.


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I remember being in a remote Scottish town with a male and a female friend.   We all needed the toilet and approached the block.   My male friend and I headed into the gents and the girl headed for the ladies.   Suitably relieved, we came back out of the gents and the girl had a worried look on her face.  Turned out that the ladies was locked.   I told her to use the gents as nobody was in there.  My male friend agreed.  She thanked us very much and dashed into the gents, slamming the cubicle door.  I went and stood in the doorway to the toilet to "stand guard" and I heard a heard the rustling of clothes followed by a downpour of pee hitting the porcelain and the water accompanied by a sigh of relief.   Her pee went on for ages and then stopped followed by a few short bursts before I heard the toilet roll dispenser rattling and then the flush and a rustling of clothes.  She came out of the cubicle looking much relieved and I said to her that it sounded like she really needed that.  She laughed and said that yes she did and she would have pissed outside if she couldn't have used the gents.   One half of me regretted letting her in the toilet as I would have enjoyed seeing her peeing outside, but then again I did get to see her peeing outside on other occasions, so hearing her blast the toilet was equally fun.

I have also been in female toilets a few times.  One time was the reverse of the above - a public toilet had the male toilets closed "due to vandalism" so I thought that this was a great time to visit the ladies with a plausible excuse should anyone catch me.   I waited around for a while until I reckoned there was nobody in the ladies - I'd witnessed a couple of ladies go in and come out, so unless someone was in there a long time then it was likely to be empty.   I went into a cubicle and closed the door.   I was happily peeing away when I heard the door open and the click clack across the tiles of a woman's high heels.  She then shut the door, rustled her clothes and started a delicate tinkling pee.  By this time I had finished, so I stayed in the cubicle and enjoyed listening to her.  After flushing, she opened the door and then headed over to the sinks to wash her hands.  I was then trapped as I couldn't very well leave whilst she was there.  Meanwhile I heard another lady enter the facilities and take up residence in the cubicle next to mine.  There was less clothing rustle and a very rapid but thunderous pee.  I thought that she must have been wearing a skirt that she hitched up and peed hovering at a height.  As she finished up, I escaped before she flushed.  I loitered outside and a couple of minutes later, she emerged, so I could see that it was a woman in her thirties who was indeed wearing a skirt.

Shortly after that, a man and a woman went together to the toilets.  The man saw that the gents was locked.  The woman looked into the ladies, saw it was clear and invited the man into the ladies.  He was a bit dubious but he did go in with her.  A few minutes later, the lady poked her head out of the door, looked around to check the coast was clear and then called to the man that it was safe to come out.


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I have a story like that years ago. I was at my cousin graduation my mom and I had to go at the time bad. Mens room locked and I told my mom she say I can go with her to the ladies room. I took a stall and then my mom took a stall too. I heard her go and other women in the ladies room go. That a very nice story you and you are a luck man to have that happen to you. I love to hear her go and see it too. You are a brave man to walk into ladies room to take a pee in there. Also lucky that you can hear them go too. I would do the same thing too at the time. I would have stay there and listen to them pee too. So hot hearing them go. That interested story too about the mens room locked. 

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