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A Knight and Her Problems

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3 hours ago, Char242 said:

A Knight and Her Problems

Author’s note: This story takes place in a medieval fantasy world.  I wanted to try my hand at writing something like this for a while.  This story is a bit more graphic in places and may contain some sexual acts not directly related to pee.  However, rest assured that there are several pee scenes throughout this story.  Because of length and the time it would take to write the entire story, I will release it in parts as I write them.  Now without further ado, I shall begin the story

Part 1

The tale begins with four knights camping out in a mountainous region for training purposes.  The first knight and the main heroine of this story was named Elizabeth, though those closest to her called her Lizzy.  She was an elven knight standing at roughly 5’10”, which was on the small side for a full-grown elf.  While not as muscular as other female knights, she was still adept at hand to hand combat and an expert at using weapons like staffs and spears.  The second knight was a female human by the name of Lisanna, but most people called her Lisa.  She stood at roughly five feet tall and had a somewhat muscular frame.  While not especially adept with weapons, she could easily hold her own against a man twice her size in hand to hand combat.  The third knight was a male human who went by the name Hawk.  He was Lisa’s younger twin brother and he towered over her at roughly six feet tall.  While his birth name was not Hawk, he had earned the name on the battlefield for his precision with a bow and arrow.  All three knights had been friends since childhood and since becoming knights had tried to build a guild of their own, with very little success.   The fourth knight was a succubus who had joined their guild only recently bringing the grand total of guild members to four.  Her name was Lilith, although Lisa called her Lily, much to her chagrin.  She stood at approximately 5’5” and had the bustiest figure of the girls.   Lilith was not necessarily adept with weapons, but showed great talent with close quarters combat and magic.  She was known as the prankster of the group, often taking great pleasure in teasing Hawk.  It was on this trip that she would be the one to have the most fun.

It was around noon on the first day of the trip, and the group of knights had decided to set up camp for the day.  They had been walking through the mountainous region in full armor since dawn and all of them were exhausted.  As they sat down to rest, Lilith began to remove her armor.  Much to everybody’s shock, she wasn’t wearing anything underneath.  “Can’t you show any damn decency!” cried Hawk as he averted his gaze.

“Oh, come on,” Lilith said playfully.  “I just love the feeing of the cold steel caressing my bare skin.  Besides you know you love seeing me naked.  The ringing sound your armor makes each time you see me naked doesn’t lie.” she said as she pointed to the crotch of Hawk’s armor.  Hawk’s face went beat red since he couldn’t deny that seeing her naked had an effect on him so instead he tried to drink nonchalantly out of his flask.  Lilith noticed this and teased, “Awe, is the virgin knight embarrassed.”  This caused Hawk to do a spit take for the record books.

Just as he was getting ready to respond back with a witty retort, Lizzy got up and said, “Now stop it you two.  We came here to have fun and to train.”  She reached into her knapsack and pulled out some clothed and began making her way for the forest.  “I’m going to go change.  None of you better follow me.”  And with that, she headed off into the forest.

By this time, Lilith had put her clothes on and Hawk was just beginning to remove the top half of his armor.  “How much you want to bet that the reason that she doesn’t want anyone to follow is because she has to pee?” teased Lilith.

“I wouldn’t put it past her, after all she does have the weakest bladder out of all of us,” said Lisa.

“We shouldn’t be talking about what a person does in private nor should we be making bets on it,” said Hawk, although he could imagine that both girls were probably right.


Meanwhile, Lizzy had found a spot to change out of her armor.  She placed her clothes on a tree stump while she began removing her armor.  While not naked underneath her armor like Lilith was, she did not want anyone to see that she was only wearing underwear underneath.  While this normally would not have been a big deal to other female knights, for elven knights it was a matter of pride as it was looked down upon for a female knight to be seen in such a state of undress by a member of the opposite sex that was neither family or their lover.  As she removed her armor, she placed it on the stump where the clothes were.  Suddenly she felt a strong urge to pee.  Looking around to make sure that nobody was around to see her, she quickly pulled down her panties and squatted down.  She watched as a jet of piss arched out from beneath her and slammed into the dirt and grass in front of her, creating a foamy puddle.  She estimated that her stream must have been about three feet long and her face became flushed as she realized how loud it was.  However, she was thankful that no one was around to hear her.  At least that was what she thought.  About twenty feet in front of her the bushes started rustling.  Lizzy stopped her stream and grabbed the dagger she had taken with her for protection.   Before she had time to react, something darted out of the bushes and went straight for her.  All she could do was scream.


Back at the camp Hawk and the other two girls were still conversing.  “Oh, come off it virgin,” said Lilith.  “Everyone pees even the high and mighty Elizabeth.”  She noticed that Hawk was blushing.  “Or could it be that you don’t want us to know that the thought of her peeing turns you on.”

“Shut up!” screamed an irritated Hawk.  “It’s not like that at all.”

“Awe, it looks like I made the virgin upset,” teased Lilith.  “You know honestly I think you should just fuck her already.”  Hawk’s face couldn’t become any redder as he gave Lilith the death stare.

“Lily is actually right for once,” said Lisa.  “You’ve had a crush on Lizzy since we were kids.  Why don’t you just tell her that you want to be more than guildmates.”

“I would if I could, but it’s not that simple,” replied Hawk as his gaze shifted from Lilith to his boots. “She’s an elf and I’m a human.  Her family would never accept a lowly human like me as their daughter’s husband.  Plus, her family has already chosen another elf to be her fiancé.”

“Well, does she like the guy?” asked Lisa.

“As far as I know she doesn’t, but it is tradition for a female elf’s parents to decide who she is going to marry,” said Hawk.

“That’s a load of horseshit!” screamed an angry Lilith.  “Women have the right just as much as men to decide who they’re going to marry and if I had to bet, Lizzy probably feels the same way.”

“Even so, it doesn’t matter,” said a depressed Hawk.  “To elves, tradition is practically binding.  It’s better for everyone involved if I don’t try to violate that tradition.”

Suddenly Lisa grabbed her brother by the collar of his shirt and pulled him close to her face.  “Listen here you virgin piece of shit.  Stop being such a goddamn coward.  All you need to do is unsheathe your holy sword and storm her sacred palace.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” asked an extremely confused Hawk.

“She’s telling you to be a man and make a woman out of Lizzy,” replied Lilith.  Before Hawk could say anything more, he heard a scream coming from the direction that Lizzy had walked off to.  Grabbing a dagger from his open knapsack, he ran in the direction of the scream while yelling at the other two girls to stay where they were.  He only hoped he could make it in time.


As Hawk neared the spot where Lizzy was he saw her sitting on the ground in a state of shock.  As he continued running he saw the source of her shock was a giant green snake that had climbed a tree a few feet away from her and looked like it was getting ready to attack her again.  Thinking quickly, he hurled his dagger at the snake, pinning it to the tree and ultimately killing it.  As Hawk ran towards Lizzy, he slipped on the puddle of piss and fell forward.  Hawk blacked out for a second.  As he came to, he realized that he had landed face first into something soft and slightly hairy that also had the faint aroma of urine.  Hawk lifted his head up only to realize that he had landed face first into Lizzy’s bare pussy.  He quickly jumped back and bowed his head furiously as he apologized.  As Lizzy stood up with her hands covering her pussy, Hawk suddenly noticed that there was a trickle of blood running from Lizzy’s inner thigh down her right leg.

“Did you get bitten?” asked a worried Hawk.  Lizzy, still in shock nodded her head.  Hawk grabbed her hand and led her to the tree stump.  “Let me take a look at it.”  Lizzy opened her legs while still doing the best to cover her pussy.  Unfortunately, Hawk could not see the wound with her hands in the way.  “I can’t see anything with your hands in the way,” said Hawk.  Lizzy removed her hands, allowing Hawk to see a pair of fang marks high up on the inside of her left thigh. “Try to stay still while I suck the poison out.”

“Okay,” said a blushing Lizzy.  Hawk then proceeded to stick his head between her thighs and began sucking out the poison.

Part way through the procedure he heard his sister yell, “Just what the hell do you think you’re doing.  I know what I said back at the camp but this is certainly not the place for that sort of thing.”  Hawk turned around to see both his sister and Lilith staring at him

“Wow,” said Lilith.  “I guess you got balls after all. Good job mister virgin.”

“It’s not what you think!” cried Hawk.  “Lizzy got bitten by a snake and I’m trying to suck the poison out.”

Lilith looked over at the dead snake pinned to the tree.  “Just so you know, if that’s the snake that bit her, there is no need to suck on the wound.  While it does secrete a toxin, it’s perfectly harmless.”  However, what Lilith didn’t tell them was that the toxin did have some side effects that were sure to be amusing.

Hawk turned his head back towards Lizzy.  “Isn’t that great? You’re going to be just…”  but before he could finish his sentence a torrent of piss splashed all over his face, some of it landing in his mouth.  Lizzy had reached her breaking point and could no longer hold back the stream she had pinched off before the snake had bit her.   She pressed her hands against her crotch and closed her legs but the damage had been done.

“I’m so sorry,” she cried as tears rolled down her face.

“It’s alright,” said Hawk calmly as he took his shirt off and used the dry part to clean his face.  “Accidents happen,” he said with a reassuring smile.

“And I’m sure drinking her piss was a happy little accident for you,” teased Lilith.

“Oh, shut up you damn demon!” screamed Hawk.

“Let’s go get you cleaned up,” said Lisa to Lizzy as she walked her to the river where the group would be bathing the next few days.

“We should probably get you cleaned up too,” said Lilith as she looked at Hawk and pinched her nose.  “You absolutely reek.” All the while she thought to herself that this trip certainly was going to be interesting.


Part two coming soon!!!



Well written and not granted at all

Furthermore, I love mediaval fantasy pee porn

Alex is a novelist and I Always finger to his books which contains a lot of piss play

Good job Char, keep it going!

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I'm a big fan of medieval fantasy stories featuring peeing as well, and this is a really fun one! I hope we get more adventures featuring this party in the not too distant future.

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44 minutes ago, nopjans said:

I'm a big fan of medieval fantasy stories featuring peeing as well, and this is a really fun one! I hope we get more adventures featuring this party in the not too distant future.

Yes, Char did great. Cannot wait for more!!!

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Listen to me carefully Char.

I liked first part because it was something new and fascinating and I was intrigued by your particular style of writing, but beside that, ok it was a 7/10, nothing less, nothing more, hope you don't get my words are rude.


THis chapter is a masterpiece. And I don't put here smileys or capital letters because I don't feel like that at the present, what I'm saying is much more serious.

How you write is visceral. This chapter eorused me to the point it disturbed me. It left me with strange tinglings, but not only in my pussy, I mean along the nerves of my neck and back, it was something I never felt from a fictional story from years (besides @nopjans that is a writing god).


I am so disturbed I'll not even wrote silly things like "cannot wait for part three" like a stupid girl.


I'm speechless. It was of the best written, and more intimate, gripping and visceral thing I ever read. You write like a pro. It is absurd how you bring the reader into the minds and the hearts of your characters.


Gotta go do something else, maybe I'll finger myself, maybe not. Majestic. Breath-taking.

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I liked it, but Lililth's tonal shift was my only real point of contention. I understand where the character is coming from, but I didn't get a walking on eggshells kinda vibe from her at the start of her conversation/apology  with Hawk. Are sucubi more in tune with the emotions of others, and Hawk's reaction caused her to break down in tears? It was enjoyable, but I would like some more world building. 

And on the other hand, you are writing porn, so does that even matter? The porny bits were great, I was hoping Hawk would of gotten Lizzy off before being stopped, but that lacks verisimilitude. 

Sorry, this was written on my phone.

Edited by holyknight3

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3 hours ago, holyknight3 said:

I liked it, but Lililth's tonal shift was my only real point of contention. I understand where the character is coming from, but I didn't get a walking on eggshells kinda vibe from her at the start of her conversation/apology  with Hawk. Are sucubi more in tune with the emotions of others, and Hawk's reaction caused her to break down in tears? It was enjoyable, but I would like some more world building. 

And on the other hand, you are writing porn, so does that even matter? The porny bits were great, I was hoping Hawk would of gotten Lizzy off before being stopped, but that lacks verisimilitude. 

Sorry, this was written on my phone.

Succubus care not about others, but maybe she was touched by how important the matter was. You must come to understand that respect for other's emotion and respect for other's most inner values are completely different things.

Furthermore, women (real or fantasy/demonic:')) always have within them a lot of other women and sometimes one of them simply surfaces...

Edited by spywareonya
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It already made sense to me even before of this, yet Majestic, AND touching, as always

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I liked it. It's important to show, not just tell, and I think you did a good job of it. I think your biggest dilemma at this point is what you want your focus to be. Do you want to focus on the porn or the adventure? It's possible to do both, I feel trials in tainted space does a decent job of that (https://www.fenoxo.com/ if you haven't played it before) but it does it in sci fi. He goes for seemingly every fetish under the sun, except watersports (honestly, my biggest complaint about it, the second would be consent issues in the game), but other than that it's a fun distraction. I think most of the writers find a balance, but it can be hard to develop decent characters.

The things that I felt really work with the story so far are the characters, I think you have done a great job bringing them to life. I like that we got to see more of how the knights are organized, and how Lilith came to be with the group and her origins. Showing her motivation really helps to elevate the character and fill her out more.

 Beats that I think you could improve on, you missed a decent opportunity with Falcon to show him beating the bodyguards off of Lilith with the sword still in the scabbard. That would of increased the drama of him pulling the sword on the noble. I think the vibe you were going for was that they (the bodyguards) were innocent pawns, but the noble was the one who deserved to be punished, and thus the barred steel. That still comes across, but then you are showing me how badass knights are rather than telling me, and how much more badass Hawk's father is, and what he and his sister have to live up to.

Things I would love to see are (and you are under absolutely no obligation to do whatsoever to put in, but thanks for the Lilith and Hawk backstory) is how the Knights make their pay. Are they state sponsored adventures, who have a rigid examination before they are allowed to take up the mantle, to prevent bands of highly skilled murder hobos from accosting villagers or are they more like knights-errant where they serve a liege lord, and they go about his realm defeating things that local militia couldn't hope to face. From the context of chapter one, it seems like it could be the first one, but there is definitely room for it to be the second or something else entirely. I'm not sure how many other people would care about the socio-economic factors behind a fantasy story or a pornographic one, but they are the things that I debate with myself far into the night (don't get me started on the magic using population of Great Britain, and how small it would have to be to be serviced by a single school of about 700.)

I would love to know more about the elves, and how they compare to other fantasy elves. My current headcannon for this, with almost no support in your text is that Lizzy decided to become a knight to escape he betrothed. Elven women know that a man is right for them when he makes them wet themselves, and she figured she could go and be a knight for however long, and hope he breaks of the betrothement, because the honor of being a knight and devoting one's self to the service of (the realm I assume) is something to be cherished in conservative elven society, and he can't complain about her being gone and putting off the marriage. She is biding her time, and posibly thinking of faking her own death, before she meets Hawk. She didn't have a weak bladder before she met him, but he just does that to her. And her companions being human, and the elves so closed about their culture, can't really share any of that with any of them.

Anyways, keep up the good work, and I look forward to the next installment. I try to offer constructive criticism, because as a writer, that is what helps me most, and one of the things I find most lacking. Probably because we engage in most of the stories with our genitals as opposed to our brains, which is a complement in its own way I suppose. If you want me to knock it off Char242, let me know. 

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21 minutes ago, holyknight3 said:

Probably because we engage in most of the stories with our genitals as opposed to our brains

@Char242 writes like a female, which in my opinion is the best compliment a man should get from a Witch. He interlink body, brain and heart. The stry in itself is almost un-influent for me, my man is a novelist which fill his story with both occult and dirty sex so I'm not up to fictional stories beside @nopjans who is GOD. In fact I don't post here around that much. But Char way of writing is over the top. I Always feel like I'm there, I mean actually. It is different from simple reading. An advice?

Hot water





black pepper

laurel Leaves



filter, drink, than read one of his stories


and tell me if it doesn't feel like a 4-d movie

Edited by spywareonya

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You are allowed your opinion. Show don't tell is kinda fundamental to modern storytelling, and in a fantasy setting, you can't automatically assume anything. I see elves by default as D&D elves, but those are generally short (4'9" to 5'5"), and while they have a traditional culture, most elven societies value individual freedom above all else. In the context of this story alone, Lizzy is nearly six feet tall, and comes from a society that values family loyalty above the individual.  Most succubi in fiction are shape changers, and the difference between succubi and inccubi is really what face they present. Not to mention they usually come from at least another plane of existence. None of that appears to be present here, so those things need to be shown to the reader in order to establish the world, otherwise the whole piece runs the risk of falling apart. Char's done a great job of establishing the characters thus far, and seems to be going for a character oriented piece,  which allows us to relate to them, both through their differences and their similarities. 

Empty praise might stroke egos, but it doesn't help anyone grow as a writer. This is the first story thread I actually cared enough about to comment on, mostly because I see a good story going on here, and while I like the porny bits, in my honest opinion they are superfluous to the meat of the story.

I don't mind nopjans stories, I like the night at a museum line and the piss empire line. Hentiaxt and Steve25805 are my favorite long term writers, though I really enjoyed the stories rann did last year. I liked Char's body swap, but I felt it was over just as it was getting decent, and I liked Marking your Territory, especially how its major theme was open communication between partners. Using BSDM to explore that is fine, even though that isn't my particular kink. We all enjoy different stories and for different reasons, and that is all well and good. It's just that too often we seem to be writing these stories in a vacuum, without anyone else to bounce ideas off of. My wife knows about my fetish, and occasionally indulges me in it (no, I will not ever post any real life stories, don't ask), but isn't interested in editing whatever stories I happen to write in this genre. I like to write porn to practice writing, to improve my descriptive techniques, and help write better action sequences when I write thing my wife does want to read and edit for me. I don't really write anything for here anymore because I didn't get any feedback that helped improve the things that I was working to improve. This is me being the change I want to see, I suppose, but is no way an attack on the author.

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3 hours ago, holyknight3 said:


Edited by spywareonya
rushy and unpolite
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3 hours ago, holyknight3 said:

You are allowed your opinion. Show don't tell is kinda fundamental to modern storytelling, and in a fantasy setting, you can't automatically assume anything. I see elves by default as D&D elves, but those are generally short (4'9" to 5'5"), and while they have a traditional culture, most elven societies value individual freedom above all else. In the context of this story alone, Lizzy is nearly six feet tall, and comes from a society that values family loyalty above the individual.  Most succubi in fiction are shape changers, and the difference between succubi and inccubi is really what face they present. Not to mention they usually come from at least another plane of existence. None of that appears to be present here, so those things need to be shown to the reader in order to establish the world, otherwise the whole piece runs the risk of falling apart. Char's done a great job of establishing the characters thus far, and seems to be going for a character oriented piece,  which allows us to relate to them, both through their differences and their similarities. 

Empty praise might stroke egos, but it doesn't help anyone grow as a writer. This is the first story thread I actually cared enough about to comment on, mostly because I see a good story going on here, and while I like the porny bits, in my honest opinion they are superfluous to the meat of the story.

I don't mind nopjans stories, I like the night at a museum line and the piss empire line. Hentiaxt and Steve25805 are my favorite long term writers, though I really enjoyed the stories rann did last year. I liked Char's body swap, but I felt it was over just as it was getting decent, and I liked Marking your Territory, especially how its major theme was open communication between partners. Using BSDM to explore that is fine, even though that isn't my particular kink. We all enjoy different stories and for different reasons, and that is all well and good. It's just that too often we seem to be writing these stories in a vacuum, without anyone else to bounce ideas off of. My wife knows about my fetish, and occasionally indulges me in it (no, I will not ever post any real life stories, don't ask), but isn't interested in editing whatever stories I happen to write in this genre. I like to write porn to practice writing, to improve my descriptive techniques, and help write better action sequences when I write thing my wife does want to read and edit for me. I don't really write anything for here anymore because I didn't get any feedback that helped improve the things that I was working to improve. This is me being the change I want to see, I suppose, but is no way an attack on the author.



Without useful critics he would very probably never had written part 2.5 so you are welcome. I didn't meant to be unpolite, yet I had been. Peace :784_peace:

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Part 3

Roughly three hours had passed since Hawk stormed off following the river incident, and he had still not returned.  It was around this time that all three girls were becoming anxious.  “Do you think Hawk plans on coming back?  Do you think maybe something bad happened to him?” asked Lilith wondering if the other girls were thinking the same thing.

“Hawk’s a big boy, I’m sure he’s fine,” said Lisa trying not to show her concern for her brother. 

“Never the less I think I’ll go look for him,” said Lizzy as she grabbed a small pouch and her staff.  “While I’m gone one of you should fix dinner since it’s getting to be around that time.”  And with that Lizzy set off for the woods, praying that Hawk was where she thought he might be.

As soon as Lizzy left, Lilith said, “Maybe I should go with her.  At least this way maybe I could try to talk things out with him.”

“Honestly, I think that would make things worse,” said Lisa.  “I have only seen Hawk that angry a handful of times and each time it was Lizzy who was the one to calm him down.  We need to at least give her a chance to calm him down without any interference.”  As Lisa said that, Lilith could tell that the whole situation made her very uncomfortable.

“Are you honestly okay with Lizzy being the one to comfort him?” asked Lilith.  Lilith then stared deep into Lisa’s eyes.

“Of course I am.  Hawk’s my brother and I want him to go back to his usual self no matter what it takes or who comforts him.” As Lisa said it, her gaze shifted away from Lilith’s.

“Just for the record, we succubi are pretty good at reading body language and we can use a form of hypnosis to drag out a person’s true thoughts and feelings.  I already know you’re lying so why don’t you just tell me the truth already.  Seeing Lisa be the one to comfort Hawk irritates you, doesn’t it?”  Lilith kept staring at Lisa with her know-it-all smile.  “Admit it, you’re jealous.”

“Your damn right I am!” she screamed as she began to crack under Lilith’s hypnotic gaze.  “Ever since we were kids every single damn time Hawk had a problem, he ran to her instead of me.  Siblings are supposed to support each other right, so then why the hell doesn’t he trust me to support him?” Tears began forming in the corners of her eyes.  “Why is it that she always gets to help him while I have to sit back and watch from the sidelines?”

“Interesting,” said Lilith as she looked Lisa over.  “I never would have thought that you felt this way all this time considering how friendly you are with Lizzy.  But I still get the feeling that you’re not saying everything you want to say.  It’s just us so there is no need to hold back.  Tell me what you’re really feeling.  Why do you want to support Hawk so bad?”

“Because I love him,” replied Lisa tears now running down her cheeks.

“Well its natural to love one’s sibling and to want to be the one to support them when there suffering,” said Lilith.  “I’m just surprised your this emotional about this.  Are you still hiding something?”

Lisa couldn’t bear to look at Lilith any longer nor could she bear to answer any more questions.  “The love I feel for my brother is not familial love but romantic love,” she blurted.

Lisa’s revelation shocked Lilith down to her very core.  Lilith got up and began pacing, trying to digest what she had just heard.  Never in her life had she been at such a loss for words.  “I get that humans sometimes marry their relatives or siblings in order to keep a bloodline going but you two are twins!  What in the world could you possibly be thinking?”

“Look, it’s not like I want to be in love with my own brother, I just am,” Lisa said, ashamed that she had finally been forced to admit the truth.  “I get how disgusting that may seem, which is why I never told anybody.  I thought that if I just kept it a secret and encouraged Hawk’s relationship with Lizzy, maybe just maybe I could move on.  But now as they’re getting closer, I find it harder and harder not to hate Lizzy for the fact that she is the one Hawk is in love with instead of me.”  As Lisa took a few deep breaths to calm herself, she finally came back to her senses.  “Please don’t tell anyone about this, especially Hawk.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t say a thing,” said Lilith, still disturbed by Lisa’s revelation.  She desperately racked her brain for a change of subject.  “Let’s just forget this happened and start cooking dinner.”


While Lisa and Lilith were busy preparing dinner, Hawk was sitting in a clearing, miles away from camp.  As he lay in the grass looking up at the clouds in the sky, he couldn’t help thinking that maybe he had been a little too harsh with Lilith.  “You haven’t changed a bit,” said a voice behind him.  Suddenly Lizzy plopped down on the grass beside him.

“How did you find me?” he asked as he sat up.

“I just figured that you’d be here,” said Lizzy.  “I mean you always used to come to this place when you were upset about something.  Although I guess you haven’t been here since the day your father died.”

“Can we please not talk about that?” said Hawk, not wanting to look at Lizzy.  “It brings back too many painful memories.”

“You know that you can’t keep running away from those memories,” said Lizzy sternly.  “But I guess I can change the subject for now.  Don’t you think you were a little hard on Lilith?”

Hawk looked at Lizzy and asked, “How much do you know about what went down?”

“Not much,” responded Lizzy.  “I do know that Lilith stole your clothes and pushed you into the part of the river where Lisa and I were bathing although I don’t know the reason why.  I’m sure it was just a prank that got out of hand.  I honestly don’t think that what she did warranted you ending your friendship with her and telling her that she was going to get kicked out of the guild.”

“You just don’t get it, do you?” said Hawk angrily.  “It’s because you and Lisa go easy on her all the time that she thinks that she can do whatever she wants without consequences.  Well I’m sorry to say this but that is not how the real-world works.  Lilith needs to learn that her actions have consequences.”

“So, you’re telling me that we should just abandon her all because of some stupid prank?” snapped Lizzy.  “What the hell is going on with you?  The Hawk I know would never do something like that.  Something’s bugging you, isn’t it?”  Hawk simply turned his head away, unwilling to answer her question.  “Fine.  You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want but you shouldn’t take out your frustrations on others.”

Listening to Lizzy’s words, Hawk knew she was right but his pride wouldn’t allow him to admit it.  “I still don’t think I was in the wrong when I said what I said.”

Suddenly Lizzy got up off the grass and stood right in front of him.  “Get up you sack of shit.  You and I are going to settle this with a little sparring match, just like the old days,” she said throwing down a large branch she had picked up in the forest just in case it came down to this.

“I’m not going to fight you,” said Hawk.  “I will not apologize as I have done nothing to apologize for.”  As he got up, he turned his back and began to walk away.  Suddenly he felt a sharp stinging sensation across his back, causing him to fall to the ground.  As he turned over he saw that Lizzy was standing behind him with her staff in her hand, readying herself for another attack.  Hawk knew that he had no chance of winning against her in this sort of combat.  Lizzy was a pro when it came to fighting with staffs, so much so that in the hundred times or so he had gone up against her like this, he had only won once.

Lizzy looked at Hawk and knew exactly what he was thinking.  “I bet you’re thinking about the only time you ever beat me when we were sparring with staffs.  If I recall correctly it was the spring before your father died.  On that particular day, he tried to motivate you by having us make a bet where he set the stakes.  If I won, I could make you do anything I wanted for an entire day, but if you won I would have to kiss you on the cheek.  All either of us had to do was to pin the other to the ground or get them to admit defeat.  Unfortunately, I didn’t take the match serious enough and lost.  To make matters worse, when I went to give you your prize, you moved and I ended up kissing you on the lips.  You claimed it was an accident, but it was still humiliating to have had my first kiss end like that.  So now is my chance to make you pay for that and what you did to Lilith.”

“You’re still angry about that?” asked an amused Hawk.  “I can’t say I understand why.  As I recall, that kiss was more of a headbutt than anything else.”  He watched as Lizzy’s angry expression turned to embarrassment for a few brief seconds.  “Fine.  I’ll spar with you if we use the same stakes as we did that day.  Except this time when I win, you will kiss me on the lips like you mean it.”  Hawk picked up the branch and got into his fighting stance.  He knew that the only way he would have a chance at winning this would be if he could get Lizzy to lower her guard long enough for him to disarm her.

“Don’t make me laugh,” replied Lizzy.  “We both know that despite being the son of a master swordsman like Falcon, you suck at every form of combat besides archery and fist fighting.  When you lose I’ll make you forgive Lilith and apologize to her for the things you said.”

“Bring it,” said Hawk as he charged at her and took a swing with his make-shift staff.  Of course, this was a huge mistake on his part as it left him wide open for attack.  Lizzy was able to easily dodge Hawk’s swing and countered by first hitting him in the gut with the butt of her staff and then using the staff to sweep him off his feet.  As Hawk hit the ground, he had a split second to roll to the side, just in time to avoid what would have been a finishing blow from Lizzy as she tried to bring her staff down on his chest.  He sprung to his feet.  “That was a close one, but you’re going to have to do better than that.”  Hawk once again launched himself at Lizzy but this time he kept his guard up, forcing her to go on the defensive.

“You’ve gotten a lot better since the last time we sparred like this,” said Lizzy as she began to retreat from Hawk’s attacks.  What she didn’t notice was that he was pushing her towards the top of a large hill where it would be harder for her to escape.

As soon as Hawk had Lizzy where he wanted her, it was time to even the playing field.  “Hey Lizzy, I have a question for you.  When I win, how much tongue would you like in your kiss?”  Lizzy’s face went beat red as she froze up.  Sensing her guard was down, Hawk took one final swing and was able to send Lizzy’s staff flying into the air.  As it landed behind him, he held the end of his make-shift staff towards Lizzy and said, “It looks like I win.”  Suddenly as Lizzy took a step back she lost her footing and went over the edge of the hill.  Hawk dropped his staff and dove after her, all the while praying that he could break her fall.


While Hawk and Lizzy were beginning their sparring match, Lisa and Lilith were busy finishing up meal preparation.  “Dinner is almost ready.  Would you mind going to find those two?”  Lilith asked Lisa.

“Why are you asking me to do that?” replied Lisa.  “This area is huge.  They could be anywhere by now.”

“Well does Hawk have a special place he likes to go to when he’s up here?” asked Lilith.  “If he does, I bet that he and Lizzy are probably there right now.”

Lisa thought hard for moment before realizing she knew exactly where they might be.  “Alright, I’ll go find them.” And with that she took off at full speed in the direction of the clearing where she and her brother would sometimes train with their father when he would bring them out here for training.


As Lizzy opened her eyes and lifted her head it took her a moment to digest the fact that not only had she just been disarmed by Hawk but that she had also fallen down a large hill to boot.  Suddenly she realized that Hawk was nowhere in sight.  “Hawk, where are you?” she screamed becoming worried.

“Mmmfff, mmmff,” came a sound from underneath her.  Lizzy looked down and realized that not only was she laying on top of Hawk but that he was suffocating under the weight of her bountiful bosom.  As she rolled off him, Hawk shot up and said, “Oh my God.  I thought I was going to suffocate down there.”

“I’m so sorry,” said Lizzy as she stood up.  Just as she took a step back, she felt both her legs give out on her and she began to fall backwards.  Hawk shot to his feet in an attempt to try to grab her before she fell, only to lose his balance as well and fall on top of her.  As Lizzy looked up at him she said, “Well I guess you can claim your prize now.”

Hawk blushed in embarrassment as he said, “But technically you pinned me down first meaning that you are the winner.”

“That only happened because you threw yourself underneath me when we fell down the hill so that I wouldn’t get hurt.  You won the minute you disarmed me,” replied Lizzy her face becoming just as red as Hawk’s.  “Just kiss me already so we can get it over with.”  Lizzy closed her eyes and puckered up in anticipation for Hawk to claim his reward.

“If that is what you want,” replied.  While this was a big chance for him, Hawk ultimately decided that he would try to hold himself back.  He leaned down and gently pressed his lips to hers for a few seconds before pulling himself back.  “There.  I have claimed my reward.”

Lizzy opened her eyes and stared at him in disbelief.  “You call that a kiss?  That was pathetic.  If you’re going to do it you need to do it right.”  Before Hawk could respond, Lizzy grabbed Hawk and pulled him into a passionate kiss.  At first Hawk thought about resisting but in the end he found himself unable to pull away.  Even though the kiss felt like it was going on for eternity, it really only lasted a few seconds.  As Lizzy pulled away, she couldn’t help but stare into Hawk’s gentle eyes.

“Lizzy, there is something that I’ve always wanted to tell you,” confessed Hawk.  “I’ve been thinking about it for a long time trying to find the right words to say it and now I think I finally know how.”

“What is it Hawk?” asked Lizzy, her heart beating so wildly that she was afraid that Hawk might actually hear it.

“The truth is…the truth is that…I love…,” but before Hawk could finish his confession, he heard yelling coming from the top of the hill.

“Hey you two, Lilith says that dinner is almost ready and that we should all get back before the food gets cold,” yelled Lisa.  In reality, Lisa had just happened to witness the whole kissing exchange and in a fit of jealous rage had decided to intervene before her brother could confess to Lizzy.  “Quit playing around you to,” she called, “we really need to get back.”

“Alright,” yelled Hawk as he got off Lizzy.  “Why don’t you start making your way back? We’ll be close behind you.”  Lisa could tell from the look in Hawk’s eyes and through his body movements that he was mad that his own sister had cockblocked him just as he was finally about to make some progress.

“Okay,” replied Lisa.  “But you two better hurry up.”  And with that, she turned around and ran off back towards camp, embarrassed that she had let her emotions get the best of her thus ruining a chance for her beloved brother to find some happiness.

As soon as Lisa was gone, Hawk offered to help Lizzy off the ground.  “We should probably get going.”  Lizzy took Hawk’s hand and as she tried to stand up her legs went out on her again.  “What’s wrong?” asked a concerned Hawk.

“I don’t know,” replied Lizzy.  “It’s like my legs have turned to butter.  I can’t stand up.”

“It must be a side effect from the snake bite,” said Hawk.  “Lilith did say that the snake bite wasn’t deadly to us, but I guess she forgot to mention that the snake’s poison still has side effects.”  Hawk turned his back to her and leaned down.  “Get on my back.  I’ll carry you back to camp.  As much as I hate to say it, Lilith is probably the only person who knows what to do.”

“Okay,” said Lizzy as she climbed onto his back.  Once she was safely on, Hawk stood up and began making his way up the hill.  “By the way Hawk, what were you going to say back there before we were interrupted?”

“Um, I was just going to say that I’ve always loved sparring with you and that we should do it more often.”  As soon as the words came out of his mouth he knew that he had just cockblocked himself yet again, just as he had done since the day he had fallen in love with her so many years ago.

“Oh,” said Lizzy, trying her best not to sound disappointed.  “I love sparring with you too.”  The next few moments that followed were of awkward silence.  Suddenly Lizzy began squirming a bit.  “I know this might seem like a bad time but I really need go,” whined Lizzy.

“Just hold on a second,” said Hawk as he looked for a place to set her down.  He eventually found a rotted log and set her down.  “Um, I’ll just be over there if you need me,” he said trying to give her some privacy.

“Don’t leave,” said Lizzy as she grabbed the back of Hawk’s shirt.  “My legs aren’t strong enough for me to squat and I sure as hell am not going to sit on this log or in the dirt and allow God knows what to climb all over me.”  Hawk paused for a moment to think of an alternative.  Without warning, he picked up Lizzy and then sat down on the log while simultaneously sitting her on his lap.  “What the hell are you doing?” cried an embarrassed Lizzy.

“I’m solving your problem,” replied Hawk, “this way you don’t have to worry about having anything crawl on you.”  Realizing that it was the best option available, Lizzy decided to go along with it.  As she began to reach for her pants, she noticed that her hands were trembling to the point that she couldn’t get a good grip, likely a result of her snake bite. 

In desperation, she asked, “Hawk, my hands are shaking so bad that I can’t pull my pants down.  Could you pull them down for me?”  Lizzy had never been so embarrassed.  However, Hawk did as she asked and pulled down her pants.  Luckily for Lizzy, she wasn’t wearing underwear as the ones she had been previously wearing earlier in the day had been soiled and she had not had another pair to put on when she was putting on her clothes following the river incident.  Fearing that she might accidentally pee on Hawk, she decided she would have to have him do something extremely embarrassing.  Her hands still shaking she grabbed both of Hawk’s hands and guided them to her pussy.  She then essentially told him that if he didn’t want to accidentally get pissed on again that he would need to spread her labia with his fingers to make the stream shoot farther.  Hawk did as he was told.  Within less than a minute, Lizzy was shooting a golden jet high up into the air.  The two watched as it crash-landed almost four feet away from them.

“Wow,” said Hawk at a loss for words.  He never knew that it was possible for a girl to piss like that and he couldn’t help but find himself being turned on by the sight.  In fact, he didn’t realize that it was causing him to grow stiff until Lizzy asked if he would mind moving his dagger to the side because it was poking her.  In his embarrassment, he had to tell her that he didn’t have his dagger on him which made things all the more awkward.  As Lizzy finished up she asked Hawk if he had anything she could wipe with.  He fished around in his pocket and pulled out a handkerchief that he often used as sweat rag for his face.  Unable to do it herself due to her still shaky hands, Lizzy had Hawk wipe for her.  He took his time, gently wiping each drop of urine from her pussy and thighs.  Lizzy couldn’t help but moan as Hawk touched her sensitive areas with the cloth.  When he was done, he helped her pull her pants back up and without really thinking, shoved the now soiled cloth back into his pants.  As he got out from underneath her, he noticed that she was sniffling a little.  “Is something wrong?” asked a somewhat oblivious Hawk.

“It’s just that I don’t understand why all these embarrassing situations keep happening to me,” whined Lizzy, just a bit teary eyed.  “Why can’t they happen to someone else for a change?”  Feeling sorry for her, Hawk began to rack his brain for how he could make things even between them.  Suddenly an idea hit him.  As Hawk stood next to her, he proceeded to pull down his pants, once again exposing himself in front of her.  Lizzy’s face went bright red as she asked him just what he thought he was doing.

Hawk simply looked at her and said, “I’m trying to make us even.”  Lizzy gave him a confused look, forcing Hawk to elaborate further.  “As I understand it, I have seen you pee on three different occasions today which I understand can be embarrassing for a girl.  So, in an attempt to make us even I will now pee in front you.  Now watch and be amazed as I perform a trick for you.”  And watch Lizzy did as Hawk began peeing his name into the dirt.

“That’s amazing,” said a slightly excited Lizzy.  “Guys are so lucky.  Do you think that maybe I could try it too?”

“I don’t see why not,” he said, “I mean I’ve never seen a girl do it before but I’m sure it can be done.”  Without warning, Lizzy grabbed hold of Hawk’s dick, her hands still shaking.  The shock of the action almost caused Hawk to lose control, forcing him to pinch off his stream.  “When you asked when you could try it I didn’t think that that was what you meant!”

Lizzy’s face couldn’t get any redder.  “I’m so sorry.  I should have been clearer with what I meant.  I’ll let go now.”

Before she could let go Hawk said, “Don’t bother.  If you really want to try it, they I guess I wouldn’t mind lending my equipment to you.  However, you must promise to be gentle.”  Lizzy nodded, her eyes glowing with excitement.  Hawk then wrapped his hand around her trembling hand and helped guide her in the art of piss writing.  Luckily, he had just enough piss left to write Lizzy’s full name, Elizabeth.  As the last couple drops fell, he released his hand and told her she could let go.

As Lizzy prepared herself to let go, she realized that her hand had locked up to the point that she could no longer remove her hand from Hawk’s dick.  “My hand’s locked up, hold on a second while I try to get it free.”  She then proceeded to try pulling her hand off.  That mixed with the fact that her hand wouldn’t stop shaking began to cause a reaction in Hawk’s groin.  Realizing what was about to happen, Hawk screamed at her to stop as he desperately tried to get free her hand from his dick.  Without thinking he turned towards her, the quick jerking motion being enough to free Lizzy’s hand from his dick.  But it was too late.  He watched in horror as his dick erupted, splashing its contents all over Lizzy’s face and shirt, some of it even landing in her mouth.

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry,” said Hawk as he pulled up his pants, “you gotta believe me when I say that that was a total accident.”

“Don’t worry about it,” said Lizzy, gagging a little on the bitter after-taste.  “Let’s just consider ourselves even for accidentally peeing in your face earlier today.  Now can we please get me cleaned up.  It’s starting to smell.”  Hawk nodded his head as Lizzy instructed him to pull out the canteen from her pouch and use it to help get her cleaned up.  As Hawk went to remove Lizzy’s shirt, she suddenly remembered that in her haste to get dressed down at the river that she had forgotten to put her bra back on.  “Hold up,” she screamed.  “You can’t take my shirt off, I’m not wearing anything underneath.” 

Suddenly Hawk took his shirt off laid it down on the log beside her and closed his eyes.  “I’ll keep my eyes closed as I take off your shirt.  After it’s off, place my shirt over your chest and then tell me to open my eyes.”  Lizzy did as he said.  Once Hawk was able to open his eyes, he grabbed Lizzy’s soiled shirt and used the clean part of the shirt along with the water from the canteen to clean her face.  When he was done, he closed his eyes and helped her put on his shirt.

“I can still taste it,” complained Lizzy after everything was said and done.  Hawk looked around and found a bush with edible berries.  Grabbing a handful of berries, he walked back and tried to hand them to her.  “Thanks, but no thanks.  You know that I’ve always hated the taste of those things, even when we were kids.”

“Come on Lizzy,” said Hawk, “if you go back to camp with your breath smelling like that, Lilith will surely notice and make a big scene about it.”

“I don’t care,” responded Lizzy.  “I’d rather that happen then be forced to eat those disgusting berries.”

Now Hawk was getting annoyed. “Fine.  You give me no choice.”  Hawk flung the berries into his mouth and began chewing to get the juices flowing.  He then grabbed both Lizzy’s arms so she couldn’t fight back.

“Don’t you even think about…,” but it was too late.  By opening her mouth to speak, it made it easier for Hawk to forcibly kiss her thereby delivering the berry juice into her mouth.  Hawk made sure to take his time with the kiss so that Lizzy would have no other choice but to swallow the juice.  Once he was sure she had swallowed, he stopped.  The moment he let her go she slapped him. “You’re an ass,” she said, her face a shade of red that Hawk had never seen before.

“Admit it, you liked it,” he teased trying to lighten the mood.

“Let’s just go. I’m sure they’re starting to get worried,” replied Lilith, trying her best to ignore him.  Although in reality she had actually enjoyed it a little but was too embarrassed to tell him that.  Hawk leaned down allowing her to get on his back and within seconds they were off once more, both trying to contemplate the events of the past hour.


Part 3.5 Coming Soon


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Part 3.5

Author’s Note: The majority of this story takes place two years prior to the events of the main story and focuses on a dark incident of Elizabeth’s past that would ultimately shape who she is today.

As Hawk was carrying Lizzy on his back, he couldn’t help but remember the conversation he had had with Lisa and Lilith earlier that day about confessing his true feelings to Lizzy.  The reason he gave was that she had a fiancé, but in truth what he had said was a lie, or at least part of it was.  The reality of the situation was that she had turned down every proposal of marriage from the candidates that her parents had tried to set her up with.  While it wasn’t that some of the marriage candidates weren’t decent guys, it was that Lizzy was still too traumatized by an event from her past to even think about trusting any man other than Hawk.  It was because of this knowledge that Hawk had kept himself from confessing to her as he did not want force her into something that she wasn’t ready for.  However, he also knew that her trauma was eating away at her and that if he wanted to help her, he would have to help her face it.

“Hey Lizzy, do you mind if I ask you something personal?” asked Hawk.

“As long as I don’t have to answer it if I don’t want to, then sure,” replied a curious Lizzy.

“Well, it’s just that I was wondering if you’ve given any thought to meeting with any of those guys your parents have been trying to set you up with?” asked Hawk.  No response came.  “The only reason I ask is that I’m worried that your distrust of men is going to create issues for you.”

“You shouldn’t ask questions you already know the answer to,” said Lizzy, a hint of irritation and sadness in her voice.  “Considering what happened to me, how could I possibly trust any man other than you?”  Hawk could feel Lizzy’s body tense up but he knew that he would need to push her a bit further.

“The only reason I’m asking is because there may come a day where we might be separated and I would hate for you to not be able to trust men and potentially isolate yourself as a result.”  As soon as he said it, Hawk felt Lizzy’s body stiffen more and he could feel her nails digging into his bare back.

“Don’t say things like that!” cried Lizzy, now trembling uncontrollably.  “Are you intending to go off somewhere and not come back?”

“Of course not,” said Hawk as calmly as he could.  “I’m just afraid that your using what happened in the past as an excuse to stay away from people.”

“So what if I am?” said an angry Lizzy.  “You would be to if it happened to you.  Now can we please drop the subject, I don’t want to talk about it anymore.”

“As you wish,” said Hawk.  As they continued their journey back to camp, both of them couldn’t help but think about the past and what had caused Lizzy to develop her fear of men.


Lizzy was the daughter of wealthy merchants who owned one of the biggest trading companies in the kingdom.  As their only daughter, she was the sole heir to the company and from an early age had been taught the skills necessary to be a successful merchant.  Growing up, all she had ever wanted was to be a normal kid.  However, because of who her family was, all of the other children in town steered clear of her, save for a lone human boy.  Where others avoided her, Hawk made it a point to include her in every fun activity he could think of from playing knights to exploring the forest just outside of town.  However, when Hawk turned ten and was to officially begin his training to become a knight, Lizzy became distraught at the possibility of losing the only friend she had.  Thus, she decided that she too would train beside Hawk.  While initially her goal was to spend more time with Hawk, she wound up having a knack for certain aspects of a knight’s training and decided she would become one herself.  Of course, her parents were against the idea of letting their only daughter take part in such a dangerous occupation, but after some convincing from her teacher, Falcon, decided that they would let her have her way for the time being.  All the while, her parents thought that the training would be too difficult for her and that she would quit on her own.  They were wrong.

As the years passed, Lizzy became stronger and stronger.  By the time she was eighteen, she had passed the Knight’s Exam and became a member of their ranks.  Her parents should have been proud, but they were furious.  All their hopes for having her take over the family business were dashed in an instant.  At least that was how it seemed until they found a loop hole.  As it turned out, there was a rule among elven female knights where if one were to marry and have children, then they would be released from their knighthood to care for their families.  With this knowledge, all her parents had to do was get her to settle down and all would be right in the perfect little world they had always dreamed of having.  Thus, the search for marriage candidates began. 

It wasn’t until Lizzy turned twenty that her parents found their first perspective match.  The man they intended to have their daughter marry was also an elven knight who happened to be the son of another large trading company operating in the same kingdom.  While Lizzy had met him a couple of times before and seemed to get along with him, she was completely unaware of the trauma that was soon to befall her.


It was a sunny day in the town of Solaris, home of Hawk, Lizzy, and Lisa. Hawk and Lisa were busy helping their new guildmate Lilith move into her new house on a hill on the outskirts of town.  Lilith had finally passed the Knight’s Exam on her third try and had used the gold awarded to her to buy a house in the same town as the man who had offered her a place in his guild two years earlier (see Part 2.5).  Shortly after finishing up moving the few belongings that Lilith owned into her new place, Lilith decided to show them her special room in the house.  In the basement of the house was a decent sized alchemy room stocked with various ingredients and equipment to make potions and other magical items.

“Quite an impressive spread you got here,” said Lisa as she looked around at all the neat stuff that Lilith had collected.

“This is nothing compared to what a true alchemist has,” replied Lilith.

“Hey, what’s this?” asked Hawk, fiddling with a bottle of purplish liquid in a vial.

“Be careful with that!” cried Lilith as she snatched the vial from Hawk’s hands and gently placed it on the table. “This potion is very unstable.  One wrong move and there is no telling what could happen.”

Before Hawk could respond, someone yelled from the top of the basement stairs, “Is anybody home?”  It was Lizzy.

“Yeah, we’re down here.  Come join us,” answered Lilith.  As all three turned around, they were all shocked to see Lizzy in one of her finer dresses.  “What’s the occasion?  Got a date or something?” asked Lilith.

“Yes,” replied Lizzy.  “My parents are forcing me to go on a date with some marriage candidate they picked out for me.  His name is Edward and he is the son of a merchant.  He just became a knight during this year’s exam.”

“Is he cute?” asked an interested Lisa.

“Well he’s not bad looking, but I don’t know if I would go so far as to call him cute,” said a slightly blushing Lizzy.  As she said it, Hawk couldn’t help but feel a hint of jealousy bubble up inside of him.  He had had a crush on her since they were kids and the thought of her going out with another man didn’t sit well with him.  Suddenly it hit him that the name sounded familiar.

“I don’t think you should go out with this guy,” said Hawk.  “If he’s who I think he is, he’s bad news.”  Lizzy and Lisa looked at him as though he had just said something crazy.

“What are you talking about?” asked a confused Lizzy. 

“Well, the thing is that I’ve heard rumors about him being a rich snob who only gained knighthood because of his parents’ influence.  I’ve also heard that he is a known womanizer,” said Hawk.

“You should be ashamed of yourself,” scolded Lizzy.  “It’s not right to judge someone based off rumors before you have a chance to get to know that person first hand.”

“She’s right. Rumors lie,” said Lisa.  “You can’t believe everything you hear.”  As the two girls ganged up on him, Hawk took a step back, unwittingly bumping the table with the potion.  Suddenly the vile smashed on the floor, releasing an explosion of purple gas that engulfed the entire basement


As Hawk came to, he realized that he was lying on the basement floor and that his chest felt slightly heavy.  As he sat up, he placed his hands on his chest.  The moment he did, he felt a strange tingling sensation as a moan escaped his mouth, only it didn’t sound normal.  “What the hell?” said Hawk, only then realizing that it wasn’t his voice speaking the words.  In a panic, he jolted up the basement stairs to find the nearest mirror.  As he stared into it, he realized that the reflection staring back at him was not his own, but Lilith’s instead.  “Oh my god! What the hell is going on?” screamed a bewildered Hawk.  It was then he noticed his body’s reflection in the mirror.  He spun around and said, “Who are you and what did you do to my body?”

“Hawk, don’t freak out, it’s me, Lizzy.  I’m just as freaked out as you are,” said the person controlling his body.  Lizzy turned around just as the other two came up the steps.

“Let’s all calm down,” said the person controlling Lisa’s body.  “It would appear that the potion has caused us to temporarily switch bodies.  From what I can gather, Hawk is in my body, Lizzy is in Hawk’s body, Lisa is in Lizzy’s body, and I’m in Lisa’s body.”

“What are we going to do?” whined Lizzy in Hawk’s voice.  “I’m supposed to be meeting Edward in a little more than an hour.  There is no way I can go looking like this.  You have to change us back.”

“No can do,” said Lilith.  “I don’t have the ingredients to make another potion.  Plus, the potion was just an experiment.  There is no way of knowing what could happen if we made another one to fix the effects of the first one.”

“So, were just supposed to stay like this?” asked a slightly irritated Hawk.

“Don’t worry,” said Lilith calmly.  “I intentionally made the potion as weak as I could in case something like this happened.  The effects should only last for the next few hours.  We should be back in our own bodies hopefully by sunset if not sooner so until then we will just have to make do.”  Lilith turned to Lisa who was now in Lizzy’s body.  “You’ll have to go on the date and act as Lizzy. Do you think you can do that?”

Hawk began to laugh. “Lisa is so unladylike that there is no way she can pull off acting like Lizzy without someone noticing something’s up.”  An irritated Lisa walked over to Lilith’s body and slugged it in the right boob. “DAMMIT!” screamed Hawk, “That really hurt.”

“Serves you right,” taunted Lisa.  She then turned to the other two.  “Hawk is right though.  There is no way that I can pull something like this off.”

“Don’t worry,” said Lizzy.  “We still have an hour.  If you listen carefully we should just be able to pull this off.”  And so, for the next hour, Lizzy did her best to educate Lisa on how to act like her, but to little avail.

“There’s no way I’m going to remember all of this,” whined Lisa, her temple throbbing from all the information she was trying to digest.

“It’s a good thing I have a backup plan,” said Lilith as she came back from cleaning the mess in the basement.  “Hawk, I’m going to need you to come over here and do exactly as I say.”  As Hawk walked over to her, Lilith explained a spell that would temporarily allow the four of them to speak telepathically.  Since Hawk was now in her body, he would have to perform the spell instead.  With her instruction as a guide, Hawk was just barely able to perform the spell.  “Now that the spell is operational, Lizzy should be able to tell Lisa how to act like her while the date is going on.  The only problem is that we will need to find a place to monitor the date without drawing suspicion.”

“That should be easy,” said Lizzy.  “The date is taking place at the guild hall in the center of town.  Nobody would think twice about a group of knights sitting around there.”  Thus, the plan was made and the group made their way to the guild hall.


As the group walked in, they noticed a handsome elf sitting by himself in the back corner of the guild hall.  Lisa knew right away that the man was Edward.  She proceeded to leave the others and walked over to the table.  “Miss Elizabeth, it is so good to see you,” said Edward with a charming smile.  He stood up and pulled out a chair for her.  “Please have a seat and order whatever you like.”

“That’s very kind of you,” said Lisa, still in Lizzy’s body as she sat down.  Like a true gentleman, Edward pushed her chair in.  Lisa couldn’t help but blush as no man had ever treated her so politely when she was in her usual body.

“I know we’ve only met a couple of times before which is why I would like to take this time to learn more about you,” said Edward.  And so, Lisa began telling Edward about Lizzy’s life as Lizzy fed her information through their telepathic link.  As she and Edward talked, they began downing a couple of drinks.  Soon enough Lisa began to feel the call of nature.  The moment she tried to get up to excuse herself, she realized just how much of a lightweight Lizzy was when it came to alcohol.  She took a few steps forward and lost her balance.  Luckily Edward caught her before she could fall on her face.  “Are you all right?” asked Edward, his face full of concern.  He gently helped her to her seat.

“I’m fine,” said Lisa, her face now flushed with embarrassment.  “I guess I drank a little too much.”  By this point she was squirming in desperation.

Edward noticed this and with a soft and caring smile asked, “Do you need to use the ladies room?”

“Yes,” muttered an embarrassed Lisa.  She was just now starting to realize in addition to being a lightweight when it came to drinking, Lizzy also had a very small bladder.  In an instant Lisa knew that there was no way that she would be able to get up and make it safely to a bathroom without having an accident.  “I don’t think I can make it though.”

Expecting for Edward to be totally grossed out by her confession, Lisa was pleasantly surprised when he said, “Don’t worry, I have an idea.”  He proceeded to push her chair in so that it was now covered by the tablecloth.  He then grabbed his mug of ale which was still about half full and chugged it down.  Handing the mug to her, he told her to place it between her legs under the table and use it to relieve herself.

“I can’t do that,” said Lisa, no longer able to meet his eyes.  “People might hear.”

Edward looked around before saying, “There’s no one around us. But if you’re still concerned, I will drown out any sound you make by talking or humming.”

Lisa looked into his eyes and knew he was telling the truth.  “Alright,” she said.  All the while, a voice that sounded like Lizzy’s was screaming in her head not to even think about doing it.  Disregarding the telepathic voice, Lisa placed the empty mug under the table and lifted up Lizzy’s dress just enough so that she could place the mug where it needed to be.  Trying to be as discrete as she could, she pulled Lizzy’s panties to the side and placed the mug in position.  As soon as she had the mug in place, she let the golden stream loose into the mug.  A look of pure relief washed over her face.  Suddenly she realized that stream was stronger than she anticipated and that it was now making a loud sloshing noise as it hit the glass. But true to his word, Edward began talking loud enough to cover the sound of her piss.  About a minute into her glorious release, Lisa realized that one mug wouldn’t be enough.  “Oh no,” whispered Lisa.  “The mug is almost full.”

“I got this,” said Edward as he flew into action.  Thinking quickly, he grabbed Lisa’s mug which still had a little bit of ale in it and polished it off.  He then grabbed the silverware on the table and dropped it underneath the table so that he would have an excuse if anybody asked why he was under the table.  As he went underneath the table cover, he noticed that the mug was almost full.  “Pinch off your stream,” said Edward.  As she did, Edward grabbed the piss filled mug and gave her the empty one before coming out from underneath the table with the dropped silverware and the piss-filled mug.  Luckily the piss was similar in color to one of the lighter ales served at the guild hall.  It would be another minute before Lisa finished.  By the time she was done, there were two nearly full mugs of piss on the table.  “Here,” said Edward as he handed her a handkerchief.  “And don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone about this.”  He then grabbed the two mugs and walked over to a window.  When he was sure no one was looking, he quickly dumped the contents outside and walked back to the table.

“Thank you,” said a blushing Lisa.  “Not a lot of guys would be so understanding of this situation.”

“Well, I’m not like a lot of other guys,” said Edward chuckling.  And with that, they continued where they left off.


Meanwhile at a table not so far away, Lilith and Hawk were doing their best to restrain Lizzy, still in Hawk’s body, so that she would not blow their cover.  “How could she do something so embarrassing in my body,” cried an angry Lizzy.

“Relax,” said Lilith.  “Everything worked out alright.  In fact, he doesn’t seem phased by that at all.  If you ask me, he seems like a keeper.”

“I hate to say it but it looks like the rumors about him were just that,” said Hawk, now ashamed at how he could’ve judged the guy so harshly without ever having met him.  “I think Lisa’s got this under control.  Let’s head back to the house and wait for her.”

Realizing that Hawk was probably right Lizzy replied begrudgingly, “Fine.”  And with that the three left the guild hall and began making their way back to Lilith’s house.

“Let’s go through the forest,” said Lilith as they walked.  “It’s the shortest route to my house.”  As they did, Lizzy began to feel a bit uncomfortable.  She could feel the throbbing of the crotch on Hawk’s body and knew that the time she had been most dreading had now come.

“I know this is probably the worst time for this but I really need to twinkle,” said Lizzy as she moved Hawk’s body in desperation.  Even Hawk was now blushing as he heard the word “twinkle” come out of his manly voice.  But unfortunately, there was no helping it.  If his body had to go it had to go.

“Alright,” said Hawk.  “Let’s duck behind the trees over there so we can get this over with.  Just please never say the word “twinkle” while in my body ever again.”  Lizzy did as she was told and she and Hawk walked behind the trees.  It was then that Hawk noticed that Lilith had followed them.  “And just what do you think you’re doing?  This doesn’t involve you so would you please mind waiting on the other side of the trees.”

Lilith merely looked at him and laughed. “You’re crazy if you think I’m going to miss this.  Here’s the deal.  Either you let me watch or you can watch as the little princess wets herself in your body.  You’re choice.”

“Fine,” said Hawk, knowing that there was no way that he could win in this situation.  “Just don’t try anything stupid.”  Hawk then turned his attention to Lizzy.  “The first thing you’re going to need to do is pull down my pants.  On the plus side I’m not wearing underwear today so you won’t have to deal with that.  Once my pants our down, you’ll need to grab my equipment, aim at the tree, and release.”

“Alright,” said Lizzy as she pulled the pants down to the ground.  As she did this, she saw the penis for the first time and out of shame covered her eyes.  The thought of touching Hawk’s equipment was too much for her ladylike sensibilities.  “I can’t do this.  Someone is going to need to do it for me.”

“I’ll do it,” said Lilith as she eagerly approached Hawk’s body and reached out her hand to grab Hawk’s equipment.

“Don’t you even think about it you damn demon,” said Hawk as he knocked her hand away.  “If anybody should be doing this, it should be me, after all it is my body.”

“Alright,” said Lilith smiling as she backed off.  “It’s all yours.”

Hawk looked at her with distrust as he grabbed the penis and prepared to aim it.  “You’re being surprisingly reasonable about this.  What’s your end game?”

“Isn’t it obvious,” smirked Lilith.  “Just seeing you use my body to touch your penis is more than enough for me.”

Hawk blushed with embarrassment, but decided not to give her the satisfaction of a response.  He turned his attention back to Lizzy.  “I have it in position.  Now all you have to do is let go.”  A few second passed by before the first few drops hit the ground then gradually became a full-on stream.  By this point, Lizzy had removed her hands from her eyes and was watching with pure fascination as the yellow stream stuck the bark of the tree, turning the bark a darker shade of brown.  As she was watching this, she couldn’t help but feel like she had missed a great opportunity but she was way too embarrassed to ask Hawk if she could take over so she watched on in silence.  When the stream finally died out, Hawk shook the last few drops all the while noticing that Lilith seemed to be getting turned on by watching the scene play out.  As Hawk stood up, he felt the call of nature too.  He looked at Lilith and with a wicked smile said, “Now it would seem that I have to go.  It’s pack back time.”  He watched in amusement as Lilith averted her gaze and he reveled in the satisfaction that he could now get back at her for all the times she had embarrassed him since inducting her into the guild.

“Well the joke’s on you,” said Lilith her voice slightly trembling.  “Since this is your first time in a girl’s body, there is no way you would know how to piss like a girl.  Furthermore, I don’t care if you piss yourself in my body because there is no way that I’m teaching you how to do it.”

“You don’t need to teach me,” said Hawk as he hiked up Lilith’s skirt and removed her panties.  “When I was little my sister used to make me accompany her every time she had to go to the bathroom while we were playing the woods.  I learned exactly all I need to know from watching her.”  Hawk proceeded to squat down in Lilith’s body and within seconds he shot a golden arc up into the air and watched in amusement as it landed a couple feet away.  “Aww, sweet relief,” teased Hawk.  He looked at Lilith who was now red with embarrassment and decided to push her a bit further.  “Despite having seen you naked that on time you played that trick on me, I’ve never actually gotten a good look at you.  This is my chance to see if your long silvery white hair is the real deal.”

“Don’t you dare,” said Lilith, but she was too late.  Hawk had moved his head down and saw small white hairs above the crotch.  In retaliation Lilith walked over to Hawk and yanked down Lisa’s pants and squatted down next to her own body.  “Well I guess you wouldn’t mind if I did this then.” Suddenly, Lilith used her fingers to spread the labia on Lisa’s body and began swaying, spreading a torrent of piss everywhere.

“Big deal.  There isn’t a part of my sister that I haven’t already seen,” replied Hawk although he was partially lying.  While it was true that he had seen his sister naked before, the truth was that he had only seen her naked before puberty struck, so seeing his sister’s brownish red pubic hairs was new to him.

“Just stop already,” cried Lizzy.  “You’re both acting like children.”  Realizing that she was right, both Hawk and Lilith stopped and apologized.  As they finished up, they noticed that the sun was beginning to set.  Suddenly all three felt light-headed and collapsed to the ground.


While the piss adventure was occurring in the woods on the other side of town, Lisa and Edward were just finishing up the at the guild hall.  It was starting to get late and Edward had offered to help her home as she was still a little wobbly.  As they left the guildhall Edward said, “Why don’t we take this alleyway, it’s the quickest way to get back to your house.”

“Alright,” said Lisa, not thinking clearly.  As they began to move down the alleyway she found it more and more difficult to walk upright.  “Can we stop for a minute? I need a second to gather myself.” 

Without warning Edward pinned her to the wall of one of the buildings.  “That’s fine with me,” he said, his tone becoming darker.  “While we’re here we might as well have a little bit of fun.”  Before she had time to react, Edward reached underneath her dress and began fondling her while kissing the side of her neck.

“Stop!” cried Lisa.

“Oh, come on, I’m just having a little bit of fun,” said Edward.  “Just relax and let it happen.  By the time I’m done you’ll be screaming for more.”

“I said stop!” screamed Lisa as she managed to jam her knee into Edward’s crotch.  She watched as he crumpled to the ground.  Still feeling buzzed, she ran off down the alley trying to put as much distance between them as she could, all the while calling out frantically using the telepathic spell placed on her earlier.  Unfortunately, she was out of range of her friends.  Her only hope now would be to make it to a crowded place. 

As she ran she could her a man scream, “GET BACK HERE YOU BITCH!”  What seemed like an eternity passed before the body she was in began to feel too heavy to move.  With great horror, she realized that she was beginning to lose consciousness.  As she blacked out, all she could do was pray that she had gotten far enough away from Edward.


Lisa suddenly jolted up and as she looked around she noticed that she was no longer in the alleyway but in the forest instead.  As she looked around, she noticed that the Hawk and Lilith were just waking up.  Lisa ran over to Hawk, her body still feeling weak from the potion wearing off and screamed, “Hawk, Lizzy’s in big trouble.  Edward is trying to assault her.  I tried to get her body as far away from him as I could but I collapsed before I could find help.  You have to help her.”

As Hawk heard the news, he grabbed hold of Lisa’s shoulders and said, “Where were you when you collapsed in Lizzy’s body?” 

“In the alleyway behind the guild hall.  You need to hurry there isn’t much time.” Tears were streaming down her face as Lisa blamed herself for not getting Lizzy to safety.  Lisa watched as Hawk tore through the trees like a bat out of hell.  “Come on,” said Lilith as she helped Lisa to her feet.  “We have to get moving.”


As Lizzy opened her eyes, she was horrified to see that a deranged Edward was now on top of her, pinning her to the ground.  “I finally found you, you little bitch,” he said.  As Lizzy struggled to get out from underneath him, Edward slapped her hard across the cheek, splitting the side of her lip in the process.  He then forcibly grabbed squeezed her face in his hands and said, “I don’t want to hurt you anymore than I have to.  Now just be a good girl and stay still.  Who knows, maybe you’ll enjoy it.”

“Why are you doing this?” asked a fearful Lizzy.  “I thought you were one of the good guys.”

Edward looked at her and laughed.  “This little façade was all a part of my plan to get you to fall for me.  Once that happened all you had to do was marry me so that I could inherit your parents’ trading company at which point I would’ve become richer than my wildest dreams.  But like a stupid bitch you rejected my advances.  Look, I’m used to getting what I want and I will get what I want either the easy way or the hard way.  You make the call.”  Lizzy lifted her head up and spat in his face.  Edward used his sleeve to wipe off the bloody spit.  “The hard way it is then.”

As Edward began taking his belt off Lizzy began screaming, “SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME!”

Suddenly Edward wrapped his belt around Lizzy’s neck choking off her ability to speak.  “SHUT UP! No one is coming to save you.”  Edward then proceeded to rip open the top of Lizzy’s dress and with his free hand began fondling one of Lizzy’s breasts.  By this point Lizzy had realized that nobody was coming to save her, and finally she stopped struggling.  As she tearfully closed her eyes and waited for it to be over, the sounds of boots slamming the ground filled the alleyway.

“GET OFF HER YOU BASTARD!” yelled a familiar voice.  Lizzy opened her eyes just in time to see Hawk tackle Edward and throw him to the ground.  Hawk then proceeded to get on top of Edward and began pummeling him with his fists.  As Lizzy sat up she was in a state of shock.  She watched Hawk lay into Edward as though she were watching through someone else’s eyes.

“HAWK STOP!” screamed a female voice coming down the alley.  It was Lisa.  “Stop or you’re going to kill him.” But Hawk kept punching a now nearly unconscious Edward.  As Lisa moved to pry Hawk off of him, somebody came from behind and grabbed her in a chokehold.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” said Lilith, using all her strength to hold Lisa back.

“Let me go!” cried Lisa as she tried to get out of the chokehold, only to have Lilith squeeze tighter.  “We need to stop Hawk now or he’s going to kill him.”  As she tried to turn her head around to look Lilith in the eye, she noticed that Lilith’s once emerald green eyes were now a dark ruby red.

“So what?” said Lilith coldly.  “This world is filled with scum who think that they can do anything they want because they have money and power.  If I had to guess, this guy has done it before and if he goes free he’ll just do it to some other girl.  He deserves to die.”

“What are you saying?” asked a scared and confused Lisa.  “He may be a scumbag but killing him isn’t justice.”

“Lisa, Lisa, Lisa,” replied Lilith in a condescending tone.  “You are so naïve to the ways of the world.  There are all kinds of justice in this world.  And now it is time for Hawk to make a choice as to how he wants to serve it.  No one else can make the decision for him.”  Realizing that there was nothing more she could do, Lisa stopped struggling and watched in horror as her brother continued to beat the man.

“Please have mercy,” begged a bloody Edward, each punch bringing him closer and closer to death.  Ironically, it was his plea for mercy that snapped Lizzy out of her trance.    Without hesitation, Lizzy flung her body around Hawk’s back.

“THAT’S ENOUGH!” she screamed as she cried into the back of Hawk’s shirt.  “He’s had enough.”  Lizzy’s words brought Hawk back to his senses.  As he stopped his next punch, he looked down at his fists that were now stained with blood.  He then looked at Edward whose face was now covered in blood and completely swollen.  Hawk got off of him and moved over to the side of the alleyway.  He then threw up in shock of almost having savagely killed a man with his bare hands.  Once he regained his composure, he proceeded to take his shirt off and draped it around Lizzy’s torn dress.

“Let’s go home,” he said as he helped her to her feet.  He then turned to Lisa who was no longer in Lilith’s headlock.  “You two should take this piece of trash and turn him over to the proper authorities.  Make sure they know everything that happened.”  With that he guided Lizzy out of the alleyway, leaving the rest to Lisa and Lilith.

“Interesting,” said Lilith as she watched Hawk leave, her eyes back to their normal color.  “He did exactly as I thought he would do.”

“Wait, a second,” said Lisa.  “You knew all along that he wasn’t going to kill Edward?”

“Not at all,” said Lilith.  “I merely thought that he wouldn’t kill him and I was right.”

“And what would you have done if he had continued?” asked Lisa, afraid to know the answer.

“Absolutely nothing,” replied Lilith as she grabbed Edward’s belt which was now lying on the ground and used it to bound his hands.  “Everything I said before was true.  There are all different kinds of justice in this world and that it is up to Hawk to figure out which path he wants to take.  Regardless of which path he chooses I will stand by his side.  What will you do?”

As Lisa helped Lilith get Edward to his feet she said, “I honestly don’t know.”  And with that they began making the twenty-mile trek to the next town over where they would turn Edward into the authorities who specialized in dealing with rogue knights.


As Hawk and Lizzy walked through the now darkened streets of Solaris, Hawk couldn’t help but think about what could have happened had he not made it in time.  His thoughts were interrupted by Lizzy’s words.  “Hey Hawk, I don’t want to go home tonight.  Can I stay at your place?”

“Sure,” said Hawk as he escorted her to his home.  Both he and his sister had decided to pool their money to buy a large house with plenty of open space just outside of town.  As they entered the house, Hawk had Lizzy sit down in the kitchen while he grabbed a pair of his clothes for her to change into seeing as Lisa’s would be way too small.  While Lizzy was changing, Hawk went into another room to grab some bandages and a wet cloth for his hands.  He then went back to the kitchen and sat down at the table, where he began treating his hands.

“Please let me do that,” said Lizzy as she grabbed the wet cloth from Hawk’s hands and began wiping the blood away.  She then proceeded to carefully bandage each hand.  Once they were completely bandaged, she them between hands and began to cry.  “I’m so sorry.  If I had just listened to you then this never would have happened.”

Using his bandaged right hand, he gently wiped the tears from her eyes and said, “Don’t blame yourself.  There is no way you could have known that this would happen.  I’m just happy your safe.  Now it’s been a long day, why don’t you go sleep in Lisa’s room.  I’m sure she won’t be back until tomorrow anyway.”  Lizzy nodded her head and went off to Lisa’s room.  As soon as she was gone, Hawk began to stare at his now bandaged hands. “What the hell was I going to do if she hadn’t stopped me?” he asked himself, already knowing the dark truth.  Realizing that it wouldn’t do him any good dwelling on it, he went to his own room, changed his clothes and went to sleep.

During the middle of the night, the sound of the wood floor creaking stirred him from his slumber.  He then felt something heavy on his abdomen.  As he opened his eyes he saw Lizzy sitting on top of him wearing nothing but her underwear.  “Hawk I have a favor to ask,” said Lizzy.

“What is it?” asked Hawk.

“I want you to take me right here right now.  Make a woman out of me.”

“Do you even know what you’re asking?” asked a shocked Hawk as he sat up as much as he could.  “Sex is something that you can’t take back.”

“I know that,” said Lizzy.

“Then why are you asking me to do something like that?  And don’t lie to me”

“If you want to know the truth I’ll tell you.  It is tradition among my people that female elves are bound to the man they first have sex with.  If I am no longer pure, my parents can no longer force me to marry scum like that man.  Please, you’re the only man I can trust to set me free.”

Hawk shot up and grabbed Lizzy in a tight embrace.  “I’m sorry but that is one favor I cannot grant.  You’re not yourself right now.  You’re not in the right mind to be making big decisions like this.”

“So you don’t want to make love to me?” asked a teary eyed Lizzy.

“It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s that it wouldn’t be right,” said Hawk.  “The first time is a special thing that should be done out of love, not for the reason that you’re trying to give me.  Look if you still want to do it in a couple of years and it’s for the right reason then I might consider it, but I won’t take advantage of a friend when she’s clearly hurting.”

As Lizzy heard Hawk’s words she began to cry harder than she had ever cried before.  “I just don’t know what I’m supposed to do,” she sobbed.  “It feels like my world is falling apart in front of me and that I’m all alone.”

“You’re not alone,” said Hawk as he squeezed her tighter.  “I’m here and I’ll always be here no matter what.  And should your world fall apart, I’ll be there to help you pick up the pieces.  You’ll never be alone.”  Hawk pulled back the covers and allowed her to crawl underneath them.  As she did, he wrapped his arms around her, and in the quite of that dark room, Lizzy fell asleep feeling safer than she had ever felt before.


Sometime later, it was reported that Edward had committed suicide in a jail specially made for knights.  Of course, Hawk knew better than to believe that.  He suspected that Lizzy’s father had found out about what Edward had done and had him killed.  Because the death was allegedly a suicide, many people believed rightly so that he was guilty of his crime which in turn caused the downfall of his parent’s company.  And of course, all business contracts that were made with that company moved over to Lizzy’s parents’ company.  What was worse was that Hawk suspected that this had been Lizzy’s father’s plan when he first introduced his daughter to Edward.  If this were true, Lizzy had merely been used as means to end to get rid of a rival.  Hawk didn’t want to believe this but deep down he knew it was true.  But even thinking all this, he decided that Lizzy would be better off not knowing about the things her father might have done, at least for now.

As Hawk continued to walk back to camp with Lizzy on his back, all he could think about was that he would do anything to protect her so that he would never have to see her cry like that ever again.

“Hey Hawk,” said Lizzy.

“Yeah,” replied Hawk.

“Promise you’ll never leave my side.  Promise me that if my world falls apart that you’ll be there to help pick up the pieces,” said Lizzy her voice slightly choked up.

“I promise,” said Hawk.  As he said it, he thought to himself: I’ll protect you no matter what it is that I have to do or have become in the process.


Part 4 Coming Soon



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Part 4

Lisa had just returned to the campsite after telling her brother and Lizzy that dinner was almost ready.  As she sat down on a stump and watched Lilith finish cooking, she couldn’t help but feel jealous of how close Hawk and Lizzy were getting.  As Lilith turned around, she noticed that Lisa seemed very upset.  “Is everything alright?” asked Lilith.

“Everything’s just fine,” said Lisa, a hint of irritation in her voice.  “They told me to go on ahead and that they will be here shortly.”

Unconvinced by Lisa’s response Lilith said, “We both know that I can tell when you’re lying so just tell me what’s going on.”

“If you must know, when I found Lizzy and Hawk, they were sparring and then they fell down a hill.  When I went to go check on them, I heard something about a bet and then I saw them kissing.”

“Well that’s a relief,” said Lilith.  Just as she said it, Lisa shot Lilith a hateful glance since she thought that Lilith could at least be more supportive of her incestuous feelings towards Hawk.  Lilith realizing what was going on quickly clarified her remark. “What I mean is it’s good that the whole river incident didn’t negatively impact their friendship like Hawk was concerned about.  As for what you saw, I’m sure that the kiss was just a prize and meant nothing more to Lizzy.”

“I’m not so sure,” responded Lisa.  “They kissed twice.  Hawk kissed her the first time and then Lizzy kissed him the second time.  I honestly don’t know what to think anymore.”

“What type of kiss was it?” asked an intrigued Lilith as she walked over to Lisa.  “There are different types of kisses.”  She proceeded to lean down and before Lisa could resist, pressed her lips to hers.  As their lips parted, Lilith asked, “Was it a kiss like that?”

“I think the first one was,” said a blushing Lisa, her arm covering her mouth to prevent another kiss.  Suddenly Lilith grabbed both of Lisa’s arms and held them above her head so that she would not be able to resist.  As Lilith leaned in closer, Lisa screamed “DON’T YOU EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!”  But it was too late.  In opening her mouth to speak, she unwittingly gave Lilith the opportunity to kiss her again.  This time she could feel Lilith’s tongue inside her mouth playfully dancing with her own.  Lisa tried to resist at first, but Lilith’s kissing skills forced her into submission.

As Lilith removed her lips from Lisa’s, she asked, “Was the second kiss something like that?”  Lilith watched in amusement as a flushed Lisa panted for air. 

“I think so,” said Lisa, wiping a little bit of drool from the side of her mouth.  She then stood up, grabbed Lilith by the collar of her shirt, and with one fist clenched said, “If you ever do something like that to me again I will beat you to a bloody pulp.”  Lilith playfully raised her hands in submission and backed away as Lisa released her.  Lisa then began walking back towards the trees.

“Where are you heading?” asked Lilith.

“Nature’s calling,” replied Lisa.  “Just stay here and wait for the others.  I’ll be back shortly.”  As she walked away from the campsite, she touched her lips and thought about how great it would be if her brother would kiss her like that.


As soon as Lisa thought that she had made it far enough away from camp, she walked over to a tree and leaned against it.  She slowly began to pull down her pants and underwear and then lowered herself into a squatting position.  Within seconds, a small trickle came from underneath her.  As the droplets hit the ground, Lisa began to think about the monstrous stream that Lizzy had used when she pissed in Hawk’s face.  While Lisa did believe that it was an accident, she also thought that she had seen what had looked like excitement on her brother’s face immediately following the incident.  It was then that she came up the notion that Hawk liked getting pissed on by women.  As she looked down at her tiny stream, she said, “There is no way I could beat Lizzy with a stream like this.”

Lisa then pinched off her stream, and using her hands, she spread her labia.  Then she restarted her stream.  This time the stream went forward only a couple of inches and was nothing more than a light drizzle.  She stopped once more and placed one of her hands down on the ground while using the other to spread her labia.  Lisa began to lean back while pushing her pelvis forward.  Then with great force, she restarted her stream and this time managed to hit a distance a foot and a half away.  This time her stream was strong enough to drill a small hole in the dirt.  She smiled as she began to imagine that the piss soaked dirt was her brother.  She could imagine him saying things like “Please give me more.” and “You do it way better than Lizzy.”

Suddenly she was snapped back to reality as her stream began to die out, forcing her to make adjustments so that she wouldn’t piss on herself.  As she finished up, she reached into her pockets for something to wipe with but realized that she had nothing to use.  Taking a quick look around, she noticed a small plant within arm’s reach which looked to have soft leaves.  Grabbing a couple of the leaves, she noticed how oily yet soft they felt.  Not thinking much of it, she used the leaves to wipe away the few remaining drops and tossed the leaves away.  She then stood up, pulled up her pants, and began making her way back to the campsite, completely unaware of the huge mistake she had just made.


By the time Lisa got back to the campsite, Hawk and Lizzy were already there.  The first thing Lisa noticed was that Lizzy was wearing Hawk’s shirt.  While it did bother her a bit, she assumed Lizzy must have torn her shirt in the sparring match or during the fall down the hill and that Hawk, being the good guy that he is, had given her his shirt.  Lisa then noticed that Lilith was checking Lizzy’s reflexes and asking questions. 

“When did you first notice the numbness in your legs and your inability to stand?” questioned Lilith.

“It was a little before Lisa came to get us for dinner,” replied Lizzy.  “Shortly after that my hands began shaking uncontrollably.  What the hell is going on?”

“My best guess is that you are experiencing side effects from the snake bite,” said Lilith.  She then walked over to her bag and removed a small journal.  “Just give me a second and I should have some answers for you.”  Just as she found the page she was looking for, Hawk yanked the journal from her hands.

“Because you failed to tell us about any possible side effects of the snake bit, I think should be the one to read the journal so that there aren’t any more surprises,” said Hawk.  As he looked at the writing on the page, he realized that it was written in a language he couldn’t read.  “What the hell language is this?”

“It’s the language of my people,” replied Lilith as she grabbed the book back.  “Now according to the information collected on these types of snake bites, the most common side-effects are: numbness or inability to move one’s limbs, vomiting, fever, and hallucinations.  In some rare cases, the toxin can increase one’s sexual desires as well.”  Lilith turned to look at a now embarrassed Lizzy.  “Do you feel horny by any chance?”

“Of course not!” screamed an indignant Lizzy.  While Lizzy was responding to Lilith’s question, Hawk had to wonder whether the kiss that Lizzy had planted on him or her grabbing onto his dick might have been a result of the snake bite increasing her sexual desires.

“Well, there is not much we can do now but wait for the toxins to wear off.  I’m sure you’ll be fine by tomorrow, but for now I’ll give you a potion that should help with the shaking.”  Lilith reached into her bag and pulled out a small vial of blueish liquid and handed it to Lizzy.  As Lizzy drank it, Hawk couldn’t help but be suspicious of the potion as he did not know its side effects.  Lilith noticed Hawk’s concern and said, “Don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe.”

Choosing to believe her, Hawk said, “Alright, but if your potion causes any bad side effects you’ll be answering to me.  Now how about we eat before the food gets cold.”  Lilith nodded her head, happy that Hawk was at least talking to her after the incident at the river earlier in the day.

“For dinner we have snake stew,” said Lilith as she poured a bit of the stew into wooden bowls and passed the food around.  Instead of pouring herself a bowl, she went over and sat next to Lizzy whose hands were trembling too much to hold a spoon.  “Let me try to make up for not telling you about the toxins side effects by helping feed you.”

Lizzy seeing the look of remorse in Lilith’s eyes gave in and said, “Fine.  But don’t try anything funny.” 

Hawk watched with a hint of jealousy as Lilith helped Lizzy eat.  As he ate a spoonful of his own food, he realized just how good Lilith’s cooking was.  While he was getting ready to take another spoonful, he realized that his bowl was full of chunks of meat, just the way he liked it.  Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed that the stew remaining in the pot had hardly any meat in it and knew instantly that Lilith had given her share of the snake meat to him as a way of apologizing for the river incident.  As he looked back at his own bowl, he realized just how awful the things he had said to her really were.  While too proud to apologize, he realized he needed to say something.  “You know Lilith, you may be a major pain in my ass but you’re one hell of a cook.  None of the rest of us can really cook so if you weren’t here, dinner would be awful.”  As he looked at her, he noticed that she had a confused look in her eyes as if she did not know what Hawk was trying to do. 

Understanding what Hawk was trying to do, Lizzy decided she would help him out.  “What exactly are you trying to say to her, Hawk?” 

Hawk shot Lizzy an irritated glance before turning his attention back to Lilith.  “Look, what I’m trying to say is that if you promise to stay out of trouble for the rest of the trip, I might reconsider what I said to you earlier at the river.”  As he said that, he noticed out of the corner of his eye that Lilith was smiling and he could see a trace of tears in her eyes. 

“Don’t worry, Hawk.  I won’t cause any more trouble,” replied Lilith, trying to hide her excitement at the prospect of being forgiven.  After that, the rest of dinner was pretty much quiet except for the couple of times that Hawk yelled at Lisa to stop scratching her butt and crotch while people were eating.  As Lisa was helping Lilith clean up, Lilith noticed that one of Lisa’s hands was extremely rashy looking.  “Hey Lisa, when you went to relieve yourself, you didn’t happen to touch any oily or waxy plants did you?”

“I did. What’s the big deal?” asked Lisa.  Lilith quickly reached into her bag and pulled out some bandages.  She then wrapped the bandages around Lisa’s hands.  “What are you doing?” questioned Lisa, now starting to get a little scared.  Instead of answering her, Lilith picked up her journal and began leafing through the pages until she stopped on a sketch of a small plant.

“Did you touch this plant?” asked Lilith as she showed the picture to Lisa.  When Lisa nodded her head, Lilith face turned grim.  “This isn’t good.  That plant you touched is known as a pygmy mandrake root.  While not as poisonous as the other types of mandrake root, the oils that come off its leaves can cause a severe rash that may blister.”  Lilith then turned to Hawk and told him to grab the vial of yellowish liquid from her bag while she retrieved a used towel.  As she threw the towel on the ground, she instructed Lisa to stand on the towel and drink the entire vial.  The moment Lisa finished the vial, her entire body began to feel heavy.

“What did you do to me?” asked Lisa as she fell to her knees.

“I gave you a light sedative to reduce the chances of you fighting back while we try to treat your rash,” said Lilith.  She then walked up behind Lisa and pushed her to the ground so that she was now lying face down on the towel.  Lilith then had Hawk wrap her hands in bandages for her just in case Lisa had any residual mandrake oil on her clothes.  She then proceeded to remove Lisa’s pants and panties, despite Lisa screaming at her not to do it.  Hawk, Lilith, and Lizzy were all shocked to see that the rash was covering Lilith’s butt and that there were patches that had been scratched raw and were now bleeding.

“How do you treat something like that?” asked Hawk, very concerned about his sister’s well-being.

“Urine is the only known treatment for treating this type of rash,” said Lilith.  “You’ll need to pee on the wound.”

“Why me?” asked Hawk.  “Couldn’t you or Lizzy do it?”

“Lizzy can’t do it because she might accidentally transfer some of the snake’s toxin now that it has been in her body long enough to come out through her urine.  As for me, I can’t direct my stream well enough to cover the entire affected area.  That just leaves you.”

“But I can’t do it,” said Hawk.  “I just went not too long ago and I don’t have the urge to go right now.”

“I can fix that,” said Lilith as she reached into her bag and pulled out a small vial of greenish yellow liquid.  “Drink this and it will make you need to go within a matter of minutes.”  Hawk did as he was told and sure enough, he felt the strong urge to go within five minutes of drinking the vial.  As he prepared to pull his pants down to perform the deed, Lisa began squirming.

“You’re all crazy if you think I’m going to let myself get peed on,” said Lilith as she tried to move her arms.  Lilith quickly grabbed hold of them and proceeded to sit on Lisa’s back so that she couldn’t move.

“Hurry up.  The potion I used on Lisa won’t last much longer.”

“Right,” said Hawk as he pulled his pants down so that he would not have to worry about dripping on his pants while spraying the rashy area. “Sorry about this Lisa,” he said as he began spraying her butt with his piss.  Lisa began screaming as the warmth of Hawk’s piss began spreading around her butt, simultaneously irritating some off the spots that she had scratched raw.

“PLEASE STOP!” she screamed, tears of pain and embarrassment running down her eyes as she did her best to turn her head to face Hawk.  When Hawk saw the pained look on her face, he pinched off his stream.

“What the hell are you doing?” screamed Lilith looking at Hawk. “You need to keep treating the area.  If we don’t treat it now and it gets infected, the situation could become a lot more dangerous.  Man up and finish what you started.” 

Hawk knew that Lilith was right.  He began to remember the stories his father used to tell him about how infection could be just as deadly as being run through with a sword.  With new found determination, he resumed his stream, making sure to spray every inch of Lisa’s butt.  As Lisa’s screams resumed, Hawk told her, “Don’t worry, it will all be over soon.”  After his piss stream ceased, Lilith told him that they would need to give it a few minutes for Lisa’s butt to dry.  While they were waiting, Lilith grabbed another towel and placed next to the one that Lisa was laying on. 

Minutes passed until Lilith decided that Lisa’s butt was dry enough.  “Now move her to the clean towel and roll her over on her back,” ordered Lilith.  While not understanding why, Hawk did as she said.  What he saw next horrified him.  The area around Lucy’s pussy was rashy as well.  Seeing a look of hesitation in Hawk’s eyes, Lilith said, “Don’t worry, I’ll treat this next one.  I’m warning you now that it’s going to be painful for her so I’ll need you to try to keep her calm.  Hold her down if you have to.”

Lilith, who favored skirts over pants, proceeded to remove her skirt and panties.  She then hovered directly above Lisa’s pussy.  Using one of her bandaged hands, she spread Lisa’s labia to see if the rash had spread there as well and unfortunately it had, but not badly.  Lilith then used her free hand to spread her own labia and released her own piss stream over Lisa’s pussy and inner thighs.  The pain of the urine hitting the rash made Lisa start screaming again, except this time the screams were louder and more blood curdling.

Not knowing what else to do, Hawk grabbed Lisa’s head and gently placed it on his lap.  He placed his hands on her cheeks and told her, “Just keep looking at me okay.  Everything is going to be alright.”  The softness of Hawk’s words and the gentleness in his eyes were reassuring to Lisa.  Her screaming changed into a more relaxed deep breathing.  For just a few seconds, Hawk happened to look up and saw the look of concern and concentration on Lilith’s face as she did her best to maneuver her golden stream to where it needed to go.  Hawk closed his eyes for a moment and thanked the gods that Lilith had been there to help.

By the time Lilith was finished, Lisa had passed out, her head still being cradled in Hawk’s lap.  Lilith couldn’t help but notice that Lizzy had been watching the entire scene play out with almost an animal like hunger in her eyes.  Lizzy had had her hands between her legs, her fists clenched so tightly that her knuckles were almost white.  Even though Lizzy was wearing Hawk’s borrowed shirt made of slightly thicker material, Lilith could see her nipples slightly sticking out.  She had also noticed that Lizzy’s breathing had been heavier and more fast paced than usual and her face was an almost erotic shade of red, made almost more erotic by the way she was biting her lower lip.

The moment that Hawk turned his head around to face Lizzy he knew that something was off.  He gently placed Lisa’s head on the towel as he got up and walked over to Lizzy.  Not really thinking of how embarrassing it might be for her, Hawk placed his forehead against hers, just as his mother had done for him when he got sick during his childhood days.  “You’re burning up,” said Hawk.  Before he could ask Lilith what they should do to help her, Lizzy fell forward.  As Hawk caught her, he realized that she too was no longer conscious.

“It looks like she’s suffering another one of the snake bite’s side effects.  Take her into the tent and place a cold wet cloth on her forehead.  I’ll start making a medicine to bring her fever down,” said Lilith. As Hawk picked up Lizzy and carried her to the tent, Lilith couldn’t help but think to herself that this was going to be a very long night.

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Another great instalment @Char242, you have a great imagination for situations that are not related to our normal daily life.   The characters, situation and storyline are all great.  Thanks.

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Part 5

Following Lizzy’s collapse, Hawk carried her into one of the tents and placed a cold cloth on her forehead like Lilith had ordered him to do.  As he placed a blanket over her, he couldn’t help thinking what a crazy day it had been.  He then exited the tent to help take care of the also unconscious Lisa.  “What are we supposed to do with Lisa?” asked Hawk.

“Wrap her in a soft blanket and carry her to one of the other tents and lay her on her side.” responded Lilith as she began carefully removing the bandages she had placed on her hands so as to avoid being contaminated by any of the mandrake root’s oil that might have still been on Lisa’s clothes.

“Alright,” said Hawk as he wrapped his sister in the softest blanket they had and carried her into her own tent.  He then gently put her down on her side and ran his fingers through her short brownish red hair.  “Everything’s going to be alright now,” he whispered before exiting the tent.  The moment he left the tent he noticed that Lilith was beginning work on the medicinal powder that would help with Lizzy’s fever.  “Is there anything else I can do?”

“Sure.  Take the pot we used during dinner and wash it down by the river and bring it back with as much water as it can carry.  We will then put the clothes and towels in the water and boil away any oils that might be on them.”

“Got it,” said Hawk as he grabbed the large pot and carried it off to the river.

 Minutes after Hawk left, Lilith finished making the powder.  She then heard moaning coming from inside Lizzy’s tent.  As she entered the tent, she saw that Lizzy was awake and breathing heavily.  “Tell me what your feeling,” said Lilith as she crawled over to Lizzy and sat down beside her.

“My entire body feels like it’s on fire and I’m sweating bad,” whined Lizzy, her discomfort becoming more and more noticeable.

“This medicine should help deal with the fever.  As for the sweating, it might be better to strip you down a bit to help cool you off,” said Lilith as she handed Lizzy the medicine.  After Lizzy finished the medicine, Lilith helped her strip down, revealing that she was not wearing underwear.  While Lilith thought about teasing her for this, she ultimately decided that it wasn’t the right time to do so.  As Lilith grabbed the shirt that Hawk had lent Lizzy she said, “I’ll just give this back to Hawk.”

“No!” screamed Lizzy as she sat up and yanked the shirt out of Lilith’s hands.  She then noticed the confused look on Lilith’s face.  “There’s no need to do that.  I’ll return it to him after I wash it.”

“Okay, I’ll just leave it here then,” said Lilith, having realized Lizzy had grown an attachment to the shirt and possibly to its wearer.  “I’ll come back in to check on you in a little bit.”  As she exited the tent, Hawk was just returning from the river.

As he set the pot down, he looked at Lilith and asked, “How is Lizzy doing?”

“She’s awake right now.  I gave her the medicine so the fever should go down soon,” said Lilith as she took the pot and set it above the fire she had used to cook dinner.  “Now I need you to take another pot down to the river and collect water so that we can wash the sweat off her body.”  Hawk did as he was told and set off once again for the river.  As soon as he was gone, Lilith carefully grabbed the towels, clothing, and bandages that might have been exposed to the mandrake root’s oil and threw them into the large pot the moment the water began boiling. 

A short while later, Hawk came back with the second pot of water and once again set it down.  “The last thing I need for you to do is to make sure this fire keeps going,” ordered Lilith as she grabbed the pot of cold water and a cloth before making her way back into Lizzy’s tent.

As Hawk began stoking the fire, he said to himself “I’m sure glad that Lilith is here.”


The moment Lilith entered the tent with the pot of water, Lizzy asked, “What are you planning on doing with that?”

“Don’t worry, I’m just here to wipe some of the sweat off you,” she said as she soaked the cloth in the pot of water.  “Now just sit up and let me do what I need to do.”

“Fine,” said Lizzy.  Lilith proceeded to start cleaning Lizzy’s back.  As soon as the cool cloth hit her back, she felt a sharp tingling sensation throughout her body.  With each touch of the cloth on her skin, the tingling sensation became stronger and stronger.  Each water droplet that ran down her back brought with it spikes of ecstasy.  “Please stop,” she moaned, hardly able to handle what was going on inside of her.  Lilith did as she was told and placed the cloth on the floor of the tent.  She then noticed that Lizzy’s body was reacting in a similar fashion to what she had seen after Lisa’s treatment.

“Wait a second.  Are you getting off on this?” asked Lilith.

“Of course not,” replied Lizzy, although the crack in her voice told Lilith otherwise.  When Lizzy saw that Lilith was not buying it, she decided to tell the truth.  “Fine, you’re right.  But it’s not what you think.  My body is reacting on its own.  I don’t have control of it.  It must be that increase in sexual desire effect that you told me could happen as a result of the snake bite.”

“I highly doubt that.  That side effect was a lie.  What your feeling right now is actually a side effect of the potion I gave you to stop your trembling,” replied Lilith.

“Why would you do something like that?”

“The moment I saw the trembling side-effect from the snake bite, I knew I was going to have to give you a potion.  However, I also knew that one of the potion’s ingredients can be used as an aphrodisiac and that there was a possibility that it might increase your sexual desires.  I also knew that Hawk would be mad if he knew that I was going to give you a potion with this potential side effect so I came up with the snake bite as an excuse for any increase in horniness that you might have incurred as a result of drinking the potion.”

“If I had known that I never would have drunken it,” screamed Lizzy, her voice becoming ever louder.  Realizing that Lizzy’s loud voice might alert Hawk, Lilith quickly wrapped her hands around Lizzy’s mouth.  “Mmmmmmfff,” cried Lizzy as she struggled to get Lilith’s hands off her mouth.

“Shut up!” whispered Lilith harshly.  “If Hawk finds out, I’m done for.”  Realizing what Lilith was saying was true, Lizzy calmed down enough that Lilith was able to remove her hands from her mouth.  “Just for the record, I didn’t lie to you to be cruel.  I did it because I knew that if I told you about the potential side effects that you wouldn’t drink the potion and that the trembling would get far worse before it could get better.  Please don’t tell Hawk.”

“I won’t,” said Lizzy.  “But you need to fix this now.”

“I can do that but you won’t like it.  Just try to stay quiet okay.”  Before Lizzy could ask Lilith what she meant by that, Lilith grabbed Lizzy in a tight embrace from behind and began fondling Lizzy’s breasts.

“WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING!  PLEASE STOP!” Lizzy loudly whispered.  She could feel Lilith’s hands caressing her nipples in a way that was far more skillful than what Lisa had done to her earlier at the river.  If Lilith washing her back had only brought on spikes of ecstasy, what she was doing to her now was creating a series of ecstasy explosions.  Within less than a minute, she could no longer find the words to speak, her words now being replaced by the moans she was working so hard to repress.

“The quickest way to treat horniness brought on by magic is to satisfy your sexual urges.  The moment you finish, so too does the aphrodisiac.  I’m merely helping things along.”  Lilith then slipped one of her hands down Lizzy’s crotch and began to rub it.  The moment she did that, Lizzy opened her mouth to let out a scream.  However, Lilith was ready for this and used her other hand to muffle Lizzy’s scream.  Unfortunately for Lilith, Lizzy was counting on this and bit down on Lilith’s hand the moment she tried to stifle her scream.  As Lilith yanked her hand back, Lizzy broke free from her and managed to scoot away.

“I told you to stop,” said Lizzy as firmly as she could as she turned to face Lilith.  By this point, Lizzy was using her arms to cover her bare breasts as a defense against Lilith’s advances.

“Would you rather have Hawk do it?” asked Lilith as she began sucking the blood that was coming from the bite marks on her hand.

“Absolutely not.  How could you even suggest such a thing?”

Lilith could see how uncomfortable Lizzy was at having heard such a thing but decided to push her a little further.  “Well, I just thought that since you and Hawk are together and all it wouldn’t be such a big deal to have him do it.”

“Where did you get such an idea?” asked a red-faced Lizzy.

“Lisa told me that she saw you kiss him earlier.  I just assumed that it meant you and Hawk are a couple.”

“Hawk and I are just friends.  Nothing more and nothing less.  It’s been that way since the day we met.  What Lisa saw was nothing more than me repaying a bet that I lost,” explained Lizzy, no longer able to make eye contact with Lilith.

As Lilith looked at Lizzy’s face, she could tell that there was more to Lizzy’s feelings than she was letting on and decided that the only way to find out the truth was to provoke her.  “You know, among the types of people I dislike in this world, I especially loathe cowards who cannot be honest with themselves and have use a mask to hide their true feelings.  And if you want to know what I think about you right now, I think you’re probably one of the biggest cowards I’ve ever seen.  Hawk deserves better than the likes of you.”  Lilith could see that her words were getting underneath Lizzy’s skin.  Now it was time to push her to the limit.  “You know I’ve had my eye on Hawk for a while now but I’ve held myself back out of consideration for you since I thought that you were in love with him.  But since you’re telling me that you’re nothing more than friends, I think that maybe I’ll pursue him myself.  He and I would make a pretty great couple, don’t’ you think?”

“SHUT UP!  YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT I FEEL!” she screamed, tears beginning to form in her eyes.   “Quit acting as though you know everything and that every problem has a simple solution.  This problem is not like that.  I honestly don’t know how I feel about Hawk.”

“Bullshit,” scoffed Lilith in attempt to push Lizzy even further past her breaking point.  “Deep down you know exactly how you feel about Hawk but you’re afraid that by revealing your feelings to him that he might reject you or that you might destroy your friendship.  Face it, you’ve just been stringing him along out of fear that he might leave you if he knew you’re true feelings.  While I can’t force you to stop, I will warn you that the longer you wait, the more likely a rival will swoop in and take him away.  If that happens, then you will truly be all alone.”  As she said these things, she actually began to feel angry at Lizzy for taking advantage of Hawk’s kindness all this time while never answering his affections.  “I have to go check in on Lisa now.  Do what you want, though I suggest you hurry up and satisfy your urges before they get worse.”  With that, she left the tent and went over to Lisa’s tent to make sure she was doing okay.

As Lizzy sat alone in her tent, she couldn’t help but feel that Lilith had a point.  Could it truly be possible that deep down she had known what her feelings towards Hawk were and that she spent so much of her life repressing these feelings out of fear of being hurt or hurting him that she could no longer contemplate her true feelings?  All she knew at that moment was that she was more confused than ever and that thanks to Lilith’s potion, her sexual frustrations were building.  “I guess I have no choice,” she said as she reached her hand towards her crotch and laid down on the tent floor.  The moment her fingers began to move, so too did her moans of pleasure and ecstasy.


While Hawk was stoking the fire, he began to hear what sounded like moaning coming from Lizzy’s tent.  Fearing that her condition was getting worse, he shot up and began moving toward her tent.  He was just mere feet way when Lilith came out of Lisa’s tent and intercepted him before he could go any further.  “Get out of my way Lilith.  Lizzy’s in pain and I need to help her.”

“Trust me when I say that going in there right now will not do anything to help her,” stated Lilith as she began pushing Hawk away from the tent.  “If you want to be of some use, why don’t you go refill all our flasks with water.”  Lilith then walked over to her pouch ad grabbed her flask and her journal.  She then flipped to a page of a weird looking plant and said, “While you’re at the river I’ll need you to pick this plant for me.  I need it just in case I have to make more medicine.”

“Alright,” said Hawk as he turned around, grabbed his pouch and the flasks and prepared to make his way back to the river.  By this time, the sun had gone down and the night sky was now illuminated with thousands of stars.

Before Hawk could leave, Lilith shouted, “Don’t you need a lantern or something?  Do you want me to summon a familiar who can light the way?”

“No need,” said Hawk as he turned to face her, his once brown eyes now green as a cat’s.  “While I can’t perform magic, my father did teach me how to use my spiritual energy to strengthen my ability to see in the dark.”  Hawk noticed that Lilith seemed confused.  “As you know, magic is essentially the conversion of spiritual energy into one of the eight magical elements - water, air, fire, nature, light, lightning, ice, and darkness - from which all spells are born.  While most humans lack the capacity to convert their spiritual energy into one of these magical elements, it is possible to channel one’s spiritual energy into different body parts thereby enhancing one’s senses or physical strength.  By channeling it into my eyes, I can see almost as well in the dark as I can during the day.”

“That’s cool I guess,” said Lilith, slightly intrigued by the notion of using spiritual energy to enhance the body instead of using magic.  “Anyway, you should get going.”  And Hawk did just that.  As he walked away, Lilith breathed a sigh of relief after realizing that Hawk had no idea what was actually going on in Lizzy’s tent.


It took a bit longer for Hawk to reach the river than usual, because even though he could see in the dark, the path was still extremely dangerous at night.  When he finally reached the river, he knelt down and began filling the flasks with water.  As he did so, he began to think about the side effects that Lilith had mentioned could result from the snake bite.  The one that had really stood out was an increase in sexual desire.  He had spent a good chunk of time since then questioning whether Lizzy kissing him was a result of the snake bite increasing her sexual desires.  He also questioned whether Lizzy holding his dick earlier was the result of curiosity towards the art of piss writing or the result of her being horny.

Suddenly, it occurred to Hawk that the moaning he heard coming from Lizzy’s tent might not have been moans of pain but something else entirely.  Perhaps something more sexual.    As he placed one of the full flasks on the ground beside him, he began to envision Lizzy laying in her tent completely naked, drops of sweat glistening on her body.  He could see her face flush with ecstasy, one hand caressing her supple breast and the other playfully dancing along her nether region.  He could hear her trying to stifle her moans so that no one would hear her, not knowing that it only made her look and sound more erotic.  Hawk could feel himself stiffen as he thought these things and before he knew it, he was stroking the crotch of his pants.  He was quickly brought back to reality when he accidentally knocked over the uncapped flask causing some of its contents to soak the side of his pants.

“Just what the hell was I thinking about just now?” he asked himself aloud.  “There is absolutely no way that Lizzy would ever do a naughty thing like that, especially when she could easily be caught doing it.”  Suddenly an idea hit him.  “Or maybe she was doing something like that and wanted me to catch her in the act.  I mean that could be the ultimate turn on for an elegant girl like her whose been taken over by her sexual desire.”  The very thought served to arouse him all the more.  “Dammit! Now I’m all confused,” he screamed as he began messing his hair in frustration.  Deciding that there was no use in thinking about it, he went back to filling up the flasks.

As soon as he finished filling the flasks, he stood up and began looking for the plant Lilith had showed him.  While looking around, he saw what looked like the plant from the picture he saw.  As he walked over to it, he grabbed one of the leaves and thought to himself that it felt slightly oily.  He simply shrugged his shoulders and began digging the plant out of the ground all the while completely unaware of what he was digging out.


Back at the campsite, Lilith was busy stoking the fire.  As she was doing so, she couldn’t help but feel that something was amiss and that it had to do with Hawk.  She looked over at her journal which she had placed beside her while she tended the fire.  Without thinking much of it, she grabbed the journal and began thumbing through the pages.  She suddenly stopped on one of the pages and looked down at it in horror.  The picture of the plant that she had showed Hawk was not the one that she needed to make medicine, rather it was a sketch of the pygmy mandrake root.  It was then that she realized in her haste to get Hawk out of the campsite that she hadn’t really been looking at the sketch she had showed him.  Quickly grabbing her pouch, she ran off in the direction of the river.  Luckily for her, succubi are highly adept at seeing in the dark which would make it much easier to find her way.  She only hoped that she would make it in time.


While Lilith was on a mission to stop Hawk from doing something stupid, Lisa who had been unconscious for the last couple hours had finally woken up.  The first question she asked herself was why was she laying in her tent, naked from the waist down, underneath a blanket.  Suddenly she began to remember how Hawk and Lilith and both taken turns peeing on her in order to treat her rash.  While she hated that they did that despite her telling them not to, she knew that she needed to thank them.  As she tried to get up, she quickly realized she was not able to move her body.  What was worse was that she was now feeling a really strong urge to pee.  Not wanting to piss herself, she cried out, “Is anybody there?  I can’t get my body to move and I really need to pee.  Can someone please help me?”  She waited silently in the tent but there was no response.   Minutes passed and nobody came.  She cried out three more times in the space of twenty minutes but nobody came for her.

Lisa finally realized that either nobody was around or that if they were, they couldn’t hear her.  She could feel the pressure building up in her bladder.  All the while she couldn’t understand exactly why her desperation was so strong.  She had always prided herself on being able to hold her piss for hours on end when she really needed to.  In fact, her personal record was about twelve hours which she had done on a dare.  Lisa couldn’t help but think that her paralysis and bladder desperation were the result of the potion that Lilith had given her earlier.

A couple more minutes passed before Lisa began to feel something warm dripping down her legs.  The first few drops of piss made her realize that it was only a matter of time before the dam would burst.  While this was not the first time that she had pissed herself, it was certainly the first time in years that it had happened accidentally.  Another minute passed before she finally gave in and allowed the torrent of piss to run down the side of her legs and pool beneath her.  As she was laying on her side, the puddle of piss she created began to spread upward.  Her ordeal lasted about two minutes and by the time she was done, she had soaked the portion of the blanket covering her bottom half, most of the tent floor, and even the side of her shirt right up to her shoulder.  While she was finally free of her desperation, she was now stuck sitting in her own piss until someone saw fit to come check on her.  She prayed that somebody would come soon for while she didn’t mind being wet, she found the smell of this particular piss puddle to be especially foul.


While Lisa was busy lying in her own piss, Lizzy was in her own tent completely deaf to what was going on in the world outside that tent.  She had tried stroking herself in several different ways and positions for the past twenty minutes, yet she was still no closer to finding her release.  As she turned over on her side, she noticed the shirt Hawk lent her sitting in the spot that Lilith had left it earlier.  Not knowing what else to do, Lizzy sat up and grabbed the shirt.  She then placed the shirt up to her nose and inhaled deeply.  Despite her having worn it, Lizzy could still smell Hawk’s sweat from when they had sparred earlier.  While she typically hated the smell of sweat, this smell was somehow different, perhaps even intoxicating.  She lay back down, once again on her side

As she held the shirt up to her nose, she suddenly began to think about seeing Hawk naked at the river earlier in the day.  She thought about the way his muscles had glistened in the sun.  Her mind then moved to how Hawk had stood there in all his naked glory as if he did not care if anybody saw him.  She could even remember how Hawk had stiffened at the very sight of her naked body, something she had always been told was a sign of sexual attraction.  Whether it was more than that or not, Lizzy didn’t seem to care because the thought of Hawk reacting to her body in such a manner was somehow making her feel good.  Then she remembered how they had touched each other’s sensitive areas when they were pissing earlier in the day.  The thought of her touching his dick and him touching her pussy made her feel dirty and yet she still wanted more.   It was as though her erotic side that had long been dormant inside of her was finally breaking free.  It was both scary and exciting.

Without really realizing it, Lizzy began to move her free hand back down to her crotch.  She began stroking one more, this time all her thoughts were on Hawk.  It didn’t take very long for her to finally reach her peak and the moment she did, all the sexual desire that had been building up inside her began to vanish.  As she removed her hand from her crotch, she rolled over on to her back, her lungs panting and her heart beating rapidly. 

Suddenly she felt the urge to pee.  Not really caring if anybody saw her, Lizzy snuck out of her tent completely naked.  She then walked behind a bush that was behind her tent and proceeded to squat down.  As she let it flow, she couldn’t help but think about how good she felt after having gone through what she had just went through.  Of course, it wasn’t until she got back into her tent and saw the small stains on the blanket and tent floor that she began to feel embarrassed at what she had done.


Back at the river, Hawk had finally succeeded in digging out the plant.  As he prepared to put the plant in his pouch, he heard a female voice scream, “STOP!!!” As Hawk looked up he saw Lilith tearing through the trees.  “DROP THAT PLANT NOW!”  Hawk did as he was told.

“What’s going on?  I thought this was the plant I was supposed to get.”

“That’s the wrong plant,” exclaimed Lilith as she tried to catch her breath.  “I accidentally showed you a picture of the same plant that caused Lisa’s rash.  We need to treat your hands right away.”  Lilith grabbed one of the flasks from Hawk’s pouch and began pouring the water over Hawk’s hands.  “We need to get as much of the oil off your hands as we can before we can start treatment.”

“Wait a second.  You’re not going to pee on my hands, are you?”

“We don’t have much choice,” replied Lilith as she put the flask down, lifted her skirt and removed her panties.  “Now hold out your hands and remember to move them around in the piss stream so that every spot is covered.”  

Hawk placed his hands out in front of him.  Lilith then moved in closer so that she was now standing directly over his hands.  Using both her hands to hold her skirt up, she began peeing what was first a small trickle and then a small waterfall of piss.  Hawk began moving his hands around in the stream, lathering his hands with Lilith’s piss.  He could feel the foamy warmth through his fingers and felt both disgusted yet sort of turned on at the same time.  By the time Lilith was done, there wasn’t a dry spot on Hawk’s hands.  They were then forced to wait several minutes for his hands to dry before Lilith bandaged them up as a precaution.

“Thank you,” he said.

“You’re welcome,” she responded back, blushing a little.  As the two began making their way back to camp Lilith asked, “Hawk, how would you feel if somebody that you cared deeply for but weren’t in love with confessed their feelings to you?”

“That’s a weird question,” said Hawk.  He had to stop a moment to think about it.  “I guess I would feel happy that they cared about me that way,” he said with a carefree smile.

“Would you accept their feelings and learn to love them the same way that they love you?”

Hawk was silent for a moment as he thought about the question.  “Honestly, I think that would be a bad deal for the confessor.  While it may be possible to learn to love somebody over time, I think trying to force a love that isn’t there would only serve to hurt the confessor more than they would be if they were turned down outright.”   

“I see, “said Lilith with a hint of sadness in her voice.  Hawk couldn’t stop wondering why Lilith was asking these questions but figured he was better off not asking.


Not long after returning to the camp, Lilith went to check in on Lisa and found her lying in her own piss, unable to move.  Lilith was then forced to clean her up and had to allow Lisa to sleep in her tent.  Luckily by the time Lisa was cleaned off, the paralysis was beginning to wear off.  As Lilith lay in her tent that night, she couldn’t help but think about what Hawk had said and how complicated things might get in the near future.  As she turned over, she noticed that Lisa had already fallen asleep.  As she looked at her, a single tear ran down from her eye as she said, “It looks like you and I are in the same boat from here on out.  One that is surely destined to sink before it meets its destination.”


To be Continued…..






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Part 6

While everyone else had fallen asleep, Lizzy tossed and turned in her tent as she thought about what Lilith had said to her.  Deep down she knew she was a coward and that her cowardice could cause her to lose Hawk one day to another woman.  The very thought terrified her, although she didn’t understand why.  Hawk had promised that he’d always stay by her side no matter what, but what did he mean by that?  Did he mean it as a friend? As a potential lover?  She didn’t know what to think.  All she knew was that Lilith was right when she said that Hawk deserved better.  As she turned over on her side, she couldn’t help but think that Hawk was wasting his time on a broken girl like herself.  She knew he was the kind of guy who would throw away his happiness for the sake of others and she began to fear that he only wanted to be with her for her sake.  If this were true, she couldn’t allow that to happen.  It was in the darkness of that tent that she made up her mind as to how she would move forward.


The sun was just beginning to rise when Lizzy exited her tent.  As she stood up and began stretching, she noticed that Lilith was already up and getting ready to prepare breakfast.  Lizzy thought about saying something but decided it was best not to.  Of course, that didn’t stop Lilith from speaking to her.  “Did thinking of Hawk help you at all last night?” taunted Lilith.

“Honestly, its none of your business,” said Lizzy, now slightly irritated.  “You know, you said some pretty hurtful things last night.”

“So what?” asked Lilith.  “If you’re asking for an apology, don’t waste your breath.  I have nothing to apologize for.  Everything I said was true.  You are a coward and Hawk deserves better than you.  Last night I was only teasing when I said that I might make a move on Hawk, but now I’m serious.  If you can’t figure out your feelings for him, then you should just stay away from him.  Don’t worry I’ll be sure to give him what he needs.”

Lizzy began clenching her fists in anger.  “I might be a coward, but at least I’m not hiding behind a mask.”

“And just what is that supposed to mean?”  The look on Lilith’s face told Lizzy that she had struck a nerve.

“You act as though you don’t care about what others think about you, but deep down you really do.  You pull pranks because that’s the only way you know how to get people’s attention.  You say that you want friends but then you do things to drive them away when they get too close.  The reality is that you don’t want anyone to see that you’re just a scared and lonely little girl who craves the kindness of others in order to validate your own existence.  Honestly, I’d rather be a coward than be like you.”

“YOU BITCH!!!” screamed Lilith as she tackled Lizzy and began punching her.  “You don’t know a goddamn thing about me.  Why don’t you go back home and live in the lap of luxury like the little princess that you are?”

“DON’T CALL ME PRINCESS!” screamed Lizzy as she pushed Lilith off of her and began throwing a few punches of her own.  Soon enough the two girls were rolling around in the dirt, throwing punches and pulling at each other’s hair, each desperately trying to gain an advantage.

“STOP!!!” screamed a female voice as Lilith was grabbed from behind and yanked off of Lizzy.  Before she knew it, Lilith was trapped in one of Lisa’s chokeholds.  “Why the hell are you two fighting?”

“It’s none of your business,” spat Lilith angrily, a couple drops of blood running down the side of her mouth from a busted upper lip.

“Well I’m ending it,” said Hawk as he exited his tent.  “I don’t know what has gotten into you two and honestly I don’t care.  This is not how members of our guild are supposed to act towards one another.  Until you two sort this out, you need to stay away from each other.”

“Fine,” said Lilith as she broke free of Lisa’s chokehold.   “I’m going for a walk.”  And with that she walked off into the forest.

“Are you alright?” asked Hawk as he knelt beside Lizzy and offered her a cloth to wipe away the blood coming from her nose.

“I’m just fine,” said Lizzy not wanting to say anything more.  She noticed that Hawk was looking off in the direction that Lilith had walked off to and wondered what he was thinking.  As Hawk stared off into the forest, he couldn’t help but feel uneasy.


Shortly after leaving camp, Lilith found a rotted tree stump to sit on and began tending to her wounds.  As she thought about what had just happened, an image of Hawk’s face took center stage in her mind.  When he had looked at her, Lilith could sense in him a feeling of disgust.  The look he had given her was one that was all too familiar. “Damn it!” she screamed as she banged her fist on the stump.  “This is all her fault.”  Suddenly she felt a sharp pounding in her head, the pain was almost enough to make her double over.  It was then that she realized she wasn’t alone.

“You’re absolutely right.  It is all that bitch’s fault,” said a female voice.  As Lilith looked up, she was shocked to see that the person standing before her was a red-eyed version of herself.

“Who are you?” asked a now terrified Lilith.

“I thought it was obvious.  I’m you.  At least the succubus side of you anyway.”

“What do you want?” asked Lilith, not really sure whether to believe the look-alike.

“I merely want to help you.  That Lizzy girl has been standing in our way for far too long.  It is time for us to make our move.  We will take Hawk by force if we have to.”

“I won’t do that,” replied Lilith.

“It’s cute that you think you have a choice,” said the doppelgänger as it approached her.  “If you won’t do it, then I guess I’ll just have to take over.”  Suddenly the pain in Lilith’s head became a hundred times worse.  In seconds Lilith was overwhelmed by the pain and passed out.  “Now it’s my turn to be in control,” said the doppelgänger with an evil smile on her face.


Two hours had passed and Lilith had still not returned to camp.  Getting worried, Hawk stated, “She’s been gone too long.  I’m going to go look for her.”  He then set off into the forest.  Hawk walked for what must have been about twenty minutes in the direction he had seen her leave in but could not find her.  Noticing a tall hill, he decided to climb it to see if he could get a better view.  As he stood at the top of the hill, he looked in all directions but could see nothing to indicate where she could have run off too.  Just as he was getting ready to leave, he heard rustling behind him.  Before he even had a chance to turn around, he felt something slam into his back causing him to lose his balance and fall down the hill.  As he hit the bottom, he blacked out for a few seconds.

As Hawk came to, he could feel something heavy on his chest.  Opening his eyes, he saw that Lilith was sitting on top of him, only something was off about her.  Her once emerald green eyes were now a ruby red.  While Lisa had told him about seeing this once before, Hawk had thought that it was just Lisa’s imagination.  But now seeing it for himself, Hawk felt extremely uneasy.  “You took quite a nasty fall,” said Lilith as she stared into Hawk’s eyes.  “Why don’t you just lie there while I make it all better.”  Before he could ask what she meant by that.  He watched as Lilith removed her shirt, exposing her enormous breasts to him.  She then grabbed his hands and placed them on her breasts.  “Feel free to play with them as much as you like.”

Realizing that Lilith was not acting like herself, Hawk quickly moved his hands away and asked, “Lilith, just what do you think you’re doing?”

“I’m trying to pleasure you of course,” replied Lilith in a seductive tone.  “You’ve spent so much time vying for the affections of an uptight little princess that your body must be overflowing with sexual tension.  I can relieve it for you, all you have to do is say yes.”

“You’re out of your mind,” said Hawk as he tried to get out from underneath her but found himself barely able to move.  “What did you do to me?”

“Don’t worry, it’s just a little magic to keep you in place in case you decided to try and resist me.”  Lilith then crawled over Hawk’s body so that she was now hovering directly over Hawk’s face.  As she hiked up her skirt, she asked, “Would you care for a drink?”

“Hell no,” said Hawk, but just as he said it, a cascade of piss rained down from above him, dousing his face to the point that he began struggling to breathe.  Realizing that he could possibly drown, he desperately began putting all of his efforts into trying to get one of his hands to move.  His efforts payed off as he managed to move one hand and clamp down onto Lilith’s pussy.  He could feel the warm spray spread along his fingers and the palm of his hand.  While he could still feel stray droplets spraying his face, he was at least able to breathe now.

“Ahhhh,” she moaned as she felt his hand touching her most sensitive area.  She could feel her stream ricocheting off his hands, simultaneously dousing her thighs with droplets of piss which were in seconds running down the sides of her inner legs.  Suddenly she could feel Hawk’s fingers moving in a desperate attempt to get her off of him.  Despite being the aggressor, she found she did not like being touched this way.  Grabbing a rock lying next to her, she quickly slammed the rock into the side of Hawk’s head, causing him to pass out.  As she got off of him, she couldn’t help but feel violated.  “Filthy human,” she screamed as she grabbed her shirt and ran off into the forest.


Almost an hour had passed since Hawk left to find Lilith.  Concerned that something might have happened to them, both Lizzy and Lisa set off in search of their guildmates.  Lilith was the one they found first.  She was lying unconscious on the ground near a tree stump.  Lisa ran over to her and began shaking her, “Lilith wake up.”  Her shaking worked as Lilith began to come to.  “Where’s Hawk?” asked Lisa.

“I thought he was back at the camp,” replied Lilith, still a bit groggy.

“He left the camp to go find you,” said Lizzy.  “He’s been gone too long.  For all we know he could be lying hurt somewhere.”

“Don’t worry,” said a voice coming from the tree line.  Lizzy looked up and saw Hawk walking towards them.  The right side of his head was caked with dirt and blood and he smelled of piss.

“What happened to you?” asked Lizzy as she ran over to him.

“Why don’t you ask Lilith?  She’s the one who did this to me.”

Both Lisa and Lizzy turned their attention to Lilith, completely shocked at what they had just heard.  Lilith looked at Hawk and pleaded “You’ve got to believe me when I say I have no idea what you are talking about.  I’ve been lying here unconscious the whole time.”  As Hawk looked into her now emerald green eyes he thought that she seemed to be telling the truth.

“Well then how do you explain the wound on my head and the fact that I smell like piss?” asked Hawk, not quite sure what to think anymore.

“Maybe you hit your head and were knocked unconscious.  It’s possible that you dreamt that I did this to you.”

“If it was a dream caused by hitting my head, then how do you explain the piss smell?” asked Hawk. 

“Well there are a lot of animals around here,” replied Lilith, “maybe one of them decided to claim you as their territory."

“I guess you could be right,” said Hawk since he couldn’t prove that she was the culprit.  “Either way I’m going to go wash off.”  Hawk proceeded to walk back to camp, grabbed his clothes and went off to the river.  The three girls walked back to the camp in silence shortly thereafter, not really sure of what was going on.


A short while later, Hawk entered the river and was glad that it was warmer than it had been the day before.  As he prepared to start washing himself, he heard rustling behind him.  Turning around, he was shocked to see Lilith at the water’s edge.  “Are you here to steal my clothes again?” asked Hawk, as he prepared himself to chase after her in case she tried to do it.

“Not this time,” said Lilith.  “I came here to ask if you would let me wash your back since I can’t help feeling that what happened to you happened because you were looking for me.”

“Do what you want,” said Hawk as he turned around.  As he did so Lilith began removing her clothes.

“Hawk, could you face me for a second?” asked Lilith.   As Hawk turned around he was shocked to see Lilith standing naked in front of him.  What shocked him even more was that her once flawless white skin was now covered in scars and burn marks that looked to be fairly old.

“What’s going on?” asked a clearly confused Hawk.  “Where did all these wounds come from?”

“These wounds were given to me by my grandfather, the chief of my village.  That man took great pleasure punishing me anytime I did something he did not like which was pretty much everything I did.  He didn’t like the idea of having a mixblood granddaughter and he made sure that I knew it every day.  He is the reason that I left my village.”

“Why have I never seen them before?”

“I hid them with magic because I was ashamed of what people would think if they saw them.  Believe me, I know how disgusting I must look to you,” said Lilith tearfully as she entered the river.  She was shocked when Hawk waded over to her and grabbed her in a tight embrace. 

“I don’t think that at all,” he said.  “I think you’re beautiful just the way you are, with or without magic.”

Tears began falling down Lilith’s cheeks as she said, “I need you to know the truth.  I am in love with you, I have been since the Knight’s Exam four years ago.”  Hawk remained silent.   “I know that your heart belongs to Lizzy, but do you think you could learn to love me?”

“I already love you,” said Hawk, “but as a friend, nothing more.”  He could see the hurt in her eyes.  “I’m sorry.”

“If I can’t be your number one, then please allow me to be your mistress.  Allow me to do the things that she won’t so that maybe you could learn to love me the way I love you.”

Hawk grabbed her shoulders and hung his head, doing his best to hold himself together.  He knew that Lilith had her problems, but he never knew that she was this messed up.  “I’m sorry but I can’t do that.  It wouldn’t be fair to Lizzy and more importantly it wouldn’t be fair to you.”

“I don’t care,” replied Lilith, becoming more and more desperate.  “Just give me a chance.  Kiss me right here, right now.  If you feel nothing then I will give up.” 

Hawk not seeing any other choice gently caressed her tear-stained cheek and said, “Alright.”  He then pulled her in closer and kissed her.  Their lips only parted when Hawk heard a rustling coming from the river’s edge.  As he looked up, he noticed that standing at the river’s edge was none other than Lizzy.

“I’m sorry to interrupt,” said a stunned Lizzy doing her best to avoid eye contact.

“It’s not what you think,” said Hawk as he let go of Lilith and began to move towards her.  But before he could get any closer, Lizzy turned around and took off at full speed through the forest.  Hawk quickly threw on his clean pair of pants and ran after her leaving Lilith by herself.

“Why her?” Lilith asked, tears streaming down her eyes.  “Am I not good enough for you?”  As she said it, she heard a familiar laugh coming from the other side of the river.  Turning around, she once again saw her red-eyed doppelgänger.

“You're beginning to see it now, aren’t you?” taunted the doppelgänger.  “The only one standing in the way of you and Hawk being together is Lizzy.  If she were no longer around, you could have Hawk all to yourself.   All you have to do is make it look like a tragic accident.”

“I won’t do that,” screamed Lilith.  “Lizzy is my friend.  I won’t physically harm her just so that I can get what I want.”

“You stupid little fool.  She’s not your friend, she’s your enemy.  They say all is fair in love and war.”

“I don’t care. I still won’t do it.”

“Fine.  The other alternative is to take what you want by force.  You’re a mighty succubus and Hawk is a lowly human.  If he rejects you, then use magic or physical force to get your way.”

“How would I do it?” asked Lilith, slowly falling prey to the words of her dark half.

“A love potion of course.  Once he drinks it, he will be yours forever.” With that, the doppelgänger turned and walked out of Lilith’s line of sight.  This left Lilith to wonder if she really could do such a despicable thing.


After running for several minutes, Lizzy stopped and leaned against a big tree, confident that she had outrun Hawk who had been chasing after her.  As she thought about the kiss she had witnessed between a naked Lilith and Hawk, she could feel a tight throbbing pain in her chest.  She placed her hand over heart and slowly slid down the tree into a sitting position.  “Why did I run away and why does my chest hurt?” she asked herself.  No matter how hard she tried she couldn’t get the image of Hawk and Lilith out of her mind.  Suddenly she felt something wet hit her hand and roll down her arm.  As she touched her face, she realized for the first time that tears were streaming down her face.  “Why am I crying?” she asked herself as she desperately tried to wipe away her tears with her hands.  Of course, she knew the answers to all these questions.  She was just now coming to the realization that she had waited too long to tell Hawk how she felt and now it was too late.  As these thoughts raced through her mind, she found herself no longer able to hold back the flow of tears.  Suddenly she became painfully aware that there was somebody standing next to her.

“What’s wrong?” asked Hawk as he squatted down to her level.

“It’s nothing.  Just leave me be.”

“If it were nothing, you wouldn’t be crying.  I can’t help you if I don’t know what’s going on.”

“I said it’s nothing, so why don’t you go back and kiss Lilith some more,” spat Lizzy.

“So that’s the problem,” said Hawk, although he had known it all along.  “It’s not what you think.  While she did confess to me, I turned her down.  However, she said she wouldn’t accept it unless I could kiss her and tell her that I felt nothing.  That is what I was in the middle of doing when you came by.”

“And what did you feel?” asked Lizzy as she averted his gaze.

“Absolutely nothing.”

“Why did you turn her down in the first place?  I mean she’s pretty, smart, and will do just about anything you want her too.  Isn’t that what most guys want?”

“Maybe so, but I already have somebody I’m in love with.”  As Lizzy turned to face Hawk, he said, “The one I’m in love with is you.  I’ve felt this way ever since we were children and I’m sure I’ll feel this way until the day I die.”

“I don’t believe you,” said Lizzy as she stood up and turned her back to him.  “You think you can tell me such things after I just witnessed you kissing another girl and honestly believe that I would instantly trust what you say.  I might be naïve but I’m not an idiot.”

“I never said you were,” replied Hawk.  He then grabbed her shoulders and spun her around to face him.  “But I will do whatever it takes until you believe me.”  Before Lizzy could get away, Hawk pulled her into a tight embrace and passionately kissed her.

“Stop,” she said as she tried to pull away from him.

“Not until you believe me,” he responded.  He kissed her again, this time though she didn’t fight back.  As their lips parted for a second time, he stared deep into her eyes and said, “I love you Lizzy.”  Their lips locked once more, this time Lizzy being the one to instigate it.  As the third kiss ended, Hawk once again looked into Lizzy’s eyes and said, “Now you know how I feel about you.  How do you feel about me?”

Lizzy blushed as she replied, “I honestly don’t know, my head’s spinning too fast for me to process what’s going on.” 

Hawk merely laughed at her response.  “Don’t worry, I won’t rush you into something you’re not ready for.  I’ll wait patiently until the time comes when you can give me an honest response.” He paused for a moment trying to think of something to change the subject.  “We should probably head back now.  We have a long day ahead of us,” he said extending his hand to Lizzy.

“Yes.  And thank you for being so understanding,” she said blushing as she took his hand and allowed him to guide her back to camp.  All the while the two were blissfully unaware of the danger that was just beyond the horizon.


To be Continued….

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Author's note: The majority of this chapter takes place four years prior to the events of the beginning of the story.  While originally written to be a side story, because of its importance to the next couple chapters of the main story I have decided to make it a part of the main story instead.

Part 7

By the time Hawk and Lizzy returned to the camp, Lilith was already there and in the middle of cooking the breakfast she had been planning to make prior to her fight with Lizzy.  Hawk walked over to her and asked if they could talk about what had happened at the river.  “Don’t worry about it,” said Lilith, doing her best to have a bright and cheerful smile. “I knew it was a long shot anyway so let’s just forget about it and move on.”  For a moment, Hawk thought he saw a hint of sadness in Lilith’s eyes but decided it was best to drop the subject for now.

As the group sat down to eat, Hawk noticed that Lisa seemed rather downcast.  “What’s the matter Lisa?”  Hawk’s words seemed to momentarily snap Lisa out of the trance like state she was in.

“Nothing’s wrong,” replied Lisa, doing her best to avoid eye contact with the others.  “Why do you ask?”

“It’s just that you’ve hardly touched your breakfast.  Normally you’d be on your second or third helping by now,” said Hawk.  “Are you feeling sick or something?”

“I’m telling you I’m just fine.  Stop treating me like a child,” snapped Lisa.  She then noticed that everyone was looking at her, concern spread all over their faces.  Their look of concern annoyed her to the point that she put her plate down and got up from where she was sitting.  “I’m going for a walk.  Don’t follow me.”  And with that she stormed off into the forest.

“What’s her deal?” asked Lilith as she picked up Lisa’s plate and scraped the remaining food onto her own.  “She seemed fine yesterday.”  Lilith looked over at Hawk and noticed that he had set his plate down and had buried his face in his hands.

“I’m such an idiot,” said Hawk having just remembered what day it was.  “How could I forget what day it is?  No wonder she is so upset.”  

By this point, Lizzy had stopped eating as well and was now staring down at the ground, a look of sadness filling her eyes.  “I guess it is that day, isn’t it?” 

“Can someone please tell me what’s going on?” asked Lilith.

“It’s a long story,” said Hawk as he contemplated whether he should tell Lilith or not.  “It happened on this day four years ago…”  And with that both Hawk and Lizzy began to relay the sad tale.


It was mid-spring during their eighteenth year, with the Knight’s Exam just months away.  Lisa was laying in the grass on a secluded hilltop overlooking the valley containing the small town of Solaris.  As she looked at the clouds in the sky, she heard rustling behind her.  Suddenly a head leaned over her.  “What’s got you looking so sad?” asked the female, her long black hair just centimeters above Lisa’s face.

“Diana! What are you doing here?” asked Lisa as she jolted up in excitement, almost headbutting the woman in the process.  Diana was a twenty-two-year-old knight who lived in one of the small villages bordering Solaris.  She was 5’6” with long jet-black hair, and eyes so blue that they could rival that of even the clearest skies.  Diana was different from the rest of the knights in the country as she had completed her knighthood training and passed the exam at the young age of fourteen, making her the youngest person to achieve knighthood status.  She had been responsible for Lisa’s knighthood training for the past eight years.

“I’m here because I heard that you and Hawk passed the preliminary test required to take part in the Knight’s Exam.  I wanted to congratulate you on a job well done.  However, you seem to be upset.  What happened?”

Just one look from her mentor made Lisa want to spill her guts regarding what was making her so angry.  “My brother is such an idiot.  I worked my ass off for the past eight years in secret all so that I could surprise him by entering the Knight’s Exam alongside him, and instead of being happy for me, he gets mad.  The worst part is that he won’t let me join him in a three-person team required to take part in the exam.  He just kept saying that being a knight is too dangerous and that I should just stick to the civilian life.  He makes me so damn angry.”  Lisa’s tirade against her brother was interrupted by the sound of Diana laughing.  “What’s so funny?” asked Lisa, the irritation on her face clearly showing. 

“You know that Hawk is just trying to look out for you.  With both your parents dead, you’re the only family that he has left so it’s no surprise that he’d want you to have a less dangerous occupation.  Try cutting him some slack.”

“I know that he’s just trying to look out for me, but I wish he would quit treating me like some little kid who needs to be protected all the time.  I am perfectly capable of taking down anyone who tries to give me a hard time.”

Diana laughed at her and with an amused look said, “Oh really?  If you’re going to talk tough, then you best have the strength to support it.  I know, if you can pin me down then I will talk to Hawk about him treating you more like a grown woman.  What do you say?”  As Diana stood up, she beckoned for Lisa to come at her with everything she had.

“Fine,” said Lisa as she prepared to charge her, “don’t say I didn’t warn you though.”  Lisa charged at Diana, but Diana easily blocked her by grabbing her and throwing her to the ground.  Diana then climbed on top of her and pinned her arms to the ground.

“If that’s the best you can do, then you still have a long way to go,” taunted Diana in her usual cheerful manner.  She then leaned down and playfully kissed Lisa’s lips.   As their lips parted, she whispered into Lisa’s ear, “I love you.”  She then released her grip on Lisa’s arms and got off of her, allowing Lisa to sit up. 

“I love you too,” said Lisa as she kissed Diana back.  “I just wish that you would ask for a kiss instead of stealing one every time you want one.”

“But where is the fun in that,” said Diana with a mischievous smile.  Suddenly an excited look came over her face as she remembered something important.  “I almost forgot that I got you a present for clearing the preliminary test.  Close your eyes and turn around.”  Lisa did as she was told.  She could feel movement on the back of her neck and then she felt something sort of cold touch the front of her neck.  “You can open your eyes now.”  As Lisa opened her eyes she noticed that she was now wearing a leather necklace with a turquoise charm shaped like an arrowhead.

“It’s beautiful,” said Lisa as she admired the necklace.  “I’ll be sure to wear it at the Knight’s Exam.  I can’t wait to have you watch me compete and earn my place as a knight.”  As Lisa turned to face her, she noticed that Diana’s smile had faded.  “What’s wrong?”

“I was going to wait until after tomorrow’s mission to tell you this, but I guess it would be better to tell you sooner than later.  I won’t be attending the Knight’s Exam this year.  In fact, I will soon be going away for a while on an important mission and I don’t know when or even if I’ll be coming back.”

“Well then I’ll go with you.  I don’t need to become a knight right now so long as I can stay by your side.”

“I’m sorry Lisa, but it’s too dangerous.  I can’t take you with me.  Plus, if someone were to find out about our relationship, it could spell even more trouble for us.  You’ve seen how the people of Solaris are not very accepting of relationships like ours.  The people outside of Solaris are far worse.  I won’t put you through that.  Besides Hawk needs you here.”

“Look Diana, I don’t care about what others think about our relationship.  And Hawk’s a big boy, he can take care of himself.  Besides he has Lizzy so he’s never really alone.  I don’t see why I can’t tag along with you.”

“You can’t go because you still act like a kid,” snapped Diana.  “You think that just because you’ve had eight years of knight’s training that you can take on anything that life throws at you.  That’s a foolish notion.  People who act like that are usually among the first to die.  I’ve seen it happen many times and I don’t want to see it happen to you.  You’re staying here and that’s that.”

“You’re trying to abandon me, aren’t you?” asked Lisa, tears streaming down her face.  “You really don’t plan on coming back do you?”  Diana looked away, her expression telling Lisa everything she needed to know.  Lisa tore the necklace from her neck.  “I HATE YOU!” she screamed as she threw the necklace on the ground and ran away.

As soon as Lisa was out of sight, Diana picked up the necklace and wiped off the dirt and grass.  “This is for the best.  If she knew who I truly am, the things I’ve done, and the things I may have to do in the future, she wouldn’t want to be around me.  Besides we both know that there is someone she loves even more than me and that I can’t bring her the same happiness that he can.”  As she said these things to herself, tears began streaming down her face.  She looked up at the once clear sky which had now been replaced with clouds threatening rain and screamed at the gods, “What have I done to deserve all this suffering?”  Of course, she already knew the answer.  It was because she was born.


The next day, at the break of dawn a group of twenty-seven volunteers including Hawk, Lisa, and Lizzy stood outside the town of Solaris.  The large group had been tasked with taking out a group of bandits that had been terrorizing merchants in the mountain pass to the north of Solaris.  The group mainly consisted of rookie class adventurers and was to be led by Diana.  As Diana approached the group, they stood at attention awaiting the information she carried.  “As you all know, our task today is to take out the group of bandits in the mountains north of town.  Based on information gathered from the merchants that managed to escape the bandits, there are at least fifteen of them hiding in the mountains, twenty at most.  We have been ordered to slaughter every last bandit we come across.  If any of you are not up to the task I suggest that you back out now.”  She paused for a moment, desperately hoping that Lisa would back out, but Lisa didn’t.  “Alright then, let’s set off.  We have lots of work to do.”  And with that, they set off for the mountain pass unaware of what was about to befall them.


It was around 11 o’clock in the morning when the group reached a forest along the mountain pass and decided to take a rest.  While many of the adventurers were using the time to polish their gear, Hawk decided to use this temporary rest time to relieve himself.  Carrying his bow, quiver, and side pack, he walked off into the forest for some privacy, completely unaware that he was being followed.  As soon as he thought he was far enough away from the rest of the group, he walked up to a large tree, whipped it out, and began peeing.  He had been holding it for almost five hours and had been on the verge of wetting himself.  As he moaned in relief, he heard a voice behind him say, “Do you mind if I join you?”

“I don’t mind,” said Hawk, not really paying attention.  Suddenly he heard the rustling of clothes beside him and then out of the corner of his eye saw a second stream hit the tree.  Without really thinking, he turned his head to look at the person he was peeing next to and received quite a shock.  Standing next to him was none other than Diana.  The pair of shorts she usually wore under her skirt were down at her ankles.  She had lifted up her skirt and was using both hands to spread her labia.  She had her legs spread apart and was bending her knees and hips forwards, her golden jet hitting the tree with almost flawless accuracy.  Hawk could tell that she had done this before.  Without really realizing it, Hawk stared as her piss stream-which in the sunlight looked to have a rainbow color to it-smashed into the tree, causing the bark to grow a darker shade of brown. 

His concentration was interrupted when Diana asked, “And just what do you think you’re staring at?” 

 “I’m sorry for staring,” stuttered Hawk as he turned his head the other way, his face beet-red.

“Don’t worry about it, I was just having some fun with you.  If I was bothered by having a guy staring at me pee, I wouldn’t be standing next to you right now.  Based off the way you were staring at me though, I’m guessing you’ve never seen a girl pee standing up before.  Am I right?”

“Yes,” replied a blushing Hawk, still unable to look her way.  “I didn’t think it was possible for a girl to pee standing.”

“Well it is and it’s much safer than squatting,” replied Diana.

“How so?”

Diana paused for a moment to think about how to answer the question.  “Well, when you squat down, it’s harder to defend yourself if an enemy tried to attack you.  At least this way, I have a better chance of launching a successful counter attack.”

“I guess I never really thought about it that way,” said Hawk as he wondered if Lisa and Lizzy ever worried about getting attacked while peeing.

“Of course not, you’re a guy,” said Diana.  “You know, if you’re really interested, I wouldn’t mind you watching me pee.”  When Hawk heard that, he couldn’t resist the temptation.  He turned his head slightly in her direction so he could get a better look.  The moment he did, Diana said, “Plus this would make us even.”

“How so?” asked Hawk as he turned his head fully to meet Diana’s gaze.

“To tell you the truth, I’ve been staring at you the whole time and I have to say that yours is one of the biggest ones I’ve seen,” teased Diana as her gaze went back to Hawk’s dick.  The sudden revelation caused Hawk to jerk to the other side, causing him to temporarily lose control of his stream.  The end result was a small wet patch on the front of his pants.  Diana began laughing as Hawk regained control of his stream.  By this point in time, Diana’s stream had finally weakened into small spurts.  As she finished up, she hiked up her shorts and pulled her skirt back down.

“Aren’t you going to wipe or something?” asked Hawk as he watched the scene play out in the corner of his eye.

“There’s no need,” said Diana as she got behind him.  She then leaned in and whispered into his ear, “I actually like the feeling of being a little wet.”  Diana then slapped Hawk on the ass, her palm lingering on it long enough to give it a playful squeeze.  The very act almost caused Hawk to lose control again.

“DON’T DO THAT!” screamed Hawk, feeling both violated and turned on at the same time.

“Relax,” said Diana.  “I was just messing with you a little bit.  Consider it punishment for making Lisa upset.”

Hawk paused a moment before saying, “So I’m guessing she told you about my reaction to her wanting to become a knight, huh?  It’s not that I don’t think that she can do it, it’s just that I’m worried that she could end up like our father.  We’ve lost both our mother and father.  I can’t bear the thought of losing her too.”

“You know, being too overprotective could cause her to leave you too.”  As Diana began to walk away she said, “I want you to promise me something.  If anything happens to me, I want you to protect Lisa and see that she fulfills whatever dream she decides to follow.”

“Are you seriously planning on abandoning my sister?” asked Hawk, his tone becoming more and more serious.  Diana didn’t respond.  “I’ve known all along about your relationship with Lisa.  Furthermore, she even told me about how you are planning on leaving without her once we complete our mission.  While I don’t care that you are the same sex, I do draw the line at you breaking her heart.  Who do you think is going to have to pick up the pieces if you leave without her?  Why can’t you just take her with you?”

“SHUT UP!” screamed Diana.  “You can’t even comprehend everything I’m going through right now so quit trying to act like you know the answer to this problem.”  As she began to storm off in the opposite direction of the rest area, she yelled, “Tell the others that I’m going to go do some reconnaissance and to stay put.  I’ll be back shortly.”  She then disappeared into the trees.

As Hawk finished up, he turned around and began walking back towards the others.  Suddenly the sounds of blood curdling screams and steel and iron clashing filled the air.  Realizing what was happening, Hawk drew his bow and took off at full speed to help his comrades, completely unaware of just how bad the situation truly was.


As Hawk broke through the trees and hit the clearing where the others had stopped to rest, he looked on in horror at the couple dozen bodies lying on the ground.  From the looks of it, their group had been caught off guard and in the ensuing chaos had been slaughtered.  As Hawk desperately looked among the corpses, he was overcome with a sense of relief when he saw that Lizzy and Lisa weren’t among them.  He thought to himself that maybe they had escaped before the bandits attacked, but his hopes were dashed when he heard a deep male voice, “Looks like we missed one.”   As Hawk looked up from the corpses, he saw a group of bandits about fifty yards ahead of him.  He noticed that all of the bandits except for the one that had spoken to him were wearing iron helmets in the shape of skulls that covered their entire faces.  The one who had just spoken to him was wearing an iron skull mask that covered his face from the nose up and had had two curled horns sticking out both sides of the helmet just above his ears.   Standing next to them were a restrained but otherwise unhurt Lisa and Lizzy.

“YOU BASTARDS!!!” screamed Hawk as he charged the group with bow in hand, letting loose a barrage of arrows.  Within seconds he had managed to strike five of the bandits dead.  He was twenty yards away when he felt a sharp pain in his back, and then another and another until he lost his balance and fell to his knees.  As Hawk turned his head, he could see what looked to be three arrows sticking out of his back.  Luckily the light chainmail he was wearing underneath his shirt and stopped the arrows from doing more damage.  Suddenly he felt a sharp pain in his ribs as a leather boot struck him on the right side of his body.  He fell over on his left side, pretty sure that a couple of his ribs were either cracked or broken.  As he reached for his bow, the bandit behind him kicked him again before grabbing the bow and stealing Hawk’s quiver.  Hawk knew in an instant that this bandit was the one who had shot him in the back with arrows.

“What should I do with him boss?” asked the bandit archer.  “Do you want me to kill him?”

“Without his weapon, that boy is nothing more than a toothless wolf.  Completely harmless,” said the bandit boss.  The large man walked over to Hawk and squatted down.  He grabbed Hawk’s cheeks, painfully squishing them between his big hand.  “It’s your lucky day boy.  You see out of the goodness of my heart I’m going to let you live, but in return I have a message that I need you to relay for me.  We are the Iron Skulls and we will kill anyone who gets in our way.  If another attempt is made to send a party up here to kill us, we will descend the mountain and slaughter every man, woman, and child, in Solaris and the villages surrounding it.”  The man let go of Hawk and stood up.  “Let’s go men.  I’m sure the two women we captured will fetch for a high price in the slave market.”  

When Hawk heard that, he sprung to his feet, unsheathing the dagger he kept in his belt and charged the boss bandit.  However, the bandit was ready for him as he unsheathed his sword, spun around, and slashed Hawk in the chest.   Blood spurted from the cut in his chest.  As he fell to the ground he noticed that Lizzy and Lisa were screaming but he could not hear what they were saying.  It was as if the whole world had gone silent.  Laying in the grass, his blood began pooling beneath him.  His sight was starting to become blurry as he struggled to stay conscious.  As he began to black out, Hawk could feel himself being lifted up into the air and carried off.  He blacked out for a what seemed like only a few brief seconds.  As he opened his eyes he was tossed off a nearby cliff into the icy water of the river below.  As his lungs began filling with water, he prayed to the gods that someone would come and save Lizzy and Lisa.  Right as darkness began enveloping his eyes, he swore that he saw something human-sized swimming towards him.  He blacked out once more.


Immediately after throwing Hawk into the river, the bandit leader ordered a group of his men to take the girls back to their hideout, giving them explicit orders to lock them in the dungeon unharmed.  He then took a few men with him and set off through the forest to track down and slaughter any survivors who managed to get away in the chaos of the attack.  As the girls were being escorted to the cave that acted as the bandits’ hideout, Lizzy began to cry at the loss of her friend.  “Don’t cry Lizzy.  Hawk is not the type to die that easily,” Lisa whispered.  All the while she couldn’t help but question whether her brother would be able to survive such a horrific injury.

Before they knew it, the girls were taken into the cave and thrown into dungeon room that had been created by the bandits’ ancestors’ decades before.  Both girls were then shackled to the wall and were left alone in the dungeon to await their fate.  Each one pondered whether they would be saved and whether or not Hawk was still alive.  As Lisa sat silently against the wall she was shackled to, she began to wonder if Diana had been able to escape or if she too had fallen victim to the bandits.


“Where am I?” screamed Hawk as he jolted up.  As he looked around, he realized that he was in a small cave lit up by a fire.  He felt a sudden jolt of pain in his chest and as he looked down, he noticed that his shirt was missing and that in its place were bandages covering his entire chest.

“Ah, I see your finally awake,” said a voice coming from the cave entrance.  As the figure got closer, Hawk saw that it was a woman in a dark black robe, her face covered by a skull mask made from a real skull.  “You’re lucky that I found you when I did,” said the robed figure as she began to change Hawk’s bandages.  While the skull mask hid the woman’s face from her nose on up, as she was leaning forward Hawk could see just enough into the helmet’s eye sockets  to realize that this woman had two mismatched eyes.  One was blue like the sky and the other was grey and glazed over like that of a corpse.  In that moment, Hawk knew that the lady treating him was definitely not human.

“Who are you?  What are you?” asked Hawk as he let the creature inspect his wounds and place new bandages on him.

“My name is Necra.  As for what I am, I'm a Lich.”

“A Lich, like as in the skeleton-like creatures in story books that can command an army of the undead to terrorize knights and adventurers unlucky enough to cross their path?  I thought that was nothing but mere legend.

“As you can see I’m very real,” said Necra.  She then proceeded to open her robe, revealing her naked flesh to the young knight in training.  “Also, not all of us have skeleton-like bodies.”

“I get it, just please cover yourself up,” replied Hawk, doing his best to avert his gaze.  Once Necra was covered back up, Hawk turned to her and stated, “The party I was in was attacked by bandits.  They killed everybody except for two females.  Do you by chance know where the bandits’ hideout is?”

“Of course I do,” said Necra as she turned her attention to stoking the fire.  “However, if you are planning on going there, I would highly advise against it.  Without a weapon and in your current condition, you would surely be killed the moment you even tried to step foot in their hideout.  Your best option would be to descend the mountain and comeback with a large party of experienced knights and/or adventurers.”

“If I do that, by the time I get back up here it will be too late.”

“For all you know it could already be too late,” replied Necra.

“I have to believe that it isn’t.  I have to believe that my friends are still alive and waiting for me to rescue them.  Will you help me?”

“Alas I cannot.  It would be troublesome if more humans were to discover my existence here in the mountains.  If you are to mount a rescue, you must do it on your own.”

“Fine,” said Hawk as he clumsily got to his feet.  “I’ll go on my own then.”  As Hawk prepared to leave the cave, the woman blocked his path.  “Get out of my way.”

“I cannot let you leave in this condition.  If you truly wish to rescue your friends then wait here for a moment.”  Hawk watched as Necra walked past him and went deeper into the cave.   She came back a couple minutes later holding clothes, bandages, an iron skull helmet, and a bow and quiver.  “I got these off of an interloper who dared enter my cave without permission about an hour ago.  He won’t be needing these as he is quite dead now.  You can use these to sneak into their hideout undetected.”  As Hawk looked at the items, he recognized the bow and quiver as the ones stolen from him during the attack.  It was then that he realized that the man that Necra was referring to was the same man who had shot him with arrows and kicked him in the ribs.

“Thank you,” said Hawk as he put the clothes on and carefully listened to Necra’s instructions on how to get to the cave.  As Hawk prepared to leave, he turned to Necra and asked, “Why did you save me?”

“Simple.  A human soul tastes best once it has had time to ripen, yours is not ready yet.  However, when the time comes I will claim your soul.”  As Hawk looked at her, he could tell that Necra was dead serious.  He quickly exited the cave and began making the long trek to the bandits’ hideout.


Three hours had passed since Lisa and Lizzy were locked up inside the dungeon and Lizzy was starting to squirm a bit.  “What’s wrong with you?” asked Lisa as she noticed Lizzy’s squirming. 

“I really need to pee,” said Lizzy, crossing her legs.  Suddenly she felt a few drops of warmth seep into her panties.  “Oh no, I think I just peed a little,” said Lizzy, her face flush with embarrassment.

“That’s good!” exclaimed Lisa excitedly.

“How the hell is wetting my pants a good thing?”

“It’s good because it gave me an idea on how we’re going to get out of here.  Just follow my lead and react as if the things I do seriously make you angry.”  Before Lizzy could ask Lisa what she meant by that, Lisa began screaming at the top of her lungs “HEY ASSHOLES, YOU MIGHT WANT TO GET IN HERE BEFORE MY FRIEND TURNS THIS DUGEON INTO HER OWN PERSONAL TOILET!”  Lizzy’s face turned an even brighter shade of red.  Less than a minute later one of the bandits assigned to guard them opened the iron enforced wooden door, and came in with a bucket.  Lisa noticed that the man had a dagger in his belt and a battle axe strapped to his back.  Luckily for her, this bandit seemed kind of stupid.

“Which one of you needs the bucket?” asked the bandit, a perverted smile coming across his face.

“She does,” said Lisa as she motioned towards Lizzy.  “However, she says she won’t go unless I help her and to do that I would need to be unrestrained.”

“Do you take me for a fool?” replied the bandit.  “The moment I free you, you’ll try to escape.”

Lisa merely laughed and said, “You are a fool if you think that a small unarmed girl like me could take down a big man like you who is armed with a dagger and a large axe.”  She waited as the bandit mulled it over.  He then walked over, placed the bucket in front of her, and unlocked the shackles on her arms and legs.  As he did so, Lisa thanked the gods that this bandit was as stupid as she thought he was.  Of course, Lisa knew better than to try to attack this man.  As the man backed away and grabbed the handle of his dagger, Lisa slowly bent down and grabbed the bucket.  She then walked over to Lizzy who was still in her shackles.  Unlike Lisa who had been merely chained to the wall with some ability to stand or sit, Lizzy had been strapped to the wall, unable to move at all.  Lisa turned her head towards the bandit and asked, “Have you ever seen a girl piss before?”

“I haven’t,” replied the bandit excitedly.

“Well then you’re in for a treat.”  And with that, Lisa laid down the bucket, grabbed hold of Lizzy’s pants, and yanked them down to her ankles, revealing her slightly soiled panties to the bandit who was now drooling a little from the excitement.  As Lisa did this, she felt a small lump in Lizzy’s pocket.  Sticking her hand in the pocket, she felt something sort of sharp prick her finger.  In that moment, Lisa knew that she would have to somehow get whatever was in Lizzy’s pocket without the bandit noticing, and she knew just how to do it.  As she stood back up, she grabbed hold of Lizzy’s panties and yanked them down as well, although not as far.  Lisa then picked up the bucket and placed it right under Lizzy’s pussy.  “Time to pee,” taunted Lisa in an attempt to anger Lizzy.

“I can’t,” cried Lizzy as two minutes passed with nothing happening.  Lisa looked back at the bandit and realized that he was becoming impatient.  If something didn’t happen and soon, they would miss their golden opportunity.

“Hurry up and go already,” ordered Lisa.  “I’m not going to hold this bucket all day.”

“I told you I can’t,” said Lizzy.  “I have trouble going when people are watching me.”

“Then I guess I have no choice,” said Lisa.  Holding the bucket in one hand, she placed the other hand on Lizzy’s now bulging bladder.  Using two fingers, she proceeded to apply pressure to the bladder.  Lizzy screamed in pain as the pressure finally caused her to burst.  A river of gold came spewing forth between her legs, slapping the bucket with the most wonderful noise the bandit and ever heard.  So much was coming out of Lizzy that Lisa had to move her hand from Lizzy’s bladder back to the bucket just to keep it from tipping over.  By the time it was over, the bucket was nearly full.  “That a girl,” said Lisa as she placed the bucket out of the way.  In so doing, she noticed that a few drops of urine had spread down the inside of Lizzy’s legs and had stopped just above her pants.  This gave her an idea although it was going to be incredibly disgusting.  Lisa turned to the bandit once more and noticed the erection in his pants and the dopey smile on his face.  “Do you have a handkerchief or a piece of cloth?”

“Why?” asked the bandit.

Lisa chuckled and said, “You really are inexperienced aren’t you.  Almost everyone knows that girls need something to wipe with after their done peeing.”

“Oh right, I knew that,” replied the bandit as he searched his pockets for something they could use.  Not having anything to use, he proceeded to rip a small piece of cloth off the bottom of his shirt and handed it to Lisa.  “Will this do?”

“Of course,” said Lisa, secretly glad the cloth was so small.  As she turned her attention back to Lizzy, she said, “Now let’s get you cleaned up you dirty girl.”  She then leaned down and began to wipe Lizzy’s pussy. 

“Stop!” moaned Lizzy, as she felt the cloth touch her most sensitive area.  Lisa stopped after a few seconds more.  She then proceeded to accidentally drop the cloth into the bucket full of piss.

“Oh no!” cried Lisa as convincingly as she could.  “I accidentally dropped the cloth in the bucket of piss before I could finish cleaning you.  I guess I’ll just have to use my tongue.”  Before Lizzy could say no, Lisa leaned down and began licking the few piss droplets on the inside of Lizzy’s leg just above her pants.  As Lizzy began struggling, Lisa used the opportunity to grab the item from Lizzy’s pocket, being careful to clench it tightly in her hand.  Suddenly she heard the sound of metal snap as one of the rusted shackles keeping Lizzy pinned to the wall came loose, allowing Lizzy to give Lisa a sharp kick to the side of the head.  Lisa backed away slightly dazed and screamed, “YOU BITCH!”  As she prepared to attack her, she felt something hit her on the back of the head.  She then crumpled to the floor.

“There will be none of that,” said the bandit, his fist still clenched from the punch he delivered to the back of her head.  The bandit proceeded to grab her, tied her hands and feet with rope, and using a pulley system, proceeded to hang her upside down from the fifteen-foot ceiling.  “Let’s see if that cools you down.”  He then walked over to Lizzy and pulled up her panties and pants for her as he did not want to get in trouble for violating the boss’s orders.  The bandit then grabbed the bucket of piss and left the room, locking the door behind him.

Lizzy stared in horror as her friend hang unconscious from the ceiling.  “I’m so sorry,” she cried.  As she looked at Lisa, she watched in shock as Lisa’s eyes opened as she slowly spat a necklace out of her mouth, being extremely careful to keep the leather part of the necklace between her teeth.  Lisa instantly recognized the necklace as the one that Diana had tried to give to her.  In that moment, Lisa had so many questions for Lizzy but decided that it could wait until she cut herself free.  Luckily, Lisa was able to lower the arrow-head part of the necklace into her hands and began cutting the rope that bound her hands.  Once she had accomplished that, she managed to swing herself from side to side, eventually getting enough momentum to swing upwards and reach her bound feet.  A few more minutes passed by before she was able to successfully cut herself down. 

“Why do you have this?” asked Lisa as she approached Lizzy.

“Diana gave it to me and made me promise to give it to you when the time was right.  I wasn’t quite sure what she meant by that but I’m glad that I held onto it.”

“Me too,” said Lisa as she grabbed the rusty shackles and began pulling, hoping that with enough force they would break.  Unfortunately for her, the noise was enough to attract the attention of the bandit who was guarding the dungeon.  She watched in terror as the door swung open and the bandit came in, ax at the ready.  Before she knew what she was doing, Lisa found herself charging at the bandit.  She managed to duck just as the bandit took a swing with his ax.  This left the bandit wide open for attack.  Thinking quickly, Lisa jammed her knee into the bandit’s groin and as he bent down in pain, she smashed her fist into his chin for a disabling uppercut.  She moved back as the bandit fell forwards.  As she began to make her way back over to Lizzy, she felt a sudden jolt of pain in her lower leg.  Looking down, she noticed that a dagger had been run through her leg.  She crumpled over in pain as the bandit yanked the dagger out of her leg. 

Both Lisa and Lizzy watched in horror as the bandit got up and grabbed his ax  He walked towards Lisa and raised his ax high in the air, “Naughty girls need to learn their lesson.”  Lisa closed her eyes and waited for the ax to come down.  What she heard instead was a metallic thud followed by an even louder thud.  As she opened her eyes, she noticed the bandit lying on the ground with a single arrow in his back.  Looking up she noticed a masked figure in the door way with bow in hand.  Her terror was soon replaced by joy as the man removed the mask.

“Thank goodness you’re okay,” said Lizzy as Hawk stepped into the room.

“I’ve been better,” said Hawk as he walked over to her and used his bow to smash the rusty shackles.  He then turned his attention to Lisa and removed the pair of pants that Necra had given him, revealing that he was still wearing his own.  He proceeded to hand them over to Lisa.

“What do you want me to do with these?” asked Lisa as she took them from him.

“Well, I thought that it was better than sitting in piss soaked clothes,” replied Hawk as he turned towards the door to give her some privacy.  Lisa looked down and realized that she had pissed herself when the bandit had threatened to bring the ax down on her.

“Thank you,” said Lisa as she had Lizzy help her take off her soiled pants and panties and put the clean pair on.  Once she was cleaned up Hawk walked over to her and proceeded to wrap her injured leg in the bandages that Necra had given him.

As Hawk helped her to her feet, he asked, “Do you think you can walk?”

“I think so, but I’ll need to lean on someone for support,” replied Lisa.  Lizzy quickly moved next to Lisa to be her support.

“We need to get moving,” said Hawk as he stuck his head out the door to make sure the passage way was clear.  He then motioned for them to begin moving.  They were almost halfway to the cave entrance when they heard yelling coming from the tunnel containing the dungeon.  The three knights in training watched in horror as three bandits began running down the hallway.  “Run!” screamed Hawk as he fired two arrows, taking out two of the three bandits.  He grabbed a third arrow from his quiver and as he prepared to launch it, his fingers slipped allowing the remaining bandit to get within striking distance.  Before the bandit could strike Hawk with his sword, the bandit was impaled from behind.  As the bandit fell, Hawk realized that the person who had saved him was none other than Diana.  “Thank the gods that the bandits didn’t find you.”

“Yeah, whatever,” said Diana not really paying attention to Hawk.  “We need to keep moving.”  The two began proceeding down the cave until they ran into Lisa and Lizzy who had not made much progress due to Lisa’s injured leg.  Diana walked over to Lizzy and handed her the sword while she took Lisa as she was stronger and faster than Lizzy.

Suddenly the cave erupted with angry shouts and the sounds of boots slapping the ground as the bandits were desperately trying to catch up to the intruders.  Hawk turned to Diana and said, “I’ll try to hold them off for as long as I can while you get Lisa out of here.”

“I won’t leave without you,” said Lisa.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be right behind you.  Now go.”  Hawk watched as the other three began making their way to the entrance once more.  He then turned his attention to tunnel that the bandits were beginning to come out of.  “It’s show time,” said Hawk as let loose what would soon become a deadly barrage of arrows.


The others were almost a quarter of the way to the entrance when luck finally ran out.  Lizzy had taken the lead as she had the sword and could fight off any of the bandits that might be blocking their only way out.  Without realizing it, she ran past a secret passage and the bandit hiding within it.  As Diana and Lisa made their way past the passage way, Diana noticed something glimmering in the darkness.  Realizing what it was she quickly grabbed her dagger while simultaneously pushing Lisa out of the way just as the figure hiding in the darkness attacked with a sword.


Hawk had managed to kill the bandits pursing him and was retreating to the entrance of the cave when he heard a blood curdling scream he recognized as belonging to his sister.  As he ran with all his might, he could feel his wounds beginning to open.  Fighting back the pain, he kept running.  As he reached the others he noticed that Lisa was on the ground screaming in shock.  Lizzy had dropped her sword and was trying her best not to vomit.  Getting closer, Hawk realized what was making the girls react that way.  Lying next to Lisa was Diana’s severed head.  A couple feet away was the body of the attacker whose throat had been slit by Diana in her final seconds of life.  Hawk ran over to Lisa and scooped her up in his arms.

“Don’t look,” he said as he began running, carrying Lisa in his arms, with Lizzy close behind him.  As he ran, he thought to himself over and over again, “I’m so sorry Diana.”  His thoughts vanished as a little bit of daylight spilled into the cave, illuminating the entrance.  The moment the group of three reached the outside, they saw that the sun was beginning to set.  What was worse was that their route of escape was now cut off by the bandit leader and his small group who had returned to the hideout.  As Hawk turned around, he could hear footsteps coming from the cave behind them.  They were surrounded.

Just as the bandit leader stepped forward, a horn sounded.  The bandit leader turned around just in time to be struck through the heart by an arrow.  The other bandits turned around and saw that a band of knights was fast approaching on their location.  With their leader dead, the bandits decided to make a run for it, some of them running for the cave, others trying to find safety in the forest.  In the end all of the bandits would be slaughtered by the knights pursuing them.  Hawk and the others stood where they were until the knight who had blown the horn approached them.  “Are you guys part of the band of adventurers who were attacked by the bandits?”  Hawk nodded his head.  “Is there a black-haired lady with you?  She is the reason that we were able to come to your rescue.”  Hawk simply looked back at the cave and then shook his head.  The knight looked at him with understanding eyes and nodded.  The knight and a couple others then proceeded to escort the party to a nearby village where they could seek medical attention at a small inn.  Before the knight departed, he placed a hand on Hawk’s shoulder and said, “Three-quarters of rookie adventures die on their first big mission.  Of those that remain, half of them will die within their first year of adventuring.  Today you were one of the lucky ones, next time you might not be so lucky.”


As the night wore on, Lizzy had fallen asleep while Lisa and Hawk were wide awake, their thoughts racing with what had happened.  Finally giving up on the idea of sleeping, Hawk walked to Lisa’s room and found her sitting on the bed, the necklace that Diana had given her clenched tightly in her hand.  As Lisa averted her gaze, she said teary eyed, “It’s all my fault.  If Diana hadn’t pushed me out of the way she’d still be alive.  I’m the one who should’ve died, not her.”  Suddenly Lisa felt a sharp stinging sensation across her cheek.  Looking up at the man who had just slapped her, she could see tears in the corners of his eyes.  As he moved closer, Lisa closed her eyes and waited for another slap.  Her eyes shot open when instead of a slapping her again, Hawk hugged her tighter than he ever had before.

“Idiot.  Don’t say things like that.  You’re the only family I have left.  I need you to live,” said Hawk, his voice cracking as he choked back tears.  “If Diana heard you saying this she would be sad.  Her final act was an act of love, don’t ruin it by blaming yourself.”  Lisa began crying harder than she had ever cried before.  Her heart was broken and there was nothing that Hawk could do to help her.  All he could do was hold her in his arms and let her cry as much as she needed to.

Days passed, but Diana’s body was never recovered.  As a tribute to her, Lisa built a cross on a hill covered in flowers, as she knew that Diana would have wanted it that way.


Back in present day, Lisa had finally returned to the hill where she built the cross for Diana.  It was a thirty-minute hike from the campsite.  Lisa had spent the last hour staring at the cross, holding the necklace tightly as she prayed that her lover had found peace in the afterlife.  “I love you,” she whispered as she kissed her fingers and then touched the cross.  As she got up, she noticed Hawk was standing behind her.  “How long have you been here?”

“I just got here a couple minutes ago.  I wanted to pay my respects.”  Hawk then walked over to the cross, got down on his knees and bowed his head.  “I can never thank you enough for saving my sister’s life,” he said to the cross.  He then closed his eyes and prayed for her.  When he was done, he got up and turned to Lisa.  “We should get going.  I’m sure the others are getting a little worried.”  Lisa nodded her head in agreement.  As they turned and began walking down the hill, Hawk’s head began to throb.  For some unexplainable reason, he felt the sudden urge to look back at the grave and the moment he did, he saw Necra standing at the top of the hill looking down at him. 

“What are you staring at?” asked Lisa.  Hawk’s concentration shifted to her for a second before shifting back to the spot Necra had been standing, only she was no longer there.

“It nothing,” said Hawk as he turned back around.  As he walked away from the hill he couldn’t help but feel like something terrible was about to happen.


To be Continued….

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I love medieval but never occurred about combining the fetish, my insights are more open and diverse :) 

really well done

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