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What happened to clubs?

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I would like to know too.  Some people put a lot of work into their clubs,  and they have just disappeared. What happened?

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I had not noticed before this.

I don't know. @Admin never said anything to me beforehand. 

Truth is I often had more issues uploading pics there than posting them in the threads so stopped going there.

I will email him.

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Hi all, sorry about this.

The content is not lost and so may be reinstated at some point, but unfortunately there were a number of issues with the clubs, especially around uploading. It got to the point where most people didn't seem to be able to add any new images to the clubs at all.

The clubs section was really a trial, as in a sense they take away from the forum aspect somewhat (every club gallery can be a picture thread etc). From the usage levels I didn't think they would be greatly missed.

I haven't given up on the idea of them returning as long as I can get them working again, but it depends if people think they are worthwhile? 

I have unfortunately not had as much time as I'd like to spend on the site recently. I'm hoping that will change soon and I can start working on any fixes and additions people would like. :)

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To be fair, almost all my gallery pics were duplicates anyway. The same ones in the gallery that I posted in the forums.

I began posting them in the galleries because Admin asked if I could contribute towards filling them, but found increasing issues re pic sizes and posting failures, and eventually found it wouldn't let me add new stuff at all. After a week of that, at that point I gave up trying.

Good that they have not been lost though, because others may well have posted some original content there.

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All back up and running now. 

If we raise enough in donations, there are some nice additions to clubs we can add to hopefully take them to the next level, as more than just photo galleries. As Sophie and I were discussing on the chatbox recently, there is a lot of potential for emphasis on the 'sub-community' element of having groups for specific interests/locations etc,  so hopefully that's where we can begin to head with them now.

Please let me know if there are any other questions around clubs.


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My pee club is going on, and it is healthy so far.


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