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Pee Fun

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We had a little fun yesterday, it was so hot and muggy we tried to cool off somewhat. It didn't exactly work out as planned. I kind of wore most of it, the girls ganged up on me, several coffees and a fair bit of water and we all got wet in some way.

After we had had enough, I had some mild heartburn and Mary complained of cramping in the tummy, she ended up with a bad case of the farts, nothing major, just a little uncomfortable and embarrassing. Maigh was fine, but she has cast iron innards, nothing makes her feel off. 

Just wondering if we over did it, or that we need to get used to it again, we hadn't been this intense in a while, I mean we were soaked, hair, everything we were wearing, our jeans were shiny from being so wet, we dripped when we walked about. We were well hydrated, there was bugger all taste and smell, yet both of us suffered a little. Maigh thought it was funny and jokingly told us to do it again today, but we'll see what happens, lol.

Has as anyone else had anything like this?

Did you do something that made you feel a little off?

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Ok, ok, lol. Next time I ask if someone wants to drink a lot and pee all over, I'll make sure I have Quikeze and DeGas on hand.

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