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Ability to cancel join club requests

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If a club is closed, you must send a request to join it, which will be handled by a club moderator. If I change my mind or click the button by accident, I have no way of cancelling this request.



Request Pending

Your request to join this club is pending. Once a club moderator approves your request, you'll receive a notification and be able to see the club's content.


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I agree this should be in place, although it's something I think will very rarely be an issue as:

  • Hardly any clubs are closed anyway
  • Generally I doubt people would change their mind about something like that
  • If you get accepted, you can just leave if you no longer want to stay / didn't mean to join in the first place
  • If you don't get accepted, nothing changes 

I appreciate it's not ideal, but unless I'm missing something it's hopefully not too much of a problem, as this doesn't seem to be an easy change I'm afraid.


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That's fine :) It's only happened to me once and I thought it might be something good to suggest.

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