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How many guys pee in the shower?

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I often pee in the shower.    Usually (but not exclusively) when I'm already in there having a shower.   If I need to pee before I get in the shower then I don't bother using the toilet first, I just get in the shower and combine the two activities.

I sometimes pee in the bath - particularly in hotel bathrooms.  See pics below.

Bath 2.JPG

Bath 1.JPG

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Great pics alfresco. I enjoy doing it in hotel bathrooms also.  Looks like your getting a good height there.....

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I think the question should really be "Who doesn't?"  It never really occurred to me until about 12 years ago (when I  was then in my mid forties) when I wrote a story which featured it.  I then decided to do it just to see what it felt like and I was instantly hooked.  Needless to say I've done it almost daily ever since.  I did learn early on to make sure the shower was running before I started weeing though! 

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