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The Volleyball Girls - Part Five

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I loved his next exciting instalment. 

Some of my favourite lines or bits:  "I don’t suppose you know where the toilets are do you? I’m about to wet myself here"

I loved the idea of one girl using the gents..and in a perfect world, would have loved a bit more detail etc of what it felt like..maybe another character can use the gents later in the story..and maybe have a naughty piss in there?

and then the coup de grace of Sarah.  I loved Michelle's comment "“Tell me you peed on the floor Sarah, surely even you aren’t that naughty”"  which was brilliant, and Sarah's reveal that she really HAD been that naughty and gone in the bed was superb.  

Then the thrill of the last line :  "There was no way we’d be using a toilet after this kind of start…"

So thanks very much, it was superb ..and bring on part 6

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