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Peeing urge stops

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I hope this subject was not covered before, if so, i am sorry. We had a pee play going this weekend and we had to hold it in as long as we can. For a reason, while holding it in, my urge completely went away, so i kept drinking and the urge came back about 45 min to 1 hour later. Again, i tried holding it in but this time it took longer for that feeling to go away and  the urge came back 15 minutes after which was starting to hurt so we then peed in our measuring cups for the play part.

I have never kept in urges till they went away and my question is, how long till the urge came back and how long it went away for?

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When I get the urge, I find I can usually get another 30 to 40 minutes if I make a good effort. But, when it comes back, it's almost always even stronger (after all, there's more now in the bladder). If I still need or want to hold, I'll fight the urge to gain maybe another 15 or 20.

Sometimes I may luck out and the urge goes away, not to return for another couple hours. Other times, with little or no warning, I'll lose control.

Of course, Sephora, your mileage may vary. But, your results seem pretty typical.

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There was a point where I found I could get through a couple of bladder spasms while I was holding it. Usually while I'm drinking beer and looking for pictures and videos of women pissing. I could fight through the first spasm and it would somewhat go away. A little while later, I'd get a second spasm. That was a little harder, but it would ease up. By the third spasm, I either need to put a bottle in front of my dick or squeeze it and start running to the bathroom or it will come out on its own and there's no stopping it.

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