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other kinks that go with your pee fetish


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50 minutes ago, Bacardi said:

I have a humiliation/dominance kink, so the thought of someone pushing me to my knees and showering me with their piss to degrade me and to place themselves above me definitely gets me going. 

I have a few others too but they don't really go along with my pee fetish. 

What about being forced to pee somewhere like a coffee cup in the car or a garbage can/bucket infront of them lol 

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23 minutes ago, Tman27 said:

What about being forced to pee somewhere like a coffee cup in the car or a garbage can/bucket infront of them lol 

Peeing in containers isn't really my thing. But I guess if I had a dom telling me it was either hold it or pee in a bucket I'd go for the bucket 😁

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This is a very interesting topic. I really have multiple kinks , but I'll stick my top 3:

  1. Cum: I am obsessed with cum, cum shots, cum on clothes, cum on hair, cum eating, cum on food, wearing cum... 
  2. Panties: Love to smell them, cum in them, taste them...
  3. FemDom: Not much experience at that level, but am obsessed with the idea of being dominated and "humiliated" by a woman (or a group of women
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On 10/12/2017 at 11:54 AM, expererg said:

Naughty pee for me. And by naughty, I mean : a girl peeing where she's not supposed to and that will annoy or disturb someone to some degree (either by dirtying something not easy to clean, or in a place that will cause inconvenience). It's all about the "I pee wherever and whenever I want and I don't give a fuck about the consequences for others". So naughty peeing at home is not interesting to me. But peeing in a changing room in a store, on the seat of a train or bus, in an elevator, on the carpet of the hotel hallway, etc. are instant turn-ons for me. Leaving a tissue she wiped with in the puddle for good measure adds to the naughtiness !

Adding some small amount of vandalism easily goes along with it. Dents on a parqueted floor with high stilettos heels, dirt on train seats she puts her shoes on (or if the girl squats on to pee), wipe with clothes she's trying and not buying in the shop's changing room, etc.

I agree, Naughty Peeing is NOT something you can do at home.  Peeing in your own bed is not naughty.  Peeing in a motel bed is naughty.   Peeing in your own car is not naughty (although it is wonderful).  Peeing in the back seat of a police car because you got arrested for peeing openly in public is naughty.  You get the idea. 😆😊


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22 hours ago, Peevert said:

Peeing in the back seat of a police car because you got arrested for peeing openly in public is naughty.

Okay, this might be a combination of naughty and momentuos. But yeah, guess that counts as "naughty", too xD

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On 1/23/2021 at 1:51 AM, Kupar said:

I am surprised, a little, that there hasn't been more mention of a broader wet and messy kink. It would seem to fit quite happily with a pee kink, and certainly for me, the 'oil overload' type of videos, for instance, really do it. Wetlook too - thin clothing completely soaked so it's transparent. Ideally, of course, with pee, but failing that, water or oil have the necessary effect. And food play: women sitting down on chocolate cakes, pouring tubs of custard inside their shirts, squirting cream over their boobs and getting it licked off, bathing in porridge - all that sort of stuff - again, ideally, hosed down with pee afterwards. I have no idea really why this is such a turn on - but then that's partly in the nature of a kink that you don't understand it I reckon.

It's strange, but confessing these kinks in the PeeFans forum is almost harder to do than admitting a pee fetish to a partner! (I should add that my wife is *very much not into* the WAM kink, unfortunately - though oil is sometimes used in moderate quantities, and chocolate too 🙂 

I happened across this fetish on Instagram (while searching for pee of course! 😆) and thought it was strange but interesting. There are also some videos on YouTube of women just pouring water over each other so that their clothes are wet and see through. I think I even came across a game show where if a lady got a question wrong, she had water poured over her sexy, thin dress. Oil makes ANYONE look good! I tried it once and was amazed at how it transforms the body’s look. So yes, I found the women sitting on cakes and pouring custard down their jeans on Insta….I think it is the hedonistic nature of it….the blatant wastefulness, the utter mess, the absolute lack of following any of society’s rules for food, and how it can mess things up….clothes, tables, carpet….things could get potentially quite wild with food. A sensory feast for the whole body. And it is a very accessible thing. I am sure most people have incorporate food into their sensual times…..fruit has worked well for me. But messier foods would be great to experiment with one day. And I think it would be easier to convince the husband to cover me in jelly, rather than pee. It is not as out there I guess. 

thank you for your kink confession, Kupar. You know that we are all ears, and a lot of us are figuring these things out day by day….the extent as to what we are into, or not into. And sometimes it evolves too. Self-knowledge is path to true wisdom. 

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Perhaps because I'm a (very) long-term porn user, I have a lot of fetishes and kinks. After I got used to the shock of actually seeing girls masturbate or people fucking in photos, my next step up was seeing a man cum in a girl's mouth - which was much less ubiquitous at the time than it is now. It shocked and disgusted me on first meeting, but the shock was a huge turn-on, so I sought out more of the same. Of course, I got used to seeing cum-in-her-mouth finishes eventually, but I still enjoy watching it - a lot. Oh, and I was turned on by women swapping cum and drawing out sticky cum-strings between their faces as soon as I saw my first one. That obsession hasn't left me either. I love to watch women exchanging gentle spunky kisses.

My excitement at seeing men spunk off in girls' faces - and so on - led me to piss porn. I realized there were two elements to my general porn obsession - (1) an attraction to pretty girls getting transgressively messy and (2) a craving for erotic shock. I still want to be shocked by women doing filthy things, though that happens to me much less nowadays. I don't (now) consider piss porn to be shocking, but I'm fascinated by the self-confidence of women who play with piss. I also have an interest in the other side of what I might euphemistically call 'toilet play', as long as it's girl-girl. 

Besides all that, I like to watch orgies. In fact, some of the earliest porn films I saw were of group sex. I'm fascinated by the reactions of the women - the more spontaneous and natural the better. 

That isn't the end of my list but, to sum up, I'm excited by the taboo and the bizarre. 

This film clip combines several of my fetishes, including quite a lot of piss. At one point, one of the women pisses on the guy's cock while it's in her girlfriend's mouth.


And this picture shows some lovely cum strings. 🙂 


A still from the video.


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On 11/28/2017 at 8:08 PM, Grizzly Man said:

I have a few. I love to lick my girls asshole. Panty sniffing, panty wearing, pantyhoses. I like to have my prostate played with, it makes for an intense orgasm. Finally cumming on her glasses.

Damn I love all that too. Cumming on her ass, nipples, or clit is super hot for me as is filling her slit while standing up as she holds the lips apart and the panties then take part of the load.


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3 hours ago, Lennys_wet_now said:

Mine is purely the exhibition side of things.

When I have to use the urinals I tend to get quite thick and hard and don't hide the situation by standing back more, I've witnessed many gents peeking and tugging while I take a piss.


I know I  would have a sneaky peek at you for sure 😊

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