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Sophie has just pissed on my bed!

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The following is a work of fiction but designed to read as realistically as possible......


Hi guys. 

You all know me as Steve25805 a moderator of this forum. You have probably spotted me on occasions in the chatbox, flirtatiously suggesting to my fellow mod Sophie naughty locations for her to pee in. I believe it was my idea for her to pee on the toilet with the lid closed, for example. And to undress in front of her husband in the living room and then pee on her own clothes. I often semi-jokingly offer her the services of my own bedroom carpet if she ever feels like peeing somewhere interesting, and things like that. I think when we are in the mood we both enjoy the erotic aspect of such banter.

As many of you will know, she sometimes invites the membership to suggest new places for her to pee, and some of you have come up with great suggestions. Am sure her husband must be very grateful to you all, because he's the lucky dude who gets to enjoy the show. I still envy him for having video footage of Sophie peeing on her kitchen floor, and on the table. I think peeing on the table was another one of my suggestions by the way, lol. Maybe I should insist on copyright for that video. Hahaha.

The latest idea I've had is for her to get up and squat upon her bed. And pee on it! I could tell she is interested in the idea but never got around to actually doing it.

Well, she never said anything about it publicly, but this last couple of days she was in my home town for entirely personal reasons I cannot disclose. And sadly her husband had to remain at home due to the commitments of work. When Sophie let me know she was so close I kind of suggested that we had to meet up for a few drinks, and her husband trusts her totally and was fine with that. He knows about her activities and flirtations on the forum, so he's cool. And so today we finally met up. And she is even more sexy to look at than to read here, believe me. An absolutely stunningly sexy young blonde, wearing a medium length skirt and loose fitting blouse. The thought of her peeing on her kitchen floor came unbidden into my mind for a second as I took in her attractiveness, and I found myself having to chat about some boring shit like work for a few minutes to avoid a tell tale bulge in my pants. I mean, I may love girls pissing all over the place but I don't want them to think I'm a total perv, lol.

Well we had a couple of drinks and were soon flirtatiously chatting in real life - much as we did online -  about various suggestions for peeing locations, and past exploits. And inevitably when she began to feel the need to pee, I ended up suggesting that she come back to mine and fulfil her latest intended desire by pissing on my bed. She chuckled at the suggestion but claimed that she'd be way too pee-shy and that in any case her husband wouldn't actually approve of her doing that in front of some other guy. Fair enough, I thought, but tried one last gambit. Anything was worth a try if I was going to get the slightest chance of seeing this sexy lady peeing somewhere outrageous. So I suggested that she put the idea to her husband! And she kind of jokingly did, with the "You won't believe what Steve wants me to ask you...."  intro, and some laughter.

Well, much to my pleasant surprise - and it certainly seemed to surprise her - her husband told her she could do it if she wanted to on condition that she give me her phone to film it all. I think he must have been in a horny mood at that moment cos the chance of seeing a vid of his wife pissing on someone's bed for fun seemed to be what swung it. Well...insisting she'd probably be too pee shy, and occasionally muttering about how she couldn't believe she was even thinking about actually doing this, we headed back to my place. There was an air of disbelief that she was even contemplating doing this, yet a part of her was "interested" in doing it, I could tell.

By the time we reached mine she was pretty desperate, so without further ado I led her straight into the bedroom and gestured towards the bed. "All yours!" I said. 

She was torn between hesitancy, concern for my mattress, her own likely pee shyness, but also I could see that a part of her wanted to actually do it. After all, I doubt she'd ever met anyone before who was willing to let her pee on their bed. I reassured her that I didn't care about the mattress and would get another if necessary, and suggested that she close her eyes when in position and try and imagine being entirely alone. I'd help by remaining totally silent, and I think maybe the beers she'd consumed ultimately helped.

She handed me her phone and briefly told me how to use it to film, then muttered something about how she couldn't believe she was actually going to try and do this.

Then I started filming as she reached up under her skirt to ease down her thong, casting it aside before turning to climb up onto my bed. Then she turned to face me and the camera as she lowered herself into a squat, lifting her skirt at the same time to expose her gorgeous bum cheeks and private parts. By now I was just too turned on to give the massive bulge in my pants a second thought.

For a short while nothing happened and she closed her eyes. A number of seconds went by, then a few tiny drops onto the bed cover beneath her, then nothing for a second or two, then a brief spurt. Then a slow continuous trickle for a few seconds as her pee shyness was gradually overcome. Then the floodgates opened. A very audible hissing sound filled the room as a powerful spray of golden tinged pee forcefully splashed down onto the bed. Sophie opened her eyes, a gleeful smile appearing upon her face as she gazed down at her own hot piss hitting the bedcovers. The area immediately beneath her was growing ever more sodden by the second, the wetness spreading to cover an ever larger area, pee pooling around her feet as it slowly soaked through the sheets and into the mattress. She looked up and smiled sexily in my direction for the benefit of the camera and later viewing pleasure of her husband.

One of the sexiest aspects to this whole scene was the obvious pleasure she was experiencing. The fact that this was clearly turning her on made it even sexier. And she peed for ages, utterly soaking the bed by the time she was done. When she finally got up and climbed off the bed I stopped filming, at which point I enthused upon how awesomely sexy that was.

Anyway, we chatted for a bit and then she left, armed with a very sexy video for her husband to see.

Now as I type this, faced with the prospect of having to sleep on my sofa tonight due to a very pissy bed and mattress, I still struggle to believe that this actually happened. 

But thought the forum might like to hear my account of fellow mod Sophie pissing on my bed today, lol.


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Oh my Steve, that was incredible! 

I love the way you write because I can really picture myself in the scene, doing what you describe. And you know me well enough that the story in it's entirety is believable. I could see myself doing everything you mentioned. I particularly enjoyed how you described my shyness, how I started with a few drips, and eventually managed a full stream. It's just how I am! We've never met, yet you write this as if you know me! It's amazing.

Thank you so much for writing this! I'll definitely be reading it again in the future. and I now want to pee on my bed even more!

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2 hours ago, Sophie said:

 We've never met, yet you write this as if you know me! It's amazing.

When you find the hidden cam under your toilet seat, all will become clear. :8_laughing:

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