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Hello, it's me

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Hi guys. Just another pee lover. I really like pee and just discovered this site. I only discovered this site recently but I have been on a website called omorashi.org for a while which is quite similar. Hope you guys r as friendly as them. 

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Hi! people here are kind, for sure! For what concern "friendly", this is different matter: people (except if they are rude and here you will find only  gentle persons) are as friendly as you perceive them, depending on what you are looking for. For example our leaders explained that this site has been sometimes misintended as a dating site and asked people to avoid spread this misunderstanding. Probably somebody who came here for that reason only will find this site "unfriendly" toward their goal. You got my point? What can I assure you is that place is populated of kind people only. For all other things... have a try! Welcome!

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