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Pee in Victorian Erotica --Part Two

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From the book "My Secret Life" published in the 1890's.  Here we find "walter" in France at a large railway station rest room where he's spying on women through a hole in his cubicle:


When near the door, I could see the women from head nearly to their ankles; when

quite near the seat I could not see their heads, nor their knees which were hidden by the line of the

seat; but I saw all between those parts.

It was a peasant-girl seemingly about twenty years old, tall, strong and dark like the other. She took

some paper out of her pocket, then puffing her petticoats well up, I saw the front of her thighs and

had a momentary glimpse of the motte. She turned round, mounted the seat, and squatted. She then

drew up her petticoats behind tighter, and I saw buttocks, turds and piddle.

She did not lift up her petticoats quite so much in front, yet so light was it that the gaping cunt and the stream were quite. She wiped her bum as she sat, then off she went, leaving me delighted with her cunt, and annoyed at seeing what was behind it.


Then I found from looking around and listening, that there were several women's closets at the back

of all of which the shed ran. It was a long building with one roof, and the closets were taken out of

it. Through the chinks of the boards of one closet I could see the women enter, and leave, could hear

them piss, and what they said in all of them; but in the one only could I see all their operations. I

kept moving from one to the other as I heard their movements, their grunts, and their talk, but

always to the peep-hole when there was anything to see, — and there was plenty.


Then a lady entered. As she closed the door I saw a man trying to enter. She pushed him out saying

in suppressed voice, "Oh! for God's sake are you mad? — he can see from the carriage-window."

"Not there sir," I heard the woman in charge cry out. The door was shut, and bolted.

The lady, young and handsome, stood quite still, facing the seat, as if overcome with anxiety; then

feeling in her pocket, took out some letters, and selecting some, tore them in half, and threw them

down the privy.


That done she daintly wiped round the seat with a piece of paper, lifted up

handsome laced petticoats, and turning her rump towards the seat daintily sat down. She had no

drawers on. She must have fancied something, for she rose again directly, and holding her clothes

half-way up her thighs looked carefully at the seat. Then she mounted it, but as if she scarcely knew

how to do it, stumbled and bungled.


She stood upright on it for an instant, and then I could only see

half-way up her legs. At length the bum slowly descended, her petticoats up, and adjusted so as to

avoid all chance of contamination. I saw the piss descending, but she was sitting too for-ward, and

the piss fell splashing over the edge of the seat. She wriggled back opening her legs wider, and a

pretty cunt with dark hair up to her bum-hole showed. My cock stood again. She jumped off the

seat, looked down the privy, gave her clothes a tuck between her thighs, and went off.


Then I saw the cunts of an English mother and four daughters, just as the train was ready to go.

They had from what they said been eating and only just came in time. The girls looked from

fourteen to twenty years of age, the mother not forty.


Luckily some one before must have fouled the seat. The mother entered first with the youngest.

"Stop dear," said she in a nice quiet voice, "the seat is filthy." She opened the door, put her head

out, and I expect called the woman. Returning, "Get on to the seat dear." "How Mamma?" "I'll show

you," and she got up, but daintly hid her limbs from the child. "Look the other way dear." The girl

turned her back, and then she pulled up her clothes, and I saw the maternal quim and piddle. Then

she helped the girl up. "I'll tell Clara what to do," said the mother, "take care of your clothes dear,"

and she left the privy. The girl did take care, and showed her nice little bum and unfledged cunt

charmingly. Piss only again thank God


Instantly two young ladies entered, — sisters seemingly, and English, — nice fresh-looking girls,

both quite fair. One pulled up her clothes. "Oh! I can't sit down, — what a beastly place, — what

beasts those French are," said she, — "dirty beasts, — call the woman, Emily." Emily looked

outside. "I can't see her, — make haste, or the train will be leaving." I can't sit down." "Get on the

seat as those dirty French do, and I'll hold your petticoats up. Take care now, — take care."


"I shall get my feet in it," said she. "No you won't." She stood fronting me, and pulling up her

petticoats till they looked as if tied round her waist in a bundle, showing every part from her motte,

to her knees, (my eye just at the level of her bum), and saying, "Don't look and laugh" — but

laughing herself, she got on the seat. A prettily-made creature, not stout, nor thin, with a cunt

covered with light-brown hair.


She squatted. I saw the bum-hole moving. "I can't do it like this," she

cried, "with all this nastiness about me, — are my clothes falling down?" "No, — make haste, —

you won't have another opportunity for two hours." Out and in went the anus again, the pretty fairhaired quim was gaping, the piddle began to fall. She wanted to piddle badly enough. I said aloud in

my excitement at seeing her beauty, "Cunt, cunt."


The girl got upright, I could now only see half her legs. "Hish! did you hear?" said she. Both were

silent. "It must be the woman in the next place." It sounded like a man." Then she spoke in a

whisper. "No it can't be." She squatted again laughing. "It's no one." Her evacuations dropped and

off she got. "You go, Mary," said the other. "I only want to pee, and I'll do it on the floor." "The

dirty creatures, why don't they keep the place clean?" Squatting I watched her face. It was all I

could see then, and suppose she pissed. I only saw her hitch up her clothes, but nothing more




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