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NewbieNudes Nudles (Big Discount)

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I've recently been given nudles - the currency of NewbieNudes.com - and am looking to exchange them for cash. I can provide a far better rate than the site offers, so for any users looking to buy them, this could be win-win. Any money received from this transaction will also be re-invested into keeping PeeFans running.

The Site: https://www.newbienudes.com/

Nudles can be used to buy premium membership on the site (access to chat, cams, HD photos etc), but most importantly they can be used to access videos - including amateur pee videos. There's stuff on this site I haven't seen elsewhere. For any fans of authentic amateur pee videos, this could be a great deal, especially as you'll get the whole community side too. 

I have 245 nudles for sale - please let me know if you're interested in buying any.

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