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Impromptu masturbation.


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Guest UnabashedUser

Best series of photos and seering hot writing yet!!!

You've got IT pudyls. And thanks so much for sharing your hot cummings with us all -- resulting in thousands of ejaculations  from us all.


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4 hours ago, puddyls said:

my eyes rolled back and my breaths came in shorter bursts until my body shuddered in shear pleasure.

Being able to take pictures while experiencing an orgasm. You have amazing talents.  😊

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20 minutes ago, puddyls said:

as the old saying goes, any port in a storm. lol. 🤭☺️ was feeling kinda tingly, and though i didn’t rub my muffin against the railing long, it did feel really naughty easing my tensions in the middle of the parking garage stairs. especially as two men walked by after getting off the elevator. i’m not sure if they noticed me step/jump away from it, but i still felt like i’d been caught mid masturbation. 😇91D21619-6310-406A-83EA-CD9B3CA50A5C.thumb.jpeg.7ddfc73bf20157d8456159d9dabcd3a7.jpegD0FE8B4D-7935-44F9-ABEE-6B8264C40B45.thumb.jpeg.6e8c3efb5695604f68203df7fa5e59cd.jpeg785D73DE-A80F-4FF8-91AC-7D9848E27452.jpeglucky guys 


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On 12/4/2017 at 5:38 PM, Grizzly Man said:

Wife had to leave early for work this morning. She had meetings today so she has to wear bussiness attire. Well i woke up at the perfect moment i turned and saw her shimming pantyhose up her thighs and she was wearing a nice black thong. Since i had morning wood it was an easy choice to start storking myself. She finally turned and saw me and just smiled and continued to put on her blouse. She left me with dick in hand for work. I finished up in my shorts since its laundry day. Good start to the day.

I wank every morning before I get up .

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