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Urinaelia, a Roman Comedy

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Disclaimer: This is a continuation of a charcter from my Let's Play series and is set in Ancient Rome and will be in a fantasy setting. There may be minotaurs, extra large dongs, incest and chicks with penises.


After a satisfying tryst with her new devotee, Jacobus, Urinaelia happily skipped down the Roman filled street, her hand occasionally finding it's way to grip her warm belly, full of Jacobus' urine. Happier still she let her hand roam further south, cupping her swollen, hairless pussy which Jacobus filled with his cum and piss alike hours earlier. Pausing every now and then Urinaelia watched the mortals go about their daily lives, oblivious to the goddess standing brazenly in the crowded street wearing only her short pale yellow palla around her slender shoulders, her perfect large breasts, draped by golden curls, hanging freely on her chest, swaying as the petite, seemingly young woman moved this way and that. Making her way down the street, two young women caught her attention as they quickly darted towards a nearby alley and Urinaelia knew exactly what for. Perhaps influenced by the unseen goddess, one of the young women suddenly stopped short, falling behind her companion, just inside the entry way to the alley. As the young woman quickly looked around, Urinaelia slipped into the alley.

“I can't make it any farther,” the young woman hissed between her teeth, “I'm just going to go in my tunic.”

Urinaelia grinned as she watched the young woman move her long palla out of the way as the long tunic darkened in between her hips. The young woman moaned in relief as her tunic's stain grew larger before snaking down the various folds of the long dress in glistening tendrils down to a puddle hidden beneath her. Urinaelia bit her lower lip, she could tell the girl was clearly enjoying herself, wetting herself in public while people walked by only a few feet away, unaware to what she was doing in the alley. The young woman's companion was now squatting in front of her friend, tunic hitched up to her waist, exposing her pussy to the girl wetting herself. With a sigh the squatting girl let herself go, shooting her piss messily out of the folds of her labia, hitting Urinaelia's feet in the process. The goddess gladly accepted this foot wash and wiggled her toes in the young woman's stream, delighting in the young woman's inner heat.

Turning her gaze back to the standing girl she found that the girl's hands had moved down to the soaked wool of her tunic, softly touching the sodden fabric wetting her fingers in the process. The girl was gazing through the invisible Urinaelia, first at her squatting friend's open vagina, noisily flowing out of her folds to the ground before her and then moved her gaze up past her friend's firm breasts, just hinted at beneath her tunic and finally locking contact with her eyes. It was then that she pushed a large squirt of pee through her tunic, the already dark patch glistening in the process, rewarming her fingers, which she moved up to her mouth, sucking her own urine off them in the process. As she did this with a moan she pressed her other hand deep into the wet patch and rubbed the wet fabric into her enflamed pissing pussy. Urinaelia too had a few fingers in her wet slit, pumping them in and out as the girl openly masturbated in front of the goddess and her friend. Clutching one of her large breasts Urinaelia turned her attention to the squatting girl, noticing that the stream hitting her foot and become absent. She watched as the squatters stream started to wane and dribble down her backside. This girl too had found her clit with one hand and was rubbing it in time to her friend. It didn't take long for the three young women to orgasm, the two girls stifling their screams of ecstasy. Remembering where they were the two girls quickly composed themselves but not before embracing in a long, hard, passionate kiss. With her palla arranged in such a way, the girl who wet herself safely hid her naughty toilet from view and the two girls, arms lock quickly made their way out of the alley, leaving the goddess alone to admire their puddles on the ground. Deciding that the puddles weren't big enough she simply went as she stood between them, warm urine rolling down her legs to the ground below. With her hands she opened her labia and directed her stream from puddle to the other, adding her heavenly pee to each of the girl's puddles as they grew, eventually joining each other at the goddess's feet. Satisfied with her work Urinaelia finished her pee, letting the remaining contents lazily drip out of her pussy as she hopped out of the alley with a smile, knowing that those two girls were hastily making their way back to a secluded room in one of their villas, making sure to drink plenty of wine along the way.

On her way to the public baths Urinaelia tooka detour passed a brothel, which had a few drunks remaining from the previous night being ushered out by the matronly madam. Urinaelia peeked in to observe the whores go about their morning rituals and watch the madam comically shoo away the drunken men. A slow trickle caught her attention and she turned her gaze towards one of the prostitute's cubicles, curtain half open, peering inside she caught sight of a young whore squatting over a large wide mouthed pot, a thin stream of dark urine falling from her bare pussy, likely the previous night's wine. The goddess's attention turned to a pair of men, attempting to leave the premises, one still very drunk and the other trying to hurriedly get him out of the establishment.

The drunk was visibly grabbing his cock from outside his toga, “I have to use the pot, I'm afraid.” His sober friend, obviously frustrated quietly told him to hurry it up and go, letting go of his arm and then watched in horror as the drunk didn't make his way to the toilet but towards Urinaelia and the pissing woman's cubicle! Bewildered the squatting woman simply watched the drunk walk up to her. Urinaelia smiled as they all observed him lift up his toga and tunic, grab his cock and start peeing on the courtesan! His dark yellow stream hit the whore right in the chest, soaking her tunic, flowing down to her still peeing pussy, mixing with her stream as her bladder drained into the pot. To the surprise of both men, the girl giggled, 'Usually I make you pay extra for this but I'm a little thirsty,”she said and pointed to her mouth. Regaining his senses the drunk aimed his dick up towards her face, hitting her in the cheek as she moved to catch the hot stream in her mouth. Swallowing in big gulps his urine spilled out of her mouth and down her chest, her tunic was completely soaked. Glancing at the drunk's sober friend she told him, “If you need to go, you can pee on me too if you want, might as well at this point.” The man quickly glanced around making sure the madam wasn't in sight and ducked into the cubicle. With some hesitation he lifted up his tunic and exposed his semi-hard cock, the courtesan, between mouthfuls of pee reached over and grasped it, directing it towards her. With some effort the man started pissing, the girl now directed her attention to this new source of libation, wrapping her lips around the head of his dick, letting his urine fill up her mouth, bulging out her cheeks before swallowing the whole mouthful. Satisfied with her thirst she let the man finish his piss in her hair. The girl was absolutely soaked by the time she licked the last few drops from the men's penises when suddenly they heard a shout from the madam. Quickly the men dropped their tunics and high tailed it out of the cubicle but not before the courtesan thanked them with a wink. As the madam was berating the whore, Urinaelia squatted over the pot, moving her hand through the mixture of the three's pee, bringing her wet hand up to her mouth for a taste.

Realizing her own thirst Urinaelia left the brothel and made way to her destination, a large bathhouse. Making her way to the latrine that connected to her mother's realm she found that it was occupied by a lone woman who was looking around the room nervously. Satisfied that she was alone she raised her tunic, Urinaelia watched the woman walk up to one of the holes on the long stone bench that circled the room. Betraying her presence the goddess giggled her tinkling laughter as she watched the woman walk up to the bench that lined the walls, with holes distributed evenly. Hastily getting between the woman and the latrine, Urinaelia knelt down in front of the woman, who was now lifting up her tunic with one hand, with her free hand the woman opened up her lower lips and fired a messy shot of pee towards what she thought was the toilet, urine messily rolling down her legs. As soon as the stream of urine was released from the woman's pee hole Urinaelia materialized in front of her, just in time to catch the salty spray in her mouth, which overflowed and the hot piss cascaded down her bare-chest, delighting the goddess as it made way to her already hot pussy. Understandably the woman was shocked by this haughty woman appearing in front of her; not only had she been caught having a naughty piss in the public bath but she was peeing right in the mouth of the person responsible and judging by how she just appeared she must be a God! A cardinal sin to be peeing on a Goddess, she thought. Assuring her that this was just the opposite Urinaelia grasped the woman's buttock and pulled her closer to her mouth, clamping onto the still pissing pussy, simply guzzling the woman's golden nectar, nearly sucking it straight out of her urethra. As the stream started to dwindle Urinaelia let her tongue do the work, darting about the woman's folds lapping up her lazy piss while heightening the woman's pleasure. This would not be an orgasm the woman would forget as she found her hands on the back of Urinaelia's head forcing her into her crotch as the goddess lapped away at her pussy. Coming to a crashing orgasm the woman screamed into the empty latrine, nearly falling over if not for Urinaelia hold her up, now thirstily licking up the errant pee that rolled down the woman's legs.

Now standing, Urinaelia leaned up and kissed the woman on the lips, rolling her tongue into the woman's mouth, making sure the woman got a taste of her own urine. After a few moments she motioned for the woman to compose herself and kneel before her. Cupping her hands before her heavenly pussy, Urinaelia released the hold on her ever flowing bladder, filling them with her own golden ambrosia. Perfectly cutting of her flow, she didn't spill a drop, lifting her cupped hands to the woman's mouth, who instinctively knew to drink it all. Wanting more the woman crept closer to Urinaelia's crotch, mouth open expectantly, but the goddess held out a finger, wagging it while shaking her head before letting out a tinkling laugh and lightly jumping through one of the latrine holes to her mother's realm. The woman laugh bedazzled, vowing to return every day to this bath house in hopes of catching a glimpse, and a taste of the goddess once more.

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This is really creative. I love how Urinaelia gets to "catch" these moments. Very erotic and creative story.

More, please. :1_grinning:

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