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Lets Play a Game: Part 11 - Cassie and Luciana

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Continuing through the morning with their bladders fuller than any one would usually bear, Luciana set about cleaning up Cassandra's toilets from the previous night, while Cassie went to relax on the front porch. With her ear to the open window, waiting for Luci to call her inside if she needed to pee, as per their agreement. Still wearing her sodden panties and skirt she was starting to feel the effects of the cold wet fabric clinging to her twat and buttocks, and just when she was thinking about warming herself up she saw a car coming down the road. Reflexively clamped her pee hole shut but later relaxed when she saw that it was just her neighbor Kim, and besides they were at a dead end and the only cars down that way would be Kim, Jack or that busty real estate agent Katie. Waving to Kim she let out a few spurts of pee into her chair, delighting in the waves of warmth and new wetness spreading through the fabric of her panties and eventually her skirt, her pee making its way down her thighs and spilling out onto the chair, the puddle overflowing and dripping onto the porch below her. Cassie grinned as Kim waved back, oblivious to her neighbor wetting herself behind the porch's knee high wall. Holding herself back, Cassie cut her pee short, wanting to wait and wave to Jack as she had saw them both leave that morning. She didn't have to wait long as Jack soon drove by, shortly after Kim, pissing himself as he waved to Cassie. Cassie returned the wave with one hand while the other was between her legs, pulling her skirt back and wet panties aside as she blasted the wall in front of her with a few short squirts of urine. Feeling a different sensation in her crotch she saved what was left in her bladder for inside, she wanted to pee in front of the maid and she was sure that by now Luci needed to pee too. Waiting for Jack to pull into his driveway she stood up and went inside.

It didn't take long for Cassie to find Luciana. She had efficiently cleaned up the foyer and kitchen and was now stripping Cassie's soaked bedding, and getting ready to bring it to the laundry room. Luciana laughed when she found the protective mattress cover and again when she found the spare with the rest of Cassie's sheets in the linen closet. “Old habits die hard,” she mused to herself as she walked to the laundry room, clutching Cassie's soaked sheets to her chest, feeling the wetness on her bra-less breasts. It was there that Cassie found her. She had plopped the wet laundry on the floor as she acquainted herself with the foreign washing machine. Luciana smiled as she noticed the wet sheen on Cassie's skirt, knowing that she must have peed somewhere new. “Its a good thing you found me,” Luci said to Cassie, “I really need to pee now, I was going to finish up here before I would have looked for you to let me go.”

“I already went on the porch, so I figured you'd probably need to pee soon, plus I'm not finished,” replied Cassie.

Luci watched as her curly blonde boss hooked her fingers into the waistband of her skirt and expertly pulled them and her panties down in one swift motion and threw them into the top loading washing machine. Luci's eyes couldn't help but meander down to Cassie's hairless pussy, wet with urine, Luci could smell the faint aroma of Cassie's multiple toilets filling the small room, it was intoxicating. Cassie didn't stop there as she pulled her shirt over her head, having a little trouble as her large breasts jumbled out, she threw that in the washer as well. Biting her lower lip, Luciana watched Cassie hop up onto the top of the washer and, with legs open, started to empty the remaining contents of her bladder into the washing machine, completely soaking her clothes. Now Cassie's musky scent positively filled the room and probably would for a few days as she sat there, using the washing machine as a toilet.

“I guess the sheets will have to wait, this is now a clothes load,” Cassie giggled, moving her hips and changing the tempo of her piss from a soft patter to a loud metal drumming as her stream hit the side of the washer drum.

“In that case, I might as well throw mine in too. Can I pee somewhere in here, watching you made me really need to go” asked Luciana, hand now pressed into her damp crotch.

“Of course,” said Cassie, still sitting on the washer, her stream now losing its volume and lazily rolling down her lower lips and off her butt.

Looking around for somewhere to pee Luciana spied the pile of wet bedding. Standing over it she pulled down her leggings, leaving them half way, exposing her pussy to her naked boss and showing her that she wasn't wearing panties that morning. Unlike her boss, Luciana's dark pussy had her pubic hair neatly trimmed in a small dark bikini triangle, Cassie could see a few drops of drying urine still caught between them. Without hesitation Luci spread her dark pussy lips, showing the contrasting pink flesh hidden within, aiming her slit downwards. Cassie could see Luci's urethra open slightly releasing the Latina's pent up piss in a forceful twisting helix right into the gusset of her stretched out gray leggings between her knees. Luci giggled as she felt the piss splashing all over her legs, the thin leggings doing a poor job at absorbing her urine, overflowing onto the bedding below her. Giving her pants a good soaking, Luci thrust her hips before her and aimed her stream out onto the bedding below her, the sheets darkening a second time as they thirstily absorbed her wee.

“You dirty bitch,” gasped Cassie playfully, “Those are my sheets! You think you can just pee all over my sheets and duvet? I sleep in that!”

For a moment Luciana was almost worried but Cassie's finger deep in her own pussy assauged any fear she might have, after all Cassie had wet the bedding first, on the phone with Luciana in fact.

“These are bed sheets?” replied Luciana. “I thought they were the toilet.” The maid was now squating over the sheets, her pissing pussy mere inches away from the saturated fabric splashing the area around it, she ran her fingers over the cold dampness of Cassie's morning piss and brought the wet fingers up to her nose. “It sure smells like one, in fact the entire house looks like a urinal. I think I might go wherever I want.”

“Not without me,” smiled Cassie, rubbing her pussy with new found vigor.

Luciana cut off her stream in a few hard spurts, spraying out over the bedding and the maid now joined Cassandra in her masturbating, rubbing her exposed clit. It didn't take long for the pair to climax, their ecstatic cries echoing out of the small laundry room. Luciana lay panting in the soiled sheets while Cassie hopped off the washing machine. Approaching the maid to help her up Cassie could hear a fainting hissing and burbling as the maid voided the remainder of her bladder directly where she lay. With a helping hand Luciana got herself standing and removed her soaked leggings and shirt and tossed them into the washing machine, not bothering to dry off her glistening lower body. Composing herself she started the washer and resumed her cleaning duties all in the nude. On her way out of the laundry room she joined Cassie in a few glasses of water and a cup of coffee.

Cleaning the rest of the house was a snap for Luci with the industrial carpet cleaner, dumping out the reservoir several times in the process, but not before adding to it a couple spurts of piss of her own in secret when she couldn't hold it in time to get Cassie, just enough to relieve the pressure. Changing the washer loads she mopped up the laundry room and moved on to the kitchen where Cassie was finsihing up lunch. Luciana grinnned when she saw a few, small, but fresh puddles about the kitchen. The glistening sheen down Cassie's nude legs easily gave away the culprit and if Luci were to be so bold to reached and touched the wet tracks with her fingers she would find the urine still warm.

Mopping up the puddles in the kitchen, Luci announced that she had to pee. Standing over the mop bucket the Latina gently let go, peeing a steady stream down into the water, the hissing of her urethra drowned out by the splashing of her piss below her, all the while gazing into Cassie's eyes. When she finished using the mop bucket as a toilet Cassie announced that lunch was ready and moved the items out onto the patio by the pool.

During lunch Cassie asked Luciana how she got into peeing unconventionally. Luciana hesitated but after all they had shown each other today she decided that Cassie was the right person to open up to. “This isn't something new to me, as you know, its kind of always been there. I kind of always had a fascination with it since I was young. Reading cutaway picture books of ancient castles and temples as a kid, I always found my eyes drawn to the places where the toilets were and a funny, good feeling arose deep within me when I thought about people using them. It kind of naturally progressed from there. I even wet the bed once on purpose because it was something I had heard about but wanted to try it. As a teen I eventually realized that you could just pee in your bathing-suit rather than walk to the toilets. Growing up we had a pool and when alone I found myself holding my pee in until I was absolutely bursting and would let go wherever I was. Sunbathing, reading at the patio table or even in the pool. The feeling was incredible and with puberty found myself so aroused by it that I was touching myself. Every so often I'd do it inside, but with plenty of towels and only when my parents weren't around. I had a strict Catholic upbringing, you know. And when you hired me and I could afford my own place and you let me take the van and carpet cleaner home... I think you know the rest.” Luciana grinned, it felt good to open up to someone and let Cassie know it, “I've never really dated anyone, had a few hook ups here and there, this was something that always loomed in the back of my mind.”

“Well I'm glad I was able to help you open up,” Cassie responded. “And speaking of opening up...” Cassie lewdly threw her legs up over the arm rests of her chair, giving Luciana a clear view of her pussy. Angling her hips upwards she released a burst of piss straight up, splashing back down onto her crotch and stomach. With both hands Cassie pulled open her lips exposing herself even further to the maid. This time she spurt forward in a high arc, right onto the table before her, splashing all over her empty plate forming a growing puddle inching its way towards Luciana. Pulling her lips to the side Cassie directed the stream towards her glass, managing to get most of the stream inside, filling it up its contents with a pale golden color. Luci laughed as the puddle grew so much that it was now spilling down her side of the small table, dripping on her legs in the process. Cassie sighed with relief as her stream lost its force and slowly fell between her legs before finally dribbling all over her pussy,and into her womanly folds.

Not wanting to be out done Luciana stood up and positioned her crotch over a corner of the table, moving her plate below her pussy, she let loose, her piss falling messily out of her lips filling up the wide plate below her. Soon the shallow plate was overflowing and her urine mixed with Cassie's on the table. The table was absolutely covered in pee and was overflowing on all sides over the patio. Luci quickly cut off her flow and dripped over to the side of the pool, leaning back she directed her pussy out into the pool, raining down her hot pale gold liquid into the water below, delighting in the noise it made in front of her.

“Ahhhh, this brings me back,” Luci said as she was busy pissing into Cassie's pool.

“Thats my pool!,” giggled Cassie as she got up and made her way next to the pissing girl.

To Luciana's surprise Cassie jumped into the pool and surfaced right where Luci was peeing, hitting Cassie's voluptuous chest. Cassie gasped, but didn't move, relishing Luci's heat on her chest in the cool water, moving her hands to her chest she pushed up her breasts to catch more of the stream. Cassie pouted as Luci's piss came to an end. The maid soon joined her in the pool, playfully splashing Cassie in the process. Motioning Luciana closer to her, Cassie spread her legs under the water, it was obvious as to Luci what she was going to do and this was confirmed as she felt the water warm up around them. Diving under the water Luci moved her hand under Cassie's crotch and felt the hot stream as it poured from its source.

After playing the pool for the rest of the afternoon and emptying their bladders in the pool and on the patio the women cleaned up the table and Luciana got dressed in her clean clothes and went home. Not before asking if she could come back on Friday, as soon as work was done, to clean the house of course, she wanted to get a good head-start on the weekend.

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I'm loving this series.  I'm way excited for the 4some to come.  Hope it includes some golden showers!

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