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Behind closed curtains: chapter 1

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Not long ago I went on a work trip to Vancouver island BC. I work in film doing makeup and costuming so I get to see a decent amount of different places but a lot of my projects take place in Vancouver or on Vancouver island. Either way this particular trip was somewhat of a rare treat as I got an opportunity to work with a friend of mine, Echo. We'd done a few films together and she is amazing at what she does. I'll confess I've always found her cute and we've been intimate in the past once or twice, but nothing too serious. We'd usually just make out, especially when intoxicated and have had sex once.

We had travelled as a makeup and effects team and were given full accommodations which meant staying at a rather odd hotel. It had an almost carribian feel to it, with plenty of new age decorations everywhere. It was right by a beautiful forest and even had hammocks on the porches, it was absolutely breath taking. But what I found particularly odd was that there were no conventional doors save for the from entrance. Instead there were long curtains seperating the rooms from one another, even the bathrooms were only covered by what looked like wool curtains. I'll admit Vancouver island is full of hippies so this didn't surprise me too much but it was still odd, even if did trigger the exhibitionist in me. Knowing that there were no doors meant that I was bound to hear some of the female crew peeing as I walked by or was even just lying in bed. They wouldn't know it but I'd be secretly enjoying it.

The next morning I woke up really early and began shaving when of all people Echo walked in on me, I guess it's difficult to knock on a bathroom curtain. "Oh sorry!" she said upon seeing me, not that she had anything to be sorry about. Bloody canadians :P. "It's okay, don't worry about it." I told her, to my surprise she didn't decide to just wait outside but instead looked at me with an almost uncomfortable look on her face. "Hey umm.." she began "don't feel rushed or anything but I really have to pee." being as close as we were I figured I'd make a joke in response "I'm not stopping you". Echo heard that and giggled quickly followed by her admitting "Actually I'm almost tempted to anyways, would you mind?.." to me hearing her say thisbwas utter bliss. I quickly informed her that I took no issue with it whatsoever, besides I've seen her naked before. 

Echo's demeanor was shy but she was actually quite adventurous, even still she was somewhat hesitant "sorry I'm not used to going with other people around" she pronounced. As much as I'd love to see her pissing beside me I didn't want to be intrusive. "If you'd like privacy I can wait outside, it wouldn't be exactly out of the ordinary" I told her answer surprised me "No no don't worry about it, I'll just take a sec to get started" 

She then pulled down her panties and sat down on the toilet next to me, legs together but I could still see her pussy if I were to look over. I saw my reflection amd thought that I must look every so sexy with my few bits of shaving creams on my cheeks, /clearly/ I must look like a complete lady killer to her. I then heard a slight dripping followed by a steady flow and a hiss from her pee jetting out of her pussy into a glorious stream. I guess she saw a bulge in my pants cause she looked over at me trying not to stare and said "this is actually turning you on, isn't it?" I looked over and she was smiling at me, still letting of a steady stream of piss.

Not knowing how to respond I casually said "you know I'm a kinky bastard" trying to mask my shyness. She then finished, stood up but didn't put her panties back on. Instead she stroked at my chest and gently said "well if that's so and everyone else is asleep, I guess that means we're all alone". I then put my hand on her shoulder and ever so slightly ran it below her top of her shoulder. She followed my hand by stroking over it and pulling her spaghetti strap off her left arm, just barely exposing her breasts. Within a matter of minutes she was entirely undressed and we found ourselves fucking against the bathroom wall, still trying not to wake anyone. She dug her nail into my neck, looked me in the eye and said "heads up, if you're really doing a good job you'll probably make me squirt" which I took as a direct challenge. I then offered that if I could make her squirt she had to pee for me wherever I pleased. Intriguedm, she gladly accepting so I turned her face down on her hands and knees, fucked her viciously and filled her pussy with cum. We both stopped to catch our breath and when I looked down I sae a little puddle bellow her pussy. She looked back at me and said "well, I promised. Where do you want me to pee?" I thought about it for a second and told her not just yet, I'll make her hide and pee around others trying nit to get caught, but that's for next our chapter...

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Wow, that's a nice story. I'm looking forward to the next chapter!

As for the cleanup, I imagine a moderator can step in and remove the less "liked" ones :)

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