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Naughty pee in a closet

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One time I was at a house party with over 200 people. There was a live band, tons of alcohol and it was so much fun.. I must have drank over 6 beers within the first hour and felt the strongest urge to pee. Unfortunately there was only one available bathroom in the house but I didn’t think I could wait. I noticed there were 3 portable pottys in the yard but there was no way in hell I was gonna use one of those nasty things. So I casually snuck into one of the bedrooms and decided to pee in a closet. I kicked off my flip flops, took off my shorts, then sat my ass down on a little step stool and started peeing. I felt like I was sitting on a toilet so it was very relaxing and comfortable for me. When I was done I used a shirt hanging in the closet to wipe my pussy. hahaha

Written by MissPiss.com


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I love how these are fictional stories, but the photos make them seem so true at the same time. Keep up the good writing!

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If I was there, I'd let you piss on me and then lick your pussy clean... Maybe suck on your clit a little ;) Hot story 

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