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Great day in the woods with my wife

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While this piece is pure fiction, there's a bit of truth somewhere:

We'd been married a few years and, between us both working long hours and numerous crises with relatives and friends, I think the passion we enjoyed in the early days had somehow fallen by the way. I knew I needed to bring that feeling back, but how? I did some thinking and decided we'd have dates again, of the kind when we started going out.

So, I proposed that the next day we were both off we'd go for a scenic ride, take a walk to a secluded spot where we could play and then watch the sun go down from some overlook, perhaps over wine. I told her in only general terms, but she liked my idea immensely. She agreed we had lost that spark, that our lives had become too routine and thanked me for taking responsibility.

The day came, we quickly finished our morning tasks, then packed the car with a few things and headed out. I'd found the perfect backroad and we drove a good hour almost two, not seeing more than a half-dozen cars the entire time. We parked at a trailhead, no one else was there, then walked ten, fifteen minutes along a path through pine forest before we stopped. I motioned that we should walk into the woods, the trees were far enough apart we could step easily between then, yet dense enough that twenty yards off the trail we couldn't be seen.

Under this canopy, we would make love in the middle of the day. We'd start slowly, removing each other's clothes, one item at a time. Then, plenty of kissing, starting face to face, then moving south, continuing the foreplay, with fingers, lips, tongue... until she was delightfully wet, and we both could no longer wait until I was inside her.

Our shoes, shirts and pants came off almost immediately and we were down to our underwear, she in matching red bra and panties, me in navy briefs. I slipped a hand inside the silky fabric, cupping a breast. Then, gentle squeezing. She grabbed my crotch, teasing. I must have given her the correct response. My fingers reached for a nipple, she followed with pulling the briefs halfways to my knees. I reached behind her, fumbled with the clasp (why do they make these things so difficult?) and lifted this constraint from her. Mouth open, I pushed my face into her round, delicious globes, freeing my hand for other things, while she tugged and my briefs came off. My turn to tease, my fingers glided over her panties, pressing just enough to highlight her creases. She smiled, then, reaching inside them, I continued. I heard a soft moan. Taking that as a good sign, I pulled them down her legs, then off. Her hand went straight to my cock. She wrapped her fingers around me, and proceeded to move them up and down. I could feel something slowly building within me as I began stroking, her clit, inside her lips and, finally, I found what I was sure was her g-spot. A minute or two of this (but, who was keeping time?) and she was sighing softly, her breath now irregular, another and she was barely in control. I kept on, hoping to push her over the edge. Then, her hand pushed mine away away.

"What's wrong," I asked?

She replied, "I feel I need to pee."

Now, we weren't shy, we had peed around each other at least since we'd moved in together, though it only seemed to happen during our hurried morning routine. I never saw much anyway, she sitting on the toilet, legs together and leaning forward so it all went in the pot. Likewise, as she was busy working on her face and hair, my standing over the bowl didn't catch her attention.

In our intimate moments at home, she never brought up the subject with me, but sometimes, if things were getting too out of control, she'd tell me we'd need to stop. I'd thought it was something I was doing causing discomfort.

"Then, go ahead and pee," I said. "What's the worst that can happen, I get a few fingers wet?"

She look at me and realized I was right. Here, there were no clothes or bedding to worry about, nothing that might get ruined.

Still, she looked puzzled. "You don't think it's weird?"

I reassured her. "Listen, we've seen each other pee before."

"Well... okay," sounding not entirely convinced. "But, I'll really, really try to hold back."

We continued where we left off. Finding our groove, I kept leading her to climax slowly, but steadily. She was short of breath, and I swore I could hear her heartbeat in the silence of the forest. A few more strokes and I pushed past the point of no return. "OOOOOH!" She gasped, as the powerful orgasm overcame her.

A big smile swept across over her face as she uncontrollably shuddered. Then, a look of shock, as she realized she couldn't hold her bladder back. One spasm shaking her entire body, then a sudden release.

I'd never seen her pee like that, so strongly, that, while still lying on the forest floor, her stream shot three feet into the air and most fell past her feet. I don't suppose I even tried to disguise how much I enjoyed it.

Somewhere in those moments, she'd lost any remaining embarrassment and, after seeing my reaction, realized this could be fun.

Once she got her breath back she wanted more, and, as I had a full erection, I was soon inside her. It had been a long time since I'd see her quite so horny. I think she'd have said the same thing about me.

We continued our play through the remainder of afternoon, well, at least for the next hour. As the sun was getting low, we reluctantly put on our clothes and walked to the overlook. I pulled a bottle of wine from our bag, uncorked it and poured two glasses. Handing one to her, I toasted to our wonderful day. She toasted to many more like this, then poured hers down in one motion. I'd have to nurse this one, since I would be driving us home. We watched the sun descend, as I filled her glass again, and, once again, as the evening colors crept across the sky. We sat silently in the growing darkness, I think we were a little spent. There was still a little more in the bottle, so, as we picked out the night's first star, I poured her the last bit. Both of us made a wish, I'm sure hers was the same as mine, that today was the first of many others.

Between the water she'd drunk today, the evening's wine and, of course, the day's excitement, she had to pee again. This night she wasn't shy about it, as she'd pulled off her pants again, found a tree to lean against and, arching her back, pushed out a stream that was at least the equal of her earlier performance. She knew I liked that!

But, all good things must come to an end, so as darkness fell we packed up and walked back to the car. As we were getting to the lot, she told me she needed to pee once more. I, too, was full, so this time I joined her, she sitting on the wooden fence, me three feet away. In the last bit light, we watched and laughed as we merged our streams, a fitting ending to a perfect day.

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