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101 Places to Pee (other than a toilet...)

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Huh, to wash fruit, wouldn't have thought of that. :laugh: Try to keep it to one idea per post though, otherwise reaching 101 posts with different ideas in could be tricky!

28. In a draw! (a video I watched recently inspired this idea)

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Very odd - but interesting - story there, Steve!

And in this instance totally true!

And if you think that's weird, many years ago a work colleague told me about something his girlfriend supposedly did. She worked in a fish-packing factory and on her birthday had a few after work drinks with some of her workmates on the premises. According to the account I was given, when she needed to pee she was persuaded to piss in a crate of fresh raw fish destined for public sale, for the amusement of her colleagues! I have never had any reason to doubt this tale.

Anyway, that's another place to piss that I am sure NO ONE would ever have come up with - a crate of raw fish!!!! LOL.

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Here is another true story, this one witnessed with my own eyes.

It was many years ago on a New Year's Eve, in a busy and packed pub. The queue for the ladies' toilets was very long, and some girls were resorting to going outside to pee somewhere. But one had a more....er....shall we say "imaginative" solution. She and her boyfriend were sitting at a table in a relatively secluded spot. From my vantage point I could see them chatting, smiling, and laughing, but couldn't hear anything being said. Anyway, all of a sudden the boyfriend picked up his pint glass - which just had a little lager left in it - and held it underneath the table between his girlfriend's legs. I could see the bottom half of the glass and it was soon filling. The girl was obviously pissing in it, grinning widely as she did it. I never saw her manouvreing beforehand to remove any panties so she must not have been wearing any. When the guy lifted the glass back above the table it was nearly full of what was mostly his girlfriend's piss.....which he immediately drank down in one go as his grinning girlfriend watched!

Anyway, that's another place to piss - in your partner's beer glass! LOL

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To make dough.

Instead of milk or water.

I like your imagination.

How about in the dirty linen basket. All the clothes and stuff in there are going to be washed anyway, right? So why not have fun pissing all over them?

Must admit - I have done this myself.

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Very odd - but interesting - story there, Steve!

22. Off a balcony...


Against a wall.

Pretty standard for us guys, but FAR more interesting if a girl were to stand and do it! :biggrin:

One of my favorites!

How about. . . a friends BED!!!

Notice I say a friends bed and not my own. bwahahahaha

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Guest WetFetishCat

I haven't been too daring in all the videos I've made and I mostly stick to carpet pees. But in my videos, I have peed...

1. In closets (I guess that counts as carpets)

2. In vents (my old apartment had a vent in the hallway and one in the bathroom. Old building. I know they didn't go anywhere anymore)

3. Kitchen sink

4. Bathroom sink

5. Tub

6. Cups, glasses, bowls (including a martini glass)

7. On kitchen table

8. By the front door

9. On textbooks

10. A CD

11. A TV remote

I'm sure there's more!

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In a... rockpool!?

We're on #46 - remember if you list multiple answers per post it only counts as one, and means we can't use it again, thus making the game even harder! :o We're almost halfway, though...

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^ Exactly what I was thinking of after I posted the above! Great minds think alike and all that. In fact that reminded me of a video I watched not too long ago, anyway...

#56: on to a laptop (again, this was from a video... pretty extreme revenge if you ask me).

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