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First Ever Pee Vid

I'm a bit nervous, this is my first time making a pee video! I enter the bathroom, take off all my clothes so you can see all of me, and sit on the toilet with my legs spread. I see you watching me and smile at you, then start urinating. I drank quite a lot of water, so there's a lot of pee coming out...



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Lydia Lael & Vonka Romanov's Holding Contest

Lydia makes her debut appearance on Bound2Burst in this contest between she and Vonka. The latter has held her pee many times and released copious amounts of urine, so she knows how it all works. Lydia is far less certain that she can do this...



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Measuring My Pee and Wetting My White Booty Workout Shorts

I really need to piss but on the spur of the moment decide I want to see how much I'm holding. I've never tried to measure my pee before and had no idea what the volume would be. I just grab a standard 12 oz drinking glass to use...



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The Perfect New Roomie

Lily Lane & Dixie Comet

Dixie and her roommate are talking about how bad they need a new roommate and how they have to be on their best behaviour for the prospective roomie who is coming over to look at the place. When Lily arrives she’s wearing a very skimpy, revealing outfit which they notice and think is a good sign...



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