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Smoking & Pissing In The Lake

Mistress Melissa is in Austria and we've decided to film her, while she is taking a bath in the waters of a small austrian lake. Obviously Mistress Melissa, as usual, started smoking, but to our big surprise, she pulled out a boob - Melissa has incredible big tits and her swimsuit accentuated all her curves - and then, pulling the edges of her swimsuit, showed us her beautiful pussy.




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Outdoors Pee

I am outside and really need to pee, so i lower my shorts and squad down and let go. I look around and see weird things on the floor, wich i explain to you in the video.I show you what i mean when i get the camara from the floor to end the recording.



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LIl Stink's Leak N' Logs

Lik Stink is back with a great set of clips!! This is especially for you pee lovers as she comes through with over a half dozen quick peeing clips. This is nearly 7 minutes of ALL ACTION, NO FILTER content!! Enjoy as she mixes up angles and locations. She even attempted her first reverse kanga clip!! She has over a half dozen peeing clips but ended with two quick F Row scenes as well. A Super hot mix of April Showers (and a lil bit of thunder!) from Lil Stink!!



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Cherry Park and Stairs Pee

Cherry is waiting for a friend at the park and is desperate for a pee.She doesn't have time to go to find the bathrooms as they are at the far end of the park and she can't hold any longer and pisses a flood through her panties, she has to leave quickly as two people spot what she has done. Then a few days later she thinks there is a knock at the door and she answers it dressed in just a towel as she was going to go pee and then shower but no-one is there, wanting to make sure a friend wasn't further round the corner she goes down the stairs and the door shuts behind her. As she goes back up the stairs her towel slips and she realizes she locked out! Desperate to pee what is she going to do? Let the carpet soak it up by sitting on the step and pissing further down.



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Busy jeans wetting

I was reading a book while I was suddenly desperate to pee. I tried to hold myself because I wanted to finish the book I was reading; I thought I could hold my pee more time. What a bad idea to take a beverage while desperate to pee. I peed my pants a little. I wanted to hold my pee but my bladder didn’t and couldn’t. I decided then to finish peeing my jeans, but on purpose for this second time. I laid a towel on the floor, and I soaked my pants. That felt so good. Now that I peed, I can continue to read my book.



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Pee in my brown jeans and to lighten

The blonde walks as model, her white hair are scattered as silk. It hardly keeps to urinate. Its urine is torn outside, the blonde likes to urinate directly in jeans. It will be pee very close to the camera. She breathes a sigh of relief and permanently says how she feels well and as she likes to urinate in trousers.



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Katherine Holding Pee - Changed 8 Dresses For Party

Katherine is getting ready for party. She can't decide what to wear. She is desperate to pee, but still trying dresses. She is holding pee, as she wants finalize her party dress first. She tries 8 dresses and finally she loses control. She floods pee on the floor mat. Bonus Shoot: This video contains full nude shoots of Katherine.



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Slave Life - Allowed to Pee

A good Master considers the words of the slave, but will always listen to his heart. slave abigail is required to ask permission from Master to pee, urinate. The reasons are many for this simple rule, but the most important reason is because it is what Master wishes and a slave is not required to know the reasons of it's Master.



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My first pee video for Daddy

I'm so shy but excited for my very first pee video for Daddy. Watch as I let loose a long but slow stream and shyly peek at the camera while I go. I get so horny that after I go I touch my little pussy and its wet from getting so aroused from you watching!



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Pissing on the Pavilion Stairs

It is twilight . .and Christine is in a public park ....see sees a Pavilion in the middle of the park ..you hear , and people and the geese in the back ground ...She walks up the stairs in High Heels and a mini skirt showing her legs.....she finds a spot and cock teases us by showing he big tits .....sitting down and she spreads her legs ...handy she has a butt plug ...laying on the cement pad she inserts her butt plug ....and teases more by rubbing her clit .....she says we need to do a pee vid because she has to go .......She walks to the stairs ....squats at the top and from two camera angels we watch her piss all down the stairs ...she stand up ....pulls down her skirt and walks down the stairs and walks away .



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Luxury Golden Piss You Crave

Classy Piss ----- Upper class only You are soooo FUCKED! No really, I'm gonna fuck with your mind & your dick. I have some sexual weapons in mind to use against you...but never fear I always reward good boys. I'm gonna start off by slowly teasing you with my long toned legs and bubble butt...doing women things, like touching, grinding and moving sexy. While I do this your dick will get super hard looking at my gorgeous sky high blue suede platform stilettos which IS your weakness. After I warm you up and get your dick hard I reward you with (as promised) your surprise treat! Yes lovely warm golden nectar from goddess's pussy but I don't stop there. The best part is coming....Served in a wine glass made specially for you! Yes your welcome and it was my pleasure...now enjoy it!



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