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So.....gun control

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Ok, I'm not in the USA, although I did visit once (sorry but I like Canada and Alaska better) and when you see a hand gun on someone's hip at a Mc Donald's it makes you wonder what the world is coming to. This is something never seen elsewhere on the planet, not even in the Arab nations we breezed through, people there who had weapons were more militant than normal people but still scary to see. 

If you have a gun in your house here, and you used it on an intruder, you go to prison and the people you tried to protect are sued out of existence buy the defence lawyer. Lately, a 3 year old got hold a drug dealers sawn off shotgun, and well, there wasn't much of the poor kid left, but the outcry was pretty intense. The live images of the destroyed mother is "haunting for life" type of video, the druggie who owned the illegal weapon is now cooling off in the local pen, he won't be out for some time. 

Even if something magical happened, and all the guns were made illegal, people will always find a way to deal in hurt, hammers, 4x2 blunt instruments, even cars or trucks as we've seen recently, it will always happen somehow. When mobs of people try to live together, a change comes over the 'caring for your fellow man' and degenerates into survival or something more sinister.

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