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When did your pee activities start turning you on?

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I think as a male we have a bit of a different introduction into liking this fetish. As we grow up and on our own we discover that after jacking off we have to wait to get aroused again. So an alterative is pee related, because it is renewable and has somewhat an easy clean up.

So for me I'd say it was always with me, only until I could find time to myself I could fully enjoy it.

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My first experience was at about the age of 5, I used to play with a girl in our street and she had to go pee. She let me go in the bathroom and I did not realise that girls didn't have penises. I was trying to see how she wee'd as I couldn't see it come from her. I was fascinated by it but it was not sexual, just curiosity and I enjoyed showing off too.

I always liked to pee, and would go outside if I could because it felt naughty and at primary school a girl laid the seed of my fantasy which was to let her watch and hold me, I was too nervous that it would mean she sprayed my trousers to let her do it, but since that day the desire to be held and watched.

I was about 9 when a girl I knew first pissed in front of me, she was about 13 and I remember we were in the local park. She said I've got to use the loo and I thought she'd cycle home. No she pulled her jeans down, stuck her bum in the hedge and let rip pissing. She got cross because I was looking at her, but this was the first time I'd ever known a girl to go outside of the toilet and I was hooked.

When I got into my late teens, I saw how much girls pissed like this and how much I loved seeing it.

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Some of my earliest memories involve a fascination with girls peeing, but not necessarily a sexual connection. I imagine I had no idea what sex was, but I knew there was something fascinatingly naughty about peeing and wetting when I was four or five years old.

I still remember being ushered into the bathroom with a group of girls because one of them liked to talk while she sat and peed. At that point, I think the difference between girls and boys wasn't quite clear to anyone involved. I also remember very early in school sitting in the library when a girls told me that she had just wet her pants - she definitely connected it with naughtiness at that time too.

In my case, there has definitely been an evolution from really just wanting to see a girl pee up close to a more current fascination with peeing and control, but the secret intimacy has been there ... always.

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