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The Last Straw

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"The Last Straw"

Carla was exhausted and felt like crap. She was scheduled to work for another five hours. There was no way she was going to make it to the end of her shift. Her stomach began churning after lunch. She had food poisoning. "Bob, I'm sick and have to go." she told her boss. "You're my best chef, I need you tonight." Bob replied. "I won't be your best chef if I'm puking in the food. I'll see you tomorrow. Goodnight." Carla said as she headed for the exit. She planned on crawling into bed the second she got home, and would ask her fiance Todd to bring her soup and water.

As she entered the house she could sense something was wrong. She heard someone moaning upstairs. She heard the sound of two people having sex. She silently climbed the stairs and stood in the open doorway of the bedroom. Todd was fucking some blond bitch she didn't recognize. Her stomach hurt for a new reason. She was pissed off, exhausted, and didn't know what to do. Todd and the blond were oblivious to her. Carla wouldn't give Todd the opportunity to deny what he was doing. She retrieved her phone and took a video of her fiance fucking the slutty woman. Carla knew what she would do next. She went to her car and noticed a new Audi parked halfway down the block.

The teller at the bank looked concerned. "You are making a large withdrawl and have a new balance of only three dollars. Fifteen thousand dollars is a lot of money to carry around. Are you sure you wish to proceed?" he asked. "Yes, I know what I'm doing." Carla replied and put the cash in her purse and went home. The Audi hadn't moved. Carla parked fifty yards behind it and waited. After fifteen minutes the bitch finally left.

Carla followed the Audi downtown. The slut stopped in front of a small office building and took what looked like a dentists gown out of the back seat. Carla watched the office from across the street. Nobody was going inside. It was time to deal with Todd. She sent him a text. "You have thirty minutes to gather your shit and get out of the house. I have all the money, don't bother going to the bank." she attached the video she had taken and sent the message. Carla looked up just in time to see someone entering the office building. She recognized the person. It was a member of the city council. Carla knew the woman from work. The council woman came in often for lunch. It appeared the whore was some sort of high-end dentist. It was time for action. Carla got out of her car and went into the building. She was stopped by a receptionist. "Can I help you?" the woman asked. "I'd like to make an appointment." Carla replied. "Unless you've been recommended, I can't make you an appointment. We deal with only upscale clientele. The cost for the first appointment is four thousand dollars." Carla took out four thousand dollars and handed it the receptionist. "I'd like to get in as soon as possible. My name is Carla." she said. Apparently cash worked quite well. The receptionist took the money. "I have an opening at one o'clock tomorrow." she said. "I'll take it. I forgot, what's her name again?" Carla asked. "Her name is Stacy." the receptionist replied. "Good, I think I have a cavity." Carla said. "You're funny, I like you." the receptionist replied. Carla didn't know what the receptionist meant. It was a weird thing to say.

Now she knew the whore's name. She waited for Stacy to leave. The council woman left and Stacy quickly followed. Carla followed Stacy home. The Audi stopped in front of a gated house. Stacy entered a code and the gate opened. Carla wrote down the address and went home. She new the home was owned by the wealthiest man in town. He was almost seventy and everyone knew him.

Todd was gone and had managed to pack up most of his stuff. Carla looked at the display case. Todd hadn't taken the precious boxing glove which had been signed by Mike Tyson. She took it out of the case and took off her clothes. She spread her legs, opened the glove, and pissed into it. She had to piss bad and filled it up. She put it back into the case.

Carla arrived for her appointment and waited. She didn't know what she was going to do but had to confront the whore. Stacy appeared and led her into a small room in the back. "Take off your pants and underwear and put this robe on." Stacy said. Carla was confused. She quickly looked around the room. She saw an examination table with stirrups. Stacy wasn't a dentist she was a gynocologist! Carla took off her clothes and put the robe on. "Get up on the table and put your legs into the stirrups." Stacy commanded. Carla put her legs into the stirrups. "Can you spread my legs wider? It's more comfortable for me." Carla asked. Stacy adjusted the stirrups. Carla was happy. Her pussy was spread wide open. Stacy sat on a small rolling chair and began her examination. "Everything looks alright at first glance." Stacy said. "I think I scratched myself with a fingernail. Can you look closer?" Carla asked. Stacy came in closer. Carla pissed into her face as hard as she could.

Stacy was shocked. She had piss in her mouth and all over her face. She quickly found a towel and drank some water. She tried to compose herself and couldn't. "What the fuck is wrong with you?" she asked. "I'm not a whore like you." the woman responded. Stacy now knew who the woman was. Todd told her they'd been caught. "Oh, you're the fiance. It's too bad you don't fuck as good as I do. I'm calling the police. You're going to jail." Stacy angrily said.

The whore was also a bitch. It was time for Carla to play her ace. "Get over here and drink my piss." she said. "You're insane. Why in the fuck would I do that?" Stacy replied. "If you don't, your rich boyfriend will see this." Carla said. Stacy hadn't noticed Carla had been holding her phone in her hand. Carla played the video she had taken. "The choice is yours. You can call the police if you want. If you do, you will lose your boyfriend. I'm guessing he helps fund this place. You could lose your practice too. I have to pee real bad. You're running out of time." Carla said. Stacy didn't know what to do. She loved power and money. She couldn't lose it. She sat back down on the chair and wheeled over to Carla's vagina.

Carla watched with satisfaction as the gynocologist made the right choice. "Get closer and don't spill any." she said. Carla squirted piss into Stacy's mouth over and over. She finally ran out of piss. "You've had your revenge. I don't want to see you ever again." Stacy said as she wiped the piss off her lips. "I'll be your one o'clock appointment for the rest of the week. Clean the piss off my pussy." Stacy licked the urine off the woman's vagina and watched Carla put her clothes back on. "See you tomorrow." Carla said as she left.

Stacy went home. She thought about hiring a contract killer. It was a dangerous idea. Carla could have sent copies of the video anywhere. She went to the bedroom. Thomas was fast asleep. She looked forward to the day when he didn't wake up. She would marry him soon and would eventually have all the money. She drank some wine and decided to do nothing. She'd do what she must and would get through the week.

Carla arrived and was greeted by the receptionist Charlene. "You can go in, she's ready for you." Charlene said. Carla entered the examination room and found Stacy sitting in a chair with her head in her hands. Carla began opening drawers and looking through the gynocological equipment. "What are you doing?" Stacy asked. "I want to do something a little different today. What's this?" Carla asked. "It's part of a small catheter tube. It's basically a clear round plastic tube." Stacy replied. "It's not a catheter tube. It's your straw. Be gentle when you put it in me." Carla replied as she took off her clothes, climbed onto the table, and put her legs in the stirrups. Stacy inserted one end of the tube into her piss hole. "Put the other end in your mouth." Carla commanded. She watched gleefully as her piss began flowing through the tube into Stacy's mouth. Carla rubbed her clit and came as her pissed flowed into the sluts mouth.

Mercifully the week had finally come to and end. Stacy was finally free. Carla was perverse. On the last day Carla had demanded a speculum. Stacy pissed into Carla's pussy. Stacy was forced to drink her own piss out of Carla's pussy with a straw. Thank god it was over. Monday had finally arrived and all had been quiet. She finished her day and went home. Surprisingly Thomas was awake and waiting for her. "I want to play a game tonight." he said. "Whatever you want hon." she replied. He told her to take her clothes off. She disrobed and he brought her into the living room. "Let's have a little fun for once." he said. It took the old man ten minutes to tie her up. She was hogtied. The old man had done a good job. She couldn't get loose and had no idea what he was doing. Thomas picked up an antique bell and rang it.

Stacy heard the sound of high heels on the wooden floor. Someone else was in the house. The sound got closer and a figure appeared. It was a woman. Her appearance was unbelievable. The woman was wearing her own massive wedding dress. She couldn't see her face. It was covered by an anonymous mask and the woman was wearing a top hat. Thomas suddenly appeared next to her. "I like to watch. Do what you're told and everything will be fine." Suddenly whiteness enveloped them both. The woman was standing over them. The massive dress covered half the room. The woman was struggling with the dress. A vagina suddenly appeared in the whiteness. "If you drink down all this woman's piss, you will be rewarded." Thomas said. Piss began coming out of the vagina. Stacy eagerly drank it all down. She would finally have the power she desired. The piss tasted strangely familiar. It couldn't be. Pee finally stopped coming out of the vagina. The whiteness suddenly disappeared.

The woman took off the white wedding dress and was now only wearing high heels, the anonymous mask, and the top hat. The woman removed the top hat and reached for the mask. She slowly took off the mask. It was Carla!

Carla had enjoyed this surprise more then anything that had happened at the clinic. "I showed Thomas the video the day after it was taken. The dress is now mine. You're finished." she said and rang the bell. "Fuck you!" Stacy said. She was about to say more when she heard more high heeled women coming down the hallway. It had to be a large group. The sound was loud in the quiet house. A dozen nude women were led into the room by her naked receptionist Charlene. "Thomas asked me to gather some of your clients for a proper send off." Stacy looked at the group of women. The council woman, the wife of the mayor, and all the important women of the town were present. One by one each woman got on all fours. She was quickly surrounded. Everywhere she looked she saw vaginas pointed at her. She began crying. Her tears were quickly washed away with piss.

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On ‎3‎/‎8‎/‎2017 at 12:39 AM, Zovad said:

Glad you enjoyed it!

your story is really intriguing, I fingered to it if you want to know, the last lines about her humiliation are a terrific turn on

you know, a lot of people poses as extreme, but I got a really dirty mind

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I'm glad you enjoyed it spywareonya. I stopped writing for awhile. I figured nobody was enjoying my work!

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2 hours ago, Zovad said:

I'm glad you enjoyed it spywareonya. I stopped writing for awhile. I figured nobody was enjoying my work!

and now things are changing

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