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The Camping Trip: Conclusion

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I woke up before everyone else and saw beams of sunlight creeping in through the windows. I really didn't want to get up, but mostly because I didn't want this day to come. It was our last day camping together.

I rolled over and looked at Savanna, who was still sleeping soundly. The covers under and over us were cool and damp. I thought about warming them up, but then remembered that there was something else I had wanted to do since we arrived.

I crawled out of the covers and walked outside, not bothering to get dressed. The morning air was cool, but I could already feel early sunlight warming my bare skin. I stepped off the cabin porch, enjoying the feeling of the dewy grass on my feet. Being naked out in the woods made me feel free in a way I hadn't felt since childhood. I welcomed the cool breeze that occasionally caressed my sensitive parts. I smiled as the sun warmed my breasts. Standing there in the morning light, I sighed and emptied my bladder. A quick, warm spray splashed against my inner thighs and trickled down my legs. I reached down and slipped to spread my labia, feeling splashes of pee on my fingers but not caring as I touched my clitoris gently. I pressed my legs together, keeping my hand snug between my legs, as I peed full force. I gasped as I could feel my climax closing in and my knees weakened. I knelt in the grass and spread my thighs apart. Rubbing harder, I cried out and my body shook with my orgasm. I dribbled the last of my pee into the grass, feeling and hearing it under me.

"That... was beautiful." I turned and saw Savanna, who has also not bothered getting dressed.

"Thank you," I said. "How long were you watching me?"

"Long enough to know you needed that. Come sit with me?" I nodded and we sat together on the porch swing, both of us giggling at our bare asses on the swing's cushion. Savanna looked out towards the sunset. "I really don't want this day to end," she said.

"I know," I said. "That's why I had to come out here this morning. To get this last dose of freedom before we're back to expectations and responsibilities."

"We are definitely coming out here again some time," she said. I agreed. "Our trip might have to end, but you know what doesn't have to end?"

"What?" I asked.

"This." Savanna spread her legs and as I looked down I saw a clear stream of pee dribbling from her crotch and soaking into the cushion. She sat back and closed her eyes as the flow increased, overshooting the cushion and pattering against the wooden porch floor. It was over too soon, though, and she sighed. "Sorry. I would have done more, but I peed inside before I got up. Then I realized you were out here, so I cut it off and came out."

"It was wonderful," I said. "I guess we should wake Cara and Sandy up and start packing?"

We reluctantly stood up and walked into the cabin. Both girls were still sleeping. I nudged Sandy with my foot and her groan. "Time to get up," I said. "We have to pack."

"Okay," she said, not opening her eyes. "Let me just....ahhhhhhh." The unmistakable sound of Sandy's morning pee broke the quiet of the cabin as she soaked her sleeping bag again. In the divot between her legs, you could see a dark spot where she had totally drenched the sleeping bag. I could hear it burbling as it pooled between her legs. "Oh, god, that's so nice."

I looked over and saw Cara sitting up after Savanna nudged her. "Wow, I'm soaked," Cara said. "I must have peed like six times last night. I'm sorry about your aunt's couch."

"It's okay," Savanna said.

After taking turns in the shower, we all got dressed and reluctantly packed our clothes. We tossed everything into the back of Savanna's SUV. As we did, I noticed Savanna digging into another bag to remove a few thick towels. They were the towels we brought for swimming, but never used.

"Are you...?" Before I finished my question, Savanna nodded.

"Oh my god, yes," Cara said, laughing. Savanna handed each of us a towel and we placed them on our seats.

"Say bye to the cabin girls." We waved and said bye, disappointed we had to leave. "And say hello to our new life." As she said this, Savanna opened her legs and started peeing. I was surprised she didn't even move her skirt out of the way, but just let go, soaking her panties, skirt, and towel.

"Oh, wow," Cara said. "We are so bad." We laughed as Savanna put the car in drive and pulled down the dirt road.

An hour or so later, Cara announced that she had to pee. "So just pee," Savanna said.

"I'm wearing jeans, silly. I can't piss my jeans. What if we stop somewhere to eat?"

"Well, then take your jeans off and just piss into the towel," Sandy said. We all looked at her, amazed at how far she had some since the first day. It must have been all of that sleeping bag peeing that broke (or fixed) her. "I gotta pee, too, but I'm just gonna...do this." She sat up, reached between the legs of her black shorts, and pulled the crotch of her shorts and panties aside. Almost right away a thin jet of pee sprayed out and splashed onto the towel under her. It was a quick flow that was over in about fifteen seconds, but still made a decent puddle between Sandy's legs. "Mmm... much better."

"Okay, I can't hold it," Cara said. She unsnapped her jeans, pulled them and her panties down, and sat back down onto the thick beach towel. Instead of spreading her legs, though, Cara kept her thighs close together. "Oh, here it comes," she said. A few seconds later, we could all hear the hiss of her pee as it sprayed against her thighs and soaked her towel. "Ohhh, that feels good." Cara's hissing pee went on for at least a minute. Then, she sat up just enough to pull her panties and jeans back up.

We stopped to eat, and unfortunately while eating I had to pee. As much as I enjoyed our new fetish, I didn't want to cause a scene in a crowded restaurant, so I used the restroom. Savanna joined me and as I sat down to pee I heard what sounded like water splashing onto the floor in Savanna's stall. "Sorry," she said. "Seat was all wet, so I tried to hover and missed. Then I figured too late now, so I just finished on the floor." I laughed and we quickly got out of there.

Another hour or so back on the road, Sandy asked a question. "Hey, will we be stopping anywhere else?"

"I wasn't planning on it," Savanna said. "Just to drop Cara off and then to your house. Why?"

"I need to pee and I don't feel like messing with my shorts again. Gives me a wedgie every time."

"Go for it," Savanna said. Sandy sighed and we could hear a soft hissing as she deliberately soaked her panties and shorts. "Ohh, it's a good thing my shorts are black...or I might have some explaining to do to my husband."

"You never know, he might like it," I said. Sandy laughed and then moaned again as she continued peeing. I could see a fresh glistening puddle on the towel between her legs.

"Well, I don't have anyone to explain anything to, so...," Savanna said. She sat up straight and once again let her pee go into her panties and skirt, licking her lips. It was obvious she was having difficulty steering as she peed full force. "Don't you have to go?" she asked me. Unfortunately, I did not.

"I do," Cara said. "And if we're not stopping anywhere, I'm just going to pee in my jeans. That will be a new one." So far, none of us had peed our jeans during our trip. Savanna tilted the mirror so she could sneak quick glances at Cara while still watching the road. Sandy and I watched curiously, as well. Cara sat up and pulled her jeans up so they were a little more snug in the crotch. Then, she relaxed and slouched in her seat a little, spreading her legs this time. "Here it comes. Ohh." Right away we saw a small stain in the crotch of her jeans that quickly grew. "Oh my god. Ohhhh this is so... Oh..." Cara reached her hand down and started to stroke her crotch as the dark stain continued to grow. "Mmm... ohh... I'm sorry girls, but this feels so good. I'm gonna... Ohh... OHHHHHH!" Cara screamed and bucked her hips, rubbing herself furiously. Then, she relaxed and we could see the stain glisten again as she peed a bit more. "That will not be the last time I pee in my jeans," she said.

We dropped off Cara and said our sad goodbyes. It was both hilarious and sexy to see her walk to her front door with soaked jeans. Then, we dropped off Sandy. Her husband was already at the door. "Well," Sandy said, "I guess we'll see if he likes it or not." She grabbed her bag, walked to the door, and hugged her husband. Even from the car we could see his wide eyes. Then, he embraced her, kissed her, and pulled her inside, closing the door.

"Guess he liked it," I said. Savanna and I laughed.

Mine and Savanna's goodbye was the toughest. Sure, we would see each other again, but this trip had changed us and out friendship would never be the same. I hugged her and was a little surprised when she placed a gentle kiss on my cheek. "I'll call you tomorrow," she said. Then she got back into her car and was gone.

Now, I felt a mixture of sexual frustration and a full bladder. I had been holding it for a while, but on purpose. I unlocked my front door and as soon as I was in the front room I started removing clothing. First my shorts and panties, then my shirt and bra. I walked back to my bedroom and felt a twinge of desperation as a small dribble trickled down my leg. I crawled into my bed and snuggled under my covers, relaxing on my back. I reached between my legs and my fingers slipped easily into my already soaking vagina. I rubbed my clitoris with one hand while sliding two fingers of my other hand into my vagina. I could also feel the pressure in my bladder building close to agony. But I didn't stop rubbing until I finally couldn't stop it and a messy stream of pee sprayed all over my fingers and my thighs and soaked into the sheets under me. I screamed as I peed full force and stroked my vagina harder, hearing the splashes as I writhed my body in my own pee puddle, enjoying every wave of my climax. When it finished, I relaxed and could feel the warm puddle under me. I closed my eyes and was soon asleep.

It became completely obvious the camping trip changed all of us when I called all three girls the next day. Cara said she had woken up in the middle of the night needing to pee. Not wanting to ruin anything her husband might notice, she snuck downstairs to the basement and went to the old sofa they were throwing out. She did her usual and lay back on it. Leaving her panties on, she moved her night gown out of the way and soaked the couch cushions.

Sandy said her husband had dragged her into the bedroom as soon as she got home. Their son was asleep, he said. He made Sandy explain her wet shorts. She didn't tell him everything, but instead said she had really needed to go and there were no bathrooms and she was too embarrassed to ask Savanna to pull over to the side of the road anywhere. Sandy said he tossed her down onto the bed and crawled on top of her. She didn't know it until he put his weight on her, but she had to pee again. She told him, but he didn't move. She told him again, but he still didn't move, instead kissing her breasts. "It's okay," he had said, "You're already wet." She told him it would ruin the bed. "I don't care," he said. So as he continued to straddle her, rubbing his erect penis against her wet crotch, Sandy couldn't wait any longer and she soaked her panties, shorts, and the bed. When she finished, neither of them could take it anymore and they had the best sex of their life right there in her pee puddle.

Savanna confessed that she had dreamed of me, the two of us running through the woods somewhere, peeing whenever we felt like it, and sometimes even on each other. I told her that she may have just planned out next camping trip.

She agreed.

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Another incredible story, WetWulf. I saw a suggestion on your last story that you continue writing about these characters now that they're home from the camping trip. If you decide to do this, I would love to read more about thesr girls, especially Larissa and Savanna.

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Another incredible story, WetWulf. I saw a suggestion on your last story that you continue writing about these characters now that they're home from the camping trip. If you decide to do this, I would love to read more about thesr girls, especially Larissa and Savanna.

Yeah, it is very possible you will hear from these four again. I may pull away and follow each girl individually, just to mix it up a bit, and then bring them together as more stories progress. I get into the habit of making my stories very formulaic, which is sometimes good and sometimes predictable and not so good.

Thanks for the input, everyone.

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Another great story Wetwulf. An excellent conclusion to the trip, but hopefully just the start of the new life for these girls.

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