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Your first pee website...


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My first ever proper piss site was HDWetting (you can already tell I’m a lot younger than a lot of you lol), and before then I was simply finding pee videos and other sexy naughty stuff on YouTube which was actually easier than expected. Bodypainting is a good way to find naked women on YouTube, at least it used to be. Some of the videos were actually from ALSScan! 

back on track now… I quickly found this site not long after discovering HDWetting, before it was called PeeFans, and lurked here for many years until turning 18 and finally making an account shortly thereafter. What did it used to be called, WatchGirlsPeeing? 

by the way, don’t take the comment above about being young as an insult - I wish I had been around in the glory days of piss porn sometimes. There's great pee porn made today, don’t get me wrong, but I absolutely love the videos from Glimpse-It and wish I could have been around when that was being published. I still have yet to find a compendium of all Glimpse-It videos, anybody know of one?

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My introduction to piss porn was pre-Internet, via Sex Bizarre magazine, bought mostly during wanking excursions to Amsterdam. However, I joined Rebekah Dee's NeedaPee site a few years ago, and found it very good value. At that time - later 2000s maybe? - she actually communicated with customers and also did live feeds, usually whispering into the microphone because - supposedly - her parents were at home. That made the experience feel very naughty for a voyeur like me. The site's films were very sexy too. 


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It was either Thomas's Watersports, Patches Place, or Elite Gold? I think I found all of them around roughly the same time? For the most part, none of them had the content I was looking for besides the newest webshots and a few good sighting stories.

Elitegold was the only one I joined. I remember I was brand new to the internet. And as a poor kid, brand new to computers. At one point I was asking a "how to internet" question on there, and this other user totally trashed me. Just completely patronized me for being new to computers. Then another user came in and praised him. And I'll never forget this guy. He comes in with "not only were you a heroic soldier in Operation Desert Storm, but you just showed that you're just as funny as you are brave!" Being super new to the internet, I was  paranoid one of these guys could collect all my data and send it to my bosses at work or some kind of diabolical hacker shit that I'd seen on TV. But at the same time my ghetto side was like "yo, you're just gonna let this bitch come at you without roasting back?" And apparently that's what I had to do. So I couldn't be like, "I know you're not trying to be the fucking jock, schoolyard bully of a piss fetish website. " And proceed from there. Ah, Elitegold.  

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On 7/26/2021 at 1:45 PM, Sophie said:

My first website was peedevil.com, promoting the pee devil films. It was just a few small photos and a bit of text but I spent hours looking at them on the family pc when I was home alone. 


What I love about those peedevil films is that they go in for a lot of pissing on carpets.

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On 6/4/2015 at 10:18 AM, steve25805 said:

I stumbled across peeforums relatively early too, but having always been in the closet about my fetish, I was wholly uncomfortable at first with the idea of actualy talking about it. So I occasionally browsed but without joining. But eventually, the anonymity that the internet provided enabled me to plack up the courage and - for the very first time ever in my life - start interacting with others about my interest in pee. I took this plunge in July 2010, joining Peesearch and immediately posting my very first short story. Then I just waited nervously for the reactions. This was a big deal for me, having kept such things totally to myself before. But the reactions were positive and I was welcomed and my other postings subsequently were well recieved. I grew in confidence and within only a few weeks talking about it all with like-minded people seemed like the most natural thing in the world.

I quoted this part of an old post of mine in this thread because of something highly relevent to the welcome we give to newbies. We were after all all newbies once..

As I said in the old quote above, when new to peeforums I was very nervous and insecure and browsed for a while before posting anything. When I did first dip my toe in the water with some posts, I was very nervous about the reaction I might get. Had it been negative there is a good chance I would have been scared off participating forever. Because it was positive I posted more and grew comfortable with sharing.

But there is a point to this and that is the fact that the warmth of any welcome we give to newbies could well determine how welcome they feel and how confident they become in further sharing. Newbies like I can remember myself being some 12 years back could very easily be scared off for good by any hint of hostility or negativity. This is always worth being borne in mind by all of us.

If we cannot react positively to something said by others, especially newbies, better not to react at all unless rules are being broken, in which case instead of public criticism ourselves we should report it for the mods to deal with.

The biggest asset this forum has is it's friendly and welcoming vibe.

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My first, I think, was Patches Place, as many of you have mentioned. My long-time favorite was Elite Gold, where I posted a lot of stories, both real and fictional, and received excellent feedback, little or no hostility, and formed friendships, even met a gf, there. I was very sad to see that it has disappeared. Don't know what happened to it. Visited Newbie Nudes, for a while, after EG, and then found Pee Fans, several years ago. 

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the first pee porn type website I looked at were communities on livejournal, haha. there were some "wetting" clothes communities where people posted about wetting their pants on purpose

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Mine was Patches Place.  I worked with computers at work and even taught myself to program before ever having a home computer.  I bought my first PC, a Packard Bell 🤢 75 Mhz, on August 1, 1996, so I must have found Patches around September of 1996.   Patches.net.  Patches was selling some old VHS pee video from... maybe Baker Video?   That doesn't sound quite right, I'm not sure.  I think she was also distributing for a small VHS company in Central Florida.  I used to trade pee videos and magazines with the owner.  She started producing her own pee videos starting with Patches 1, which was also on VHS.   She then started distributing movies on CDs, which were obviously better quality, and I think she produced about 4 dozen wetting videos, with some really cute models like Sweet "Melissa".   I believe she ended up being the sole US distribution site for most of the European companies making pee videos.   Around the time when the credit card companies cut ties with sites making pee videos, she sold Patches Place.  Smart move.  She's still around as an admin on another pee forum.   Patches, you broke my internet pee cherry.  I frequently ask her to marry me and she frequently pretends she's not interested. 😛      

Pee S: Patches produced two classic naughty pee clips, one with Melissa peeing her pants on a mall Santa's lap, and another with a woman walking in a restaurant, standing in front of a full length window, and in clear view of the restaurant customers and employees, and peed herself all the way down to her toes, and then walked out as if nothing unusual had happened.   Patches recorded a lot of her videos in Niagara Falls, where I also spent 6 years, I somewhat suspect that being downwind from Love Canal may be the cause of our pee fetishes.  😁  

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On 6/16/2015 at 9:48 AM, Buddy said:

My first site was wetting her panties. Sky mouse does a very good job with this site.

Until one of his employees accidentally uploaded a picture where you could see the water hose in the model's pants creating the "pee".   I can't take him or his site seriously since then. 

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