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The Camping Trip

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This is part one of a new series I'm starting. Hope you enjoy it.

The Camping Trip: Part One

Last week some friends and I decided to do a girls' getaway and spend a few days in the mountains. My friend Savanna's uncle owns a cabin and some land outside of town. She described it to us as rustic, rugged, and relaxing.

"Only one catch, though," she said. "There's no toilet." This information already dropped two girls off the list. I was curious, but not put off.

"What do you do for a bathroom, then?" Sandy asked. Sandy is always the one of us brave enough to ask questions, even the dumb and obvious ones. She is also the tallest of us, just shy of 6 foot with long slender legs, perfect breasts any girl would be jealous of, and dirty blonde hair. Savanna is a plus-sized brunette, like myself, and what she lacks in height she makes up for with curves in all the right places. Our other friend who was still sticking around was Cara, a redhead with every bit of the fire reputation that redheads are said to have.

"Well, it's in the middle of the woods," Anna said, "and there aren't any other houses or cabins for miles. And my uncle said there is an old chamber pot at the cabin that we can use if we don't want to go outside."

"A chamber pot, really?" I said. "We really are roughing it." We all chuckled, even though Cara turned her nose up at the thought.

"My aunt said she's used it a few times when they were up there and it was pouring the rain or if it was late at night and she didn't feel like making the trip outside. They said they always clean it out afterwards."

Even after the no-toilet discussion, the four of us were still all in for getting away for a few days. After a four hour drive that took us deep into the woods, Savanna turned her SUV down a bumpy dirt road. We could see the cabin through the trees and it was every bit as rustic as she said. A log cabin with a full front porch, a chimney, and piles of wood for the fireplace.

Savanna put the car in park and we all stepped out, admiring our home for five days. After a few minutes of wandering around, Cara broke our awed silence.

“Okay, long trip, gotta pee.” We laughed as she unsnapped her jeans, tugged them and her panties down her legs, and half-squatted right in full view of the rest of us. She closed her eyes and, after an audible moan, a strong jet of pee sprayed from between her legs. “Ahh, that’s nice,” she said. I was amazed how the strength of her flow splashed on the ground, spraying pee and dirt between her feet.

“I’ve got to go, too,” Sandy said, “but I’m not ready to be exposing myself outside yet.”

“You could go behind a tree,” Savanna said.

“No, I’ll just…hang on…” As we all looked at Sandy, she reached between her legs and pulled the legs of her loose shorts aside. She seemed to be reaching deeper until it was obvious she was also pulling her panties aside. A few seconds later and she, too, was spraying a warm stream of pee onto the ground, also sighing with pleasure as her pee dropped messily from between her legs, leaving small dark stains at the legs and crotch of her shorts. As she did this, I wondered if there were other motives behind not pulling her shorts down to pee. Her face seemed to show a pleasure beyond just the relief of releasing her held pee.

Both girls finished and we walked together into the cabin. Inside there were two large couches and a few recliners, as well as a ladder leading up to a loft area with two twin beds. Savanna called one of the loft beds and I piped up right after.

“Brunettes get first pick!” Savanna said, and we laughed. We carried our stuff up the ladder as Cara and Sandy flopped their bags onto their couch-beds. Once we reached the loft, Savanna smiled at me and pointed to something under one of the beds. It was a small, but deep clay pot with a pink flower pattern stretching along the sides. “Why do they make them so pretty?” Savanna asked. I shrugged.

She reached under the bed and pulled the pot out. Other than some cracked paint making it obvious that it was antique, the pot was in excellent condition. “Wanna try it out?” Savanna asked. I smiled my answer, and before I could speak she was already tugging her pants and panties down. “Can you help me?” Surprised that I wasn’t the least bit embarrassed, I scooted the pot close to her as she squatted over it. “Thanks.” Savanna spread her legs so wide that even though her thick bush I could see her pee hole.

I waited and finally a wide stream of pee splashed out of Savanna’s pee hole and at first it overshot the chamber pot and I felt some on my arm. This caused both of us to laugh. She adjusted her bottom just a bit and finally her stream splashed loudly into the pot. You could hear it filling up as she peed full-force, lifting her head and sighing again to show her pleasure.

“What are you two doing?” Cara called.

Savanna laughed. “We found the chamber pot.”

“Oh my God,” Cara groaned. Savanna’s pee was dwindling to a trickle. She stood up and a few stray drops dripped onto the floor. Savanna turned around, opened the window in the loft, and dumped out the contents of the pot.

“Your turn,” she said. I quickly tugged my pants down as Savanna placed the pot back on the floor. I decided to try a different position and I went down on my knees until my bare vagina was directly over the opening of the pot. We heard steps coming up the loft ladder. Sandy was treated with a close view of my naked crotch hanging over an antique chamber pot as she poked her head up and climbed into the loft. As soon as I spotted her, I just let go, emptying my bladder completely and loudly into the chamber pot. I closed my eyes and could feel warm splashes against my crotch as the strong jet of pee sprayed out of me with an ecstatic force. I moaned as the pressure in my bladder eased. I started to worry that the pot will fill up before I finished, but I knew I couldn’t stop if I tried.

“Wow,” Sandy said. “Cara, you should see this.”

“I’m not going near that thing,” Cara said. “You know how many people have probably used that?”

“I really… don’t care,” I said, feeling relieved and a little turned on. This felt like I was channeling some long-forgotten taboo that was a little naughty and incredibly exhilarating. Still peeing a little, I touched my vagina delicately, rubbing my clitoris and sighing with obvious pleasure. I didn’t even open my eyes to see Savanna or Cara’s reaction. I just rubbed myself, feeling the familiar and blissful tingles of an oncoming orgasm. My flow finally slowed to an audible trickle and then stopped, but I kept rubbing until I finally gasped and climaxed right there in front of two of my best friends… while sitting on a chamber pot. When I finished, I stood up, carefully lifted the pot to the window, and tossed the warm pee out the window.

“This,” Cara said, “is going to be an interesting five days.”

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An interesting five days indeed! I'm happy to see you starting a brand new series of stories WetWulf, and this was a great beginning. I can't wtrait to read about what happens next.

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This is part one of a new series I'm starting. Hope you enjoy it.

Grab my popcorn, pick the coke from the fridge, buckle my seatbelt: oh my this is going to be good!

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Since this series seems to be getting popular with new members, I hope you don't mind if I bump it up.

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6 hours ago, wetwulf said:

Since this series seems to be getting popular with new members, I hope you don't mind if I bump it up.

I don't mind as long as you keep adding to it.

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