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My first naughty outdoor pee (took two attempts)

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I peed on the back deck a little while ago.  Sitting on some steps connecting two levels of the deck, using the barbecue grill as cover, I aimed out one of my shorts legs and left a puddle on the deck.

Less risky/naughty than the front yard but still fun.

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Just peed 400ml in a measuring cup in about 20 seconds, for an average 20 ml/sec flow rate (peak was higher, I have no way to measure that).  This is my typical caffeinated full but not yet desperate pee.  I get uncomfortable over 500ml or so but I’ve held a liter if I’ve been unable to reach a toilet for a while.

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I realized after working a while that I was really full (but not about to burst) so I decided to measure my output.

750 ml peed in 57 seconds total for an average flow of 13.2 ml/sec.  But the majority came out in ~35 seconds and then I trickled the rest out so my peak was closer to 18.5 ml/sec. give or take.


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I had to pee so I went outside to my backyard, near my deck, to a weedy spot so I could kneel down and pee discreetly by aiming out the leg of my shorts and then pull some weeds in case someone saw me and wondering what I was doing.  Here's my stream for those who care to see it.



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Posted (edited)

I peed outside twice today.  The pool is finally warm enough and it’s a holiday weekend so I put the steps in and then I was in the pool a while.  When I had to pee, I got out (I don’t like peeing in pools) and peed through my swim trunks and left a puddle on the deck.  I then went back in the pool.

Later, after getting out I was putting my tools away in the garage and realized I needed to put the Japanese beetle trap up, so I got that, assembled it, and went out back to put it where I normally put it, behind a row of cypress trees.  It’s near the spot I often pee when I’m outside, so I partially lowered my still wet swim trunks, stuck it out and relieved myself there.


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It was a nice afternoon here on this holiday so I put some beverages (diet cola) in a cooler, my phone, a Bluetooth speaker and put them poolside while I lounged in the pool for a few hours.  Of course human bodies are very efficient in turning liquid beverages into urine so I had to go a few times.

One time I peed in the pool, while floating on the lounger, aiming straight up making a little fountain.

Another time I peed on the deck through my swimsuit, sitting on the steps by the grill.

One time I had to go inside and use the toilet because I had to do “number 2” as well.

I also peed a 2nd time on the deck.

Finally, I went inside, changed out of my wet swimsuit and peed in the toilet, a fast pee that led to the infamous “pee shiver” (possibly exacerbated by being damp in an air conditioned house) and I posted a poll about this in the pee talk section.

All in all a great day, and I am happy with the progress of my summer tan, finally.

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