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I just used my backseat for the first time this year and took a video but the video maximum is 5mb and even edited I can only get it down to 35mb but I don’t want to post on pornhub bc I really only trust it here, i know someone could copy it and post it but i #1 im not too worried about that and #2 I figure most of yall save these videos to yalls personal albums like i do. (Some of my favorite videos have been moved from free to $ so I’ve been screen recording them while they are free just in case)

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Just to clarify - the issue with uploading video to the site here isn’t about file size, even if you did get a clip below 5MB. 

It’s about file types where only JPG, PNG & GIF images are permitted - and not MP4, MOV or other video types.

As others have said, you could use a throwaway Google drive account or similar. 

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