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Dear Wet Carpet

I'm Rachel, aged 21, and a couple of nights ago I was with another bunch of young girls and dudes at this party. We were all playing truth or dare and were pretty smashed by then. And the dares were getting pretty full on. One guy ended up walking out the front door naked and shouting "hallelujah" to make sure all the neighbours heard, then waved at the first one who looked. Turned out to be a grinning middle aged woman in a house opposite. Another guy was dared to show off his masturbatory technique, and he ended up pulling his pants down in front of us and started masturbating for 30 seconds or so as we all looked and laughed. Fucking hilarious. One girl ended up going out into the street followed by the rest of us, who laughed our heads off as she pulled down her pants and bent over baring her ass to the passing traffic. We all giggled drunkenly as we went back into the house a couple of minutes later.

Well, there happened to be a round glass table in the corner of the living room we were in with just a vase of flowers in the middle of it. My friend, Sonia, made the mistake of admitting that she was busting for a pee only minutes before accepting a dare. So she was dared to get up on that table and piss on it right there in front of all of us. Everyone else thought the idea really funny - like I said we were pretty smashed - and urged her on. I laughed too, but I was actually gettting a bit of a buzz out of the idea of her doing this. The idea of it was turning me on.

Well, in no time at all Sonia strode over to that table, quickly removed her footwear, then her jeans and panties, before picking up the vase of flowers and placing it upon the floor. Then she climbed upon the table and squatted upon it facing us all, grinning a very wide grin. Within seconds she started pissing, amidst a cacophany of laughter and cheers. The puddle on the table grew rapidly, and once the cheers stopped and the laughter had subsided sufficiently, the sexy sound of pee landing on glass was surprisingly loud: she was pissing quite forcefully. I was grinning with the others, but actually pretty seriously turned on at the sight of my friend doing this, and a little jealous that it wasn't actually me up there pissing on that table in front of everyone.

The puddle soon reached the edge of the table in front of Sonia, and began first dripping, then pouring, off onto the carpet below. But she just carried right on pissing, gleefully grinning at the sight of this, which she and everyone else just thought really funny at the time. We were all too smashed to find this anything less than funny. But seeing her pissing there as her pee flowed off the table's edge in a mini waterfall onto the carpet was turning me on so fucking much. I was so jealous of Sonia right then, but disappointed when she finally finished and got down off the table, whose surface was now covered in a massive pool of pee.

I so wanted to get up there and piss on that table in front of all these dudes and girls too, but couldn't without everyone thinking me a freak. After all, Sonia had done it only for a laugh as part of a dare, and the rest just drunkenly thought it funny. I was the only one actually turned on by it - as far as I know anyway. I suspect the guy who came up with the dare probably got a kick out of it and perhaps a few others, though they'd probably be in denial about that. We moved on from that anyway, did other dares, none of them involving pissing, and had fun.

But yesterday morning I awoke in bed with my boyfriend - he wasn't at the party because of needing to work - and I couldn't get the memory of my friend pissing on that glass table out of my head. I ended up telling him about it and - using the excuse that it was probably "because I was drunk" as an escape clause in case he thought me a freak - admitted that it had turned me on and at the time and I wished it was me doing it. My guy is a pretty understanding dude, and little phases him, so he was interested and understanding more than anything.

Pretty soon we got out of bed and I needed my morning pee quite badly - very full bladder situation. But my boyfriend told me to forget about that for just a moment as he led me down into the kitchen. I was mildly frustrated because I really did need to go to the toilet, but my frustration didn't last long. Because once there he pointed to the kitchen table and said, "It might not be a glass one, but if you really want to piss on a table, go ahead!"

I was surprised but well up for it. But I had a concern. "What about all the mess?" I wasn't drunk now, so tended to be concerned about such things, as I momentarily wondered about the guy's pissed on table and carpet last night. But my boyfriend told me not to worry about it and that he'd clean it all up himself.

That was all I needed for a green light.

I was still naked - I tend to sleep naked and hadn't dressed yet - as I got up and squatted upon our kitchen table. Then with a loud hissing and splashing my piss was splattering down onto the surface of the table, creating a rapidly growing yellow puddle. It soon reached the table's edge and began pouring down onto the tiled kitchen floor. I was so turned on right then you wouldn't believe. My also-naked boyfriend stood there grinning at me peeing but his dick was getting hard, which pleased me to see. It meant that this was turning him on too.

When I climbed down off that table, first thing we did was to leave the mess I'd made - piss all over the table and floor - and return to the bedroom for great sex. One of the best orgasms for a while, actually. And afterwards I even got a bit of a kick out of watching my boyfriend cleaning all my piss up.

Pissing sure can be fun sometimes, lol.


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Dear Wet Carpet

I shall call myself Michelle, and I am a lesbian voyeur in my mid-30s. Michelle is not my real name, by the way. I am just protecting my identity. I don't want it to become generally known that I have a thing about spying on other ladies for kicks, especially neighbours.

I guess voyeurism has always been my thing, and I love seeing ladies - who are not aware of me watching - in states of undress or nudity, or using the bathroom, or playing with themselves sexually. Well, a new family has moved in opposite and I have been using my trusty binoculars to spy in through the girl's bedroom window. She is early 20s I'd say and a great looker, who still lives with her parents. I've seen her undressing, and totally naked. But I've seen some much weirder shit going on too. First time I saw it was when the girl, naked and undressed, went and stood in the corner of her bedroom and started pissing there! On the fucking carpet like it was normal! I mean WTF!!! I could barely believe what I was seeing. But the sheer naughtiness, the very "wrongness" of it kind of turned me on.

Since then I've seen her standing or popping a squat to pee on her bedroom floor several times. Just seems like normal behaviour to her. Onetime, her mom - who is in her 40s I'd guess - was in there talking to her, when the mom herself just popped a squat and peed there on the carpet whilst carrying on chatting to her daughter, like this was the most natural thing in the world. Neither reacted as if this were anything unusual. Clearly the girl has been raised to regard this sort of thing as normal! I don't even begin to want to imagine what their house must smell like if they are doing that all over. Through another window I once saw the dad pissing against his and mom's bedroom wall too, lol.

Well, they don't know about my voyeur fetish and have no idea that I know about their unnaturally relaxed attitude to pissing wherever the hell they feel like! I do bump into them quite a lot in passing, and they are regular churchgoers, and seem highly respectable people, very pleasant to talk to. Little do they know that I know what they are into, lol.

I inwardly smile to myself at this knowledge whenever I speak to them.


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Thanks. Because this thread contains imagined letters from a variety of different women I write a large variety of different letter types. This includes the peeing party stuff sometimes but also some of the stuff you like too. Hopefully something for everybody insofar as naughty pissing is concerned.

And others are of course welcome to contribute imaginary letters of their own.

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Oh! For a moment reading Michelle's letter, I thought she had stumbled on Lindsay and Maeby (from "A Family Affair"). It is intriguing to have a report by a non-participant in the magazine, I am not even sure there was a single other such letter before, nicely done steve!

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Dear Wet Carpet

I am Sue, an 18 year old student, and there have been some very interesting developments lately that I want to share. You see, recently my mum and dad divorced, I stayed with dad and moved in with him when he moved into Paula's house. That's his new piece of skirt, by the way, a professional woman much younger than him - she's only 31! - and a practicing solicitor specialising in family law. Now she is kind of like trying to be my stepmother, which I resent enough already, like she thinks she can replace my mum. But even worse, she's a member of the Conservative party, which kind of offends my socialist values. Needless to say, we never really hit it off right from the start.

Everything in the house - furniture, carpets, fixtures and fittings - is very expensive. Not only does she earn good money, she also has very wealthy parents. I kind of resented that too. So I decided to show the utmost disrespect to all her property as some kind of symbolic gesture. One day, desperate for a piss and alone in the house, I had a naughty idea. Why not piss all over one of the bitch's expensive carpets? So, with a naughty grin, I strode in behind one of the armchairs in the living room, lowered my jeans and panties, and popped a squat right there. And I just let it flow, my hissing piss splashing down onto that plush white carpet, first with a soft pattering sound but which soon morphed into loud splashing as the carpet got soaked. And I made a massive puddle. I stood up afterwards, laughed at my own handiwork, and just walked away and left it there.

Thing is, it was so fucking satisfying - enjoyable even. And to be honest - after pissing on her carpets a few more times, including the one in her bedroom, I realised I was actually being turned on by doing it. Before too long, even when she or dad were home I would still do this stuff when I felt the urge, in this case usually in what was now my own bedroom. It was still her frigging carpet in there after all, wasn't it? Lol.

Anyway, yesterday dad was working but she was home and - avoiding her - I was in my bedroom. I needed a piss and thought, "Fuck it! I'll just piss on this carpet again." So this time I stepped out of my jeans and panties:I enjoy it more then because I can see much more of my pee splashing onto the carpet. And I squatted in the middle of the room, no longer even bothering with the discreteness of secluded corners. And soon enough, the loud hissing of my relief filled the room - I really did need to go. As my piss pattered onto the carpet, a large and growing puddle formed beneath me. Watching my golden piss splashing down onto it really was most satisfying.

But so lost in my pleasure was I that I never heard her foorsteps climbing the stairs. No idea what she originally planned to speak to me about, but the long and the short of it is that she opened my bedroom door and caught me in mid flow towards the end of my pee, squatting there and pissing on the carpet, massive puddle very evident. I was mortified to be caught doing this, and acutely embarassed.

But what happened next astonished me.

Whilst her eyes widened in surprise for a moment, a huge smirk quickly lit up her face. Then she laughed. "All this time I thought it was the fucking dog peeing everywhere." I stopped my flow and quickly stood up, not knowing what to say, highly embarassed, yet also confused now. I would have expected anger, maybe threats. But there was no anger, just amusement, which seemed odd. But then she said, "Girl, when it comes to pissing all over the place, I'll show you how it should be done!"

And with that she strode a couple of feet into the room, lifted the front of her dress and pulled her panties aside, then parted her legs just a little whilst thrusting her pelvis forward. And before I had time to react she started pissing all over my bedroom carpet - an expensive carpet that she owned! I couldn't believe what I was seeing! Swaying her hips from side to side, she deliberately pissed over as much of the carpet as possible, a broad smirk upon her face. In mid-flow she looked at me and laughed as I stared agape, saying "I needed that". And she carried right on pissing. By the time she'd finished what turned out to be a very long piss, the carpet was fucking soaked!

Finally done, she released her panties, let her dress fall back into place, then looked at me, saying with a grin, "There ya go girl!" Then she just laughed before nonchalantly turning around and walking out of the room.

I still can't believe that happened. Maybe she aint so bad after all, lol. Not sure how to react around her after that, though.

Funny but amazing and sexy all at the same time.


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Very hot story. Thank you, Steve. Sure beats the usual "evil stepmother" stories.

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This story was inspired by the tales of Vicky by Lesful/Vixen3

Dear Wet Carpet

My name is Mike and I am married to a gorgeous - and very naughty - lady called Rebecca. And she has a thing about peeing. I shall tell you about the first time it happened.

We had often joked about this sort of thing - peeing where we shouldn't - before, but it actually happened for the first time one evening when we were staying at a cheap hotel for the night. In those days - it was some years ago - credit cards were much less widespread and many hotels, particularly the cheap ones, accepted cash up front, which we had paid. We'd also given false names - not because we planned to do anything bad but simply as a precaution in case we did any accidental damage or some shit like that.

Anyway, that evening we went out to a local pub and had a few drinks. On the way back, by now quite tipsy, we stopped in a store to grab some cans. Rebecca becomes very giggly and quite naughty-minded when she'd had a few, as was the case now. We got back to our room and put on the TV to watch some film, but were not paying too much attention, instead laughing and joking as we drank more cans of lager.

Inevitably, before long, nature took it's course and I needed a pee. But our room had no en-suite toilet, and the communal ones were quite a way down the corridor, which was a hassle. Rebecca gigglingly pointed to the sink and suggested I just pee there. Well it sure was a lot less hassle, and a lot more convenient, and Rebecaa seemed amused by the idea. So I walked over to the sink and got my dick out. Rebecca came over and gazed, grinning, at my dick as I pulled it out of my jeans, then reached over and took it in her own hand. And she giggled as I peed in the sink, herself aiming it all over the porcelain. She then delighted in aiming me upwards so that I was pissing against the mirror above the sink.

She too needed to pee of course, but said that she was a bit too drunk to climb up onto the sink. But I had a brainwave. I pulled the bedside cabinet away from the wall and pointed to the carpet over which it had rested. "Just do it there", I suggested.

She chuckled with obvious delight at the suggestion but made a show of protesting, purely for the sake of decorum. "I can't do that!" And she laughed.

"Why not? This is just some cheap dive and we'll cover it back up with that cabinet afterwards anyway."

She grinned, needing no more persuading. She stepped over to the uncovered patch of carpet, stepped out of her knickers and kicked them away, and raised her skirt as she squatted there over the floor. And a moment later, a loud hissing and muffled splashing accompanied the glorious sight of her pissing right there on the carpet. She giggled uncontrollably at first as she peed. "I can't believe I'm doing this!" she chuckled. Then she just grinned with obvious pleasure as she gazed at her own piss splashing onto the carpet. That splashing grew louder as the carpet grew saturated, the puddle expanding into an unbelievably large wet patch. She really did need that piss.

Once she'd finished she got up and allowed her skirt to fall back into place - but didn't bother putting her knickers back on. She looked at the huge puddle slowly soaking into the carpet, then looked at me, and laughed. I moved to push the cabinet back into place to hide that pissed on patch of carpet, but she said, "Don't bother with that yet. I'm sure I'll need to pee again before we crash out." And she did - three times more before bed. That carpet was soaked. I just peed in the sink when I needed to, Rebecca making a point of watching my dick as I peed, sometimes holding it for me herself.

Just after having her last piss on that patch of carpet immediately before bed, and by now openly getting off on it - both of us now too drunk to be inhibited about that - I said that I needed a piss. But grinning, I ignored the sink this time and strode over to her pissing spot, standing in her piss with my bare feet and aiming my dick at the wall. Then we both drunkenly laughed as I stood there pissing against the hotel room wall. I moved the cabinet back over the wet carpet after that before we both went to bed.

In the middle of the night I was awoken by Rebecca climbing out of bed. "Where you off to?" I asked.

"I need a pee."

"You want me to move that cabinet again?"

"Er...nah, don't bother. I'll just do it here."

And I was able to make out her vague shape in the darkness squatting down in the middle of the room. Not wishing to miss this, I flicked on the bedside lamp and got to see her enjoying another long piss all over the carpet, this time right there in the middle of the room.

I didn't need to pee too badly but thought I probably would before morning. So I decided to get it out of the way now too. I climbed out of my side of the bed, took my dick in hand, and started pissing there on the carpet beside the bed. Rebecca still looked half asleep but clearly enjoyed watching me do this, as evidenced by the grin on her face.

In the morning we woke, a little hungover but otherwise fully sober. She looked at me with a smirk, "Did we really piss all over the place here last night?"

"Yes we did", I laughed.

She smiled at me, "Good fun though, in a dirtty bitch kind of way." She laughed.

But as we surveyed the room we realised how much of a mess we'd made. That huge piss puddle under the cabinet was actually so large that it was nowhere near fully covered, and quite a bit of it was still very obviously visible. And the puddle in the middle of the room and another on my side of the bed were unmistakeable. Rebecca bit her lip, then grinned, as she said, "I think we better get dressed and leave right now before anyone spots this." She chuckled.

I agreed but we both still needed our morning piss. And Rebecca smiled wickedly as she pointed out, "Well, since we're going to do a runner anyway, we may as well just piss anywhere we like before we go." And with that, she climbed up onto the bed and popped a squat right in the middle of it. Then she just grinned as she peed all over the bed, soaking the mattress for sure. I just stood in the middle of the room, pissing on the carpet.

We then got dressed, hastily left the premises and laughed uproariously as we drove away.

I definitely married the right woman! Lol


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It might have been inspired by Vicky, but you certainly improved upon the original anecdote (which I recall ;)). I particularly appreciated the "oh well, we're fucked anyway" cherry on the cake at the end.

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Thanks steve. As always, a fantastic story. I'm happy that I joined WGP - I don't think that you've added this one to the corresponding thread on PS. Keep up the good work.

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Thanks steve. As always, a fantastic story. I'm happy that I joined WGP - I don't think that you've added this one to the corresponding thread on PS. Keep up the good work.

I will add it in time.....just havent gotten around to it yet.

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Dear Wet Carpet

My name is Pete, aged 31, and I live in a single bedroom privately rented flat. I've gotten to know the other tenants in the building pretty well too. The girl in the flat above me is a 24 year old, blonde, party animal called Kelly, who is always rolling in the worse for wear after some serious drinking, sometimes with a guy in tow, sometimes not. When alone she'd often knock on my door and come in for a semi-drunken chat, in which she'd recount all the stuff of interest during her day....especially the evening drinking part of it. Sometimes we'd spend an evening in in my flat or hers drinking.

The guy in the flat opposite - Dave, aged 25 - had actually known her since childhood. They'd gone to the same school, and for a time he'd dated her sister.

The other evening I was chatting to him just inside the door of my flat. It was about 9pm. Kelly suddenly came in the front door, slightly tipsy, though the early hour indicated she wasn't planning on any serious drinking that evening. This was an early finish for her. She joined Dave and I in my flat and we all chatted for a little bit.

But then the chat got more interesting. Kelly said, "I need to go toilet in a minute. I haven't been all day." Then she rolled her eyes and sighed, "Oh, and I've been to the pub! It's gonna be a long wee." She looked at me, commenting, "Boring innit? Just sitting there on the toilet for fucking ages."

A flicker of a smile briefly flashed across Dave's face, then Kelly smiled a flirtatious looking kind of smile at him, remarking, "Mind you, going toilet can be fun sometimes!" And she and Dave exchanged knowing smirks. I wondered what this meant, and was intrigued. I have always had a secret thing about girls who enjoy peeing.

Dave returned to his own flat soon after when his girlfriend came home. But Kelly remained, chatting for a bit. Anyway, I asked her what she meant about going toilet being fun sometimes, noting to myself that she still hadn't gone for the piss she'd said she needed. "Oh, when we were young we did that 'you show me yours and I'll show you mine' thing like as you do. And when I was in his room with him and needed to go toilet he wanted to watch me pee. And he got me to do it in his bedroom on the floor! Quite a few times after that we watched each other pee there. It seemed like good fun at the time too - we didn't know any better - but he got the bollocking of his life when his mum found out. She never knew I was doing it there too, but we never did it again after that.

"But there was this one time when I was 18 and we had this one night stand when drunk, and he got me to piss on his bathroom floor. It just seemed really funny at the time. You know me. I don't give a fuck when I'm drunk."

She looked at me with a naughty grin, "Actually it was a bit of a turn on pissing all over the floor in some other guy's flat, and just leaving it there." Her grin broadened. "It was kind of fun just being a dirty bitch and not giving a fuck about it. Haha.

"But in the morning I realised just how fucking dirty it was doing that. Grown women shouldn't be going around pissing on people's bathroom floors! So I've never done shit like that since.

"But that's what I meant about going toilet being fun sometimes, anyway. Haha."

Then she added, "Actually, I was with this guy once. We both got back to his flat, drunk as fuck and rushed into his bathroom needing a piss. But he started taking his clothes off and said 'Kelly, piss on me!'

"I said 'You fuck off! I'm not doing that!' But he kept on about it and before I knew it he was in his bath with fuck all on. Anyway, I was drunk so I did it anyway." She laughed. "I fucking pissed on him! Wouldn't let him near me afterwards until he had a shower, though.

"Golden showers they call that, don't they? I don't know what people can get out of that!" She then laughed. "Mind you, I'm the dirty bitch who gets a kick pissing on guy's floors so who am I to judge, haha.

"Anyway, I really do need to go toilet now. Can I use your loo?"

Encouraged by the conversation so far, I sort of grinningly suggested she just do it right there on the living room carpet. She actually looked shocked that I'd suggested that, in spite of all she'd said. "I'm not doing that! I'm a fucking 24 year old woman now. Grown women don't go around pissing on people's carpets!" She laughed at the very absurdity of it, but added, "If you want me to be a dirty bitch like that, get me when I'm drunk, and have a few more drinks ready. I'll probably fucking piss anywhere then, haha.

"Anyway, I'm going toilet now - if you don't mind - but you can watch if you want." And she started heading in the direction of my bathroom.

I actually couldn't believe my luck. I was going to get to see Kelly pee. But it got a lot better. As we entered the bathroom, she decided to remove her jeans and panties entirely - "to give me a better view" she said. Then she approached the toilet, giving me an awesome view of her naked ass, as she reached for the lid in order to lift it.

But what happened next was amazingly sexy. With the naughtiest yet sexiest grin I had ever seen upon her face, she withdrew her hand from the lid, leaving it closed. Then she turned to face me and actually stood astride the toilet with it's still closed lid......and started pissing there anyway! Her piss splashed down onto the closed toilet lid and was soon flowing off of it's sides onto the bathroom floor. She was grinning with obvious pleasure as the loud hissing of her relief and splashing down of her golden torrent filled the small room. Then in mid flow she laughed, "I can't beieve I'm doing this!"

She grinned at the sight of her own piss splashing down for a few more moments, then laughed uproariously at her next comment, "Well, I suppose I am still using the toilet. Sort of, anyway." She thought that very funny.

Once she'd finished she walked away from the mess, put her clothes back on and just left it there for me to deal with, always the unspoken but obvious part of the deal.

After that, we chatted for a bit more before she left, leaving me with the wondrous memory of her pissing all over my toilet with the lid closed. I could barely believe I'd been lucky enough to see her do that.

But now I was seriously getting into the idea of actually seeing her piss on the carpet. No idea why the thought of her doing this was getting to me so much - just the very naughty wrongness of it I suppose. But I got some drinks in to share with her next time she came in drunk, hoping to see it happen, and believing that it actually might.

Didn't have long to wait either. The very next evening she tumbled in through the front door well after mifnight and knocked on my door. As soon as I opened it I could tell she'd had a fair few to drink and was well on the way to being well drunk, but not so far gone that she wasn't able to walk and talk okay or anything that bad. Well we got chatting and I cracked open the cans as we started drinking lager. And before long she did indeed inform me that she had to pee. Again I just pointed in the general direction of the living room floor. She laughed at the notion but also remarked that she couldn't just piss on the carpet, whilst I pointed out that it'd be fun, alot more interesting than boringly sitting on the toilet for ages. Anyway, she suddenly made her mind up, with the following comments, "Oh, so fucking what! Why should I give a fuck! Not my fucking carpet is it!" And she smiled naughtily as she stepped out of her jeans and panties.

Then, grinning at what she was about to do, she strode into the middle of my living room, stood with her legs parted somewhat and placed her hands on her hips. Then, grinning with pleasure, she started pissing right there, all over my living room carpet, the hissing sound of her release and the splashing down onto the carpet filling the room. Grinning widely, she started swaying her hips from side to side as she sprayed her piss over as much of the carpet as possible. In mid flow she looked at me and enthused, "I'll fucking piss anywhere! I don't give a fuck!" At which she laughed as she carried right on pissing.

She sure needed it too, because she peed for ages, totally ruining the carpet. Though at that moment I was just too turned on to care. She'd been peeing for what must have been at least 45 seconds - which is a long time for a piss to last - and her pee was still splashing down when she grinned at me, remarking, "Still going strong." And carried on for at least another ten seconds until at last her flow dwindled to a halt.

She then dropped her hands from her hips and laughed, "I fucking enjoyed that! Best piss I've had for ages!" Then she looked at the visibly piss-soaked carpet, "I've ruined your carpet by the way! ! But you told me to do it!" At which she laughed at what she'd just done.

I responded with, "That's Ok, Kelly. You can piss anywhere you want, anytime. I don't mind."

She laughed at that before we carried on drinking, talking about other shit, though I couldn't resist glancing at that piss-soaked carpet every now and again.

And I reckon I'll get to see Kelly pissing all over the place again if I play my cards right.


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Dear Wet Carpet

Pete again, but I have to write this follow up letter.

Kelly knocked on my door this morning on her way to work. She had a spare half hour so I invited her in for a cup of tea.

With a trace of a smile, she remarked, "It does smell a bit pissy in here."

"That's cos you pissed all over the carpet the other night", I laughed.

She chuckled in response, with a brief glance at the general area of the carpet she'd peed on, now fully dried out, as we walked past into my kitchen.

I put the kettle on and made us both a cup of tea, as we stood in the kitchen talking about this and that.

In mid-chat she matter-of-factly reached for her belt-buckle, unfastening it. Then she undid the top button of her jeans and pulled down the zip of her fly. All the while just chatting to me normally as if what she was doing was the most normal and natural thing in the world. She then lowered her jeans and knickers to below her knees whilst simultaneously lowering herself into a squatting position. Only then, with a smile, did she say, "Just having a piss, yeah?"

And she chuckled as I said, "Fine!"

Thing is, the bathroom, with it's toilet, was only about 8 feet away, but she was going to just piss right there on the kitchen floor anyway! Within seconds there was a loud hiss of her relief, as her yellow piss splashed loudly down onto the tiles, forming an ever-growing puddle. Yet after a few seconds of watching her own pee splashing down with a grin on her face, she resumed chatting to me about ordinary converstational stuff, even whist still squatting there and pissing in my kitchen!

By the time she'd finished, the puddle was rather large. She simply hoisted up her jeans and knickers, refastening them and her belt whilst carrying on chatting to me, huge puddle of piss on the floor between us. After a bit she looked at her watch and said, "Better go or I'll be late. See you later." And she walked out of the kitchen, myself right behind her, towards the front door of my flat, flashing a last smile and wave at me as she left. The huge puddle on the kitchen floor was just left there for me to deal with.

And it's still there now. Haven't cleaned it up yet. I kind of like the fact that everytime I go into my kitchen, I still see her piss right there on the floor.


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Thanks for posting two more oustanding letters steve! I have to say that Pete's a lucky guy. I wish that I had Kelly for a neighbor.

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Dear Wet Carpet

My name is Ashleigh, and I am a 25 year old comprehensive school teacher. I am also bisexuel, with a fairly new girlfriend called Sarah, who is a 27 year old female doctor.

I have always taken a perverse delight in shocking people. I find that just so funny. I suppose I should also say that I am into pissing and things like that, though this and my desire to shock have never come together before - until last night that is.

You see, about a week ago, one morning when Sarah was in the shower at my place, having spent the night, I noticed her mobile phone left on the living room coffee table. Well, curiosity and just plain old nosiness got the better of me and I went looking through the pics I found on it. There were a few of random people she knew - and then I stumbled across a real pleasant surprise. Because there I was looking at a pic of some girl pissing on a rug. Recognised the pic from a porn pic site, but it was awesome to see that she was into this stuff. I found another pic of herself squatting and pissing on a tiled floor someplace, grinning at the camera.

Well an idea germinated in my head. I wanted to do her head right in, but in a way she'd enjoy. But I had to pick the right moment. And it came last night. We were in my living room, already on our second bottle of wine and feeling tipsy, when I needed to pee. I told her of this as I got up off the sofa. But instead of heading upstairs to the loo, I simply pointed to the floor in the middle of the room, saying, "You know what? I'm just gonna piss here."

And her eyes almost popped out of her head, mouth agape in astonished surprise, as I hoisted my skirt whilst squatting in the middle of the room, pulling my panties aside. And within moments, with a loud hissing - I love that sound - I was pissing right there on my own living room carpet! She looked stunned but was seriously turned on I could tell. She couldn't take her eyes off my piss splashing down. I looked at her, revelling in her dunbfounded yet excited expression, and laughed, "I needed that!"

I pissed loads as well, and that patch of carpet was soaked, the puddle massive.

She laughed, trying to make out that this was funny, but she didn't have me fooled for a second. I could tell that this had really turned her on. So I invited her to take a piss on my carpet too. She made a couple of feeble protests at the notion - "I can't do that!" etc - but she so clearly really wanted to.

She didn't resist my encouragement for long of course. Pretty soon she was squatting over another part of the floor, skirt pulled up over here bare ass, knickers discarded beside her. And she was grinning with obvious pleasure as she peed right there on my living room carpet too. It was awesomwly sexy seeing her do that.

Well, we carried on drinking our wine, and whenever we needed a piss after that, we just did it on the carpet. By the time we went to bed we'd ruined it, lol.

It is still soaking wet now, and I have yet to figure out what to do about it. Not sure if it will be possible to salvage it or whether it will need replacing, before the place starts smelling all pissy.

Was awesome fun though. It's just so fucking naughty pissing on your own living room carpet like that - and letting your girlfriend do it too!


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Another excellent story Steve25805!

I really like the Pete & Kelly stories..... you cant beat the sexiness of a girl who just pisses anywhere she wants!

Maybe you should consider sporning a new thread dedicated to their story as I think this could run for a while? Maybe you could even consider that next time Kelly visits she stays for a while & watches some TV while sat on Petes' sofa..... of course she wouldn't think twice about spreading her legs & soaking the cushions :-)

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Dear Wet Carpet

Had an interesting experience with my long term boyfriend today. My name is Carly and I am 25, by the way. He's a bit older - 29. Well, he gets off on filming me in a sexual way, or filming us both having sex, and I find it quite erotic as well. He travels away on business quite a bit and likes to have these clips available because he says he loves to think of me when I'm not there. I find that fantastic. Better than him thinking of other women, that's for sure.

We have also I suppose kind of accidentally stumbled across the fact that we like pissing too, though have always been in denial about it. Only when we'd had a lot to drink might we do shit like piss all over each other in the bath, or piss in the corner in some pub, or in a beerglass. We'd laugh about it the next day but put it down to the fact that we must have been very drunk to have done such things - basically blaming the alcohol in order not to have to acknowledge to each other that we are a couple of pervs who enjoy peeing everywhere - including on each other!

But in the last couple of weeks we have finally begun to acknowledge to each other that doing such things turns us on. And yesterday, for the first time, we spent some time browsing pee porn together. Seeing people pissing all over floors, tables, furniture, and carpets - and each other - got us both so hot that we ended up having fantastic sex afterwards.

Well, this morning we were chatting about that whilst making a cup of tea in the kitchen. And it just so happened that I needed a pee right then. Equally fortuitously, he had his best camphone right there. So he actually made an outrageously naughty suggestion. He wanted me to piss right there on the kitchen floor whilst he filmed me. For a while, my sense of decorum fought a tug of war with my sexual desire to actually do it. I didn't know whether to react with horror or glee. You see, I never piss on floors and shit like that unless I am drunk or something, and even then never do it in my own kitchen. But now I was stone cold sober.

And yet, with a frisson of sexual pleasure rippling through me, I made the decision to actually do it. I stepped out of my knickers, which was his cue for grabbing his camphone. Then I hoisted my skirt whilst lowering myself into a squat in the middle of the room. His camphone was trained on me as I squatted there grinning.

And yet, I struggled to pee. On some level this was just too wrong - pissing on the kitchen floor. The very wrongness of the notion was really turning me on though too, but it took a little while to get started. Once the seal was broken though, the first trickle quickly increased into a flood, a loud hissing sound filling the room accompanied by the sound of it splashing down upon the tiles. My boyfriend grinned as he held his phone there filming my performance, an obvious hard on in his trousers. And boy, did I need that piss, lol. I peed for ages, totally flooding the floor with a massive yellow puddle.

I then stood up and stepped away from the mess and just left it there. My boyfriend had to clean it up after me, because I made it clear I wasn't going to do it, lol.

It was so much fun just deliberately pissing all over the kitchen floor like that. I'm going to have to do that again and just leave it there for him to deal with.


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Dear Wet Carpet Magazine,

I just read Emma's letter about peeing in the warehouse and it reminded me of something similar that happened to me, that I think you might like to share:

I am a 28 year old woman and I work for an IT company and spend most of my time in an office but also spend a bit of time on customer sites. About 5 years ago, we were doing a rollout of new computers to a customer and had a stock of PCs and Printers which were delivered to us early, so we had to find storage for them. There was no storage at our office and the customer couldn't accommodate them, so we contacted a storage company. They said that we could either pay the going rate for a swanky storage unit in their town centre facility with all mod cons, or if we didn't need too regular access then we could use their out of town facility which was a converted laboratory that they had purchased and was mainly used for long term storage of documents for company archives.

Well we only reckoned on needing to go there twice - once to put the stuff in storage and once to get it back out again so we opted for the out of town arrangement that was much cheaper. All went well and the kit was taken there by some of our delivery drivers and stacked up in a room that was allocated to us. I ensured it was stacked nicely and locked the room when we left to return to the office. It didn't take too long and I thought we had got a result with the cheap price.

However the project fell well behind and the customer cancelled the order, so we were left with the kit. I had to go down there and do an inventory of what was in there, so I arranged with the owners to meet someone called James on site to gain access on a Wednesday afternoon. I normally wear short straight skirts and business attire, but I wore a polo shirt and work trousers for the day, knowing that there would be a fair amount of box shifting involved. The morning was spent in the office as usual and I consumed my normal amount of tea. I went to the loo at about 11:00 and then at 12:00 I went out to lunch with a friend at a pub, where I also drank a few soft drinks. I realised that time was moving on and I had arranged to meet the storage contact at 1:30, so I jumped in the car and headed out on the 30 minute drive to the storage location. As I drove, I realised that I really should have gone to the loo again before leaving the pub, but no matter, I'd go when I got there. When I arrived, James was waiting for me. Thank goodness - if he wasn't there, I swear I would have had to pop a squat in the bushes in the car park. James smiled a welcome and let me into the building. As we walked through the door, I asked him where the toilets were and his response threw me a bit: "Ah, bit of a problem there", he said, "nobody is based here and most people only visit for a very short time, so the water was turned off ages ago and everything is disconnected to avoid frost damage in the winters. The toilets are all locked up. We have to improvise I'm afraid".

"Improvise?" I asked, "in what way?"

"Well let's just say that there are plenty of bushes around here and you are welcome to make use of them".

I nearly died of embarrassment and said "It's OK, I'm not quite that desperate!" I had visions of him peering out of the door and spying on me as I hid in the bushes, slipped my trousers down and exposed my behind. I decided I’d really rather not be doing that. However, it did leave me with a dilemma, because I knew I wasn’t going to last that long and I had loads of stuff to sort out. I thought that maybe I’d nip outside in a bit when James wasn’t looking.

I took my clipboard and headed up the stairs to our room on the first floor. To add insult to injury I saw the toilets off the corridor and the mere sight of them caused a twinge in my bladder. I bobbed down, crossing my legs and managed to control myself. I pushed the door of the ladies and it was indeed locked. I tried the gents just in case, but that was also locked.

I carried on down the corridor and managed to unlock our room. I started recording the boxes of kit in my notebook, but I couldn’t really concentrate and every time I moved a box, I had another twinge. I knew I needed to do something and FAST. I left our room and from the corridor was a line of windows between the corridor and what must have been one of the old laboratories. The lab was equipped with bench units and sinks, with boxes of paperwork stacked up on the benches and on the floor. I saw the sinks and instantly I knew I had my solution – provided I could get in. I tried the door and thankfully it was unlocked. I went to the far end of the laboratory where one of the sinks was well hidden from the door and windows by the stacks of boxes. I pulled down my trousers and knickers in one quick movement, stood with my back to the unit and using my hands one each side, I popped up onto the bench with my bum over the sink. Immediately the floodgates opened and I found I was jet-washing the dusty sink with a powerful jet emanating from underneath me. The powerful hissing sound combined with the rattle of pee drumming on the stainless steel sink made quite a racket but I didn’t care – I had my relief. All of a sudden I heard another noise – a pattering like water falling on newspaper……. Very strange, I thought, but no worries, I was enjoying my relief and nothing was going to stop me now. As I finished up, I pulled a tissue from my jacket pocket and wiped away the stray pee from the insides of my legs, then hopped down from the side. As I did, I felt the carpet tiles on the floor squelch. Then it dawned on me; James had said the pipes had been disconnected. I opened the door to the cupboard under the sink and found that the inside of the cupboard was awash with pee that had flooded over some papers on the base of the cupboard and it was running off the front of the shelf onto the carpet tiles below. Someone had removed the U-Bend from the sink and my pee had just gone straight through onto the contents of the cupboard!

I didn’t know what to do, but I guessed that the room wasn’t visited that often, so I hoped it would dry before it was discovered. I posted my tissue through the handle hole in the end of a nearby archive box and I moved a couple of stacks of boxes to stand across the aisle in front of the sink, hiding the steaming pool of pee from anyone who casually looked into the room.

With that, I left the room and went back to my store to continue cataloguing the boxes of equipment. As I worked, I drank a litre bottle of water that I had with me as it was quite physical work moving all the boxes around. I was almost finished when I really needed to pee again. As I’d already made a bit of a mess next door, I decided that it couldn’t be too bad to add a bit more. So I headed back into the laboratory and followed the aisle down behind the boxes that I’d moved. This time, I decided that there was little point using the sink, so I simply lowered my trousers and squatted directly above the floor, where I released another bladder load to the waiting carpet tiles. The pee shot out in front of me and created a foamy puddle in the aisle, covering a considerable area before soaking slowly into the pile. I wiped again and posted the tissue into another archive box. Standing up, I adjusted my trousers and returned to the job in hand. When I finally left the building, I thanked James on the way out. He said “I don’t know how you manage – you said you needed the loo when you came in and I have been out for a pee twice whilst you’ve been here, but you still haven’t been out.” “Don’t worry, I replied, I’m quite good at improvising too!”

With that, I turned on my heel wiggling my bum provocatively as I walked across the car park back to my car, and set off home as it was too late to be worth going back to the office.

I hope you enjoyed that,


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Thanks for that great letter from Nicola, Alfresco.

Your stories are so good in part because they are so believable.

Nice one. :thumbsup:

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Thanks Steve. I generally base my stories on something that has at least a semblance of truth in there somewhere. The warehouse story was based on events which did happen, but unfortunately it wasn't a young lady called Nicola, it was something that I experienced myself but with changes and embelishments. The warehouse and storage facility did exist in a converted laboratory, we did store kit there and I did need to pee whilst there on a couple of different visits. The toilets really were closed with no water and I peed in a storage room behind some boxes at least 3 or 4 times over a period of several months, but the sink was a complete embelishment....... It came about because I kept wondering what a woman would do if she were caught short there. I wished I had a female colleague at the time with whom I could have engineered a situation, but unfortunately that wasn't to be. I did see the staff of the building pee in the bushes though. Anyway, glad you liked it.

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Thanks steve, I loved Carli's letter. I would also love to read about her golden shower adventures with her bf.

Alfresco, as you already know from PS I loves Nicola's letter as well. And thanks for the back story, too. I always enjoy knowing about the inspiration for a story.

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Steve, I just noticed Ashleigh's letter. I'm sorry that I missed it and didn't respond sooner, but as always, it was excellent. Thanks for another fantastic letter.

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Dear Wet Carpet Magazine,

I wanted to share with you something that happened to me after the storage facility incident. Once that project was closed down, I was moved onto a new project, which was all about installation of special security equipment for banks and share dealing organisations. My job involved going to the customer sites and talking to the customers about their requirements, then identifying somewhere for the equipment to be installed and considering things like electrical supply, air conditioning, secure storage etc. I travelled all over Southern England to do this, including spending quite a bit of time in London. I’d been doing the job for about a month and had got quite used to it, so was pretty confident in getting the information needed.

There was one time that I drove to a client, having stopped on the way for breakfast, which included orange juice and coffee. It was about a two hour drive and by the time I arrived at 9:45 for a 10:00 appointment, I really needed to make use of a toilet. I parked in the building’s car-park and went in to reception where I signed in and asked for my contact, Mr Williamson. The receptionist, a young lady in smart business attire asked me to wait in reception until 10am because Mr Williamson was in another meeting. She offered me coffee, which I foolishly accepted and I bounced discretely as I realised my need was increasing. I asked her if I could quickly use the ladies while I was waiting. “I’m afraid not Miss Jarvis, the toilets are within the secure area and you can’t go through until Mr Williamson has signed you in. I am sure you understand”. I am sure I caught a glimmer of a sly smile as she was enjoying my predicament, but I let it pass.

I sat down on the sofa opposite and couldn’t help jiggle about a bit, then horror of horrors, I felt an uncontrollable spurt in my silky knickers. I managed to contain it, but I jumped up and asked the receptionist again if I could possibly use the toilet, saying that if she didn’t then she might have to deal with a wet carpet in reception. She smirked at me and said “I’m really sorry, but I can’t possibly leave my desk to escort you and I can’t let you go in on your own”. “OK”, I replied, “I’ll manage. Seeing as I’ve got ten minutes, I’m just going to pop out to my car to get my tape measure”.

I obviously already had my tape measure in my bag – I always come prepared, but I needed an excuse to move around and take my mind off my bladder. I walked back to the car and opened the boot. Another quick squirt entered my knickers as I bent over to look in the boot for my imaginary tape measure. I jumped up in shock and nearly hit my head on the boot lid. My knickers now felt very damp and I knew I couldn’t last much longer. A quick look around told me that there was nobody nearby, so I quickly reached up under my skirt and pulled my knickers down, stepping out of them. They were quite wet, so I stuffed them in the boot, then I squatted down behind the car grassy area at the edge of the car park, hitched up my skirt and released the pent up pee onto the grass. It was ecstasy as the torrent erupted from me and sprayed a good couple of feet in front of me. I flung my head back in relief and closed my eyes as my stream thundered onto the grass. Twenty seconds later the stream waned and fell to just a dribble below me. I stood up and straightened my skirt, then leaving my knickers in the boot, I closed the lid and headed back inside.

The secretary had a real smirk on her face and said “Better now?” I looked at her quizzically and she smiled and turned to her right and nodded in the direction of a monitor on the desk. I am sure I went white as a sheet followed by bright red, as I realised that she was looking at a CCTV screen, which was showing a clear view of the car park and more specifically it was pointing right at the area behind my car! I knew instantly that she had watched the whole show, but there was nothing that I could do about it. I didn’t know what to say, so I brazened it out and calmly said “Yes, thank you. As you wouldn’t let me use the facilities, I didn’t have a lot of choice!” I went back to sitting on the sofa, carefully keeping my legs together to hide the fact that I was no longer wearing any knickers.

Shortly after, Mr Williamson came down for me and he looked at me to welcome me to the company. As I stood to greet him, my legs drifted apart slightly and I couldn’t miss the fact that his gaze dropped from my face momentarily. I knew he’d seen something that wasn’t intended, but his smile told me he had no objection. The receptionist told Mr Williamson that he had a meeting room booked, but he steered me instead to an informal breakout area with low sofas, where he had me sit down and he brought me a cup of coffee before taking up a position directly opposite. During the meeting, his eyes kept dropping from my face to my legs and I quickly realised his game and decided to play along a little, making sure to cross and uncross my legs throughout the discussions. Each time I did so, Mr Williamson paused his conversation and gave an expression of pleasant surprise. We then went on a tour of the building, looking at the potential locations for the equipment. In the comms room, I made sure to bend down to look at the cabling routes and I could feel his eyes resting on my behind as my skirt rode up in response to my bending.

We returned to the seated area to conclude our discussions and another cup of coffee appeared. As I had sat down, the back of my skirt rode up, so I felt the soft dark brown fabric tickling my bottom. I realised that the coffee was making its way through me and I accidentally let a small spurt out jumped in surprise. “What’s the matter?” asked Mr Davidson. I let my eyes fall to the floor in embarrassment and mumbled quickly “I am really sorry, I’ve had a little too much coffee and was a bit embarrassed to ask for the ladies, and it seems that I’ve leaked ever so slightly on your sofa! – Please can you direct me to the ladies?” I looked up and saw that Mr Williamson’s trousers were developing a bit of a bulge. “Are you sure you can make it?” he asked, “they are on the next floor up and if you are that desperate, you might struggle.” “I don’t know”, I replied, “I am pretty desperate, but it is so unprofessional, I’m really sorry”.

“Look”, he said in a matter of fact tone, “If you are really that bad, you are going to end up leaving trails on the way and embarrass yourself in front of lots of people. I shouldn’t say this, but it would probably be better for you to just go where you are. Nobody would notice and we can cover it up as a spilled drink”. I was really embarrassed, but I could see he was turned on by it, so knew he wasn’t going to grass me up, and I didn’t understand why, but it was turning me on slightly to think of the predicament. I reacted to his suggestion with a shocked expression and I didn’t really know what to do. He assured me that it was OK. His bulging pants confirmed that it was indeed OK, so I figured “what the heck” and opened my legs slightly and relaxed. Nothing happened, then after about 10 seconds, I found myself gently peeing directly into the cushion of the sofa. Mr Williamson’s gaze was transfixed on the area between my legs as he beheld the thin stream wetting the material then building into a puddle. I stopped the flow briefly, allowing the puddle to soak into the cushion. Mr Williamson looked slightly disappointed, but I restarted flow and continued to pee with a bit more force now as the now pre-wet cushion thirstily consumed my pee. As I finished, I continued to sit there and the pee soaked away into the cushion. Mr Williamson smiled and asked if I was OK. I told him that I was fine and apologised profusely for messing up his cushion. He said that I shouldn’t worry about it and told me that he hoped that I would be coming along for the installation of the system. I had thought that after my display, he would have cancelled the order and never wanted to see anyone from my company again, but he actually doubled the order!

It was from that point, I realised that not only could peeing and exhibitionism instil sexy feelings in myself, but it could also be used to my advantage. The difficulty would be in knowing who would appreciate it, as I’m sure many would be repulsed and I couldn’t afford that in my working life.

As I stood to leave, a few stray drops of pee ran down my legs, glistening in the bright fluorescent lights. I turned to look at my seat and saw that due to the dark colour of the fabric, actually the stain wasn’t that obvious –even though it was quite a size. Mr Williamson poured a bit of coffee on top of it and said that he would put a note there for the cleaners to deal with it that evening.

Mr Williamson walked me back to reception and with a sweet smile at the receptionist, I headed for my car. I pulled out onto the road and grabbed a water bottle, taking a large swig. I couldn’t help but put my hand under my skirt to play with my clit as I drove along re-living the day’s events. As I neared home a couple of hours later, I felt my bladder filling again. I probably could have made it home, but instead I felt myself thinking about where else I could pee. This was not in my normal behaviour – I would normally have done anything to make it home, but something had changed today. I spotted a layby up ahead, where there was a bus shelter. I stopped the car and I sat on the wooden slatted seat of the bus shelter and allowed my pee to pour over the wood and between the slats, splattering noisily to the concrete below. I sighed with satisfaction for the third time that day and I just knew that my future site visits might become more enjoyable………

Nicola xxx.

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More, more, MORE! That was a great installment, alfresco. If possible, I would love to hear more from Nicola.

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