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Dear Wet Carpet

I know this is a magazine for the ladies and I am a guy, but I thought I would send this letter anyway, since it does also involve my girlfriend, Angie. Hope that is OK.

Anyway, one night we were having lots of drinks (lager for me and wine for my girl) and we kept needing to pee as we got more and more drunk. Well, reduced inhibitions and all that, there came a time when my girlfriend said that she again needed to pee and I just had a very naughty idea. I was feeling well horny. So I laughingly suggested she pee right there on my living room carpet. She giggled at this was hesitant but no sign of being grossed out by the idea at all. I think she couldn't believe I was serious. So laughing with her, I stood in the middle of the room myself, stepped out of my jeans and underwear, and took hold of my semi-erect dick. Then I just started pissing right there on the living room carpet. Angie watched wide-eyed yet laughing at what I was doing. Then in mid-flow, she came over to me, took my dickk in her own hand and started to direct the torrent herself. And she had fun aiming it all around, making me piss everywhere. It was awesome.

Afterwards, Angie stepped out of her own jeans and knickers and just stood in the middle of the room with her legs a little open and her hands on her hips. She then started spraying the carpet with her own golden flow, swaying her hips from side to side to wet as wide an area as possible, laughing drunkenly as she did so.

By the time she had finished we were both as horny as hell, and ripped off our remaining clothing to have great sex right there on the sofa. Fantastic night.


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Dear Wet Carpet

When I was younger and still married to my ex-husband, we used to keep a ceramic bowl under the bed for pissing in during the night. My husband loved to watch me pissing in it, and I would sometimes hold his dick while he peed in it. If we had been drinking, our aim was not always too good and we often splashed the carpet..LOL.



Dear Wet Carpet

Last night I was playing domination games with my boyfriend in his flat, and I had him tied to the bed. But when I left the bedroom to use the loo, he started making one hell of a racket, yelling and shouting and struggling to escape. Perhaps he thought I was going to leave him tied up there?

Anyway, without making it to the toilet, I returned back into the bedroom, where I berated my boyfriend for not letting me go pee in peace. I told him that since he obviously couldn't be trusted to be left alone, and since I needed to pee, I was going to have to do it right there on his bedroom floor. I told him that it was his own fault for being such a naughty boy, as I just stood there with my legs apart, pissing all over his bedroom carpet! It actually felt quite exhilerating to stand there peeing on his carpet right in front of him, with him tied up and helpless. I was really quite disappointed when I finally finished, but by then the puddle on his carpet was massive. I must have pissed a fucking gallon!LOL

It's actually pretty good fun being such a dirty bitch!



Dear Wet Carpet

A while ago my husband and I were travelling past the local nightclubs in a taxi.There were loads of drunk girls and guys wandering around.Then suddenly we drove past the sight of a girl squatting in the middle of the pavement and openly pissing in full view of everyone walking and driving past. And she was grinning like it was fun! The taxi driver expressed his disgust and we pretended to agree, but were both actually quite turned on.

Inspired, when we got home we decided to piss all over the kitchen floor just for a laugh, LOL.


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Dear Wet Carpet

My friend Debbie and I were out in a nightclub, enjoying a night of dancing and drinking. But on a couple of occasions, after leaving our drinks on the table to go for a dance, we returned to find our pint glasses empty! So on the third time we kept our eye on the table. And sure enough, after several minutes had passed, two young lads wandered by, quickly grabbed our drinks, and downed them. We watched them further, and saw them stealing others' drinks in this way, an activity colloquially known as "minesweeping".

Debbie and I returned to our tables feeling rather indignant. But we were both in need of a pee and felt like calling it a night anyway. So we kind of had a really naughty idea to get our revenge. We each took an empty glass and held it under the table between our legs, pulling our knickers aside. We then peed in our glasses, topping them up to about three quarters full. Next we placed the glasses on the table, which in the dim light looked exactly like pints of lager or cider. We then got up to leave and slowly made our way to the exit. Just before we left we saw the two lads approaching our table...they were in for quite a surprise...LOL.


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Dear Wet Carpet

Last year I went out to a great New Year's Eve party at the local pub, but it was packed out and the queue for the ladies' loos was terrible. Yet typically, there didn't seem to be any queue at all for the men's loos. Quite a lot of girls were going outside beside the main road and pissing in full public view on the pavement, which I myself did later. But earlier in the evening I was not quite drunk enough for that.

Anyway, I waited until I could wait no longer, and decided to use the men's toilets. But although there was no queue outside, turned out there was a small one inside, with every cubicle and urinal in use, and some guys even peeing in the sinks (it turned me on to see that). I really couldn't wait, so I just squatted in the corner and peed all over the floor as the guys stared at me, some astonished, some amused, some clearly turned on. It was actually pretty good fun.



Dear Wet Carpet

I just love being naughty. In the past I have peed on boyfriends' carpets whilst they slept and things like that. But until now I haven't really done it that often, and in my own house I only really peed in the sink or the shower because I didn't want to make a mess that I had to clean up.

But last weekend was different. This monday I had workmen coming around to remove the old carpets from throughout the house and fit new ones. So I decided to have some fun on the weekend beforehand. I spent much of the time naked, drinking lots of fluids and peeing regularly. I stood in the middle of the living room and peed all over the carpet there.....several times! I peed in the hallway. I squatted beside my bed and peed allover the carpet in the bedroom. But the naughtiest thing that I did was to get up onto the glass dining room table, squat upon it, and start pissing there! A rapidly growing puddle formed beneath and in front of me, and my piss was soon flowing off the edge of the table onto the carpet below. By the time that I had finished, the surface of the table was covered in piss, which broke my golden rule somewhat about not making a mess, because unlike the throwaway carpets I had to clean that up afterwards. But what the hell, it was great fun at the time.

I sometimes dream about how good it would be to be able to afford to employ an army of cleaners to clean up after me, so that I could just piss anywhere, anytime. Alternatively, I am seriously considering turning one of my rooms into a secret "piss room", fully carpeted and furnished, which I would only enter when I wanted to piss somewhere naughty. I would have to keep it locked, though, so that no guests ever discovered it. Hmmmm yes, I like that idea.


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Dear Wet Carpet

I am a young female teaching assistant in my early 20s, and I have a thing about wetting my panties, often in naughty places. Last night is a typical example. I was in the kitchen wearing only my pantiess and a T shirt, making a last sandwich before bed. And I needed a pee and felt a bit horny. So I just squatted in the middle of the kitchen and did it, my pee soaking through my panties to spatter down on the kitchen floor beneath me. I had to clean the mess up afterwards, but it felt great.



Dear Wet Carpet

A couple of months back I discovered that my boyfriend had been cheating on me and was regularly shagging somebody else. There followed the inevitable blazing row during which he said he didn't want me anymore and wanted to be with her. I moved out of his flat the very next day, feeling hurt, angry and rejected. But I never actually got around to giving my key back.

Well yesterday, still feeling a bit aggrieved about the whole thing, after a lunchtime down the pub with my friend Lisa, I realised that I still had the key to his flat in my possession, and that he would still be at work at that time of day. So Lisa and I decided it would be a good idea to go around there and wreak some revenge somehow.

When we got there we looked around and I felt really pissed off to see his new strumpet's photos on the mantelpiece. We looked into the bedroom and discovered that her clothes were filling the wardrobe and chest of drawers. Clearly she had already moved in!

Both Lisa and I needed a piss quite badly, so we decided to satisfy my need for revenge in a most naughty way. We took all of the strumpet's dresses out of the wardrobe and placed them upon my ex's double bed. Then we took turns squatting and pissing all over them, a really long piss from each of us. The dresses were soaked and much of our piss soaked through them into the bed as well.

We then left the mess behind us and laughingly walked out. And I felt a whole lot better for it. And do you know what? It was actually a damn good turn on. I never realised that pissing could be so much fun.



Dear Wet Carpet

I must tell you about some naughty fun I had last night whilst it is still fresh in my mind. I was out drinking with my friend Carol, but when we went to the loo we discovered that there was a long queue for the ladies. What a total drag! Anyway, neither of us felt like waiting and we were both feeling a bit OTT due to drinking, so I suggested that we just go in the gents. Carol was up for it and we headed straight there and walked right on in, brazen as you like.

Anyway, all the cubicles were in use, as were all the urinals, with two guys still waiting. Giggling, we quickly decided that we weren't going to wait, and just pulled down our panties, hoisted our skimpy skirts, and squatted upon the floor, peeing there in front of all those peeing guys. They seemed to enjoy the show, and we enjoyed doing it.

Later we hooked up with a couple of guys, and when we needed to pee again, we asked them if they wanted to watch. They were well up for it. The four of us were already on our own in a semi-secluded area, so Carol and I just squatted right there and peed on the carpet! Then we held the guys' dicks for them as they peed against the wall of the nightclub.

Eventually, totally wasted, we all got a taxi back to my place, where we ended up naked and pissing all over each other in the frigging kitchen, LOL (I had to mop that mess up this morning). Then we all went upstairs into my bedroom, still covered in each other's piss, for a foursome on the bed.

Wildest might I've ever had, but sure was fun.


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Dear Wet Carpet

My name is Nadia. I am student girl from Russia and I learn English here. English not very good. Sorry. But I try write best. Hope is OK. And I am 22.

In Russia I have boyfriend and he like to see me pee. I like it too. One night, it is winter and we are together in bed. I say to boyfriend that I must pee, but toilet is very far, and it is too cold. I want not to go there because of this. My boyfriend, he say ok, pee on floor. He switch light on to see me do it. There is carpet on floor, and I want to pee on it very much. I never do this before, but like for long time to think about it. Now I do it. I squat over carpet and I am soon peeing on it. It feels very sexy to do this and I like it very much. I make very much mess and carpet is very wet.

Before I am finishing pee, my boyfriend is standing, and he is then peeing on carpet also beside me. It is sexy for me to see this. Some pee splash onto my feet and it is very warm. It is ok because I like that he do this.

After this we get back into bed and make very much love together. It was a sexy night. And when we wake up in morning, we pee on carpet again because we are both thinking it is fun.

I like Engand vey much but will be very happy to go home to Russia. I very much want more to pee on boyfriends carpet. And I like more to see him pee there also. I am finding it very sexy to think about this.

Hope letter is ok, with not too many mistakes.


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Dear Wet Carpet

My name is Ryan, and I have to tell you about this 18 year old girl I hooked up with one night after a few drinks at a Conservative Students social evening. Her name is Clarissa, and she is rather posh, and lives in a massive house. Anyway, we really hit it off and headed back to her place after several drinks.

After having great sex together, Clarissa said she had to pee....and my eyes almost popped out of my head at what hapened next. Instead of heading for the door, she made a beeline for the corner of her bedroom, squatted there, and started peeing on the carpet like it was the most natural thing in the world. I HAD actually noticed a bit of a pissy aroma when I first walked in: now I knew why! She seemed surprised, and also a little amused, by my obvious shock, and said that she'd always done this. It was just so much easier than going all the way to the toilet. She noticed my dick growing semi-hard again, of course, and realised this turned me on.

I actually needed a pee as well, and rather sheepishly asked her where the toilet was. But she just laughed and said, "You might as well just do it in here on the floor! I have!" Then she offered to...er..."lend a hand". Anyway, she pretty soon ended up holding my dick for me as I peed on the carpet right beside her bed.


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Dear Wet Carpet

Last night I had a small group of female friends around for drinks. Well, we had a LOT of drinks, and ended up playing truth or dare, with ever more outrageous questions and dares. Anyway, having announced that I badly needed to pee they said it was my turn for a truth or dare first, so I accepted a dare. At which point one of the girls laughingly dared me to pee on the living room floor right in front of them! The others just laughed their approval and urged me on. The thought of doing this in front of them all actually turned me on, and no way was I going to be the first to turn down a dare.

So I stepped out of my jeans and panties, baring my arse and pussy for them all to see, and strode into the middle of the room, brazen as you like. Then I just squatted there in front of my cheering and laughing audience, my pussy just inches above the plush cream coloured carpet. And amidst a cacophony of laughs, cheers, and claps I was soon peeing right there on that carpet. And I peed loads, creating a massive and obvious puddle.

Doing this right in front of my friends was a major turn on in itself, but what was seriously getting me off was the sheer naughtines of doing it all over my own living room carpet. The very wrongness of it was what made it so much fun.


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This contribution was originally posted by Somedood123 on Peesearch.net....

Dear Wet Carpet,

My name is Samantha , and I discovered the magazine a while back out of, what was at first, innocent curiosity. I had never deliberately peed in such places that many of you describe doing, but the following night, something changed. As I went to the bathroom to pee before going to bed, I happened to think about the stories I had read earlier. I wouldn't say I was necessarily sexually aroused by the idea of peeing somewhere other than the toilet, but I was very much intrigued. Having just lifted the lid to the toilet, I promptly closed it again. I wanted to pee somewhere else. I happened to glance at the shower, but decided against it. Already peed in there. Everyone has done so at one point, right?

Instead, I decided the sink would be my toilet today. While taking off my pants, I began pondering on how to go about doing it. Perhaps I could squat on the counter facing the sink. That might work.

My body was tingling with excitement as I adopted the position, my bladder aching, waiting for its release. And then I released my hold...

But nothing happened, I guess even this was just a little too taboo for me, so I turned on the tap, hoping it might help me get started.

... And it did. After a few seconds, I managed a small trickle, but that quickly turned into a strong flow of pee. "Oh my, this is gorgeous!", I thought to myself, as I felt my bladder being drained. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever, my pee being no exception.

Feeling satisfied and relieved, I went to bed.


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This is an original from me...

Dear Wet Carpet

My name is Linda and I was one of a number of people at Laura's party last night. The whole crowd of us - guys and girls - are late teens or early 20s and as the alcohol flowed we all ended up pretty drunk. There was a bit of weed being toked as well. Late into the night, many people were crashing out left, right and centre, others were still active but off our faces and giggling stupidly at the silliest things.

Our host, Laura, sitting on the floor with her back against the living room floor, informed us all that she needed to pee, and laughingly asked if she should just do it right there. The notion seemed so funny at the time and we all just egged her on. And she fucking well did it! LOL. She pulled her jeans and panties down to her knees, raised her knees up and started peeing right there on her own frigging carpet! She and the rest of us found this hilarious at the time, being drunk and stoned as we were. But it was kind of sexy too.

When she finished - and I still can hardly believe I did this - I popped a squat in the middle of Laura's living room and started pissing right there on the carpet in front of everyone amidst much laughter. One of the guys then added to the general alcohol and pot-fueled hilarity by taking his dick out and pissing against the living room wall!

Sure was a fun party, LOL.


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Dear Wet Carpet

I am a German lesbian called Karin and live with my lover, Steffi. We have both long enjoyed peeing everywhere, and love to pee on the carpets under the tables in bars or nighclubs and have done naughty things like peeing on the floor in libraries. In our homes we have to be more measured because we are the ones who have to clean it up, but the bathroom or kitchen floors, which are tiled, frequently get peed on. Relatively quick and easy to mop up, you see.

But we have just replaced all the carpets in our home and - knowing beforehand that we were going to do that - in the week before we ripped those carpets up we decided that it would be great fun just to piss on them whenever we felt like it. Just before bed or soon after waking in the morning we'd enjoy pissing on the bedroom carpet. When watching TV or doing anything else in the living room, we'd just pee on the carpet there whenever we felt like it. The hallway and dining room carpets were also peed on quite regularly just for variety.

For a whole week neither of us peed in the toilet. Everytime we needed to piss we just did it on one of the carpets. The place began to smell a bit pissy after a few days but we didn't care. The carpets were going to be thrown away soon anyway. So we just carried on doing it.

We even invited friends around and let them pee on the carpets too! And at those times we often had real fun with it, like the time when there were four of us all standing naked with our legs apart in the living room, laughing as we all gleefully peed on the carpet there.

Well, it sure was a good job those carpets were being replaced, because by the end of that week they were totally ruined and beginning to smell quite strongly of pee.

I do think we might have to replace our carpets more regularly, so that we can have this kind of fun more often.


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Dear Wet Carpet

My name is Sophie, and I work as a teacher with older kids. I love my job, and feel comfortable in myself and my social standing. I think I am respected and liked by most, and regarded as a decent person with a kind heart and a lot of intelligence. Some people seem to find me sexy too, which is nice. I also am someone with good values and morals, and would feel intensely guilty if I ever hurt anyone else or damaged their stuff in any way. Am also very houseproud too, and a bit of a clean freak. So no one aside from the select few who are in on it would guess at my naughty secret.

Basically, I like to pee in places other than the toilet because it turns me on. And I am a member of several pee fetish forums where I discuss these things openly with people, albeit without actually revealing my full identity. I've actually gotten to know some of the other members and enjoy chatting with them. Like me, many are regularly people who just happen to have a particular private interest. And they can be interesting to talk to. Of course, I like some more than others and prefer to chat to those who are interested in me as a person, and not just as a girl who pees.

Anyway, one guy I've enjoyed chatting with lately is a guy called Steve, who makes me laugh sometimes. I enjoy chatting with him cos it's not one track minded and it doesn't have to be about our fetish all the time. But he is one of the archetypical forum naughty peeing enthusiasts, who seems to love the idea of girls peeing on carpets. He has admitted to finding the thought of me doing such a thing highly erotic, because he regards me as both highly respectable and very sexy too, which I do find quite flattering.

Of course, I had never actually peed on anyone's carpet. As a fantasy I loved the idea of doing that, and have enjoyed viewing porn where girls are doing that. But there is no way I would dream of damaging or messing up my own carpets for real, and would never dream of doing it to somebody else's unless they wanted me to. I would hate myself for vandalising someone else's stuff without their permission. Anyway, Steve said that he'd be more than happy to let me pee on his carpet, and I said I'd be happy to...but of course he lives too far away, so that was just a fantasy too - for both of us.

But sometimes when I have been chatting with him and others on the forums and feeling a little naughty and needing to pee, various....er...ideas and suggestions have been forthcoming. And the long and the short of it is the fact that I have often ended up peeing in my own bathroom or kitchen sinks, or even all over the dirty clothes in the linen basket, as well as outside the back of the house. I kind of felt real turned on doing it, and Steve and the others seemed to enjoy hearing about it.

I once shared with Steve the fact that I'd love to pee on the toilet with the lid down and make a mess, if only my husband would agree to clean it all up for me afterwards. Anyway, Steve then wrote a whole story encompassing this fantasy - complete with pic of girl actually doing that!

I did admit that I kind of liked the idea of peeing on the school premises, but would feel way too guilty to leave a mess for somebody else to have to deal with. But I mentioned that there was a cubby hole on the premises where I could get away with it where no one would ever know. It was just a fantasy, but Steve kind of liked the idea....so one afternoon after most of the kids had left the building and I had contrived to be alone in the right place and time I went in there and lifted my skirt and lowered my panties. And there I was, respectable teacher, squatting on the school premises and about to pee. This felt so outrageously naughty and daring, yet so sexually stimulating. I hesitated for several seconds, wondering to myself if I could actually go ahead and do this, yet grinning as I kind of realised that I would. And then I let loose, my pee hissing loudly and splashing down onto the ground. This was such a thrill. I peed for ages too. And the thing is, I was going to be able to walk away and leave it there without guilt. No one ever goes in there and it would dry up on it's own before too long.

As the last dribbles were spent, I wiped myself with some tissue, and just dropped it into the puddle. And as I pulled up my panties, let my skirt drop back into place, and walked away I felt so horny. My husband was in for a nice evening, lol.

I spoke of it on one of the forums, and Steve was most pleased to hear about it, and again compliented me on my sexiness. He said again that if ever I were in his neck of the woods, he really would let me pee on his carpet. Kind of an open invitation. Of course I said I would actually do it if I were there - and realised, perhaps slightly surprised, that - if he were serious - I really WOULD look him up in the unlikely event of me making it down his way. I enjoyed the thought of actually doing what he was offering.

Well, the unlikely actually happened. A teacher's conference was being held in Plymouth of all places - which just happens to be where Steve lives by the way - and I was going along as my school's chosen delegate. No idea how it devolved down to me, but hey I was not complaining. I looked forward to it. But in discussions with Steve, certain implications were brought home to me. If I wanted to actually experience having a pee on someone's carpet with no guilt or clean up worries, now was my chance. Well, there was much hesitation on my part....for one thing I'd never met Steve in person before, and I was a married woman with not the slightest intentions of being unfaithful - which Steve understood and respected. But I still had to resolve in my head whether or not it was ok for me to let some guy other than my husband watch me pee.

Well, I'll spare you all the moral somersualts that my conscience made in reaching a decision. Suffice it to say that I agreed, and made serious and definite plans to turn up at Steve's place to pee. And eventually came the time when I was on his doorstep, a little nervous as I knocked on his door. He answered and greeted me warmly and invited me in. I must admit he was a little older than I imagined, and we were both rather shy and slightly awkward at first. But I eventually broke the ice by mentioning the pee forums and we were soon feeling much more relaxed, apart from the fact that I quite badly needed to pee.

Wel the moment of truth came - it could be put off no longer. He just pointed at the carpet and gave me carte blanche to just pee right there on it in the middle of the living room. And soon, smiling as I felt a strange mixture of intense anticipation laced with a little awkwardness, I was raising my skirt and lowering my panties as I lowered myself into a squat, exposing myself to this guy I'd chatted to so many times via pixels on a screen but never met before. And moments later, I was actually doing it, pissing right there all over his living room carpet right in front of him. The hissing sound of my release filled the room along with the sounds of gushing pee splashing onto carpet. I looked down at the ever more massive puddle I was making, feeling utterly exhilerated. It was such a turn on to just be peeing all over someone's carpet like this - and they didn't mind! I created one enormously massive puddle.

Afterwards, we chatted for a bit before I left. Back at my hotel I needed to bring myself some sexual release and enjoyed a great orgasm at the memory of the sights and sounds of my pee splashing down onto some guy's carpet.


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Goooood, i love,and only love the naughty peeing from nice girls, I would be glad, there would be more stories, more pics, and more clips about this stuff, ...because I know, know it real almost all girls enjoy the naughty peeing,...but uhmmm, only a few admit....!

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Dear Wet Carpet Magazine,

I recently had to go to a parents' evening at my daughter's school, which also happened to be the school that I attended when I was younger, so I knew the layout pretty well. I had just had my dinner and accompanying beverage before going to the school and when I got there I went straight to the dinner hall, which is where the teachers were sat at tables to see us. There was coffee available and I was ten minutes early for my first appointment, so I accepted a coffee and browsed through my daughter's books whilst waiting. I saw three teachers, by which time, I had a nagging in my bladder and I was struggling to maintain decency as I talked to Mr Mansfield about physics. After leaving Mr Mansfield, I had five minutes spare before my next appointment and decided I really had to get to the toilet. However, the nearest toilets were quite a distance away and I knew I couldn't get there and back within five minutes. Having read Sophie's letter hear earlier in the day, it prompted me to consider other options and I remembered that there was a room opposite the hall where gym equipment was stored to be used in the lunch hall. I went out of the hall and with nobody in the corridor I was able to try the door opposite - sure enough it opened and I quickly slipped inside, closing the door behind me. My memory served me well and I was faced with a stack of equipment. Immediately in front of me was a vaulting horse - you know the ones with wooden stackable sections and a leather padded top - and behind that was a stack of crash mats. I wasted no time and jumped up onto the horse, swinging my legs over the back. I hitched up my skirt and pulled my knickers to the side and relaxed. I was pretty desperate and a golden arch rained out from between my legs, pattering onto the waiting crash mats. The mats were vinyl covered so the pee pooled in the middle. As my stream dwindled, it fell back towards me and the last bit dribbled out onto the leather pad of the horse. I had no tissues for wiping, but returning my knickers to their rightful position, they absorbed the last of my pee I decided the pool was a little too obvious, so I slipped down off the horse and lifted one side of the mat, causing the puddle to run down across the now sloping surface and pour off the edge onto the carpet tiled floor. The carpet tiles were old (possibly still the ones from when I attended!) and very stained, so I figured it would be far less obvious than a great puddle on the mat. I dropped the mat back into place, but it was now completely streaked with my cooling pee. Never mind!

I eased the door open and peeked out - the coast was clear, so I nipped across the corridor and into the hall to see Mr Cowan about Chemistry. I must have looked a little flushed as he asked if I was alright, saying I looked a bit flustered. I assured him I was fine and we got on with discussing my daughter's achievements.

Loving the magazine by the way. So many people who think like me!


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Dear Wet Carpet.

My name is Sally and last saturday night I was in a city centre pub with my friend Clarisse, enjoying a few drinks. And you know how it is. Once the seal was broken we were forever having to go to the ladies'. And it developed into a busy night with something of a queue, so that became a pain.

Apparently, we weren't the only ones who thought so. From our vantage point we could see a young couple sat at a table who'd been there drinking for some time and were presumably well on the way to being drunk.

Well, at one point I glanced in their direction and my eyes must have looked like they were about to pop out of my head. Because the girl was sitting on the very front edge of her seat, peeing on the carpet under the table! That this was quite deliberate was obvious by the grin upon her face. She seemed to be enjoying it, and her smirking boyfriend was enjoying the show too.

I immediately alerted Clarisse to the sight. She responded, "Oh my fucking God, haha. Is she really just pissing there under the table?"

"She sure is! Looks like she's enjoying it, too."

"Haha, yeah, the dirty bitch!"

"Well I suppose it does have the virtue of convenience. A lot less of a pain than queuing for the loo."

The girl's piss was still splashing down. "She sure needed that one", I laughed.

Clarisse said, " Well I don't know about you but I need another pee now as well."

"Yeah, me too."

"Well, Sally, why don't we just save ourselves all the hassle and piss here under the table too?"

"Clarisse! We can't do that!"

"Why not?" She nodded towards the girl whose pissing was only now dwindling to a halt. "She's already done it! Besides, it'll be fun in a perverted kind of way, just for the sheer naughtiness of it."

I chuckled, "You're serious, arent you!"

"Yeah. Let's do it! It'll be a laugh."

"Shall we?"

"Yeah, let's go for it!"

And she moved forward to the edge of her seat, pulling up the back of her skirt and pulling her panties aside. And, grinning at the naughty thing we were about to do, I was soon doing the same.

Moments later we actually started doing it, pissing all over the carpet under the table. And it was so exhilerating just pissing anywhere, with the ever-present risk of being seen. The sight of our torrents splashing down on the carpet must have been spectacular. And we were both enjoying it. It was actually turning me on. I was getting a kick out of it. It was just so erotic to just piss right there on the pub carpet on purpose.

Once we'd finished we took a peek under the table. There sure was a massive puddle there. But we just high fived each other and laughed. The whole thing had been rather fun.


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Dear wet carpet,

I am staying away for business - a three day trainning course. I like t8 have some pee fun whilst I am away, but am always concerned about messing my room in the hotel in case it gets reported to my company. When I first got to my room I was bursting for a pee as I had been travelling for three hours and had drunk a mug of tea and bottle of cold water on the way. Imagine my delight when I found that my room has a small outside balcony which was made with deck boards. I headed straight outside and stood with my legs apart and let my pee just fall to the floor from under my short skirt (no knickers) whilst leaning on the rail. The relief was exquisite, but then a heard another pattering and I realised that my growing puddle of pee was running between the boards and falling onto the balcony of the room below. I don't think anyone noticed thankfully.

The hotel is an old one with lots of corridors. Later in the evening I went to the bar for a few drinks and on the way back to my room I deliberately turned down a wrong corridor and found a secluded alcove where I squatted and with a loud hiss I sprayed the carpet with my pee. It made a lovely puddle which initially sat on top of the pile, then slowly started soaking in.

Hope you enjoyed it.


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Dear Wet Carpet

My name is Melissa. I am a 25 year old married woman with two young kids. My husband works as a teacher, whilst I work as a solicitor for a local law firm, and often defend people in court. We are both also regular churchgoers, being devout Catholics. And we are both regarded as the epitome of respectability in our local community, doing a lot of voluntary work for religious and other charities. I myself am generally a good person who easily feels guilty at the slightest wrong, and have struggled with my conscience for weeks before finally writing to this magazine. But I feel that there is an incident that must be shared amongst those who will not condemn me for it. I need to share it with you all, before I face the much tougher challenge of confessing to my priest - and through him to God.

You see, we may be God-fearing pillars of the community, but we are still lovers of having fun. And a few weeks back I was on holiday in Spain with a couple of friends. Hubby and the kids stayed at home, but we are not possessive and trust each other totally. So I do kind of feel a bit guilty about what happened. I was never in any way unfaithful in any physical sense - never would I go down that route - but.....well I better just tell you the story.

I was out having a few drinks with my friends, but they wanted to go back to the hotel early. They'd drank far more than me on previous evenings and were struggling to get into it on this particular night. We'd been chatting to these guys and their girlfriends in this nightclub - four guys and four girls all pretty much in their late 20s - and I decided to stick around with them when my friends left. Their girlfriends were around so my friends assumed I was perfectly fine - and indeed no harm came to me and I had a fun night.

But as the drinks flowed - with I myself drinking rather more than is my custom - we were all getting along like a house on fire and I was seriously enjoying their banter. But slowly, almost imperceptibly at first, the guys began to become more flirtatious, their girlfriends if anything just finding this funny. And it was pretty harmless. At no point did any of the guys make any kind of move on me. But I myself can turn on a good line in banter, with a great sense of humour and deadpan delivery when I am relaxed. And I seemed to be making them laugh a lot and they clearly liked my company.

But it wasn't too long before all the joky banter got intermixed with sexually charged compliments and overt flirting, but in such a way that their girlfriends were amused rather than insulted or threatened by this. The fact that my background was so "respectable" probably helped. They knew I'd never try to steal their man.

Well, here comes the interesting bit. As the drinks began to have their inevitable effect, there came a time when I realised that I could not delay a trip to the loo to pee for much longer. And I informed them all about this fact, saying that I'd have to go pretty soon. The guys laughingly asked if they could watch, whilst the girls told me that there was a bit of a queue at the ladies' at that moment. One of the guys then semi-jokingly suggested that I just pee right there, and everyone else either laughed or urged me on.

And the idea of doing this excited me on some level in a way that I'd never experienced before. I found myself asking with a grin, "Shall I really do it here?"

They all - girls too - pretty much dared me to do exactly that, laughing at the notion. And they agreed to all stand around me and shield me from view if I did it. We were off in a quieter corner anyway.And the idea of being so maughty was at that moment actually turning me on.

Well - looking back I can hardly believe I actually did this - right in front of them I hoisted my skirt and pulled down my knickers and squatted down over the carpet. I can remember feeling a thrill of anticipation for several seconds, and then I actually started peeingg. Right there on the nightclub carpet in front of a bunch of cheering and laughing guys and their girlfriends. And it felt so good. I felt so sexy at that moment, and got a real buzz out of seeing my own pee splashing down onto the carppet and soaking into it. I looked at my appreciative audience as I peed, saying, "My husband would kill me if he saw me doing this!" But I just laughed at that thought at the time. By the time I'd finished I had flooded that carpet, making a massive puddle. Everyone just laughed as I stood up afterwards and made myself decent again.

I continued chatting to them for a while, standing only feet away from my own large puddle, but I realised I was beyond my limit already when it came to drinking and soon headed back to the hotel.

I have never mentioned this naughty public pissing incident to anyone since then - until now. But I have struggled with my conscience a bit, and do worry about how God feels about it. For one thing, the carpet wasn't mine, nor did it belong to any of those who encouraged me to pee on it and laughed when I did! And there I was getting a thrill out of letting people other than my husband see me pee, and turning some of them on. Hence my decision to confess my sins first here, then to God Himself. And hope that I can somehow find reassurance that I have crossed no red lines, or seek forgiveness if I have.


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